The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes across the Washington area, visit The Post's Internet site at


BURNS ST., 30-Bankers Trust Co. to Barbara Smith, $89,900.

C ST., 1378-Peter D. and Peter Chabris to Jennifer B. Campbell, $245,000.

D ST., 1232-Daniel E. Shultz to Melissa A. Bulkley, $350,000.

E ST., 1741-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tecle Girmu, $162,000.

GIRARD ST., 1222-Elsie W. Lewis and Katie L. Garner to Anne E. Dullea and Jon R. Haberman, $175,000.

KENNEDY ST., 817-Caryle Blakeney Bennett to Winston J. Tavares, $187,500.

MARYLAND AVE., 624, No. 3-Rebecca L. Barbisch to Richard N. Holwill, $235,750.

MEIGS PL., 1218-Lloyd Blackwell to Ronnie Briscoe, $134,000.

MYRTLE AVE., 2645-Elynore R. Herron to Aeolian M. and Marvin A. Jackson, $145,000.

NORTH CAPITOL ST., 5415-Joy A. and James D. Knight to Mutheu M. Maitha, $295,000.

QUINCY PL., 25-One Piney Grove Investment Corp. to Terrence McGrane, $240,000.

SARGENT RD., 4711-Ivan A. and Edward D. Sargent to Lesley A. Gaetjens, $160,000.

SEATON PL., 322-Robert Lewis to Julie H. Collison Careathers, $105,000.

STAPLES ST., 1225-Karla and Andrew Smith to Perry Dixon, $124,012.

TRINIDAD AVE., 1709-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Troy O. Hullum, $142,000.

NINTH ST., 407-Michael P. and Carol A. Terry to Kimberly H. Hoover and Allyson L. Hackney, $385,000.

15TH ST., 620-Jerry S. Vincent and Tanya S. Smith to Steven Craig McCollum, $193,000.

17TH PL., 216-Priscilla Mae Smith and Maxine Peterson Blocker to Aaron Ruderman, $160,000.

19TH ST., 750-Centex Corp. to Dean Simmonds and Kimberly Howell, $79,000.

NORTHWEST BEEKMAN PL., 1650, No. 4D3-Dianne L. Sherman to Louis W. McCauley, $285,200.

BLAGDEN AVE., 4834-Aegis Mortgage Corp. to C. Michael Shook and Julio A. Luna, $385,000.

BRYANT ST., 116-Alvin V. Bailey to John G. Henson, $350,000.

CALVERT ST., 2501, No. 107-Brad A. Urban to Christopher Paul White, $224,500.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4201, No. 918W-Timothy W. and Mary Lee Kao to Martin P. Smithmyer, $123,000.

COLUMBIA RD., 1880, No. 304-Susanne Matthiesen and Jeffrey D. Kohn to Alisha Warfield Morgan, $330,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 4701, No. 305-Leah A. Rosenberg and Brendan B. McTaggart to Joseph P. Corcoran, $385,000.

DEVONSHIRE PL., 2737, No. 228-Mary D. Walsh to Adam D. Packer and Nisha Garg, $275,000.

FAIRMONT ST., 1024-Adolfo Perez and Vitalia Andrade to Miguel Angel Lopez and Edith I. Franco, $162,000.

FULTON ST., 5004-Joan Lewis to Lynn Hargis, $405,000.

HARRISON ST., 4439-Eurania Anne Villasenor to Tara and Laurent Huber, $390,000.

I ST., 2421-Bernadette Yasinowsky and Victor Bakunoff to Linda Turnowski and Michael H. New, $499,000.

IRVING ST., 511-Mosunmola A. Kuku Fatusin to Thomas Ladson, $198,000.

JENIFER ST., 2711-Eric Weber and Michael Grogan to Janet Lynch and Brett Lambert, $631,000.

JENIFER ST., 3717-Miriam J. Cook to Gregory Harvath and Richard Abernathy, $400,000.

L ST., 2201, No. 501-Gladys Torres and Reginald R. Gerig and Daphne S. Gerig to Christopher L. Jereb, $200,000.

LANGLEY CT., 3931, No. 576-Joseph P. Ferguson to Maureen Mathews and Eamon A. Javers, $312,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1330, No. 323-Harry C. Mueller to Tracy Lynn Burleson, $150,000.

NEW JERSEY AVE., 1603-Norris A. Dodson to David Toney, $234,000.

NEW MEXICO AVE., 3101-Mildred Kiefer Wurf to Ann Leigh Stewart, $770,000.

NICHOLSON ST., 719-Mary L. and Francis J. Cabral to Shawna A. and Marshall W. Webster, $267,900.

P ST., 1723, No. T4-Harry W. Wehry to Edrei G. Swanson, $185,000.

PENNSYLVANIA AVE., 601, No. 910-John M. Morgan to Wendy M. Johnson, $300,000.

Q ST., 1625, No. 201-Joyce F. Jenkyn and Joyce F. Brazier to Mark and April Kirby Meyerson, $375,000.

Q ST., 2500, No. 322-Thomas S.M. Clarke to Jeffrey Pacy, $198,000.

QUINCY ST., 934-ADM Corp. to Adetayo Odusanya, $160,000.

