The following home sales were recently recorded in Alexandria and supplied to The Washington Post by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments. to find sale and assessment records for homes in Alexandria and across the Washington area, visit The Post's Internet site at

ABINGDON DR. W., 1630, No. 201-Dennis J. Knowles to Ashley E. Williams, $208,000.

ABINGDON DR. W., 1818, No. 202-Kristen P. and Matthew W. Stephenson to Sally Anne Sakelaris, $171,000.

ALFRED ST. S., 530-Donald R. Rhodes Jr. to Sandra L. and John M. Tarter, $277,000.

ANCELL ST., 44-George R. and Robert L. Bourdelais to Shawn P. and Kellieanne L. Redfern, $190,000.

ARELL CT., 69-Ferne E. and George B. Covington to James M. Norris, $435,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 401, No. 505-Gloria L. Underwood to Micky Milton Aranibar, $110,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 422, No. 203-Lisa A. Kanner to Daphne I. Davies, $111,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 434, No. 202-Samantha Heitov to Kristen Harstad, $86,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 436-Norma D. and David Benavides to Sonia Valencia and Saul A.V. Portillo, $125,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 438-Edward Dibarros to S. Antonio Diaz, $76,000.

BASHFORD LANE, 402-Jerry Dale Armstrong to Sandi C. Poole, $119,100.

BASHFORD LANE, 519-Maureen Williams Nixon to Kathy E. and David Bolgiano, $92,000.

BEAUREGARD ST. N., 403, No. 104-Rene E. Hawkins to Loraine Marshall, $112,500.

BELLEFONTE AVE. E., 310-Judy C. Head to Jeremy L. and Michael G. Stewart, $416,500.

BRADDOCK PL., 1200, No. 102-Charles W. Deibert to Tracie Letterman and Lee Friedman, $266,000.

BRADDOCK PL., 1200, No. 215-Gerald J. O'Hara to Brent A. Searing, $267,000.

BURGESS AVE., 245-Patrick Wilson to Dana Lockett, $195,000.

CANTERBURY SQ., 4, No. 301-Doosto H. Evans to Joy Ballard, $108,000.

CHAPMAN ST. W., 12-Elizabeth Ann Borders to Robin Grossberg, $412,000.

COLONIAL AVE., 1133-Malcolm Donald to Pamela G. McVeigh, $245,000.

COVENTRY LANE, 1409-Hogan Corp. to Lisa M. and Edward A. Goeas III, $1.45 million.

DUKE ST., 4600-Martha J. Donald W. MacCloskey to Sara Belete, $67,000.

DUNCAN AVE., 304-Lee Ann Stearns to Helene C. Cooper, $80,000.

EDSALL RD., 6101-Cleber V. and Hazlett John R. Boecker to Daniel S. Bakerlis, $138,000.

FAIRFAX ST. S., 611-Mary T. and John W. Bailey to Vendinello Lynn and Jonas Neihardt, $1,130,000.

FLOYD ST. N., 11-Vivienne S. and Wilbert L. Foster to Robert E. and Park Sun Y. Bakin, $260,000.

FRANKLIN ST., 11-Joan Hillenbrand Smith to Celia P. Santos and David Rosenblatt, $760,000.

FRANKLIN ST., 503-Nancy R. Vaughn to M. Judith Butler, $389,000.

GLEBE RD. W., 436-L. Francis Bouchey to Kevin J. McCrea, $303,000.

GUNSTON RD., 3714-Clyde N. Stover III to David Lindley, $148,000.

HOLMES LANE, 3713-Alexis Braun and Steven Dodge to Dawn A. Zakevich, $206,050.

HOLMES RUN PKWY., 5300, No. 1103-Dianna Lyons to Kathryn A. Broussard, $177,500.

HUNTON PL., 2521-Husnu Tiryakioglu and Linda S. Roberts to Nancy F. Sheard and Nathaniel G. Clark, $480,000.

JAMIESON AVE., 2121, No. 1401-Louise M. Vitullo, trustee, to Fareeba Mahmood, $345,000.

