Sniper Trial Scheduled

Fairfax Case to Begin in November Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge Jane Marum Roush set a Nov. 10 trial date for Lee Boyd Malvo, who is charged in connection with last fall's sniper shootings.

Malvo, 17, is charged in Fairfax in the Oct. 14 shooting of FBI analyst Linda Franklin, 47. John Allen Muhammad, 42, who was arrested with Malvo, is being prosecuted in Prince William County on identical charges in the Oct. 9 shooting of Dean H. Meyers, 53, outside a Manassas area gas station. His trial is scheduled for Oct. 14. Malvo and Muhammad are also charged in other jurisdictions in the Washington area sniper shootings that killed 10 and wounded three.

No Redskins Offensive

Team, Players to Negotiate Workers' Comp The Washington Redskins' ownership dropped its legislative effort to reduce workers' compensation payments for injured players after agreeing in weekend talks at the Super Bowl to settle the dispute with players at the bargaining table.

The agreement commits the two sides to further negotiation about how much players should be allowed to collect when they are injured. Under Virginia's compensation law, employers pay employees a percentage of lost income and medical costs for virtually any workplace injury. In exchange, the law limits the payout to injured employees. The Loudoun-based Redskins have argued that players are abusing the state disability system by "double dipping" -- collecting salary and benefits from the team and then requesting payment under workers' compensation laws.

Preparing for an Attack

Fairfax Schools Plan for Chemical Warfare If the Washington area were hit by a chemical or biological attack, Fairfax County students would be kept in locked-down schools, inaccessible to parents, while teachers helped to undress and shower any who needed decontamination, according to a plan adopted by school officials. Fairfax schools will begin drills -- minus the shower scenario -- as early as this fall to prepare for potential attacks.

Although Fairfax is the first in the Washington area to develop such school procedures for dealing with chemical attacks, the U.S. Department of Education plans to recommend this spring that school systems across the country do likewise, federal officials said.

A Death on the Force

Driver Charged With Killing Va. Trooper A Virginia State Police trooper who stopped a car for speeding along Interstate 64 early Wednesday was killed when the car sped off, dragging him down an exit ramp before crashing several hundred feet away.

Trooper Michael T. Blanton, 29, a five-year member of the force, was discovered underneath the black 2000 BMW on the side of a road just west of Richmond. The driver, Shawn D. Gregory, 34, of Richmond, was charged with murder, felony hit-and-run and failing to stop for a police officer.

Across the Region

Teachers Union Charges; Shake-Up at the Zoo

* Federal prosecutors filed the first criminal charges in the Washington Teachers' Union scandal, accusing the union's chauffeur of participating in a scheme to divert more than $1 million to himself and others for personal benefit. Leroy Holmes was charged with conspiracy to launder proceeds of an unlawful activity. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine.

* The director of the National Zoo ousted two senior employees and said she will appoint a new curator to oversee all operations involving animal care. The actions were prompted by the accidental poisoning of two red pandas that raised concerns over how well animals are being protected.

Off the bench: Verbena Askew, the first black female judge on a Virginia Circuit Court, conducts business on the day legislators denied her a second term.