Applications Accepted (Site, Subdivision, Rezoning and Special Exception)

Projects Proposed

1. Ridgeview Estates, Lots 1-23 between Routes 712 and 719, west of Jackson Avenue and accessible by Pickett Road. Record subdivision plat for 23 single-family detached lots on 46.10 acres zoned CR-1 (countryside residential).

2. Highlands, Section 2, Lots 1-14, 35309 Sunny Ridge Rd., Round Hill, 0.85 miles west of Routes 761 and 719 on the south side of Route 716. Record subdivision plat for 14 lots on 83.75 acres zoned A-3 (agricultural one unit per three acres).

3. Mountain View Elementary School, water supply, southeast corner of Routes 711 and 690 at 3687 Allder School Rd., Purcellville. Construction of water supply and fire protection systems, access wastewater treatment plan and access road for the school.

4. Ashbrook Village, Section 2A, about 2,400 feet east of Ashburn Village Boulevard intersection with Russell Branch Parkway. Record subdivision plat for 94 single-family detached dwelling units on 81.71 acres zoned PDH-6.

5. Lansdowne on the Potomac, Sections 23 and 24A off Coton Commons Drive. Record subdivision plat to create 59 lots and five open parcels on 382.24 acres (parent tract) zoned PDH-3.

6. Lansdowne on the Potomac, Sections 19A and 20A, 19045 Upper Belmont Pl. Record subdivision plat for lots, parcels, easements, street dedication and private streets on 382.24 acres (parent tract) zoned PDH-3.

7. Ansley Child Care Facility, southeast corner of Waverly Court and Russell Branch Parkway. Site plan for construction of 19,627-square-foot day care facility on 2.89 acres zoned PD-IP (planned development industrial park).

8. Grenata subdivision, 19693 Evergreen Mill Rd., about 0.8 miles south of Leesburg Corporate Limits. Record subdivision plat for 58 single-family detached lots, one open lot and right-of-way dedication on 224.03 acres zoned A-3.

9. River Creek, Land Bay K, Phase 9, Section 1, River Creek Parkway, north of Olympic Boulevard. Record subdivision plat to subdivide 15.96 acres zoned PDH-3 into 162 single-family attached townhome lots.

10. Brothers Concrete Construction Inc., south side of Route 653 (Cochran Mill Road) and north and east of the W&OD trail. A special exception to allow concrete mixing plant and manufacture of concrete block, cinderblock or pre-formed concrete products on about 27 acres zoned MR-HI (Mineral Resources Heavy Industry).

11. Cedar Crest, Section 1, west side of Bull Run Post Office Road at the Loudoun-Fairfax line. Record subdivision plat to subdivide existing parcel into Section 1 with 86 lots and seven open lots on 595.58 acres zoned A-3.

12. Cedar Hunt, Phase 1, Section 3, 42442 Braddock Rd. Record subdivision plat for 21 single-family detached lots and one open lot on 164.99 acres zoned CR-1.

13. Cedar Hunt, Phase 2, Section 3, west on Route 620 from Route 659 intersection. Record subdivision plat for 49 single-family detached lots and three open lots on 164.99 acres zoned CR-1.

14. Broadlands South, Section 82, Blocks 1B and 3, north side of Croson Lane at terminus of Highview Trail Place. Record subdivision plat to subdivide 17.61 acres zoned PDH-4 into 42 single-family detached lots and one open lot.

15. Loudoun Valley Reserve, Section 1, Creighton Road adjacent to Overland Drive, southeast of Belmont Ridge and Ryan roads. Record subdivision plat for 78 single-family detached lots on 454.20 acres (parent tract) zoned CR-1.

16. The Ridings at Blue Spring, Section 2, Poland Road at northeast corner of Route 742 and Edgewater Street. Record subdivision plat for 49 single-family detached lots and four open lots on 121.18 acres zoned CR-1.

17. Kirkpatrick Farms, Sections D1 and D2, Braddock Road northwest of Gum Spring Road. Record subdivision plat for 160 townhouses and two open lots on 21.34 acres zoned PDH-4.