LAWTON WAY, 4681-Paulette G. Rinderknecht to Ericka M. Miller, $279,000.

LEADBEATER ST., 14-Allan W. Gow to Timothy S. and Kendall G. Grier, $314,500.

MAYFLOWER CT., 5940-Samira Javed and Javed Bashir to Walid Elbahy, $100,000.

MONROE AVE. E., 215-Marion M. Ebhardt to Miriam H. Bert, $311,000.

POTOMAC ST., 703-Rhonda L. and Stanton T. Lawrence III to Maureen T.F. and John M. Reitman, $560,000.

QUANTRELL AVE., 5801, No. 404-Archer Construction Inc. to Endalkachew Seble K. and Tesfaye T. Asres, $114,000.

ROYAL ST. S., 809-Tammy R. Key and Troy Anthony Noble to Karen A. Simon, $461,990.

ST. ASAPH ST. S., 800, No. 218-Thomas John Bryan to Todd R. and Dawn Jarvis, $326,500.

STEVENSON AVE., 6300-Dorinda Fitt to Victor Lopez, $152,000.

STEVENSON AVE., 6300-Wilfrido J. Buhain to George B. Huff and Vesna Mrzljak Jr., $78,255.

STEVENSON AVE., 6301-Billie M. and Samson Mikitarian to Maria L. Quilla and Gonzalo R. Cardenas, $189,500.

STEVENSON AVE., 6301-James H. Hosking and Michael E. Strother to Aubrey A. Stephenson, $188,700.

STEVENSON AVE., 6301, No. 1211-Amy V. Wong to Thomas F. Hutchins, $127,500.

TANCRETI LANE, 5243-Dorothy L. Chamberlin to Lelia B. True, $470,000.

TAYLOR RUN PKWY. W., 236, No. 1-Kenneth Barnett to Charles T. Patterson, $183,500.

VALLEY DR., 2805-Hartley Watson and John Ashley Cooper to Wendy L. and Brandon S. Boss, $448,100.

WESMOND DR., 150-Matthew Timothy Cook to Marixa and Carlos Portillo, $163,500.

WEST ST. N., 209-Marilyn J. Humm to Angela R. Clay, $326,600.

WYATT AVE. W., 14-Susan C. Lavington and Michael S. Welther to Andrew S. Tulumello, $379,000.

YOAKUM PKWY., 309-Kaveh H. Rahmani to Shiva Javadi, $160,000.


The following home sales were recently recorded in Arlington and supplied to The Washington Post by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Arlington and across the Washington area, visit The Post's Internet site at

ADAMS ST. N., 1967-Joanne M.H. Jones to Olivia V. Rojo Rassenti and Stephen J. Rassenti, $490,000.

ADAMS ST. S., 218-Hak Ja and Ku Kyong Chung to Jung Soon Park, $295,000.

ARLINGTON RIDGE RD. S., 1300, No. 610-Gerald F. Kahan to Shadi M. and Behzad Peikari, $64,900.

BEECHWOOD PL., 2700-Amy E.B. and Frederick P. Adams to Mary M. Taylor and Michael Moncavage, $562,000.

BUCHANAN ST. S., 1013-Marina G. and Edilberto Ferrufino to Thomas Hunter Ledbetter, $195,000.

CLARENDON BLVD., 2400, No. 913-Scott L. Burns to Kimberly A. Davis, $306,000.

COLONIAL TER. N., 1540-Earl F. Glock, trustee, to Adriana S. and Christopher A. Zimmer, $649,000.

COLUMBIA PIKE, 5300, No. 806-Mary E. and Wayne A. Rolland to Allison Mitchell, $173,000.

DANVILLE ST. N., 1308-Clarendon Homes to Esther H. Lim, $717,484.

EDGEWOOD ST. S., 1510, No. 557-Mary J. Trotter to Marlene P. Rothacker, $171,700.

EDISON ST. S., 1076-John Connell Altmiller Jr. to Thomas Koucky, $300,000.

