The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington metropolitan area, visit The Post's Internet site at


CHASE CT., 5612-John R. and Julia K. Lawson to Pedro E. Gonzalez and Juan M. Perez and Delmy C. Perez, $230,000.

DAWES AVE., 5602-Janet S. Halyshyn to David A. Keene and Donna R. Wiesner, $295,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505-Willie C. Little to Gregory S. Shields, $182,500.


DUFFIELD LANE, 1823-Benjamin R. and Nancy F. Achenbach to George M. Caldwell, $391,000.

SMITHWAY DR., 6801-Betty L. Haire to Joseph M. Burwell and C. John Russell, $92,500.

SWEETBRIAR DR., 2247-Stephen M. Bache and Harry A. Braswell to Tonya R. Plinsky, $211,000.

WAKEFIELD DR. W., 6711, No. A2-Edward H. and Patricia K. Takken to Karen E. Vigmostad, $155,800.

14TH ST., 6419-Harold E. and Sherry K. Michael to James M. Wood and Bonnie L. Strong, $325,000.


ABBOTTSBURY ROW, 6247-Raysha and Salvador Paz to Julianna M. Dime and Michael J. Correia, $266,000.

AMBASSADOR WAY, 5923-Sin J. and Yu S. Pak to Karen C. Mochrie, $254,000.

ASHBY LANE, 7509-Eloida R. and David M. Wirtanen to Isabella M. Clapp, $195,000.

BEECH TREE DR., 6117-Jeffrey D. and Theresa E. Davis to Amador M. and Anne P. Santalla, $397,500.

CASTLETOWN WAY, 6143-Josephine C. Casamo and Leanne M. Krivonak to Aad Rabih Abi Aad, $272,500.

CHICORY PL., 6011-Billy J. Miller to Denise S. Pope, $250,000.

CHURCHMAN CT., 4403-Jamie S. and Robert D. Driver to Karen M. Pace, $258,000.

COLETTE DR., 6266-Christine A. and Eric J. Kessler to Rocsana and Jorge A. Palomo, $548,000.

CURTIER DR., 6010-Richard T. Cregger and Dana L. Holland to Gary M. Lang, $145,000.

DUDDINGTON DR., 7425-Charles L. and Kimberly L. Allen to Ronald P. Kobus, $240,100.

FOUNDERS HILL DR., 5924, No. 303-Kathleen Kelly and Michael E. Larkin and Sylvia A. Larkin to Rachelle S. Kosky, $240,000.

FOUNDERS HILL DR., 5958, No. 202-Robert J. Pryan to James M. and Frances E. Wooley, $227,000.

HAYFIELD PL., 6405-David S. Matchett to Raul Treminio, $253,000.

HIDDENITE CT., 6611-Carol L. and Paul T. Schmitz to William A. Hutchinson III, $257,750.

HIGH VALLEY LANE, 6621-Patmarie S. Maher and Patmarie Nedelka to Jay H. Dick and Charles R. Salvetti, $186,200.

HYDRANGEA DR., 6032-Brian D. and Elizabeth P. James to Paula J. Ferguson, $250,000.

KELSEY POINT CIR., 6604-Charlotte A. and David L. Watt to Robert G. Brown, $294,900.

LINLEIGH WAY, 6485-David A. and Heather D. Johnson to Seth and Rebecca Edgar Gooding, $253,000.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6949-Jacqueline R. Baker to Jonathan N. Krosschell, $167,000.

MORNING MEADOW DR., 6570-Edward J. Gilmore to Robert M. Bassett, $277,000.

MORNING RIDE CIR., 6606-John J. Ruggere to Balan R. and Kristin E. Ayyar, $410,000.

MORNING RIDE CIR., 6772-Patricia A. and Richard I. Longman to Zalmai Azmi, $422,000.

NETTIES LANE, 6607, No. 1603-Shari L. Gulley to Melvin Kaahanui, $236,300.

NORHAM DR., 5927-Pamela M. Dickenson to Mary H. Futrell, $315,000.

PERCETHONY CT., 6714-Lesley J. Overton to Larry D. and Anita A.F. Opperman, $322,000.

RACHAEL WHITN LANE, 7718-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Andrew J. Kelly and Kelly Michelle L. Morgan Kelly, $340,000.

REDWOOD LANE, 6124-Judith E. Simpson to Thanh Q. and Tam Q. Bui, $390,000.

RIDGE VIEW DR., 5814-Alvin L. and Peggy A. Million to Travis S. Davidson, $205,000.