18. Brambleton, Belmont Ridge Road north of Ryan Road. Site plan for construction of a 2 1/2-million-gallon elevated water storage tank with provisions for future connection of antennas on top on 29.06 acres zoned PDH-4.

19. Kirkpatrick Farms Recreation Center, Phase 2, 41796 Braddock Road at proposed Summerall Drive. Site plan for recreation center with community building, swimming pool and parking on property zoned PDH-4.

20. Barclay Ridge Clubhouse, Section IV, east side of Route 15 about 1 1/2 miles north of Route 50. Site plan for development of recreational clubhouse and golf course maintenance facility in Barclay Ridge open space on 13 acres zoned A-3.

21. Ashburn Center, Parcel J, northeast corner of Ashburn Village Boulevard and Waxpool Road. Site plan for construction of three flex/industrial buildings with associated parking and utilities on 66.92 acres zoned PD-IP (planned development-industrial park).

22. Ashburn Center, Parcel I, Lot 35A, northeast corner of Ashburn Village Boulevard and Waxpool Road. Site plan for construction of two flex/industrial buildings with associated parking and utilities on 10.6 acres zoned PD-IP.

23. Broadlands South, Section 206, Block 1, bounded by Wynridge and Demott drives and Ryan Road. Site plan for construction of a 117,868-square-foot retail center on 20.94 acres zoned PDH-4.

24. Mount Hope Baptist Church, 42507 Mount Hope Rd., about one-eighth of a mile south of Route 659. Special exception for proposed three-phase expansion of existing church to seat 150, create fellowship hall and rooms for smaller events on 5.58 acres zoned CR-1.

25. DTC Parc Dulles Apartments, Parcel A, southeast corner of City Center Boulevard and Stefanie Drive. Record subdivision plat for creation of lot for multi-family residential development on 45.58 acres zoned R-16.

26. Dulles Town Center Padsite 2, north of City Center and Nokes boulevards. Site plan for retail center with one 45,000-square-foot building and three 7,000-square-foot buildings on 66.78 acres zoned PD-SC (planned development-shopping center).

27. Steeplechase Sportsplex, east side of Atlantic Boulevard, south of Woodland Road and north of Steeplechase Drive. Special exception for indoor recreation facility of about 78,590 square feet for instructional academies, team practices and sports on 18 acres zoned PD-IP (industrial park).

28. Ridgeview I, Lot 13B, Gentry Drive north of Manekin Plaza. Site plan for construction of a 52,000-square-foot general office building pad and related infrastructure on 4.03 acres zoned PD-IP in Loudoun Tech Center.

Applications Approved

29. Bennett Property, Crest Lane north of Route 9. Special exception to allow driveway construction in Mountainside Overlay District on 12 acres zoned A-3.

30. Beaverdam Creek, bounded by St. Louis Road; Snickersville Turnpike; Trappe Road to Ridgeside Road to Foggy Bottom Round; and Route 50. Approval to permit creation of county's first Historic Roadway Overlay District, proposed to encompass numerous roads and 729 adjacent parcels for about 80 miles, including guidelines and regulations for all road frontage, walls and fences, signs, buildings and structures within 35 feet on each side from the centerline.

31. Commonwealth Center, south side of Route 7, east of Route 607 and Loudoun County Parkway. Special exception to amend conditions related to required transportation improvements regarding phasing and proposed improvements for Loudoun Pointe development on 232 acres zoned PD-IP.

32. Beaumeade North, north side of W&OD trail, west of Loudoun County Parkway and south of Smith Switch Road. Special exception to permit about 1.2 million square feet of office and/or data center uses on 88.5 acres zoned PD-IP.

33. Moorefield Station, southwest side of Dulles Greenway, north of Loudoun County Parkway and Ryan Road. Approval to rezone about 591 acres from CR-1 (countryside residential) to PD-TRC (planned development-transit related center) to develop 6,000 residential units and 9.75 million square feet of commercial uses.

Building Permits Not available.