Charles County

The following home sales were recently recorded in Charles County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.

BRYANS ROAD AREA ARBOR LANE, 6880-June C. and Oscar W. Keys to Tammy Dorsey, $152,000.

AUBURN CT., 5512-Yvette A. Stanfield to Connie R. Perry, $244,000.

CARROLL DR., 7296-Alison N. and Kristopher R. Lewis to Richard E. Butler, $134,000.

CHIPPEWA ST., 2889-Suzanne K. Zantzinger to Joyce Goode and James Hannum, $164,500.

HAMMOCK CT., 2704-Janee E. Lewis and Mark D. Contee to Drewlyn Richardson, $138,000.

WATERS EDGE CT., 2813-Mary Thompson to Anthony O. Reid, $149,900.



TRINITY CHURCH RD., 10831-Michael P. Darbie to Shirley J. and Eric W. Keesee, $89,400.


WICOMICO RIVER DR., 18824-James T. and Judith C. Barnes to Linda B. and James K. Riggs, $375,000.


MATTINGLY AVE., 82-Nancy A. Connor to Kathryn A. Prather, $116,000.

PINE ST., 12-William D. and Julia B. Kiedaisch to Cristel A. and Michael S. Schumacher, $160,427.


BEACON HILL CIR., 15111-USX Corp. to Robin J. Gainer Myers, $50,000.

ETHAN CT., 11375-F. Dale Williams to Ellen S. and William A. Bartelt, $60,000.


GILBERT LANE, 11670-Teresa and Timothy Braun to Francis L. Cramer, $380,000.

MARTHA HAWKINS PL., 11315-Susan D. and William G. Erickson Jr. to Homecroft Development Corp., $89,900.

OAK AVE., 100-Ernest W. and Martha S. Pride to Judith T. and Joseph W. Norris, trustees, $61,000.

QUINCE CT., 500-Mary E. Brayboy to Ileanexis and Jason P. Deese, $179,000.

RIPLEY RD., 6295-Harold J. Jr. and Ferryl T. Rolfe to Rizalin F. and Edward J. Will, $172,500.


GREEN LANE, 5245-George O. and E. Ellen Gray to Amy Donais and David Higgins, $135,000.


CHAPEL SPRINGS PL., 4545-Kevin J. and Faye M. Cobb Hurlburt to Nancy K. and Kai A. Richardson, $265,000.

SHELTON DR., 4200-George R. Davies to Randolph L. Ballard, $183,000.

WARREN DR., 8520-Jimmy E. and Robin J. Golden to Margaret A. and Phillip V. Hamilton, $25,000.


CARLEY DR., 7680-Larry A. and Karen L. Johnson to Roger L. and Austine R. Fink, $330,000.


MERSEYSIDE PL., 3777-Huntington Corp. to Cornelia Y. Bennett, $187,974.

MORRISTOWN PL., 9962-Lenhart Berry Valley Corp. to Kullen N. Dickinson, $187,350.

PARKER CT., 4057-John E. and Barbara J. Andrews to Donette R. and Jacob W. Eisenhardt, $149,900.

REDCAR CT., 7-Juliette C. Lowe to Michael T. Funk, $155,000.

ROXBURY CT., 800-Mark W. and Christina J. Cunningham to Timothy W. and Cheryl A. Black, $180,000.

UNIVERSITY DR., 605-Lisa A. Osterman to Theresa Barksdale, $160,000.


APPLE CREEK LANE, 3109-Linda A. Colvin to Debra L. Knight, $230,000.

ASHFORD CIR., 10633-Joel S. and Constance M. Morrow to Lyle R. Dynda and Tania L. Polansky, $249,950.

BANNISTER CIR., 1115-David C. Schneider to Sharan Vanasse, $171,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4181-Margaret R. Harden to Jerrise L. Spencer, $107,900.

CANADA HILLS CT., 4322-Renae C. and Roy L. Stewart Jr. to Deldridge T. Berry, $264,900.

CANADA HILLS CT., 4324-NVR Inc. to Ariadne and Franklin Montalvo, $253,845.

CYGNET DR., 11689-Timothy M. and Kimberly J. Wood to Samantha A. and James H. Ramsey Jr., $239,600.

DOUGLAS CIR., 6209-Richard F. Mays to Loula Mae Phoebus, $130,000.

EAGLE CT., 4400-Tevani Lim to Jessica A. and Adam C. Easley, $112,000.

GARNER AVE., 58-Terry R. and Kimberly J. MacConnell to Wendy G. and David L. Shumaker, $165,000.

GOLDENEYE PL., 4609-Ellen E. Endres to Bianca G. Schiazzi, $107,000.

HARVARD RD., 1167-Janice L. Farrell to Etheline M. and Richard L. Green, $133,000.

HOLM OAK DR., 12210-James A. and Mary L. Callaway to Katrina R. and Gregory L. Hunt, $225,000.

KANGAROO DR., 6883-Michael J. and Ann A. Pelle to Anna M. and Michael G. Craft, $219,000.

MEADOW PL., 10-Debra S. and Michael S. Petschk to Debra S. Greene, $112,900.

MIRANDA PL., 3063-Patriot Homes to Melissa S. and Lance B. Sigmon, $181,842.

MORAN DR., 2719-Richard R. and Larry R. Reno to Patricia J. and Edwin P. Downey, $207,000.

MUSKRAT CT., 6606-Mildred B. and David R. Pennington to Naomi Anokye, $205,000.

OAKLEY DR., 2602-Craig A. and Nancy Risor to Jermaine M. and Margaret L. Neal, $181,900.

PANTHER CT., 6204-Patricia S. and Carl H. Snyder to Kenneth B. Love Sr., $199,500.

PRESCOTT CT., 15131-Richard A. and Cynthia Jenkins to Rungtip and Andrew T. Cathey, $238,500.

RED SQUIRREL PL., 6064-Jonathan D. Ward to Christopher R. Kendrick, $128,900.

SHADE OAK CT., 2408-Elaine C. Wright to Kathryn L. and Anthony Wagner, $172,900.

SPRINGFISH PL., 5813-Wayne B. Griffith to Mary A. Schlosser, $118,500.

STODDERT AVE., 1006-Dorothy Pope and James B. Campbell to Steven L. Atkocius, $99,000.

TANGLEWOOD DR., 2082-Theresa L. Haller to Kevin L. Shifflett, $107,000.

TREEFISH CT., 5308-Robert E. Jr. and Aimee S. Glover to James B. and Jodie M. Hicks, $205,000.

TREFOIL PL., 396-Tracy A. Barbieri to Ethel M. Wilson, $105,000.

WETHERBURN PL., 4111-Angela and Jeffrey Lomascolo Dixon to Susan R. and John J. Fitch III, $260,000.

WOODMONT LANE, 4215-Toribio T. and Amelita E. Rabago to Ellen M. and Michael L. Dorsey, $235,000.


BARCLAY PL., 7911-Maynard M. and Pamela Marie Y. Thorn to June E. and Albert W. Hupp, $169,900.

CARDINAL LANE, 8563-Charles County Students Vocational Education to Anthony G. and Pamela A. Jones, $187,000.

JAMBEAU PL., 4245-Ondrea Davis and Amandeus K. Watkins to Stephanie Austin, $159,900.

TREE FROG PL., 10206-D.A. McDaniels Inc. to David B. and Joshua T. Richards, $189,100.