Dec. 19 A son, Ryan Patrick, was born to Patty and Jon Erickson of Leesburg.

Dec. 20 A son, Owen Stryder, was born to Melanie and Laurence Dixon III of Ashburn.

A son, Brody Daniel, was born to Frankie and Scott Judd of Leesburg.

A son, Matthew John, was born to Lisa and Brian Mizelle of Ashburn.

Dec. 21 A son, Christian Jae, was born to Kristyn and Eddy Camacho of Ashburn.

Dec. 22 A daughter, Hailey Brianne, was born to Jennifer and Robert Nash of Ashburn.

Dec. 24 A son, Jacob Xiaojian Chang, was born to Christy Gaitten and Cian Chang of Sterling.

A son, Sean Vinh, was born to Susan and Sean J. Powers of Sterling.

Dec. 27 A son, Reid Owen, was born to Melissa and Gordon Blankenship of Leesburg.

A son, Tyler Lee, was born to Stephanie and Nakia Cooper of Leesburg.

A son, Noah Ethan, was born to Stacy and Michael Zimmerman of Ashburn.

Dec. 28 A son, Logan Palmer Welfel, was born to Crystal Hutton and Donald Welfel Jr. of Leesburg.

Dec. 30 A son, Maximus Christian, was born to Dayna and John Scaia of Sterling.

Dec. 31 A daughter, Hailey Elizabeth, was born to Michele and Robert Bassett of Leesburg.

A daughter, Meagan Helene, was born to Mary and Michael Dyson of Potomac Falls.

Jan. 1 A daughter, Callie Jane, was born to Lori and Matthew Parsons of Hamilton.

Jan. 2 A son, Matthew Joseph, was born to Deanna and Steven Almond of Leesburg.

A daughter, Ella Grace, was born to Suzanne and John Medairy of Potomac Falls.

Jan. 3 A son, Garrett Scott, was born to Jeanette and Scott Johnson of Ashburn.

A daughter, Samantha Jane, was born to Elizabeth and Paul Leathem of Ashburn.

A daughter, Haley Morgan, was born to Heidi and Daniel Little of South Riding.

Jan. 5 A son, Dennis Joseph Verdan, was born to Virna and Dennis E. Cabanlong of South Riding.

Jan. 6 A son, Logan Travis, was born to Celinda and Jeffrey Chandler of Hamilton.

A son, Nicholas Ryan, was born to Kelly and John Marsh of Sterling.

Jan. 7 A daughter, Anmoldeep Kaur Dhaliwal, was born to Vicky Singh and Harcharn Gill of Sterling.

A daughter, Julia, was born to Ana and Jeff Stallings of Ashburn.

Jan. 8 A daughter, Molly Collins, was born to Caroline and Ian Johnson of Sterling.

A daughter, Olivia Stone, was born to Kimberly and Howard Rubin of Sterling.

Jan. 9 A daughter, Carly Allison, was born to Sharon and Jonathan Chiat of Ashburn.

A son, Nathaniel Dawson, was born to Carlyn and Mark Hamilton of Purcellville.

A son, Aidan James, was born to Jeannie and Jason Pepper of Sterling.

Jan. 10 A daughter, Madeline Elise, was born to Meredith and Michael Kerrigan of Round Hill.

-- Compiled by Timothy Wilson

Citing privacy concerns, Loudoun Hospital Center does not release the names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing their proof of birth letter to The Washington Post at 202-334-5417 or mailing a copy to Births, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. For more information, call 202-334-7251.