The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington metropolitan area, visit The Post's Internet site at


BEAUREGARD ST., 5126-David and Safinaz Sayyad to Scott B. Walker and Amy L. Conklin, $284,900.

FAIRLAND ST., 6545-Maria R. and Marco A. Jimenez to Heeyun S. Chae, $550,000.

HOLYOKE DR., 6447-Educational Foundation Inc. to Ceyonne H. Matthews, trustee, and James M. Matthews, trustee, and Holyoke Land Trust, $265,000.

N. ROSSER ST., 3706, No. 102-Heidi Gumucio to Iris J. Vigil, $115,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705-Chah J. Kazemi to Michael C. and Katherine E. Marshall, $120,000.


BEECHWOOD RD., 7218-Jeanne K. Barnett to Duane and Mary B. Miskelly, $412,500.

BOULEVARD VIEW, 6502, No. A1-James E. Copple to Kathi and Dennis Gaffney, $185,000.

COLUMBIA DR., 6926-Josefina Hidalgo to Kevin M. Williams and Katarina M. Spears, $245,000.

GATEWOOD DR., 1305-Barbara S. and David L. Reusser to Elizabeth B. McAndrews, $615,000.

MASON HILL DR., 1607-Dennis K. Blossom and Nancy H. Blossom to Diane Cullen Levin and Arnold Levin, $674,550.

W. WAKEFIELD DR., 6719, No. A1-David A. Parry to Elizabeth G.S. Noe, $175,000.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6641, No. 612-Robert M. Sherwood to Christopher K. Pluntke, $108,100.


ALICIA CT., 6850-Agharid K. Bahoura and Amanda Giovanni to Dean E. and Mary Simonds and Curry E. Vanover and Billie J. Vanover, $310,000.

AMESBURY CT., 7515-Hugh C. and Carla R. Morrison to Jason T. Barnwell and Meghan C. Kissell, $265,000.

APPLEMINT LANE, 6757-Christopher M. and Lori A. Schimenti to Kit S. Lee, $369,500.

BEECH TREE DR., 6124-Choonja and Doyung Lee to Jose A. Maldonado, $499,000.

BRIGHOUSE CT., 7460-Cecilia and Jesus Maramba to Shi K. and Pui L. Li, $270,000.

CHINA GROVE CT., 6505-Edith P. and Donny A. Villatoro to Daisy Qura and Gonzalo Obando, $225,000.

COTTONWOOD DR., 6414-Lewis W. Johnson, Thomas E. Paxton and William T. Paxton to Renita and Thomas Smith, $282,000.

CURTIER DR., 6025-Jaime P. Galdams Zamora to John L. Harris, $198,400.

DUNMAN WAY, 6307-Jie Li to Evelyn I. Su, $365,000.

DUNSTABLE LANE, 5205-Simon L. and Janet M. Holzman to Leila Balali, $295,000.

ERICKA AVE., 6813-Amena Baamer and Hasan Kaid to James M. and Seble Waller, $289,900.

FOUNDERS CROSSING CT., 5920, No. 303-James A. Vedda to John F. Campbell, $235,000.

FROST LAKE LANE, 6622-Margaret and Roy Kelly to Thomas Logan II, $346,000.

GLADYS MAY LANE, 6402-Julienne T. and Robert P. Leibrandt to Cary A. and Fiona M. Elliott, $335,000.

HALTWHISTLE LANE, 6637-Mark A. and Mary E. Sabatella to Misgina G. Asihel, $304,000.

KIRKCALDY LANE, 5947-Matthew T. and Jessica M. Pyburn to Hamed and Nabila A. Etemadi, $303,000.

LITTLE VALLEY WAY, 6208-Assem Akram and Maryam Rahimi to Linda M. Draper, $219,900.

WICKFORD DR., 7204-Peggy J. and William L. Barnett to Renee S. Clepper and Patricia Botwinick and Thomas W. Clepper IV, $331,500.

YADKIN CT., 6525-Mildred L. Ayres to Dawn M. Flanagan, $202,100.


AIRLIE WAY, 4402-Frederick T. John and Anne Nelson to Kristopher K. and Jeanne E. Lowe, $279,000.

BYRNELEY LANE, 7301-Mary H. and Betrand A. Johnson to Dien X. Dinh and No T. Nguyen, $370,000.