THACKWELL WAY, 6601, No. L-Jodi L. Tsuchida and Jodi T. Briggs to Iris Y. Stevenson, $200,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6911-Kelly Omeara to Almeter Brown, $175,000.

WINDHAM AVE., 6575-Keith C. and Norma J. Kelly to Paul R. and Meredith S. Ouellette, $293,000.

YADKIN CT., 6531-Mary B. Lawler to Vera A. Embick, $215,000.


AMERICANA DR., 4265-Zeng Wei Liu to Mark and Ma Rosa Johnston, $124,900.

AMERICANA DR., 5039-Sandra L. Royston to George S. Ohlson, $171,673.

HERKIMER ST., 4918-Alice J. Feret to Gordon and Shirley Cannon, $256,000.

ISLAND PL., 4412-Rose M. Robinson to Veronica Mendoza, $150,000.

IVYMOUNT CT., 4355, No. 2-Anwar Baig to Sahar S. Shamseldin and Nader Ghoneim, $68,000.

KING SOLOMON DR., 4922-Yong H. Yoon to Won K. and Jung J. Choi, $365,000.

PATRIOT DR., 7753, No. 44-Robert G. Smith to Hien K. Tran, $80,000.

TALL OAK CT., 3805-Jose L. Martinez to Pamela and Pamela R. Dimeo, $367,500.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3306, No. 34-Arpita M. Chatterjee and Arpita M. Gogoi to Myriam Benitez, $125,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3314, No. 23-Olga Camacho and Artemio Hernandez to Adrienne Pavelko, $132,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3314, No. 34-Beverly Schlotterbeck to Jaindra and Nima Dutt, $117,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3314, No. T2-Cecilia L. Auth and Cecilia A. Laviolette to Julie A. Smith, $150,500.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3318, No. 23-Mary L. Nguyen to Christina and Gregory Cullison, $140,000.


BARCROFT MEWS DR., 6302-Laura J. Ray to Robert D. Hicks, $400,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 3705-Sherine S. Zikry to Hamou and Fatna Elouaradia, $124,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 3705, No. 1713S-Bouchaib Siaf to Sayed H. Aly and Rahma M. Abdo, $144,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 3709, No. 1609-Albert E. Knauf Jr. to Majid Laila Al Majid, $114,500.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 3709, No. 404-Harriet K. Lloyd to Barbara J. Thode, $143,000.

LAKESIDE VIEW DR., 3311, No. 2-Amal O. and Kenneth R. Pope to Grace Recabo, $260,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6133, No. 607-Patricia R. Goins to Amro M. and Karla Khalaf, $75,000.

MADISON LANE, 3756, No. B-Alphonse I. and Karen E. Kouagou to William D. Jackson, $214,900.

RIO DR., 3245-Nancy E. and William G. O'Brien to Adedelwahab M. Hassan, $78,000.

WHISPERING LANE, 3705-Tatiana I. Hogan to Eunhee and William V. Roth, $575,000.


BURKE POND CT., 9870-Margaret A. Marquette and Steven B. Sboto to Frank and Katherine Murray, $229,500.

CORDWOOD CT., 9501-Scott P. Wheeler to Carol L. Gore, $399,000.

CORK PL., 9214-Jamie H. and Tanya P. Sadler to Eun J. Kim and Suk J. Lee, $415,000.

COVERED BRIDGE RD., 6116-Olivia C. and Josefino B. Solidum to Lilian D. and Victor R. Rifareal and Wilbur C. Rifareal, $350,000.

GABON CT., 9806-Georgios S. Georgiou and Yiannoula P. Michael to Veronica L. Abangan and Robert Benitez, $234,900.

GOLDFIELD LANE, 9438-William B. Sarratt III to Shellee and Robert S. Middeker, $415,000.

KARA PL., 5882-Tei L. and Yun P. Hu to David and Nancy Truscott and Kerry L. Truscott, $190,000.

MARSHALL POND RD., 10002-Carolyn R. and Scott Silvers to Wendell C. and Trina M. Ocasio, $360,000.

POND SPICE TER., 10326-David Soho to Anna B. and Joseph A. Engelbrecht, $231,000.

TIBBITT LANE, 4901-Mary J. Abadessa and Robert P. Spencer to Salvador and Godo E. Martinez and Maria G. Rivas Martinez, $200,000.

WOODHENGE CT., 9677-Stanley F. Zagalak to Elizabeth A. Adams, $310,000.


ANTONIA FORD CT., 13969-Chang K. and Han M. Choe to Dong W. Hwang, $255,000.

