John Mosby Highway, Arcola

On Jan. 18, an animal control officer investigated a report of a puppy kept on a porch in a plastic carrier that had a towel inside and was surrounded by plastic. The officer told the owner that it was too cold for such inadequate shelter. The next day, an officer found two other dogs in an outside enclosure connected to the house. The temperature was 15 degrees, and the enclosure did not provide adequate space. The officer told the owner to take the dogs inside and issued warnings for duty of owner and compliance with adequate shelter laws. The officer did not see a puppy or carrier at the residence. This case was pending.

Silverbell Terrace, Leesburg

Last Sunday, neighbors reported that dogs had been living alone at a residence for four months. An officer left a notice for the owner to contact her. The owner said that the house was being renovated and that he checked on the dogs every day. The officer requested a meeting to check their welfare and found them in good condition with adequate shelter, food and water. The case was pending.

Hidden Heights Lane, Lovettsville

Last Sunday, a resident said her dogs killed a raccoon. An animal control officer told her to contact the health department to test the raccoon and to take her dogs to the animal emergency hospital for rabies vaccine boosters. An exposure report was filed, and the case was closed.

Gleedsville Road, Leesburg

On Monday, a resident caught an aggressive dog running at large near horses and confined it in a large pen. An animal control officer took the dog to the shelter and called its owner, who took it home the next day.

Dog License Deadline Friday

Loudoun County requires dogs older than 4 months to be licensed annually. To purchase a license by the deadline Friday, the owner must provide a copy of the dog's rabies vaccination and spay/neuter certificates. Licenses may be purchased at the Loudoun County Animal Shelter and the Loudoun County treasurer's office. For more information, call 703-777-0406 or visit