CARROUSEL CT., 7928-Bok I. and Yong Y. Lee to Hoa Tran and Khanh Pham, $249,000.

CHARLESON ST., 3500-Roberta K. Uhrig, trustee, to Michael J. and Dezire M. Maddox, $375,000.

FLEMING DR., 5012-Barbara B. and Frederick S. Carns to Peter S. and Gila A. Phipps, $345,000.

GARBO CT., 4538-Margaret Reeder to Robert L. Wood Jr., $210,000.

LAFAYETTE FORGE DR., 7703, No. 2B-Caroline Stief to Lynn M. Rosseth, $169,900.

LAFAYETTE FORGE DR., 7718, No. 23-Jane M. Koch to Hae S. Jung, $167,500.

SIPES LANE, 7228-Gayla R. Carle and Thomas D. Gibson to Yong S. Gweon, $334,000.

WAYNE DR., 7118-Pearson S. Shinn to Beverly A. Schlotterbeck, $289,900.

WINONA CT., 7807-Mary L. Laukaitis to Jeanee L. Panoke, $188,000.


CHICAMUXEN CT., 3309-Joseph B. and Sol C. Anshien to Florentino Villarroel, $389,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5575, No. 407-Maryanne Solak to Saulo Coelho, $140,500.

TYLER ST., 3520-May L. and Ronald S. King to Jose L. Moya and Teresa M. Zeballos, $324,000.


BONNIE BERN CT., 6025-Kyu Y. and Yun S. Cho to Marco A. Romero, $240,000.

BRIDGETOWN CT., 5854, No. 23-David K. and Linda Z. Groo to Darin Morris and Jessica Grass, $205,000.

BURR OAK WAY, 10842-Pamela A. and Richard W. Cairns to Joseph H. and Leslie H. Downey, $439,900.

CHESTNUT WOOD LANE, 10079-Ocke Surjadi to Nancy L. Kumala, $230,000.

DORY LANDING CT., 6122-Joseph E. and Valerie L. Bond to Robert J. and Barbara M. Portigue, $449,000.

ONION PATCH DR., 9450-Mary S. McIntosh and Cheryl Long to Hedayat Rafiqzad and Seema Owais, $337,000.

SASSAFRAS WOOD CT., 10172-Jane A. and William J. Liepis to Christopher W. and Emily R. Swenson, $215,000.

VEERING LANE, 7010-Patricia N. and William B. Robey and Laurence Newman Jr. to David J. and Ann D. Pritz, $359,900.


BLACK HORSE CT., 14456-Ehssan A. Saadi to Lester A. Zuckerman, $205,000.

CROATAN DR., 14606, No. 2-Avinash and Jeaneen K. Arthur to Jeremy J. and Kerry M. Wood, $200,000.

CRYSTALFORD LANE, 5427-Robert V. Rickman to Jason C. and Kody L. Eisenreich, $249,900.

FOLKSER LANDING, 6696-Lillian Ewell to Keystone Corp., $595,000.

FOREST POND CT., 13623-Christopher F. Keever and Natasha Natalina to Roanna M. Wexler, $175,000.

GLEN MEADOW PL., 5267-David Mena to Rosa E. Laitano, $178,500.

GOLDEN OAK RD., 14493-Kyu Kang to Yvonne T. Alexander, $125,000.

GROGANS CT., 6112-Michael S. and Roxanne J. Johnson to Mathew A. and Christopher M. Ridolfi, $244,000.

GRUMBLE JONES CT., 14013, No. A-Nancy Mendoza to Roger D. and Karen L. Nuckols, $182,900.

HANCOCK CT., 14822-Zulamir Torres to Quyen V. Vu and Bich N. Doan, $160,000.

LOCK DR., 14714-Ronald C. and Sharon E. Bogle to Christopher J. and Stephanie L. Campbell, $290,000.

LYNHODGE CT., 14812-Barbara J. Gernat and Kyle C. Jessop and Walter P. Jessop to Emmett J. Evans, $142,500.

MISTY MEADOW WAY, 15300-Henry A. and Susan H. Korejwo to Daniel Zulauf, $315,000.

MUSKET BALL DR., 6312-Kimberly K. and Walter T. Coll to Nisha and Shibcharan S. Othi, $288,500.