BASINGSTOKE LOOP, 14743-Dennis J. and Sandra M. Clark to Rebecca Daniels, $155,000.

BASINGSTOKE LOOP, 14814-Mona M. Elsabee and Eissa S. Guirguis to Karen D. and Vincent G. Dicamillo, $211,000.

CHEVERLY CT., 14611-Stanley E. and Rosanne C.H. Sterling to Cathleen S. Karlsson, $158,000.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14320, No. 102-Yun Dobarzynski to Stephanie G. Watson, $144,900.

GLADE SPRING DR., 14219-Sandra K. and Kevin P. Givens to Dilip K. and Priti Goyal, $267,000.

HARTLAUB CT., 14803-Debra L. and Donald R. Weary to Richard W. and Tammy M. Triplett, $400,000.

HAVENER HOUSE WAY, 5919-Magdalena Lingao to Brian R. Powell, $136,923.

INDIAN SUMMER CT., 14626-Suzette Mitchell to Cynthia Burke and Daniel Crum, $289,900.

INSIGNIA CT., 6501-Celeste M. Williams to Somlak Charoenphol, $245,000.

MAIDSTONE CT., 14831-,ary Pirault and Jean F. Pirault to Stephen J. and Emilie M. Moskal, $185,000.

RAMPANT LION CT., 13808-Donald Davis and Marcey J. McCammon Davis to Cathy L. Clark, $251,500.

RAMPANT LION CT., 13836-Charles E. Wood Jr. to Huong V. Lam, $239,900.

ROCKTON CT., 6016-David K. and Christina Keitel to Peter and Andrew Know, $220,000.

ROSY LANE, 14302, No. 23-Heather J. and Holly J. Walker to Greg B. and Mindy Henry, $130,000.

ROSY LANE, 14302, No. 34-Janet F. Sessions to Steven J. Kramer, $136,950.

SELBY CT., 6426-Colleen Costello to Darrell and Dorothy Blocker, $225,000.

SKIPTON CT., 14543-Thomas P. and Carrie J. Bolles to Michael T. Stachitas, $203,500.

STRASBURG DR., 6158, No. 62C-Loxy L. and Robert J. Gruver to Edward Lee, $124,000.

SURREY HOUSE WAY, 15293-Kathleen M. and Paul S. Pastor to Mary E. and Robert C. Osterhout, $633,750.

UPPERRIDGE CT., 14203-Miriam Blake and Mauricio Cortez Yanez and Miriam G. Cortez to Josette Simon, $199,900.


OLD NURSERY CT., 13896-Carolyn S. and Kerry E. Patterson to Brenda L. Erickson, $539,900.

POPLAR TREE RD., 13804-Naci Duran to Wilfred and Teresa Ibanez, $332,500.


DETWILLER DR., 7524-Barbara A. and Dennis E. Benfer to Michael D. and Jana Park, $799,900.

MOUNTAIN SPRING LANE, 6112-Robin K. and David T. Bull to Karen Jenkins and Patrick J. Grogan, $389,000.

WYCKLAND CT., 7726-Arnold A. and Patricia L. Grocholski to Kyong H. Lee and Lawrence C. Sizemore, $1.02 million.


CARRIAGEPARK RD., 4809-Mary G. Waldron to Malinda L. and Stephen H. Lubore, $292,000.

CATTERICK CT., 4795-Linh and Phouphanomketh Ditthavong to Reza Rafi and Farah Adibi, $325,000.

CHESTNUT KNOLL DR., 9355-Bin Hu and Ling Zuo to Qi and Xiao C. Wang, $360,000.

COLLINGHAM DR., 10435-Patricia S. Megenity to Arthur L. and Annmarie M. Moshos, $275,000.

COVINGTON ST., 3004-Haiyang Li and Jiang Liu to Chong S. Lee and Hae S. Yoo, $280,000.

DOULTON CT., 9809-Lee B. Cagey, trustee, to Paul C. and Theresa K. Lee, $485,000.

FAIR STONE DR., 4409, No. 105-Venugopal Tadepalli and Aparna Inaparthy to Patrick M. McCarthy, $177,900.

FAIRFIELD HOUSE DR., 12221, No. 104B-Linda M. Bell and Philip A. Menge and Michael L. Menge to Shannon M. Doran and Kellee M. Franklin, $184,900.

FARNDON CT., 4748-Calvin J. and Margaret P. Romesburg to John L. and Amy B. Green, $380,500.