RESERVOIR ST., 3229-Donald S. Orkand to James Van R. and Carol M. Springer, $1.4 million.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 1302-Rekha Gupta to Jimmy L. Richardson, $815,000.

S ST., 2107, No. L-Pamela Taylor to Martin Z. Gurria and Ruth R. Faden and Karine R. Faden, $270,000.

SCOTT CIR., 1, No. 819-Lee E. Fitzgerald to Nancy Jakowitsch, $146,000.

TENNYSON ST., 2825-Howard M. Yourman to Jenny E. and James T. Williams, $600,000.

TUNLAW RD., 2455-Amy L. and Adam M. Ziegelman to William E. Saiff, $511,000.

TUNLAW RD., 4000, No. 420-Brian A. Cusick to Carl A. Picconato, $205,000.

U ST., 1765-Howard D. Krochak to Sheldon Wipranik, $950,000.

VERNON ST., 1822, No. 303-Jocelyn Byrne to Nathan C. Guerrero, $339,000.

WINFIELD LANE, 3715-Owen T.W. and Emily Price to Adam J. and Amy D. Eisner, $770,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 2800, No. 408-Paul J. Hammond to Linda S. Miller, $110,000.

FIRST ST., 1743-Sara L. Campbell to Carl V. Allen, $197,500.

SECOND ST., 5307-Dwayne Moore to Anthony Pugh, $260,000.

FOURTH ST., 4307-Leonard and Leah R. Freedman to Kenneth J. and Andrew P. Loewinger, $90,000.

SEVENTH ST., 5229-Lowell Alan Matthews to Brian L. Nelson and Maria S. Bishirjian, $205,000.

10TH ST., 1254-Marilyn Joan Bruno to Eric Middleton, $459,000.

12TH PL., 2221-Karen Ann and Darrell W. Darling and Adam Noel Darling to Dean R. Matlack, $170,000.

14TH ST., 7706-Thomas P. and Leslie D. Ford to Gloria A. and Brian D. Townsend, $465,000.

16TH ST., 2008, No. 203-Beth and Paul H. and Marsha Rothschild to Joseph E. Myer, $230,000.

17TH ST., 1700, No. 407-Rebecca Stevens to Todd Christian Stevenson and Stephani E. Kobayashi Stevenson, $207,595.

17TH ST., 3313-Robinson K. Nottingham to Jennifer E. Burkhart, $482,500.

20TH ST., 1301, No. 1005-William Oshinsky and Mason L. Essif to Angela M. Simpson, $222,000.

20TH ST., 2434-Richard Stokes Shivar and Ann G. Queen to John G. Robinson, $835,000.

33RD ST., 1310-David F. Pyle and Sarah Newhall to Joan Melanie Plaisted, $700,000.

34TH ST., 1414-Louis A. and Andrea Ravent to Scott R. Stinson, $1,250,000.

39TH PL., 2211-Allen W. Levy and Elizabeth J. Kirby to Barbara Noguera and Arthur C. Frye, $439,000.

39TH ST., 3611, No. 327-Marjorie H. Sonnenfeldt to Charles T. and Barbara J. Bermpohl, $203,700.

44TH ST., 1550-Stephen D. and Sarah Nicoud Burns to Andrew S. Namrow, $549,000.

48TH ST., 4624-Camilla McCaslin to Mary P. McManus, $599,000.

SOUTHEAST BRANCH AVE., 2150-Pushpa K. and Krishan L. Gupta to Desiree C. and Calvin D. Wineland, $326,000.

D ST., 143-Dean M. Wilder to Kirsten E. Keating, $424,286.

D ST., 3301-Vendarryl and Shafondo O. Jenkins to Farmer Anjelious, $182,500.

E ST., 1446-Emerging Markets Inc. to Gregory Fossedal, $135,880.

EAST CAPITOL ST., 313-Janet M. Nesse to Richard B.H. Lewis and Rebecca L. Grant, $800,000.

HALLEY TER., 4318-Dicie V. Dotts Russell and James Henry Botts to Betty J. Palmer, $92,500.

MOUNT VIEW PL., 2254-Lucille and Arthel Calvin to Julie D. Carter, $116,500.

NASH PL., 3020-Yolanda and Sidney Smith to Oliver and Lorraine C. Moore, $249,000.

PORTLAND ST., 806-First Union National Bank to Raj Paul Malholtra and John Burnett, $47,250.

SOUTH CAROLINA AVE., 1020-Deborah C. Brudno to Veronica Nyhan and Jake Jones, $467,500.

YUMA ST., 878-Francis A. Mehlefelt to Deloris Blaine, $111,500.

FIFTH ST., 121-Stuart G. and Mary R. Nash to Tessa Muehllehner and John T. Day, $791,200.

SEVENTH ST., 102-John L. Smeltzer and Catherine A. Flanagan to Margaret D. Horigan and John C. Hishmeh, $402,000.

NINTH ST., 309-Robert M. Wright to Catherine A. Plume, $255,000.

11TH ST., 250-Mary Catherine Miller to Deborah F. Dietrich, $475,000.

34TH ST., 2533-Franklin G. Senger to Roy L. Brunson, $262,000.