Charles County

The following home sales were recently recorded in Charles County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.

BEL ALTON AREA FAIRGROUND RD., 9035-Diane E. Bowling to Carol L. Porter, $174,900.

BENEDICT AREA MILL CREEK RD., 7565-Elvin Z.W. and Monica Ann Compy to Felicidad B. and John C. Holmes, $355,000.

BRYANS ROAD AREA CHIPPEWA ST., 2871-Hilda V. Cockcroft to Christine E. Freeze, $132,000.

DANBERRY CT., 2253-Anna C. and William J. Carroll to Mayo A. Best Jr., trustee, $110,000.

LONGBOW CT., 2624-Linda C. Beeler to Camilla R. Hall, $149,500.

BRYANTOWN AREA OLIVERS SHOP RD., 5765-Archie G. and Frederica A. Castle to Michael N. and Michael D. Wathan Sr., $290,000.


TRINITY CHURCH ROAD AREA BECKYS PL., 7620-Frederick G. and Dinah K. Caudle to Debra S. and Charles D. Davis, $244,464.

KEECH RD., 8511-Kevin M. and Regina M. Hall to Judith H. and Angus Whyte, $255,000.

HUGHESVILLE AREA PATERNOSTER LANE, 5970-Patricia S. McClaughry to Dana C. and Steven D. Grumbine, $300,000.

WESTCHESTER DR., 15464-John F. and Kathleen A. O'Malley Jr. to Gina M. and Manuel Sarmina, $239,900.

INDIAN HEAD AREA MAPLE ST., 1-Keith J. Hodge to Michael Lancaster, $125,000.

RIVERSIDE RUN DR., 11-Margaret S. and Max L. Buff to Jessica A. Burnett, $105,000.

LA PLATA AREA HICKORY LANE, 9705-Nianiane J. and Mark C. Taylor to Lindsay M. Christian, $224,900.

OLIVERS SHOP RD., 8330-Guy L. and Ellen G. Simpson Cooksey to Mary Jane and Franklin M. Cox Sr., $169,900.

QUINCE CT., 518-Tessa B. Echols to Judith G. Campbell, $190,000.

NANJEMOY AREA SHORE ACRES RD., 10415-Earl K. Lammers to Danielle B. Rolli and Robyn V. Wyrick, $272,000.

PORT TOBACCO AREA KAY DR., 7440-Francis D. and Rona M. Kelley to Belva Campbell and Ivle Stroud, $255,000.

WOODY RD., 8260-Louis A. and Marcella C. Palmer to Susan M. and David W. Knight, $285,000.

ST. CHARLES AREA COCHISE CT., 1034-Samuel T. Robertson III, trustee, to Ellen E. Endres, $121,900.

GUILDCREST CT., 3150-Willie R. and Krystal J. Riesgaard to Blanca E. and Troy A. Brown, $187,000.

MEMPHIS PL., 9726-Lenhart Berry Valley Corp. to Sylvia E. and Robert J. Carmona, $179,400.

NORTHGATE PL., 3948-Felicia M. Toronto to William O. Brown, $95,000.

SLOAN AVE., 907-Karen A. Boyce to Christina and Sheldon A. Washington, $116,114.

SMOKETHORN CT., 3531-Brett J. and Anne B. Davis to Dawn M. and Timothy D. Burkhart, $185,000.

TAYLOR CT., 4603-Michael Ogbebor to Balinda L. Tucker, $163,400.

WINDSOR PARK CT., 2351-Zina M. and Dane L. Thomas to Barbara Summers, $164,000.

WALDORF AREA ADDISON CT., 1200-Sandra D. and Gentry G. Barnes to Thirkel C. Freeman, $189,900.

ALYSSA LANE, 10818-Daniel C. and Amy C. Fluharty to Shannon and Sheldon J. Beddo, $261,152.

BANNISTER CIR., 1105-Patricia A. Howard to Brenda J. Dupree Brown, $170,000.

BAR OAK DR., 12704-Brent E. and Annette Baker to Reginald D. and Annie S. Hopson, $159,000.

BLENNY CT., 5064-James T. and Ione G. Wahl Sr. to Hope E. and David P. Kosier, $190,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4111-Sandra C. Paterson to William R. East, $103,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4158-Melissa P. and Robert C. Goodwin to Myra Marquez, $107,500.

BUCKNELL CIR., 318-Patricia D. and Steven P. Wiltsie to Michael Burk, $185,000.

CELESTIAL LANE, 5200-Fallon Homes to Toyja R. and Joseph B. Somerville III, $316,500.

COPLEY AVE., 858-Betty A. and Carroll W. Wine Jr. to Latonya Falwell, $176,900.

ETHRIDGE DR., 10001-Patriot Homes to Kenneth Kiesel, $247,245.

EUTAW FOREST DR., 3165-Ellen M. and Michael L. Dorsey to Samuel J. Hooper Jr., $230,000.

GRANITE CT., 9164-Sean and Debra K. Mitchell to Rachel A. and Jack M. Dehanas, $250,000.

HAMMERHEAD CT., 5802-Sok C. and Michael E. Hillestad to Matthew Lee, $225,000.

HARRIER CT., 4770-Robert Cavalcante Jr. to Brian R. Poole, $199,900.

HAVENSBROOK DR., 13570-Michael W. and Debra S. Greene to Christy Cline and Jeffrey M. Baldwin, $245,000.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3032-Andrew J. Breck to Tiffany C. Tyree, $88,500.

MIRANDA PL., 3061-Patriot Homes to Shari L. and Kevin D. Scott, $194,670.

MOLLY MILLER CT., 3802-Robert Riedel to Ellen J. and Brandon R. Wilson, $189,900.

NICHOLAS RD., 5016-Michael V. and Debra Depompa to Joann and Simon Monnikendam, $151,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 2942, No. 7-Walter A. Cook to Paula D. Raines, $84,000.

PINEWOOD DR., 2791-Tatiana and Anthony T. Early to Victor Carson, $219,900.

PINEWOOD DR., 2805-Sharon Ratcliffe and Ronald Lauve to Jamie L. Vance, $219,000.

PRAIRIE DOG CT., 6571-John J. and Patricia A. King to Natalie R. and Steven M. Valdez, $198,000.

REDHORSE CT., 5010-Kym and Eric Betties to Dondi V. Cabbell, $194,000.

RYON CT., 3244-Catrina M. and Shawnacy E. Burnside to Lynn D. Hensley, $99,000.

STONE AVE., 1008-Charles D. and Debbie Sue Pryde Jr. to Constance and James Skinner, $170,000.

TAPIR PL., 6096-Barbara A. and Kevin L. Anderson to John L. Haigh Jr., $132,500.

TOPAZ CT., 12490-Beverly F. Thompson to Gary S. Starks Sr., $252,700.

TRURO CT., 806-Katherine E. and Kevin P. Rupp to Robert C. Lance, $174,600.

UNCLE WILLIES PL., 2305-Donald M. and Mildred R. Garner to Regina G. and Jason A. Manning, $207,000.

VISTA CT., 2717-William J. and Diane E. Kittle to Marie K. and Anthony Cianciolo Sr., $170,000.

WALNUT LANE, 3025-Albert N. Sinchak to John W. Higdon III, $171,900.

WESTWOOD DR., 2216-Theresa L. and John T. Austin to James W. Shelton Jr., $148,000.

WHITE PLAINS AREA KRIS DR., 9350-Donald Lee and Judy A. Diehl to Selena P. and Paul R. Zuhoski, $244,900.

TAHOE PL., 4073-Timothy E. Baroody to Aisha Moore, $170,000.