The following were among animal cases received recently by the Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources Animal Management Division. Call 301-499-8300 for directions to the Prince George's County Animal Shelter, hours of operation, and adoption and licensing procedures. The shelter's Web site is at; click on Government, then Agency Index.

Dog Owner Cited for Neglect

Clinton, Demmy Way, 11300 block, Jan. 13. A utility worker reading a meter at a residence reported that a large black dog had apparently broken a window trying to escape. An animal control officer called police for assistance in entering the residence through the broken window. The dog was found in a small laundry room that contained fecal matter, a dirty food dish and a smell of urine. The animal control officer also saw a chain in the back yard leading to a kennel with a doghouse that was not winterized. A resident arrived and said that the dog belonged to a relative who was not at home. The officer told the resident that the dog's condition was unacceptable and that it would be transported to the shelter. The officer issued violation notices charging the owner with having no license or rabies vaccination for the dog, and with cruelty to animals. The officer also said the dog would not be returned to the owner. An investigation was continuing.

Bulldog Chases Child

Hyattsville, Patterson Rd., 2000 block, Jan. 13. An aggressive dog running loose in a neighborhood chased a child down the street. An animal control officer located the dog's owner. The dog, a male brindle bulldog, was returned to its owner, who was issued a warning notice for allowing the dog to run at large.

Stray Ferret Found

Capitol Heights, Balboa Ave., 600 block, Jan. 13. A stray, black and white male ferret was found hiding under the porch of a residence and taken to the shelter.

Loose Spaniel's Owner Fined

Riverdale, 58th Ave., 6000 block, Jan. 14. Residents in a neighborhood called Animal Management about a dog that was allowed to run loose several times a day. The dog routinely chased children at the school bus stop, and was also known to chase adults. Residents said they had approached the dog's owner about the problem but got no response. An animal control officer found the dog, a male, mixed English springer spaniel, running loose. The officer issued warning and violation notices to the owner for allowing the dog to run loose and not having a county license.

Mastiff Mix in Poor Condition

Oxon Hill, Alice Ave., 2100 block, Jan. 14. Animal Management was called about a sickly, extremely thin dog that was allegedly being beaten by its owner with a cane or a stick. An animal control officer found a 6-year-old mixed mastiff in very poor condition, with spine and rib bones showing through its skin. The dog was impounded and held at the shelter. The investigation was continuing.

Shepherd Hit by Car

Clinton, Thrift Rd., 10600 block, Jan. 14. A stray black shepherd's front legs were injured when it was hit by a car. An animal control officer took the 8-year-old mixed female Labrador-shepherd to a veterinarian. The dog was later sent to the shelter to be held for further evaluation.

Opossum Caught in a Trap

Capitol Heights, Valley Park Rd., 6900 block, Jan. 14. An animal control officer investigated a report of an opossum caught in a homemade trap and told the resident that a county-approved trap must be used in the future. The healthy opossum was released in a rural area.

Rottweilers Kill Poodle

Fort Washington, Rose Marie Dr., 8500 block, Jan. 14. Three Rottweilers running loose in a neighborhood attacked and killed a poodle. An animal control officer picked up the dead poodle at the owner's request. The Rottweilers, two young adult females and one young adult male, were taken to the shelter to be held pending further investigation.

Dog Left by Jailed Owner

Laurel, Fifth St., 900 block, Jan. 14. Animal Management received a report about a dog whose owner had been incarcerated. The dog had been left on its own for more than a week. A relative of the owner said the dog, an adult male mixed shepherd, had been abused and was sick. An animal control officer took the dog to the shelter for proper care.

Stray Dogs Captured

Laurel, Morton Pl., 10 block, Jan. 13. Two very small, thin dogs that had been running loose in a neighborhood were being held at a residence. An animal control officer found two young adult rat terriers, a black and white female and a brown and white male. The female had a rash on its lower body because of a flea infestation. The dogs were taken to the shelter for care and further evaluation.

Laurel, Runabout Ct., 14300 block, Jan. 13. A stray pit bull puppy was being held on the patio of a residence. An animal control officer picked up the 7-month-old male puppy and took it to the shelter.

Suitland, Parkway Ter., 3400 block, Jan. 13. A stray 2-month-old female mixed collie-Labrador retriever puppy was captured and held at a residence. The healthy puppy was taken to the shelter to be claimed or adopted.

'Tomcat-a-Thon' to Neuter Cats

The SPCA/Humane Society of Prince George's County will neuter male cats Saturday at a "Tomcat-a-Thon." Animals may be dropped off from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. and picked up later in the day. The cost is $10 per cat, payable by cash or credit card. No appointment is necessary. For more information, call 301-324-0807.

-- Barbara Hinton