FILLMORE ST. N., 1105-Clarendon Homes to Judith L. Rosemeier, $595,720.

FOUR MILE RUN DR. S., 4600, No. 1127-Douglas J. and Joycene Cole Harwod to Mary Ann B. and Richard De Mesa Jr., $123,000.

FOUR MILE RUN DR. S., 4600, No. 222-Vera L. and Scott Keith Stewart to Amanuel Biedemariam and Ferwini Siulu, $75,000.

FREDERICK ST. N., 390-Kathleen L. White to William H. Stinson VI, $425,000.

GRANADA ST. N., 101-Patricia A. Herman and James Steven Pak to Susan S. and Sean F. Levy, $393,000.

GRANADA ST. S., 745-Olga De Soto and Jose Villarroel to Nelson G. Uriona, $260,000.

HARRISON ST. N., 1111-Janet C. and Richard Van Haelst to Philip A. Kuntz, $551,700.

HARRISON ST. N., 1718-Rosemary P. Eck to Andrea M. and Vincent C. Priest, $475,000.

HAYES ST. S., 1731, No. 2-Kenneth A. Johnson to Eterna and Chester G. Oehme III, $295,000.

JOHNSON ST. N., 1142-Mark R. Milbrand to Morgan R. and Susan K. Williams, $695,000.

KEY BLVD., 1530, No. 617-William Howard Cottle and Pebworth Pipers to Harkesh Singh, $230,000.

LEE HWY., 2100, No. 446-Elfreda M. Baptist to Gopika J. Parikh, $307,000.

LEE HWY., 2100, No. 535-Ann Teresa and Michael O. Thomas to William J. Lange, $205,000.

LEE HWY., 4201, No. 503-Mary T. Hermanns to Paul Ralyea, $145,100.

LEXINGTON ST. N., 2314-Marilyn and Michael Elridge Wills to D. Michael Ingram, $326,500.

LEXINGTON ST. N., 840-Maria M. Mieri and Fabian Concalves Borrega to Marcia L. Strasel, $295,500.

MADISON ST. N., 2013-Ann and Kenneth Brown to Jin K. Won and Micah Lowenthal, $341,250.

OAK ST. N., 1600, No. 1816-Arelis Gomez Alfonso to John W. Zielke and Ryan Guthrie, $371,000.

OAK ST. N., 1600, No. 1906-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Frank B. and Cathy S. Mitchell, $281,500.

ODE ST. N., 1311, No. 622-Maria W. and Christopher I. Adriano to Mary A. and James F. Jordan, $155,000.

ORME ST. S., 819-Patricia A. Parsons to John P. Swope Jr., $245,000.

QUINCY ST. S., 1620-Beth Ann and Michael J. Everett to Gregory Scott and Joyce A. Long, $315,000.

RHODES ST. N., 1758, No. 6-Stephen D. Siegel to Meghan Barry, $178,000.

ROLFE ST. N., 2105, No. B-Thomas G. Reich to David Friedman, $377,400.

SPOUT RUN PKWY., 3000, No. A106-Laura A. Lanigan to Saifullah Niazamani, $195,000.

SPOUT RUN PKWY., 3000, No. A409-Luella H. Morgan to Yilong Mu and Jenny M. Chan, $164,250.

SPOUT RUN PKWY., 3000, No. D301-Stephanie Luts to Margaret E. Angell, $209,000.

STAFFORD ST. N., 1020, No. 100-Robert C. Konigsberg to Fernando A. Martinez, $290,000.

STAFFORD ST. N., 1020, No. 408-John A. Meese Jr. to Edelwina C. Lasconia, $189,000.

STAFFORD ST. N., 900, No. 908-Marianne R. Brewster to Lina A. Savkar, $297,500.

TAYLOR ST. N., 1150, No. 1-Elizabeth M. Shine to Clair V. and David L. and Vanessa M. Moir, $400,000.

TAYLOR ST. N., 900, No. 504-Michael L. Goldberg, trustee, to Florence C. Miller, $154,900.