NETHERTON ST., 6085-James Downs Jr. to Stacey L. Wilson, $152,500.

NEW BRADDOCK RD., 13996-Miriam J. and Paul W. Dykeman to Tolga Tekin, $238,000.

RAINA DR., 5925-Michael H. and Rhonda S. Powers to Hyun S. and Tae H. Kim, $260,000.

SAGUARO PL., 14475-Deanna M. and Thomas E. Kern to Pedro Aguilar, $95,000.

SULLY LAKE DR., 5545-Claudia J. and Gary E. Walters to James G. and Crisencia S. Burch, $338,900.

TRUITT FARM DR., 14733-John G. and Lisa B. Mays to Wallis W. and Irene W. Tang, $268,000.

WINDING WOODS DR., 5102-Timothy J. and Kelly A. Leary to Brant M. Edwards, $280,000.

YELLOW POPLAR DR., 13614-Kimberly J.T. and W. Robert Majure to John D. and Michelle Z. Sun, $539,000.


DEERWATCH DR., 4610-Peter J. and Mia L. Mitchener to Sarah H. Kamal and Haydar Elawad, $270,000.


GOSLING DR., 5603-Renee A. and Scott E. Hopkins to Sharon J. Wong, $250,000.

JASPER LANE, 13564-Jose A. Lebron to Kyung J. Ham, $210,000.


ANDES DR., 4334-Ellis T. Capehart and Amelia Ramirez to Dora M. and Jose C. Galliani, $275,000.

AUTUMN WOODS WAY, 13081, No. 103-Suzanne M. and Thomas J. Buron to Kathy D. Hartley, $180,000.

BRADDOCK RD., 13308-Elaine K. and Warren E. Mullins to Bison Building Corp., $227,000.

CARRIAGEPARK RD., 4847-M. Arshad and Nighat Chawdhry to Thomas J. Hanton, $280,000.

COLLIS OAK CT., 3965-Susan Kent Chaffee to Anita C. Bieler, $256,500.

DEMING DR., 12013-Kristen H. Mann to Fair Chase Development Corp., $380,000.

FALKIRK DR., 12400-C. David and Aimee L. Boice to Stephen J. and Susan C. Fox, $906,000.

FARM HOUSE LANE, 4374-John E. and Irene A. McGuiness to Sung I. Won, $329,000.

FOUNTAINSIDE LANE, 4144, No. 202-George T. Pawlak to Jenny J.S. and Daniel P. Chin, $186,500.

FOX LAKE CT., 12313-Carl L. and Janet M. Bell to Paul J. and Amy J. Kim, $298,000.

FOXFIELD LANE, 3817-Margery and Stephen W. Kraus to Ali A. and Faezeh Favagehi, $236,000.

FOXHOLE DR., 13354-Nancy E. Nelson to Robert M. and Susan L. Anderson, $275,000.

HAYES CT., 12451, No. 203-Tae J. and Yang J. Son to Han Y. Lee, $194,900.

HEATHERSTONE CT., 4044-Charif Khanji and Farah Alatassi to Phylanne C. Prince, $368,000.

HIGHLAND OAKS DR., 3826-Elizabeth K. and Stephen P. Darcey to Laura Y. Ki, $540,000.

JENNIFER DR., 5338-Barbara J. and Daniel H. Streed to Byeong G. Yun and Yo S. Song, $355,000.

LAKE NORMANDY LANE, 12601-Dorothy S. and Walter F. Shafer to Dorothy M. and Kurt W. Hesser, $550,000.

LIDO PL., 3610-Robert R. and Geraldine E. MacIver to Cherie A. and Donald E. Curry, $525,000.

MEADOW HILL LANE, 4113-Darlene H. Mattson to Woan J. and Ruey H. Lu, $310,000.

MOUNT ROYAL LANE, 12814-Helen Findlay to Brian L. Speegle, $326,000.

MOZART BRIGADE LANE, 4200, No. P-Michael J. Dillender to Victoria M. Stolfi, $189,000.

PEARSALL LANE, 13223-Sandy M.H. Hu to Joseph and Juanita L. Chiu and Ruby L. Chiu, $279,900.