GALSWORTH CT., 9701-Ralph J. Bertran to Douglas S. and Rhian T. McCoy, $344,900.

GARLAND TREE CT., 12558-William C. Milano to James M. Sanderson, $264,000.

GLENMERE RD., 10129-Luis A. and Silvana A. Fierro to Michael D. and Karrin S. Lukacs, $349,000.

GREENWOOD CT., 12105, No. 102-Mindy Goldstein Brannam to Wilber P. and You S. Lund, $183,000.

HAMPSHIRE GREEN AVE., 10351-Lynda M. Graham to Keith Fukumitsu, $245,000.

HELMSFORD LANE, 4408, No. 104-Angela B. and James R. Ashley to Beatriz Gomez, $119,000.

HELMSFORD LANE, 4412, No. 201-Stuart C. Engel to Kearney H. and Ada S. Lau, $185,000.

LAUREL LEAF LANE, 3531-Sei K. and Sung H. Park to James C. Oppenheimer, $486,000.

LEEHIGH DR., 11655-Rajendra K. and Usha Sharma to Rodger S. and Sylvia C. Bowman, $435,000.

LOWER PARK DR., 4236-Winchester Homes to Barbara L. and Brent J. Newell, $361,961.

LOWER PARK DR., 4238-Winchester Homes to Margot Vonforell, $314,655.

MARINER LANE, 4327-Shirley M. Kidwell and Virginia L. Poe and Mattie K. Seyer to Donna R. and Martin C. Schulze, $240,000.

OX RD., 5324-Maurice A. Kessler to Charles F. Sweeney, $105,000.

QUAIL CREEK LANE, 13158-Carl L. and Edith E. Belso to Daniel L. and Stephanie M. Harris, $265,500.

RICHARDSON DR., 5115-Ruth and Tully J. Anderson to Nathan W. Leslie and Julie L. Newell, $313,000.

RIVER FORTH DR., 4129-Manuel G. Tagle Jr. to David A. and Jennifer L. Welsh, $340,000.

ROCKAWAY LANE, 11714, No. 112-H. Frederick and Elaine N. Shultz to Petra Schillig, $270,000.

TALLOW TREE PL., 3942-Margaret L. Roland and Margaret Mann to Adrien Fleming and Jennifer R. Montgomery, $289,900.

TALON CT., 5505-Soosan Baghaei and Gavin G. Kassiri to Chirathat Theerathada, $230,000.

TUMBREL CT., 11705, No. 4-Leonard J. and Lumyai Esterly to Barbara S. Robinson, $240,000.

WHITE DAISY PL., 3106-Manju and Praveen Jassal to John K. Kim and Grace W. Han, $570,000.


AUTUMN OAK CT., 9112-David P. and Deborah M. Gobel to Douglas K. and Elizabeth A. Wiltsie, $525,000.

BRAYMORE CIR., 9311-Foroozan and Shamsy E. Tebyanian to Jung H. and Rae E. Lee, $650,000.

BRESSINGHAM DR., 7913-Cynthia M. and Stephen J. Stachelski to David S. and Mara J. Olguin, $600,000.

BRESSINGHAM DR., 7919-Kavita and Kunal H. Chadha to Zbigniew J. and Lucy S. Karasziewski, $509,000.

CAPTAIN MARR CT., 6002-Sandra D. and William S. Knight to Ronald J. and Danilla M. Sawyer, $449,900.

LAUREL OAK PL., 9603-Jennifer Reardon to Robert M. and Sandra N. Ellis, $405,000.

LAUREL OAK PL., 9617-Darlene D. Garlick to George B. and Deborah L. Korte, $509,900.

LAUREL OAK PL., 9625-Hadi T. Nguyen and Huy N. Tran to Jeffrey C. Engelbrecht, $415,000.


ANCHORWAY CT., 3152, No. G-Mary B. Dailey to Kenneth C. Kuntz, $155,000.

BOLLING RD., 2823-Leonardo S. Santaana and George B. Galang and Estala R. Santaana to Demetrio Pardo, $269,400.

CAROL LANE, 7226-Oscar M. and Raul R. Viricochea to Norka Viricochea, $320,000.

FALLS REACH DR., 7034, No. D-Cendant Corp. to Kevin A. and Erin L. Springer, $280,000.

KINGS CHAPEL RD., 2912, No. 9-Madge D. Oconnor to Patricia Duncan, $123,140.

LAKESIDE VILLAGE DR., 7602, No. K-James R. and Darby M. Becker to Celeste M. Williams, $177,100.