TAZEWELL ST. N., 3745-Nancy W. and Thomas N. Gates to Kathy G. Gallo, $1.16 million.

TRENTON ST. N., 102, No. 3-Moira Forbes to Susan T. and Christopher J. Ensign, $135,000.

UPLAND ST. N., 2500-Martin J. Coster to Kelly J. and Ruben S. Barrales, $635,000.

UTAH ST. S., 3410, No. B-Susan Q. Haines to Deborah J. Peetz and William J. Kolodrubetz, $281,000.

VEITCH ST. S., 510-Mary D. and Edward Wilson to Sara and Douglas Sheldon, $277,500.

WAKEFIELD ST. S., 3421-Irene F. Apgar to Ann Marie Seits, $302,000.

WALTER REED DR. S., 2663, No. B-Michelle A. Burdick to Stephen Godfrey, $196,000.

WILLIAMSBURG BLVD., 6560-Wilma L. Coile to Lloyd Douglas, $398,000.

WISE ST. S., 98-Rebecca C. and Tibor R. Saddler to Scott B. Schenkelberg and Susan W. Gillespie, $329,900.

WOODSTOCK ST. N., 2051, No. 202-Rick and Margaret R. Melando and Patricia M. Gamon to Harry H. Costner, $140,500.

YUCATAN ST. N., 2748-Mildred Virginia Berman to Michelle P. and Joseph Ambrose McGrath III, $450,000.

FIRST ST. N., 5928-Loretta M. and John C. Hight to Yolanda Ramos, $367,000.

FOURTH ST. S., 4515-Anita G. and Lewis E. Link to Elise B. Packard and Bryan D. Jones, $545,000.

FIFTH ST. S., 3313-Rebecca L. Ward to Joseph A. Croswell, $250,000.

FIFTH ST. S., 3357-Donna Lucas and John R. Fitzpatrick to Adam D. Berg, $301,000.

EIGHTH RD. S., 5111, No. 414-Maria I. Aguirre to Glenn D. Sheffield and Charles A. Smith, $70,000.

NINTH RD. N., 6011-Elizabeth L. and Barry J. Halloran to Diana M. and Steven M. Empoliti, $380,000.

NINTH ST. N., 3830, No. 608E-Serafina E. and Charles B. Lobsenz to Mary Kelley, $255,000.

11TH ST. N., 2857-Clarendon Homes to Alexander Trevvus, $552,196.

11TH ST. S., 5208-Nirmal and Balbir K. Paul to Hollis B. Williams, $240,000.

12TH ST. S., 3822-Trewitt D. Harding to Eric T. and Klaudia Schultz, $373,737.

13TH ST. S., 3621-Dwight Nickelson Toscano to Katherine L. Rettenmaier, $251,500.

15TH ST. N., 5927-Stephen G. Gay to Robin M. and Michael T. Wiley, $357,000.

21ST ST. S., 1417-Katharina P. and Frank G. Lester III to Olaf L. Jaehningen and Jeffry R. Nickl, $610,000.

22ND ST. S., 2952-National Capital Homes to Guo Jun Sun and Pan Yan Zhu, $503,265.

23RD ST. N., 3214-Shannon Dale Hiskey to Julie R. and Owen L. Sirrs, $400,000.

26TH ST. N., 5412-Marci A.R. and Oren Rosenthal to Ori Nir and Mary Curtius, $499,900.

27TH RD. N., 3950-Quebec Parc Corp. to Nancy K. and Malcolm D. Todd, $1.59 million.

27TH RD. S., 2618-Marie E. Bowling to Rebecca M. and Shawn T. Pickrell, $202,500.

28TH RD. S., 4642, No. C-Susan C. Edgerton to Philip E. Flies, $191,500.

28TH ST. S., 4829, No. A-Eric F. Alafita to John F. and Khatereh R. Calleja, $272,500.

30TH ST. S., 4819, No. B2-Cheryl Parker to Elizabeth S. Wilson, $207,000.

36TH ST. S., 4658-Katieann Klipphahn to Marcela C. Kwitko and Alejandro Segura Millan, $295,700.