POINT PLEASANT DR., 13203-Jeffrey M. Edelman to Stephen E. Sandrock, $308,000.

POPES HEAD RD., 11622-Vaz Corp. to Haroon and Ata M. Nazari and Hassan M. Ayoobi and Fatima Ayoobi, $480,000.

PROVINCETOWN CT., 10206-David B. and Susan L. Snider to Paul S. Lalljie, $250,000.

SAN MARCOS DR., 4317-Bruce B. Guthrie to Aaron and Beryl Chan, $324,900.

STEWARTS FORD CT., 12408-William B. and Kristin W. Waddell to Carlos F. Merino and Haley D. Siles, $374,900.

STONEHENGE WAY, 4028-James D. and Hangil R. Han to Timothy C. and Christina P. Perry, $318,000.

SUDLEY FORD CT., 3774-James E. Grant to Lara J. Rauhecker, $189,900.

THACKERY SQ., 9662-Gerald N. and Maltie A. Smeh to Zeng W. Liu, $225,000.

TOVITO DR., 9331-David R. and Lisa M. Scruggs to Elizabeth A. and Timothy J. Yoder, $429,000.

TRUMPET VINE DR., 4579-Dong W. and Ho S. Hwang to John D. and Sidney K. Kuropchak, $405,000.

VALLEY RD., 11718-Rebecca S. Keys and W. Cullen Sherwood and Shirley S. Vanvleet to Moslem E. and Mahin E. Filabi, $430,000.

VARNY PL., 12618-Aaron R. Steeves, trustee, to Michael E. and Marcia E. Lynch, $294,900.

WHEATSTONE DR., 4897-Annette S. Kratz to John J. and Kristen L. Markovich, $316,200.

WOOD THRUSH CT., 5603-Daniel D. and Mary J. Grossman to Elena and Oscar Vigano, $375,000.

ZION DR., 10237-Judith A. and Robert M. Churchill to Eastwood Properties Inc., $400,000.


ANCHORWAY CT., 3152, No. E-Denise S. Pope to Martin Georgievski, $140,000.

BARRETT RD., 6925-Daisy O. and Reynaldo B. Galang to Martha J. Schoonover, $258,000.

FALLS REACH DR., 7034, No. B-David Kleinbard to Christian A. Buddie, $268,500.

GREENWAY BLVD., 2759-Denise M. Flaim and Thomas A. Klitus to Eileen P. McLaughlin, $295,500.

HOLMES RUN DR., 7808-Karen Stevens to Victoria and Justin Schillinger, $285,000.

NEALON DR., 3231-Judith A. Fender to Jose Moya, $327,900.

WALLACE DR., 3001-Barbara J. and John N. Jacobs to Andrew J. Griffin, $305,000.

WESTLAWN DR., 6734-Deanna M. and James K. Shank to Guadalupe and Jose Castro, $279,500.

WESTLAWN DR., 6807-Charles F. and Beverly J. Greene to Lauryne Wright, $269,500.

WILLOW POINT DR., 7714-Laurie Silverman to Jeanette L. and Michael S. Repie, $189,900.

WILLOW POINT DR., 7741-Victoria and Justin Schillinger to Laurie Silverman, $220,000.


HOPEWOOD DR., 2058-Raymond B. and Victoria C. Viets to Jan G. and Kathleen S. Lindstedt, $370,000.

KINGS MILL CT., 2133-Rosemary T.T. Tran to William H. and William A. Lauer, $380,000.

KINGS MILL CT., 2149-Daniel V. and Darby J. Arakelian to Haneed Gorani and Bahar Rowhani, $364,000.

PIMMIT DR., 2300, No. 908-Zahra Ellini to Van G. Thai, $176,000.

SAVANNAH ST., 7604, No. 203-Minh N. and Duc C. Trinh to Fredis Ramos and Maria E.M. De Ramos, $103,000.

STORM DR., 2012-Robert W. Zimmerman to Pedro Y. Han, $229,900.


JAMESTOWN RD., 1803-Carolyn M. Snyder to Kay L. Neer, $287,500.

MORNINGSIDE LANE, 1217-Eman and M. George Asfour to Yves A. Fedrigault, $430,000.


GOLDEN ARROW ST., 841-Soon H. Ro to Tim D. and Anne H. Whipple, $565,000.

