Dec. 30 A son, Steven John Jr., was born to Jane and Steven J. Grange Sr. of Gaithersburg.

A son, Adam Filipe, was born to Julia and Abdellah Naoui of Gaithersburg.

A son, Steven Antonio, was born to Elizabeth and Jose Morales of Germantown.

A daughter, Isis Antoinette Payne, was born to Latitia Gaines and Theodore Payne of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Madison Nicole, was born to Rachel and Douglas Sunshine of Boyds.

A son, Benjamin Joseph Capparella Winig, was born to Jennifer Capparella and Eric Winig of Montgomery Village.

Dec. 31 A son, Austin Matthew, was born to Kelly and Donald Cooper of Damascus.

A son, George Joseph III, was born to Jull and George J. Dembosky Jr. of Bethesda.

A son, Sean Liu, was born to Juan Ye and Xiang Liu of Boyds.

A daughter, Victoria Tessa Rodriguez, was born to Silvia and Sean Macdonald of Germantown.

Jan. 1 A daughter, Rebecca Joan, was born to Laura and Michael Baxter of Rockville.

A son, Alex Javier, was born to Carmen and Javier Castro-Conroy of Gaithersburg.

A son, Austin James, was born to Patricia and Peter Jenson of Montgomery Village.

A daughter, Stuti, was born to Rupali and Vivek Khanna of Germantown.

A son, Elijah Myles, was born to Sandra and Cornelio Kinol of Germantown.

A son, Donovan John, was born to Lori and Michael Kisner of Frederick.

A son, Raymond Arnold Wright Jr., was born to Paulette Montgomery and Raymond A. Wright Sr. of Silver Spring.

Jan. 2 A son, Abdou-Ouassi Clinton Bello, was born to Aissa Souleymane and Bello Bandele of Gaithersburg.

A son, Matthew Leon, was born to Robin and Michael Brille of Gaithersburg.

A son, Andrew Joseph Hench Chrisler, was born to Karen Hench and Kevin Chrisler of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Srija, was born to Padmaja and Srikanth Rairao of Montgomery Village.

Jan. 3 A son, Leif Johannes Euler, was born to Mieke Davis and Eric Euler of Germantown.

A daughter, Olivia Grace, was born to Kelly and Maury Harris of Silver Spring.

A son, Nicholas Cerenio, was born to Marie Ann and Roland Mariano of Mount Airy.

A son, Arron, was born to Mandana and Jamal Mazhari of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Dyanah Jade, was born to Heather Sacks of Bethesda.

A daughter, Falak Y., was born to Darshita and Yash Vasavada of Germantown.

Jan. 4 A son, Akash Bhaskar, was born to Alka and Bhaskar Bhave of Gaithersburg.

Jan. 5 A son, Matthew Hunter, was born to Betsy and Marty Stout of Germantown.

Jan. 6 A son, Uzoma Jason, was born to Ngozi and Festus Onyegbula of Silver Spring.

A son, Yajath, was born to Rajui and Shailesh Parashar of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Naia James, was born to Heather and Mannie Roberts III of Montgomery Village.

A daughter, Ava Grace, was born to Ami and Adam Rorrer of Bethesda.

Jan. 7 A daughter, Kelly Marie, was born to Michelle and Anthony Carlisi of Boyds.

A daughter, Brooke Elizabeth, was born to Stephanie and Todd Eau Claire of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Elizabeth Marie, was born to Kimberly and Paul Hutchins Jr. of Silver Spring.

Jan. 8 A daughter, Alexandra Campero Guzman, was born to Fresia Guzman and Fernando Campero of Derwood.

A daughter, Helena Isabel, was born to Lina and David Mendez of Germantown.

A daughter, Alexis Anne, was born to Marie and Chuck Reed of Damascus.

Jan. 9 A son, Dev Umesh, was born to Dina and Umesh Desai of Germantown.

A daughter, Abigail Elizabeth, was born to Sally and Marc Kramer of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Alexandra Elizabeth, was born to Luz and Alexander Mendez of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Aiyana Kyrie, was born to Jacqueline and Michael Morris of Rockville.

A son, Arnold Duc, was born to Tina and Hung Tran of Germantown.

A son, Achintya Saiteja, was born to Lalitha and Sriniuas Yedaualli of Gaithersburg.

Jan. 10 A daughter, Anna Luna Fisher Lopez, was born to Christy Lopez and Michael Fisher of Takoma Park.

A daughter, Lea Emma, was born to Laurence and Federico Martinez of Spring Ridges.

A daughter, Akayla Iris, was born to Theresa and Andre Robinson of Frederick.

Compiled by Timothy Wilson. For more information, call 202-334-7251.