SHADWELL PARK LANE, 8130-Yee F. and Wing Y. Lam to John Kosztolnik, $374,000.

SLADE CT., 3400-Karen J. Berube to Danny L. and Stephanie Gardner, $381,000.


BERKELEY ST., 6921-Sara E. Gilmartin to Anthony J. and Sarah S. Rimicci, $410,000.

KINGS GARDEN WAY, 2123-Dale B. and Lenna W. Flora to Evan J. and Taryn L. Schaffer, $376,100.

SENSENEY LANE, 2221-Grantland W. and Judy Y. Johns to Afarin Ghadi, $395,500.

VAN TUYL PL., 2054-Olufemi and Olutosin Faloyin to James K. Forst, $415,000.


FAIRFAX RD., 7915-Andrew L. and Holly M. McFaul to Scott E. and Cristy J. Smith, $284,000.

WEST BOULEVARD DR., 7928-Douglas J. and Ingrid B. McAuliffe to David S. Hubbard and Eric R. Roell, $715,000.

WITTINGTON BLVD., 2400-Joyce E. Hathaway to Robert N. and Julie S. Denton, $450,000.


HOLLY CREEK DR., 918-In H. and Young H. Lee to Emily and Bernice B. Brown, $569,900.

REDBERRY CT., 996-Halle Enterprises to Hyang S. and Ki S. Lee, $680,000.


CEDAR RUN LANE, 13577-Toshio Kurita and Kazuko Ichihara to Qian Zhang and Tao Chen, $349,900.

CLOVER FIELD CIR., 2469-Daniel Y. and Jennie Y. Yeung to Ying Chen and Forest X. Sun, $268,400.

FLORIDA AVE., 547, No. 178-Cassandra L. Cannova and George Pettit and Cassandra Pettit to Nadia J. Trammell, $129,900.

GRANT ST., 809-Leanna M. and Martin L. Kennebeck to Michael L. and Christina K. Collins, $300,500.

HOLKEIN DR., 12632-Karen S. Holloway to Michael B. Odiorne, $290,000.

HOLLY CT., 316-Sharon M. Heerick to Kelemework Dagnachew and Berihun A. Taye, $205,000.

JAMES MAURY DR., 2535-John D. Caswell to Selvia Hijazi, $279,900.

KIDWELL FIELD RD., 13124-Andrew Bitterman to Scott E. Effler, $245,000.

MONAGHAN DR., 2184-Delois L. Westbury to Donna L. Lohman, $172,000.

OAKHAMPTON PL., 2525-Serena S. and William H. Burris to Pamela L. Persinger and Scott E. Kelly, $349,900.

OLD DOMINION AVE., 429-Alan R. and Helene L. Parvin to Andrew J. and Robin J. Cohen, $379,900.

ORAM PL., 2165-Santos C. Romero to Robin and Hilda Bustamante, $195,000.

PARK CRESCENT CIR., 13013-Purita and Cesar Jacobo to Vimla and Bharat Bhooshan, $280,000.

PELLOW CIRCLE CT., 11677-Kathy I. Robinson to Sean W. and Angela J. McCafferty, $502,500.

PENNYMOOR CT., 2571-Manal M. Hanna and Reda M. Said to David A. Poore, $225,000.

SEAMAN CT., 2151-Daniel T. and Joyce F. Twomey to Abida Begum and Vimala Damodarn, $284,000.

STATION ST., 897-Charles A. and Martha B. Anderson and Brenda A. Loop and Patrick R. Loop to Charles A. and Martha B. Anderson, $40,500.

TAJI CT., 1161-Charles W. and Emily Price to Christina M. and Chester C. Kim, $634,000.

TREESIDE LANE, 1125-Tuan Pham to Huyen T. Tran, $314,000.


BISCAYNE DR., 5732-Gerald A. Swales to Timothy Whitehouse, $161,800.

BISCAYNE DR., 5738-Louise A. and Edward A. Pravlik to Paula S. Morrison, $183,000.

CHAPIN AVE., 5706-Jose Maldonado to Sebastian Fajardo, $250,000.

FARRINGTON AVE., 2301, No. 204-Fauzin Luster to David L. Hines, $85,000.

LAWSONS HILL PL., 3195, No. 3-James R. Johnson and Jacqueline M.G. Whithed to Darren A. Bowman and Nickole M. Unterzuber, $250,000.

MONTICELLO RD., 5931-Terry R. Rychlik to Thomas H. Jones, $223,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5901, No. 1101-Joan M. Gaven and Sidney L. Green to John A. Lasley Jr., $235,000.