GOULDMAN LANE, 801-Cheryl M. West and Bruce Baker to Walter K. and Liza W. Renner, $950,000.

HOLLY KNOLL CIR., 12119-David C. and Simone R. Parchment to Naoko and Douglas J. Berg, $500,000.


ALABAMA DR., 1191-Madhu Kashyap to Lorenzo Escobar and Ana M. Yanez, $159,000.

ALTON SQ., 12909, No. 202-Lyn M. Tomlinson to Bekim Veseli, $129,500.

BOND ST., 1261-Larry A. Warner to Koentje S. and Robert M. Watson, $230,000.

BRANCH DR., 932-Arturo A. and Henry A. Cifuentes to Yaneth R. Menacho and Manfredi R. Aguirre and Rosa M. Paniagua, $212,000.

BYWATER CT., 3303-James G. and W. Charlene Garlitz to Mark A. and Mary E. Sabatella, $424,000.

COMMODORE CT., 3508-Walter K. and Liza W. Renner to Tadelech E. and Warren C. Dance, $678,800.

CYPRESS TREE PL., 1103-Pritpaul S. Brar to Lynn F. Boynton, $257,000.

FALL PL., 705-David A. Saunders, Barbara R. Hargrave and Kathryn L. Noble to Salma Khan, $260,000.

FOLKSTONE DR., 12308-Teri W. Polgar to James R. and Mary A. Noland, $450,000.

FOX MILL RD., 2516-Washington Buddhist Temple of Jingak Order to Jong I. Kim, $250,000.

FRANKLIN OAKS DR., 2868-Alicia A. and David G. Parker to Anthony R. and Lenore R. Humphreys, $620,000.

JEFF RYAN DR., 1011-Abby Maginn to Farhan Zubair, $293,000.

KINROSS CIR., 3156-Albert J. and Michele M. Maghamez to Marcella S. and Thomas J. Rudden, $458,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 11714-Chau Y. and Dung D. Ngo to Anh and Thuc K. Do, $510,000.

LOGAN WOOD DR., 2604-Paul Magnotta to Y. Than Nguyen and Cindy C. Tran, $325,000.

MOTHER WELL CT., 2913-Robert A. and Theresa M. Magill to Dante A. Verme and Sonia M. Mey Verme, $525,000.

PETERSBOROUGH ST., 2658-Gus R. Babb to Michelle S. Madigan, $350,000.

PLAYER WAY, 1103-Forest Marovelli to Fern M. Jacobs, $224,000.

WESTCOURT LANE, 2201, No. 201-Margaret M. and Marie J. O'Connell to Siva R. and Sailaja Malladi, $170,000.


BERKSHIRE CT., 5913-Mary G. Phillips to Kuulei Stockman, $275,000.

BLAINE DR., 5861-Virginia M. Simpson to Concepcion Artiga and Vitelio A. Martinez, $139,000.

DONA AVE., 3302-Joni Larson to Timothy H. Bowers, $195,000.

ELMWOOD DR., 3711-Jocelyn L. and Joseph Barra and Allan Y. Heyrana to Jose G. Calderon, $236,000.


GREEN SPRING LANE, 7016-Baljit K. and Jagjit S. Ahuja to Claudia L. and Wendell F. Bassett, $395,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7507-Shronda Boatwright to Carole G. Leynes, $165,000.


GOLDEN RIDGE CT., 8500-Bridget P. and Robert J. Doucet to Patricia M. and John M. Pitzer, $185,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9628, No. B-Deborah Kisendaffer to John J. and Angela P. Comiskey, $87,500.

HAMILTON CT., 6903-Juan A. and Miguel A. Martinez and Norma C. Martinez and Julia I. Orellana to Mario A. Aparicio, $162,000.

KOOPMAN CT., 7809-Marian J. Robinson to James N. Hughes, $199,000.

RED EAGLE CT., 8412-Michael A. and Laurie Atsiknoudas to Jonathan K. Eastman and Kelly C. Lewis, $179,900.

SHEPHERD HILL DR., 9542-Samuel I. and Sandra E. Gilchrist to Jaymond A. and Amy E. Santos, $175,000.

WOLFORD WAY, 7656-Jimmy R. Davis to Ibrahim P. Fornah and Chandoe S. Porter, $200,000.


