Dec. 21 A daughter, Iliyana Skyy, was born to Michelle and Stephen D'Silva of Middletown.

A daughter, Genevieve Grace, was born to Irene and Jeffrey Herbert of Derwood.

Dec. 23 A son, Jeremy Isaiah, was born to Jacqueline and Dwayne Colmes of Rockville.

A daughter, Chloe Teresa Kuentz, was born to Courtney Kuentz and Christopher Bort of Gaithersburg.

Dec. 25 A son, DeLaay DeRay Davis-Cray, was born to LaRaya Davis and Russell Cray of Rockville.

Dec. 26 A son, Paris Clayton, was born to Mavis and Thomas Brady of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Jordyn Grace, was born to Tiffeny and Charles Keller of Brunswick.

A daughter, Salcor Zachary House Quines, was born to Mary House and Salcor Quines of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Sheridan Reese, was born to Jill and Mark Sellers of Rockville.

Dec. 27 A son, Shreedatta Sai, was born to Sharmila and Niranjan Indur of Germantown.

A son, Gavin Clarke, was born to Di Linh and K. Adam Reichman of Gaithersburg.

A son, Austin Jeffrey Paul, was born to Christina and William Rumancik of Germantown.

A daughter, Heidi Anneliese, was born to Carolyn and Kurt Schirm of Potomac.

Dec. 28 A son, Nicholas Michael, was born to Sharon and Andrew Casertano of Rockville.

A daughter, Zoe Alexandra Doss, was born to Christine Albright and Jeffrie Doss of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Juliana Victoria, was born to Sandra and Carlos Gonzalez of Rockville.

Dec. 29 A son, Shakti Babu, was born to Sharada and Babu Arumugam of Rockville.

A daughter, Emily Bogart, was born to Christina and Christopher Marshall of Gaithersburg.

A son, Darius Antanas, was born to Ruta and Tomas Skucas of North Potomac.

A son, Minnyi Nyi U, was born to Yamin Hla Thuza and Nyi Nyi U of Rockville.

A daughter, Sharon Amelia Wong, was born to Fei Han and Kit Wong of Silver Spring.


Jan. 13 A son, Karan Aditya, was born to Seema and Rajeev Singh of Rockville.

Jan. 14 A daughter, Ella Brown Collins, was born to Jessica Brown and Michael Collins of Bethesda.

A son, Connor John, was born to Sarah and Chris Perry of Olney.

Jan. 15 A daughter, Ainsley Grace, was born to Allison and Brad Lerner of Rockville.

Jan. 16 A daughter, Alexa Katherine, was born to Valerie and Kevin Grieder of Germantown.

A daughter, Juliana Mahrea James, was born to Kemberley and Harry Beukelman of Silver Spring.

A daughter, Ciara May, was born to Annie and Todd Switzer of Bethesda.

Jan. 17 A son, Jack Alexander, was born to Sylvie and Michael Putnam of Bethesda.

Jan. 21 A son, Bradford Swift III, was born to Kathrine and Bradford S. Koles Jr. of Chevy Chase.

A son, James Wyatt Walcoff, was born to Melinda Richardson and Alan Walcoff of Potomac.

A daughter, Kirsten Nicole Donius Lyons, was born to Susan Donius and David Lyons of Rockville.

Compiled by Timothy Wilson. For more information, call 202-334-7251.