NORTON RD., 5717-Dawn R. Monroe to Hung V. and Yvonne L. Nguyen, $375,000.

WILLIAMSBURG RD., 5928-Evelina K. Cheung and Benjamin E. Urcia to Francis R. Baffa Jr. and Shiu C. Kao Baffa, $99,900.

WYOMISSING CT., 5814-Susan E. Alvarado to Deborah B. and Robert J. Callahan, $300,000.


AUDUBON AVE., 7961, No. C3-Harminder S. Sabharwal to Mirna D. Cristales, $70,300.

BEACON HILL RD., 2604-Jatinder Kumar and Kewal Prashar to Ruth A. Sudar, $255,000.

CARTER FARM CT., 2742-Catherine L. and Lorell Robertson and Lorell R. Murray to John P. Falcone, $259,500.

DAWN DR., 2705-Glenda S. Hill and Ok J.K. Karham and James A. Payne to Mellese Teshome, $221,000.

RANSOM PL., 3607-Andrew G. and Heather D. Lyons and Heather D. Ostrem to Brian J. Klein, $270,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7520, No. 29E-Nancy L. Hawley and Nancy L.H. Sigel to Marylana R. Tigney, $160,000.

TAVENNER LANE, 7332, No. 1A-Steven D. Elder to Yvonne Dunn, $104,500.


BENNINGTON BLVD., 8842-NVR Inc. to Teodora Rowena B. and Mario Ulysses S. Clanor, $406,635.

HAGEL CIR., 9848-Lul M. Alasso and Mohamed H. Abhulle to Marta D. Villatoro and Florezmindo Ortiz, $150,000.

RIDGELY DR., 9030-Debra J. and Michael K. White to Fausto A. and Melvyn M. Mendez, $390,000.

ROBERT LUNDY PL., 8908-The Drees Co. to David J. and Lynley W. Steadman, $359,525.

ROBERT LUNDY PL., 8910-The Drees Co. to Kathryn M. Tanaka and Jeffery P. Smith and Aya T. Smith, $364,755.

TANYARD LANE, 9074-NVR Inc. to Mohammad Wahedi, $315,000.


BELLAMINE CT., 6514-Elisabeth J. Harper to Irene Fang and Christian McCullough III, $849,000.

EVERMAY DR., 6308-George and Mary Batalo to Hady Ramadan and Amy Graham, $775,000.

FOREST VILLAGE LANE, 1570-Jennifer R. and John G. Joscelyne to Martin J. and Laura O. Coster, $750,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8360, No. 416-Rosemary S. McCarthy to Velma J. McCollum, $189,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8370, No. 806-Mohammad H. and Tahereh O. Ebrahimi to Pegge A. Caccavari, $225,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8380, No. 312-Conger Family Partnership to Parvin S. Goldberg, $338,000.

LUMSDEN ST., 6703-James M. and Mary E. Richardson to Mandeep Singh and Marlene B. Kweskin, $419,900.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1800, No. 221-Una U. Vredenburg to Richard and Diane Sultani, $260,000.

RUPERT ST., 1828-Amy R. Graham and Hady Ramadan to Shenhua Wang, $480,000.

SPARROW POINT CT., 6504-Sally F. Margolis to Suzanne M. Samuels and Jonathan B. Siegel, $855,000.

SPRING VALE AVE., 1501-Joanne D. Eakin to Andrea and Timofey Dovgalyuk, $463,000.

WESTWIND WAY, 1757-Amy S. and Justin G. Poe to Laura Roschke, $181,800.


BROCKHAM DR., 8352-Adolfo and Santos M. Wiggins to Lisa M. Perez and Timothy Maher, $195,000.

BUCKMAN RD., 4256-Dallas Hicks to Susan and Joseph Stearman, $52,000.

FUERTE CT., 8423, No. 121-Amphone M. Venevongsoth to Kim N.N. Nguyen and Virasack B. Somphonne, $85,000.

HAVENWOOD PL., 3887-Diane L. Thomas to Venancio C. Rojas, $107,500.

KEELER ST., 8119-Francis T. and Kara M. Hopkins to Sheila A. Mires, $265,000.

MARIPOSA PL., 3872, No. C-Jaime A. Perez to Carlos Villatoro, $99,000.

POLE RD., 5301-Dickerson Jodi Cowley Dickerson to Vicki L. Mellott, $189,900.

ROXBURY CT., 3811-Keri A. and Alfred D. Iannaccone to Kathleen Moore, $230,000.