COUNTRYSIDE CT., 906-Ruth and Steven S. Remsen to Charlotte A. and Jonathan F. Lillard, $935,000.

FARVER RD., 6142-Alexander P. and Wendy W. Haig to Sankar and Mitra Basu,


KELLOGG DR., 6222-Gerrit W. and Susan L. Gong to Timothy and Jennifer Warren, $625,000.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1800, No. 620-Sonia V. Drummond and Clinton B. Peach to Kenneth B. Asher, $270,000.

RIVER OAKS DR., 7007-Keith S. Fischler to Veena Railan, $577,500.

VALLEY WOOD RD., 1925-Diane A. and John W. Flora to Philip Decara, $718,000.


BEDFORD TER., 5390, No. D-Celestine Pressley to Beverly A. Taylor, $64,000.

REEF CT., 9303-Carolyn J. and Peter D. Merrick to Anthony A. and Dawn B. Androsky, $555,000.

TOWNE MANOR CT., 8535-Dorothy S. and Horace L. Grant to Nicole K. Bates,



GARDNER PL., 5500-Edgard and Shauna Nouhra to Mohammed S. Miah and Asma A. Lovely, $324,900.

MONTGOMERY ST., 5316-Mary P. and William W. Houser to Hung and Long Pham, $265,000.


BORGE ST., 2993-Sharon S. Tweedie to Jin S. Lee and Wonju Song, $295,000.

EMERALD ROCK DR., 10307-Mark E. and Kelly D. Twambly to Benjamin F. and Emily E. Tuck, $299,000.

MCKINNON WAY, 3078-Diane E. and Ladnor D. Scott to Elizabeth Updike, $525,000.


ALDBURY CT., 11054-Robert J. Selekman to Ziaeddine S. Fatemi, $652,000.

AUTUMN RIDGE CIR., 1490-Carol D.

Petersen to Allen S. and Mary M. Rubnitz, $238,000.

BRETON CT., 11834, No. 22B-Kathleen Venaglia to Louis A. Guido Jr., $260,000.

CHESTNUT GROVE SQ., 11260, No. 239-Hector E. and Sonia I. Guach to Renee J. Sauve, $110,500.

EARLSGATE CT., 2401-William C. Gurley to Amrit Yegnanarayan and Lidija Skrbinsek, $350,000.

FREETOWN CT., 2337, No. 22C-Thien M. and Huong T. Ho to Jeremy T. and Jennifer M. Monte, $112,000.

HARPERS SQUARE CT., 10927-Jennifer S. Blank to Kathryn M. Bishop, $236,000.

LAKEPORT WAY, 1954-James R. Savor and Linda H. Starr to Susan H. McQueen, $340,000.

MYRTLE LANE, 2413-Bernice E. and Richard T. Byrne to M. Bruce and Rebecca E. Irwin, $419,000.

NORTHGATE SQ., 1430, No. 2A-Harl J. Miller Jr., trustee, to Michelle D. and John K. Chavez, $89,900.

PARK GARDEN LANE, 1444-Christine M. and Robert F. Warren to Cecilia E. and Michael J. Woods, $372,000.

PARK GARDEN LANE, 1452-Pamela B. Bellmore to Noelle A. Shaw and Stefan Belzer, $349,999.

PURPLE SAGE DR., 1638-David W. and Jan M. Allen to Shaun L. Jones, $168,000.

ROYAL FERN CT., 2065-Betty C. and Robert C. Burke and Lewis E. Burke II to Kyaw M. Aye, $126,900.

SUMMER HOUSE CT., 11430-Dan G. and Andrea D. Long to Christopher C. and Rachael D. Costantino, $375,000.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1986, No. B-Kathleen A. Johnson to Gregory M. Slang, $164,000.

WALNUT BRANCH RD., 12103-Dwight and Rhonda Hamner to Chris and Misty M. Damvakaris, $625,000.

WHISPERHILL DR., 1719-Michael J. Witbeck to Peder H. Schulz, $232,500.


