Dec. 4 A daughter, Svetlana Victoria, was born to Gina and Richard Rudenko of Warrenton.

A son, Nicolaus Brian Sharp II, was born to Christina Maxwell and Nicolaus B. Sharp Sr. of Bealeton.

Dec. 8 A son, Michael McCall, was born to Catherine and David Steinmeyer of Warrenton.

Dec. 10 A daughter, Colleen Marie, was born to Suzanne and Thomas Kosten of Warrenton.

Dec. 12 A son, Phillip Bryan Jr., was born to Michele and Phillip B. Gilbert Sr. of Midland.

Dec. 13 A daughter, Charity Joy, was born to Patricia and Joel Barkman of Catlett.

A son, Luke Cameron, was born to Brenda and Christopher Richards of Midland.

Dec. 15 A son, Joshua Scott Furr, was born to Samantha Reid and Joseph Furr of The Plains.

Dec. 16 A son, Noah Stephen, was born to Alicia and Michael Weiss of Warrenton.

Dec. 19 A daughter, Zykaya Armonie Baker, was born to Melissa Baker and Richard Carter of Warrenton.

A daughter, Eliza Jane Haight, was born to Marilyn Flowers and Curtis Haight of Warrenton.

A son, Bradley Edwin, was born to Barbara and James Reed, of Nokesville.

Dec. 20 A daughter, Rachel Adriana, was born to Margret and Mark Grant of Warrenton.

Dec. 21 A son, Dylan Michael Carter, was born to Sabrina Twyman and Allen Carter of Remington.

Dec. 25 A daughter, Carsyn Amberli, was born to Carla and Christopher Campbell of Warrenton.

Dec. 26 A daughter, Anna Lanning, was born to Kimberly and Edward Wright of The Plains.

Dec. 28 A daughter, Katharina Antonia, was born to Dagmar and Krayton DeJarnatt of Warrenton.

Dec. 30 A daughter, Kiara Savannah, was born to Yolanda and Lloyd Cropp of Warrenton.

A son, Javier Mehkel, was born to Tania Lee of Bealeton.

A daughter, Aliyah Evette, was born to Tara and Edward Yates of Warrenton.


Jan. 2 A son, Jordan Harrison Jr., was born to Sylvion and Jordan H. Moss Sr. of Warrenton.

Compiled by Timothy Wilson. For more information, call 202-334-7251.