The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes across the Washington area, visit The Post's Internet site at


BENNING RD., 1812-Maria P. and John R. Spicer to Jesintha Tiruvallur, $114,500.

CLOUD PL., 5213-Leon J. and Ella L. Thornton to Juliana N. and Tita Adolf Tengen, $45,000.

FOOTE ST., 4221-Kezon McNeill to Willie Hamm and Shirley Mobley, $88,000.

FOOTE ST., 4917-Pamela D. and Eric M. Johnson to Irene S. Hudson, $200,000.

KEARNEY ST., 1921-James R. Lee and Carlos H. Gorham to A.D.M. Corp., $90,000.

L ST., 627-A.D.M. Corp. to Ghassem Chatrchi, $150,000.

OWEN PL., 1118-Benjamin F. Watkins and Robert Bunn to Andre Boykins, $97,000.

PERRY ST., 2512-Yvonne Richardson and Charles Daniel Fitzgerald to Mark A. Rich, $179,000.

R ST., 46-Leonard J. Kelly and Mabel Inez Coleman to Gregory J. Williams, $155,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 219-Peter G. Hagialas to James O. Brown, $111,000.

TRINIDAD AVE., 1108-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Robert D. Traina, $85,000.

WEBSTER ST., 212-Sharon and Samuel Wesley to Lloyd C. Levermore, $130,000.

FOURTH ST., 613-Efstratios D. Tsintolas and John C. Formant to 613 Fourth Street Associates, $312,000.

SEVENTH ST., 3000, No. 201-Sandjaja Eddy Nugroho and Linda S. Lett Nugroho to Danylo R. Berko, $99,000.

EIGHTH ST., 523, No. 102-Karen N. Mitchell to Robin O. Surratt, $219,000.

NINTH ST., 813-Fairbanks Capital Corp. to Gay B. Thompson, $89,900.

14TH PL., 237-Christopher Noel Plemmons and Michael Shane Crowell to Michael I. Koroluk, $193,300.

17TH ST., 337-Department of Veterans Affairs to Marcus A. Norman, $145,000.


BARNABY ST., 6654-Kathryn A. Oberly to Michael G. Katzmann and Michaela D. Platzer, $699,000.

BATES ST., 72-Danielle Thornton to V. Hanh and Ut T. Tran, $190,000.

BEEKMAN PL., 1650, No. 4C3-Gary Lee Unger and Daniel W. Garriott to James Vann, $389,000.

BRUMMEL CT., 510-Barbara A. Richardson to Ramon J. Richards, $180,000.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4201, No. 1223-Roberta Clark Umstott to Kimberly A. and Michael R. Linson, $320,000.

COLUMBIA RD., 1880, No. 306-Ann E. Mann to Brian T. Collins, $277,000.

COLUMBIA RD., 1901-Loida Velilla to Peter Kerr, $181,090.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 5310-Consuela A. Pinto and Jay S. Brown to Benjamin J. and Sara Young Razi, $457,000.

DAVENPORT ST., 4514-Timothy Jolyon Marchant to Robert F. Lyons and Urvashi Narain, $625,000.

FLORAL ST., 1401-Bettina Jessell to Frances E. and Harold R. Phipps, $635,000.

GALLATIN ST., 300-Mattie J. Wyche to Paula M. Potts, $225,000.

GRESHAM PL., 755-Brian K. Littleton to Melanie E. McKee, $170,000.

INGRAHAM ST., 418-William A. and Armenta Moran and Trevor C. Kennedy to Roderick L. Davis, $161,152.

JEFFERSON ST., 1345-Affie H. Jackson and Edward C. Bou to Emidia N. and Jose Sanchez, $280,000.

K ST., 2422-2422 K Corp. to Vestry of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, $770,000.

LINNEAN AVE., 4101-David A. Deckelbaum and 4101 Linnean Avenue Trust to Burton G. and Gail Schonfeld, $3,335,000.

MACARTHUR BLVD., 4717-Milan M. Vinnola and Kevin L. Quinn to Jessica Sloane Englert, $442,000.

MANSION DR., 4023-Terri M. Goldstein to Magda M. Marti, $950,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 4301, No. 4009-Brian Shevlin to Emily Beth and Stephen Jaffe, $254,000.

MORELAND PL., 2611-Mary C. Mitchell to James Hastings and William D. Peter, $449,000.

N ST., 2114, No. 45-Jonnelle E. Davidson to Elin Thomasian, $200,000.

N ST., 3267, No. 3-Peter David and Linda Dalla Rich to Charlotte W. and Michael A. Sabel, $552,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1316, No. 506-Joanna Harkin to Elias J. Larach, $112,500.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1730-Ricardo Zapata and Brian A. Petro to Barbara Bennett and Michael Elliott, $379,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1926, No. 42-James A. Vann to Michael Nieves, $289,000.

NEWARK ST., 3031-Diana McNaughton Capoluongo to Bonizella Biagini and Giovanni Majnoni, $1,325,000.

NEWTON ST., 1823-Stephen S. and Jean S. Snook to Newton Partners Corp., $550,000.

