Mountain Road,


On Jan. 21, a resident reported that dogs had killed and injured several of her sheep in recent months. There were no witnesses, and the last incident had occurred 10 days earlier when a lamb was taken during birth and the ewe was injured. An animal control officer said that too much time had lapsed and that there was no evidence a dog was responsible. The owner was encouraged to call animal control as soon as she discovered another incident.

Concord Street,


On Jan. 21, a resident said a neighbor's pit bull got loose and attacked his poodle while they were walking in a common area. The owner pulled his dog off the poodle, which was taken to the emergency animal clinic and treated for serious injuries.

North King Street,


On Jan. 21, a resident said he had found his Chihuahua in distress at 9:30 a.m. the day before and that it was dead by 11. An animal control officer found no evidence that it had been poisoned.

Edwards Ferry Road,


On Jan. 24, Shoppers Food Warehouse requested help evicting a cat. An animal control officer caught the cat in a trap, and it was taken to the emergency animal clinic. It had multiple fractures and was euthanized.

Ashburn Village Boulevard,


Last Sunday, an animal control officer was asked to help rescue an injured Canada goose frozen on a pond. The officer found that several residents had broken the ice, rowed a canoe to the middle of the pond and rescued the bird. It was taken to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Harry Flood Byrd Highway,

Round Hill

Last Wednesday, an animal control officer responded to a report of an injured hawk on the side of the road. The officer found it with extensive beak and wing injuries and took it to the shelter where it was euthanized.