WOODLAND LANE, 3151-Nadeen K. and Terry C. Hill to David and Carrie Fleming, $442,500.


BLACKFORD ST., 7409-Carol Linton and Deborah Regan and Timothy F. Regan to Hassan Maha Al Hassan and Ahmad Khreshi, $342,000.

ELLET RD., 8020-Harold J. and Marcia C. Wallace to Michael H. Trujillo and Gretchen C. Shaw, $359,900.


BARDEN OAKS CT., 3003-Vidul A. and Racnana V. Bhatt to Donna C. Groover, $339,900.

CYRANDALL DR., 9959-Winchester Homes to Johanna and Neil J. Gordon, $436,380.

LANGTON ARMS CT., 11011-David Aronheim to William H. and Stephanie D. Kost, $520,500.

SILKWOOD CT., 2704-Equity Homes Partnership to Steven C. and Lisa N. Tunley, $810,094.


BARTON HILL RD., 1956-Ivan B. and Myra Gluckman to Charles J. and Michele G. Brennan, $419,000.

CABOTS POINT LANE, 2125-Jane Fun to Ellen F. and James W. Dyke, $455,000.

CASTLE ROCK SQ., 2244-Marian L. Bouk to Oscar Gutierrez, $117,500.

HARLEYFORD CT., 2323-Thomas W. Minnick to Laura E. Bishop, $243,500.

HUNT CLUB RD., 10909-Duane W. Small to Edward and Heidi Keusenkothen, $340,000.

HUNTERS RUN DR., 2279-Vicki K. Ehrich and Vicki K. Norgren to Robert H. Coogan, $125,900.

LAKE SHORE CR DR., 1724, No. 13-Jean E. Donis to Michael and Carol Sim, $196,000.

OLDFIELD DR., 10810-Chris Damvakaris and Misty D. Merlin to James A. Shepard, $405,000.

PAVILION CLUB WAY, 1304-John P. and Angela E. Dwyer to Matthew and Wendy Taylor, $560,000.

SENTINEL POIN CT., 11954-Jeffrey A. Pawlowski and Carrie A. White to Michael P. Garnett, $261,000.

SILENTWOOD LANE, 11198-Avery Fullerton to Stephen M. Brewer, $190,500.

STRATFORD HOU PL., 11775, No. 204-Donald M. Powell to Joseph L. and Mary E. Hitt, $300,000.

STRATFORD PARK PL., 1855, No. 401-Bernard J. and Meera S. Mansheim to Debra Y. Villarreal, $195,000.

SWANS NECK WAY, 2027-Yan Liao and Xiaohong Xu to Martin S. Hamilton,


TALIESIN PL., 12024, No. 23-Noelle A. Shaw to Michael Flaherty and Andrea Orlando and Robert Orlando, $189,000.

TURTLE POND DR., 2019-Jason P. Tuell and Isabel B. Whiston to James A. and Elizabeth Falcone, $415,000.

VINTAGE PL., 1317-Angela J. Leonhard and Sean W. McCafferty and Angela J.

McCafferty to Donald and Christine Tenconi, $300,000.


FEDERAL HILL DR., 3050-Edward L. Wright to John D. Wing and Deborah S. Garrett, $332,300.


BRIAN MICHAEL CT., 6829-Charles L. and Lillian I. Feltman to Mark J. and Stephanie T. Marsden, $225,000.

CANYON OAK DR., 8461-Nicholas and Gayle A. Geleta to Ronald and Kim L. Bickerstaff, $190,000.

GAMBRILL CT., 7957-Wade H. and Dawn M. Petty to Carmen R. Franke, $265,000.

GARY ST., 7412-Cynthia B. Campbell and Cynthia Berdon to Douglas A. Woltz, $277,500.

HIBBLING AVE., 6017-Renee L. Miller, trustee, to Mirza A. Baig and Sarwat Mirza, $290,000.

KROY DR., 6410-Edson G. and Judy E. Gibson to Michael Flecker and Elizabeth E. Duckworth, $270,000.

LAKE PLEASANT DR., 8002-Harjeet Singh to Rita and Emmanuel Ofori, $326,500.

LEVI CT., 6298-David G. Fleming to Donald A. Hoying and Diane J. Reed, $325,000.

PARKDALE CT., 8131-Robert E. and Rebecca E. Styron to Larry J. Dubbert, $206,000.

RESERVOIR RD., 7205-Deborah W. and William O. Blackwood to Milton and Rufina S. Dsilva, $324,900.