O ST., 2007, No. 403-Jacob R. Wyatt to Marssimo Mastruzzi, Jorge Saavedra and Galia Schecter, $131,000.

PORTER ST., 3856, No. 368-Sherease Pratt to Brian P. Hale and Lara M. Oerter, $334,000.

Q ST., 1749, No. 12-Francis J. James to Bruce W. McNamer, $307,000.

Q ST., 3028-Joan A. Stanton to Jane S. Hitchcock, $2,500,000.

R ST., 3042, No. 3-Michael R. Taylor to Mohamed Amin Elnawawy, $400,000.

RITTENHOUSE ST., 3220-Debra L. Soltis and Paul Y. Kiyonaga to Seth Greenstein, $595,000.

RODMAN ST., 3879, No. 64-Rosalia Magdalene Hydzik to Webb C. Hayes and Jaime M. Keddie, $232,500.

S ST., 22-Tygor Development Co. to Eric Broyles, $120,000.

SHERRIER PL., 5113-David A. and Anne M. Blair to Carl S. and Deborah June Silverberg, $425,000.

TILDEN ST., 4830-Jackson Prince and Carter Street Roberts to Mary Lynn Reed and W. Scott Sonntag, $925,000.

VERMONT AVE., 1338, No. 206-Donald J. Hutzel to David L. Martin, $340,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 2111, No. 625-Mary Helen and Ibrahim Abdel Aleem Mansour to Audra Rooney, $280,000.

SECOND ST., 5515-Anatole Bahi to Yvonne M. McCoy, $51,350.

SEVENTH ST., 4812-Iris M. Green and Louis Barham to Cap City No 2. Corp., $120,000.

NINTH ST., 7127-May L.H. Elamin and Derrine L. Bieber to Jerome and Wilma Henry, $170,000.

13TH ST., 1133, No. 305-Rodney Rose to Gabriel F. Alvarado, $155,000.

17TH ST., 1401, No. 707-Peter Edward Knopes to Mark M. Walker, $221,000.

18TH ST., 1325, No. 808-Daniel A. Bean to Zyama Goldman and Marina Goldman, $308,500.

18TH ST., 3112-Elkanah J. Burns to Phyllis Abshire D'Hoop, $480,000.

19TH ST., 1627, No. 37-Joshua L. Penn to Suzanne P. Cole, $290,000.

20TH ST., 1301, No. 205-Hans W. Juhle to Charu J. and Sanjay Jose Mullick, $230,575.

20TH ST., 2432-Karl Emil Hoffmann to K. Rea Carey and Margaret Conway, $555,000.

30TH ST., 1077, No. 404-Neal C. Hogan to Ashraf M. and Lesley A. Younes, $410,000.

34TH ST., 1506-John Peter and Christine Colby Giraudo to James S. Pew, $650,000.

36TH ST., 4314-Kurt A. and Jeanne H. Ruderman to Michael A. Levett, $605,600.

43RD ST., 4821-Richard J. Toth to Adam J. Rubinson and Susan P. Weinstein, $700,000.

44TH ST., 1502-Richard J. and Michelle H. Scurfield to Rajeev V. Date and Rebecca A. Rohr, $585,000.

45TH ST., 4809-Paul R. and Elizabeth H. Frontczak to Jules Leichter and Carol Volk, $645,314.


B ST., 4808-4808 B. Street Corp. to Bisi Lediju, $79,000.

C ST., 317-Geraldine Dalzell Payne to Denise L. Diggs and Eric L. Smallwood, $670,000.

D ST., 1110-James Abely to Robert J. Driscoll, $525,000.

FORT DAVIS ST., 2107, No. 302-Gloria J. Prue to Craig A. Davis, $59,500.

KENTUCKY AVE., 138-Regina Lynn and George Philip Arlotto to Cathy A. and Jean M. Bui, $402,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 1371-John K. Edwards and Paul F. Albergo to Julia A. Hodges and Micahel Merino, $381,647.

S ST., 1320-A.D.M. Corp. to Adebowale Adeleke and Iyiola Laosebikan, $127,000.

S ST., 3955-Sullivan C. and Judy Hasbrouck Johnson to Lisa E. Williams, $165,000.

SEWARD SQ., 522-Sara Kirk Oden and Larry D. Cantrell to Kristine Manning, $375,000.

10TH ST., 8-R. Brooke Bortner to Andrea Nash, $355,000.

13TH ST., 339-First Union National Bank to Sami Nuriddin, $227,000.

34TH ST., 312-Timothy T. and Jacquelyn Renee Walker to Carlyle St. Paul, $199,000.


BRANDYWINE ST., 22-Florence H. Meekins and Hope H. Butler to Anthony K. Guice and Litenette King Guice, $135,000.

CAPITOL SQUARE PL., 817-Dennis G. Crow and Jeanne M. Andersen to Chadjun and Fariborz L. Mokhtari, $455,000.

DELAWARE AVE., 807, No. 232-Sandra and Robert P. Schwarz to Gloria Torres, $285,000.

FOURTH ST., 1425, No. A717-Eugene P. and Aila I. Vorhies to Angell J. Jacobs, $50,000.