Dec. 16 A son, Aidan Fitzgerald, was born to Erin and Kevin Mahoney of Reston.

A son, Thomas Michael, was born to Margaret and David Best of Vienna.

A daughter, Caitlynn Elizabeth Cook, was born to Elizabeth Fowler and Edward Cook of Centreville.

Dec. 17 A daughter, Evelyn Mae, was born to Christie and Brian Armstrong of Clifton.

A son, Aidan Grant, was born to Lauren and Kevin Brownstein of Herndon.

A son, Casey Ryan, was born to Sage and Ned LaTeef of Great Falls.

Dec. 18 A son, Noah Aaron Michael, was born to Jennifer and Erik Nichols of Centreville.

Dec. 19 A son, Andrew Benjamin, was born to Allison and Benjamin Burton of Fairfax.

Dec. 20 A son, Seamus William, was born to Tara and Neil Condon of Centreville.

Dec. 23 A daughter, Anisha Tambe, was born to Sanjana and Ajay Patrikar of Herndon.

Dec. 24 A son, Nathan Elliott, was born to Heather and Robert Guilbert of Centreville.

Dec. 26 A daughter, Kelley Elizabeth, was born to Patricia and Jose Colato of Burke.

Dec. 29 A daughter, Faith Elizabeth, was born to Kathleen and Femi Shote of Herndon.

Dec. 30 A son, Kayla Alexis, was born to Mary and Mort Hosseini of Clifton.

A son, Russell Lawrence, was born to Rebecca and Dan Smith of Reston.

Jan. 2 A daughter, Gwendolyn Hope, was born to Clarissa and Tim Wilson of Oakton.

Jan. 8 Twin daughters, Evelyn Faith and Jacqueline Grace, were born to Katherine and Christopher Garcia of Herndon.

Jan. 10 A son, Owen Lee, was born to Kristine and Gregory Griswold of Falls Church.

A son, Michael Timothy, was born to Cindy and Matthew Ragone of Oak Hill.


Dec. 3 A son, Carter Lee, was born to Lisa and Michael Naughton of Falls Church.

Jan. 3 A daughter, Catherine Ann, was born to Leslie and Brendan Cox of Falls Church.

Jan. 5 A daughter, Megan Rose, was born to Felicity and Daniel Clancy of Annandale.

A son, Matthew Simon, was born to Corinne and Stephen Krill of Annandale.

Jan. 20 A son, Jack David O'Dwyer Schoeb, was born to Karen Portik and Timothy Schoeb of Vienna.

Jan. 21 A daughter, Maggie May, was born to Breda and Alan Robertson of Falls Church.

-- Compiled by Timothy Wilson

Citing privacy and safety concerns, Inova Healthcare Systems and Virginia Hospital Center-Arlington do not release the names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing proof of birth to The Washington Post at 202-334-5417 or mailing it to Births, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. For more information, call 202-334-7251.