The following were among animal cases received recently by the Washington Humane Society (202-723-5730) and the D.C. Animal Control Division (202-576-6664). For more information or assistance, 24 hours a day, call either number.

Cat Found Shivering in Snow

Jefferson St. NW, 1300 block, Jan. 21. A humane society officer found a cat shivering outside a house while it was snowing and the temperature was 26 degrees. The officer took the cat, which had a deformed ear, to a veterinarian, who treated it for an ear infection. It was held at the society shelter pending investigation.

Chick's Growth Causes Flap

Ames St. NE, 5300 block, Jan. 15. A man asked animal control to remove a young hen from his house because, he said, it had grown too big. He said he had had the bird since it was a chick. It was transferred to a farm-animal rescue group.

Dog Outside in Freezing Weather

Ingraham St. NE, 500 block, Jan. 20. A humane society officer, responding to a report, impounded a pit bull mix found shivering in a yard without shelter. The temperature was 15 degrees, the dog's water was frozen, and a plastic travel kennel was lying on its side. No one was at home, so the officer left a notice and took the dog to the society shelter, where it was held pending investigation.

Police Shoot, Injure Dog

Simms Pl. NE, 1200 block, Jan. 11. Police called animal control after shooting a dog. When an animal control officer arrived, the owners were with their injured year-old male pit bull, and the officer took it to a veterinarian. The owners paid for the treatment and transferred the dog to their veterinarian for further care.

Pit Bull Sickened by Rat Poison

L St. NE, 600 block, Jan. 14. A 3-year-old female pit bull ate 12 sticks of rat poison. The dog, which allegedly was not treated, was still sick four days later, and its owner surrendered it to animal control. It was euthanized at the D.C. shelter.

Cat Survives Five-Story Fall

12th St. SE, 1000 block, Jan. 10. A woman called animal control after her 9-month-old female cat fell from a fifth-floor balcony. An animal control officer took the cat to a veterinarian, who noted that it was "one lucky cat" and treated it for minor injuries. The woman paid for the treatment and claimed the cat from the D.C. shelter.

Kitten Freed From Fence

Eaton Rd. SE, 1200 block, Jan. 10. A woman found a stray 4-month-old kitten, took it home for two days, then changed her mind and put the kitten outside. The next day the woman called animal control because the kitten had gotten its head stuck in a fence. An animal control officer arranged to have fire department personnel cut the fence with bolt-cutters. The officer took the kitten to the D.C. shelter, and it was adopted.

Rabbit Without Shelter on Balcony

Ninth St. SE, 3700 block, Jan. 16. Apartment building maintenance workers called animal control after finding a rabbit in freezing weather on a balcony of a recently vacated apartment. The rabbit had no food, water or shelter. It was held at the D.C. shelter pending transfer to a rabbit rescue group.

-- Sarah Lane