RIDGEWAY DR., 6912-Anna C. and Kenneth W. Smith to Harry L. and Vanita F. Boston, $500,000.

ROUNDABOUT WAY, 7836-Kenneth D. and Loralee K. Pendergast to Andrew and Julie Simonson, $349,900.

SHADOWCREEK TER., 7707-Carol M. and Jay A. Maraan to Pamela N. and Timothy C. Yandle, $279,900.

SPELMAN DR., 6944-Richard A. Martino to Anne L. Gardner, $330,000.

WOODSTOWN DR., 7579-Nancy S. and William F. Boone to Scott A. and Dawn A. Hayward, $368,000.


AMANDA PL., 8427-NVR Inc. to Mokha Samir and Mokha Abdelali Tazi Mokha, $679,665.

BELLFOREST CT., 2720, No. 104-Kuan Chiun and Kuan Hwa Fu to Jennifer L. Preston, $201,044.

BOSS ST., 8110-Rebecca L. Shambaugh to Yvette Delgallo, $430,000.

CAPO CT., 8507-Rachel L. and Steven M. Karp to Thomas J. and Lisa T. Notaro, $590,500.

CARNEGIE HALL CT., 8183, No. 408-Jeannette Chao to Stephen L. and Jacqueline Williams, $325,000.

CLAUDIA CT., 2816-Adam and Kirsten E. Morell to William C. and Anne C. Holmberg, $430,000.

DELLWAY LANE, 8653-W. Patrick Kelsay to Brian M. Holder, $265,000.

DERAMUS FARM CT., 9452-M. Elaine Shawish to Nadeem Waeen and Mubarka K. Haq and Anwar Ahmad and Tehziba Khalida, $790,000.

GUNNELL FARMS DR., 2114-Luisa G. and Manuel A. Gaskell to Kannan M. Annamalai and Rajeswari Krishnamoorthy, $399,900.

KELLY SQ., 2876-Songwei Qian and Xiao Zhu Wu to Stephen Levin and Olga S. Cox, $323,000.

MADRILLON CT., 8100-Kelly M. Boast and M. Kelly King to Jane S. and Wendell L. Moore, $474,000.

OAKDALE WOODS CT., 9848-Steven B. Price to Ida C. Davis, $208,800.

PATTY LANE, 2100-Mohammed S. Al Ghofailey to Kum Sin, $370,000.

PINE CLUSTER CIR., 9562-Ana M. Osorio to Jonathon and Virginia Debergh, $429,000.

ROSEWOOD HILL DR., 1410-Ana R. and Stephen Z. Roberts to Margaret K.M. and Allan S. Hammock, $545,000.

WOODROW ST., 10002-Ruth F. Heath to Gerald E. and Laurie A. Miller, $398,000.


ARDEN CT., 7957-James D. and Brooke M. Anderson to Daniel E. and Kristin F. Burnett, $420,000.

FOURTH PL., 2303-Joseph A. and Patricia A. Mehula to Cecil E. Key Jr. and Amy F. Zucker, $740,000.


GREENVIEW LANE, 6503-David S. and Karen G. Malcolm to David J. and Jillian D. King, $290,900.

GREY FOX DR., 6715-Jeannie N. and Woo Yeol Jung to Hwang Kee and Nam S. Park, $295,000.

HILLSIDE MANOR DR., 8634-Winchester Homes to Rajiv and Salma Chadha,


HOLFORD LANE, 6607-Cendant Corp. to Carlos and Mirna Cifuentes, $310,000.

LEXTON PL., 7709, No. 49-Gulbano M. Adenwalla and Mohammad M.

Adenwalla to Hamidullah and Mariam Zabi, $150,000.

PRINCE GEORGE DR., 5904, No. 306-Matthew P. and Margaret A. Ruff Filipowicz to Carol M. and Richard R. Wax and Katharine L. Wax, $177,000.

REYNARD DR., 6805-Eldon L. and

Mary E. Farmer to Corrine M. Regan, $342,900.

ROCKGLEN CT. E., 7929-Debra A. Casale to Richard J. and Christine E. Magnum, $340,000.

SHOOTINGSTAR DR., 7773-Glenna C.

Boyd to Reginald O. and Judith E. Meyer, $306,000.

TIVERTON DR., 7712-Richard P. Wrede to Deborah L. Regan, $199,500.

TORINGTON DR., 5800, No. G-Juliet Boyne and Patricia B. Henning to William B. and Ann M. Newnam, $126,250.