The following home sales were recently recorded in Stafford County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue.

AMELIA CT., 27-Ricky J. Hodson to Mary K. and Walter J. Beer, $200,000.

ANVIL RD., 627-B. and J. Financial Group Corp. to Sandra C. and John E. Helem, $48,500.

AQUIA DR., 2228-William Michael Molloy to Mabel and Timothy M. Folwaczny, $179,900.

AQUIA BAY AVE., 218-Thomas W. and Geraldine Galbraith to Jane F. and Stephen J. Stoecker, $249,900.

ASTON CT., 207-Stephanie C. and George R. Cameron Jr. to Carlos S. Londono, $138,000.

AUSTIN RUN BLVD., 125-Monk Kang Enterprises Westergard Corp. to William J. Daniels, $112,900.

BARCLAY LANE, 10-Teresa A. and Waid H. Dean to Sharon M. Buchanan, $219,000.

BARRIE PL., 101-Laurence T. Sherwood III to Chen K. Hsu, $103,000.

BELMONT CT., 5-Phyllis Lee and Jon Lee Sweigart to Craig D. Dingwall, $250,000.

BLACKBEARD DR., 1113-Victor Dominick and Nancy L. Soave to Marlesse A. and Paul W. Froelich, $182,000.

BLUEBERRY CT., 105-Susan M. and Christopher H. Sweet to Suad Musah, $165,000.

CATHERINE LANE, 47-Michelle and Samuel Rivera Jr. to Tina M. Brown, $229,500.

CHOPTANK RD., 198-Mark A. and Traci L. Walker to Nicole B. and Daniel P. Erickson, $227,500.

CLINT LANE, 311-Donald R. Young Jr. to Melissa Y. Ayres, $135,100.

CONFEDERATE WAY, 52-Martin R. and Brenda K. Hermann to Rheba W. and David K. Robertson, $230,000.

CONWAY RD., 1002-James R. Roberts to Jennifer Coppage, $165,000.

COURTHOUSE RD., 1895-Grover and Rebecca C. Wade to Annette P. and Thomas F. Manley II, $274,000.

CULPEPER ST., 700-John S. Gable III to Eleanor S. and William R. Schran, $147,500.

DACEY LANE, 2-Michael and Nancy Phipps to Deborah O. and M.W. Pickeral, $205,000.

DEBRA DR., 144-Charles R. and Cathlee A. Feduke to Patricia A. Healy and Clark H. Leming, $162,900.

DOVER PL., 202, No. 103-Raymond H. and Anna L. Dabney to Harold I. and Arlene A. Martin, $73,700.

GRANDVIEW RD., 34-Deborah C. and Darryl Jay Sullivan to Gerhard W. Thielman, $224,900.

GREENBANK RD., 315-Christine A. Varley to Ronald Roepke, $105,000.

GROVE LANE, 76-Rickey E. and Jeanette L. Huckleby to Jacqueline E. and Richard O. Reese, $245,000.

HARTWOOD RD., 463-Irene and Willie Tolson to Larry W. Wolfenbarger, $120,000.

JETT ST., 503-Michael Anthony Williams to Valarie R. and Jorge Guzman, $212,000.

JODY CT., 3-Diane R. Foote to Donna J. and Shawn W. McKee, $266,500.

KINGS CREST DR., 502-Linda D. Mitchell to Flordeliza and Daniel L. Veracruz, $145,000.

LIVE OAK LANE, 11-James E. and Priscilla L. Quinlan to Lisa W. and Rodney J. Stokes, $310,000.

MADISON CT., 409-Erik J. and Barbara J. Peterson to Myung S. and Kwang M. Lee, $93,500.

MATTHEW CT., 113-Leslie A.M. and David M. Bailey to Kristina A. Walters, $120,000.

MEADOWOOD DR., 59-Deana L. and Peter Richardson Johnson to CT Park Inc., $160,000.

NORTHAMPTON BLVD., 51-Lillian Z. and Wilson Guilbeaux Jr. to Nilam Saeed, $245,000.

PEAR TREE LANE, 1-Doreen Boggs to Enelida Maldonado and Cruz Ramos, $83,900.

PINNACLE DR., 1309-Richard T. and Myrna G. Taylor to Ethel L. Mann, $150,000.

PLANTERS PL., 8-Damian W. and Heather R. Breland to Denise R. and David M. Raboin, $454,000.

POTOMAC OVERLOOK LANE, 9-Denise L. Aydelotte Wodesky to Andrew J. Shannon, $665,000.

PROVIDENCE ST., 603-Melissa A. Embrey to Jasmine Gulati, $125,700.

SAVANNAH CT., 22-Mohammad R. Esmaili to Cheryl S. and Michael A. Armstrong, $269,900.

STAFFORD MEWS LANE, 203-Vladimir Jean Charles to Uloma Okereke, $134,000.

TACKETTS MILL RD., 352-Phillip L. Dabney to Misty M. and Francisco C. Vardjian, $151,950.

VICTORIA DR., 2040-Sally M. and Michael D. Firkins to Maloch and Kelly Edward Gavagan, $277,500.

VISTA WOODS RD., 31-Allen Lee Jones to Venicia Rae and Lee Andre Woodbridge, $160,000.

WEST BRIAR DR., 19-Jill M. and Stephen V. Genco to John R. Rutledge, $125,000.

WEST PARK DR., 307-Theodore C. and Terri L. Hupka to Donnie M. and Kimberly A. Sarratt, $150,000.

WIND RIDGE DR., 411-Teresa A. Lynch and Michael P. Wheeler to Curtis E. Glass, $124,000.