Hutchins Off Base

[State Del.] Tim Hutchins is an embarrassment to the Republican Party. He publicly calls [W. Louis] Hennessy not qualified to be a delegate and states that he will recommend someone else if the governor asks him.

You would think that a delegate with eight years' experience would at least have had time to read the Maryland Constitution. Section 13 states (in my own words) that when a vacancy occurs the Central Committee shall submit one name to the governor within 30 days and the governor shall make the appointment within 15 days after the submission thereof to him.

Also, since Hutchins has been in office eight years you would think he would remember that during that time Gov. Parris N. Glendening appointed the Democrat [Richard N.] Dixon from Carroll County to the office of state treasurer and did not want to appoint the person whose name was submitted to replace Dixon. But he was forced to do so by the Maryland Constitution.

I can understand Hutchins's disappointment when his friend, [County Commissioner] Danny Mayer, did not get the appointment. I like Danny and voted for him and will do so again, but I am not so sure I can say the same about Mr. Hutchins.

Hennessy ran for state's attorney in the last election and came within 600 votes of beating the incumbent, who had been reelected several times. I am convinced Hennessy would have been elected had more Republicans in office supported him. It seemed to me that his only Republican support came from the Central Committee.

Hennessy is a breath of fresh air in Charles County and would do the Republican Party a lot of good with his broad support from blacks to independents and Democrats.

In view of the above, I wonder who is more qualified to be our delegate and write and vote on laws that will affect us all -- Hutchins, a retired police officer with apparently little or no knowledge of the Maryland Constitution, or Hennessy, a nationally known former police officer and an attorney.

Margaret Mason


Praise for GOP Nominators

I was happy to see Lou Hennessy nominated by the Republican Central Committee for the House of Delegate. I'm very pleased that Mr. Hennessy will be a member of the House of Delegates for Charles County. I believe his record speaks for itself on his commitment to family and community. Mr. Hennessy will no doubt be an enhancement to this community as a delegate. Good job, Central Committee.

Stacy Cooksey

Bel Alton

Hennessy the Right Choice

This is an open letter to Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. I'm writing this letter to you in response to a telephone conversation I had with Tim Hutchins, delegate from Charles County. We spoke last afternoon after I called his office to voice my support for the Republican Central Committee's choice of Lou Hennessy for appointment to delegate.

Hutchins called me back to tell me his feelings about the matter. I wasn't pleased with his reasoning. I voted for him, and right now I'm sorry to say so. Hutchins told me that he did not know that Hennessy's name was in the box for appointment. He said if he were on the Central Committee he would have chosen differently. He said he felt as though the vote was diluted because there were so many people seeking the appointment.

He told me that if you asked him for his opinion, he would advise you to reject Hennessy's appointment and ask the Central Committee for another "pick." He said he thinks Danny Mayer should get the delegate spot. He said he has known Danny for many years and has a good working relationship with him. I know he is predisposed to think and act a certain way simply because he "knows" Mayer and that is wrong. At the least, he should talk to the "selected appointee" to see where he stands. I can't believe he has the nerve to dismiss the Central Committee's decision as "diluted."

Something is very wrong with this picture. I urge you to respect the Central Committee's choice in Lou Hennessy. I urge you to have faith in those who had so much faith in you. We worked hard for you; please do what is right for us.

Hennessy is the right choice for "Charles Countians." He is honest, fair, inclusive and hardworking. He is considerate, thoughtful and, yes, compassionate. He is a young conservative. You will like him. We here in Charles County have complete faith in his ability. He is a father, a husband and a community member. He will be a terrific delegate.

Zandra Zarvas Heilmeir

White Plains

A Democrat for Hennessy

The Republican Central Committee of Charles County was elected by the voters of Charles County, and the committee's selection to fill the seat of Tim Hutchins as state delegate should be accepted. As for Hutchins, he can have his preference for his replacement, but not try to look for a clone of himself.

Lou Hennessy is a Republican and highly respected in the county, and the nation -- his opinion has been sought in some high-profile missing persons cases. We know that is not a qualification for a state delegate, but it says he has good judgment and is respected in what he does. Most of all, the decision of the Central Committee should be acted upon. All of this is from a registered Democrat who was considering switching to the Republican Party.

I agree with others who have supported the committee's choice -- I would be proud to have Lou Hennessy as my delegate.

Earl Powell

White Plains

Decision Not Hutchins's

They're at it again. . . .

The Republican Central Committee has made its decision, and the good ole boys don't like it. Most of them are Democrats as well as a few Republicans [wolves in sheep's clothing] following their orders.

Lou Hennessy's qualifications are beyond the qualifications of Tim Hutchins for the House of Delegates, but Tim doesn't want Lou to fill his shoes. He wants his buddy to fill the position.

Give me a break. Mr. Hutchins, you should not be concerned about who fills that position. You should take the position you wanted and be glad you got it and leave the delegate position up to the people who are supposed to make the decision: the Republican Central Committee.

As far as I know, the only qualification you had was being a state trooper -- you are not even an attorney.

Yolanda Powell

White Plains

Brickhouse Road Problems

During the past year or so, there seems to have been quite a flap between some homeowners and a commercial nursery not far from Brickhouse Road and Route 4, in the otherwise peaceful and somewhat bucolic Dunkirk area. Written exchanges have been made in the press by many parties and even gunshots were fired at one person -- allegedly.

In the interim, I've noticed very little in the way of increased traffic or deranged customers burning rubber as they exit the business onto Brickhouse Road. What I have noticed is increased traffic turning into the residential area. Problems there include the lack of use of turn signals and cars darting from this road into the traffic already on Brickhouse, outside of business hours of the nursery.

Question: Will these same newcomers complain when the nursery is run out and a gas station/carwash/snack foods complex is built there? . . .

When I moved to the Dunkirk area in the early 1990s, there was an existing white fence with black lettering depicting the word "nursery" surrounding what constitutes the current nursery property. . . . We cannot understand why if there was one there before, what the fuss is about one there now.

Question: Why doesn't someone widen Brickhouse Road from its intersection with Ward Road to Route 260? Why don't they put shoulders on the road there and along Ward Road? After all, these roads are getting the volume of traffic that was supposedly going to ruin Brickhouse Road back at Route 4.

Question: What were they thinking along Route 260 where it intersects at Brickhouse Road? Try to make a right turn at Brickhouse Road. Somebody eliminated the right-turn exit lane! . . .

Question: Why is Brickhouse Road the only intersection that does not have a right-turn entry ramp onto Route 4? Along Route 4 from just below Dunkirk to Route 260, all the roads seem to have this ramp. . . .

And finally, I'm glad to see that the county folks are aware of the problems up here. I'm somewhat perplexed at their comments though. Having met Linda Kelley while shopping one day in one of our fine county emporiums, I was impressed by her "down home" persona and ability to convey a caring attitude toward what the county should be. But how much does she know about what's coming in the future that we don't know about? I think the other gas station at West Ward Road stinks. Please do not ever attempt to put any type of fuel/gas pumps on Route 4 near Brickhouse Road.

Thank you.

William Peters