CAROLYN DR., 6413-Mary A.T. Murphy, John L. Poulsen and Mary A. Poulsen to Michael F. O'Hara, $396,100.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3122-Jeffrey S. Lewis to Daniel Gabra and Tonya P. Nyagiro, $475,000.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3100, No. 915-Mary C. Cohan to Michael E. Lenn, $119,000.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3101, No. 403-Charles E. Kennedy to James R. Ogan, $79,370.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3101, No. 708-Sow S. Thong to Defa Tian and Zumei Feng, $96,000.


BELINGER CT., 7303-Mohamed H. Abotaleb to George W. and Sharon O. Callaghan, $157,300.

COLORADO SPRING DR., 7923-Agnes N. Dagbe to Robert L. and Jean D. Cummins, $314,950.

DAUM CT., 9005-Thomas F. Fallon to Marita M. Patterson, $299,000.

EAGLE ROCK LANE, 8822-Adam S. and Sue E. Cristman to Lisa A. Belanger, $291,000.

GAME LORD DR., 7140-Cheryl L. and Timothy L. Rootes to John T. and Marion J. Goode, $334,750.

GRANDVIEW CT., 8002-Lawrence A. Tucker to Christine L. Gass, $172,500.

HAMPTON MANOR PL., 7319-Sui C. Wu to Roy E. and Theresa A. Perkins, $405,000.

HILLTOPPER CT., 7703-Teresa L. Dillon and Ronald J. Sakowski to Cheryl J. and Patrick M. Christian, $412,500.

KITCHENER DR., 8430-Gregory A. Lakatos to Bandana Sen, $215,000.

KITTIWAKE CT., 8059-Amy E. Galloway to Paulette L. Horne, $181,000.

LAUREL CREEK CT., 7300-Joseph C. and Catalina Smith to Mohamoud A. Osman and Fowzia H. Esse, $680,000.

LAZY CREEK CT., 8481-Paul D. Trampe to Richard J. Cyr Jr., $171,900.

MAGIC LEAF RD., 8307-Laurie D. and Bruck M. Ulizio to Norma L. Rivero and Jorge R. Salinas, $260,000.

MAGIC TREE CT., 8484-Genora Young and Loretta L. Gorney to Spiro and Diane Pagiatakis, $243,000.

MAPLE GLEN CT., 8657-Joan M. and Michael W. Hopke and William B. Hopke Jr. to Maria D. Sanchez, $181,300.

MARCONI CT., 7808-Brian T. and Lisa E. Germain to Milton Contreras and Wuilmer Peria, $200,000.

MOLINE PL., 8358-Lorraine D. and Troy V. Caver to Orlando F. Frilles, $200,000.

SUNSET TER., 6317-Anabella A. and Edwin A. Chiquillo to Jose V. Benitez, $175,000.


BELLFOREST CT., 2701, No. 108-Amaranto and Mercedes Deltoro to Alan B. and Diane Kartchner, $330,000.

BURNING TREE DR., 1703-Dana and Mirek Sablik to Iradj Alikhani, $385,000.

CEDAR LANE, 2754-Paola E. and Robert T. Pizzano to Razia A. and Samad A. Darab, $600,000.

COMMONS DR. N., 209-Blaine E. McCants and Janice A. Sebring to Jason K. Wang, $266,050.

GEORGE ST. SW, 309-Mark S. and Joyce A. Costello to Ki S. Yi, $315,900.

HUNTER MILL RD., 1870-Nordlie Family Trust and Norma M. Nordlie, trustee, and Peter G. Nordlie, trustee, to James J. and Sharon E. Hayden, $875,000.

LARKIN LANE, 8155-Thomas L. and Renita Smith to Joseph M. and Catherine S. Picone, $285,000.

MARQUETTE ST., 8502-Doris J. Carder to Sergei and Svetlana Lysenko, $350,000.

MONTMORENCY DR., 1636-Utai Ang to Jack H. and Kellye C. Sheehan, $549,000.

PARK TER. CT. S., 214, No. 82-Sheila Prochaska to Quyen Diep, $149,500.

ROBIN WAY CT., 2112-Alice C. and Tien H. Nguyen to Valeri N. Proudkii and Yana B. Baglaeva, $487,477.

TYSON OAKS CIR., 7949-Debra M. Jones to Jennifer M. Parker, $271,000.

TYSON OAKS CIR., 7982-Kevin E. Rayford to Barbara A. and Michael S. Thomas,


WATERFORD CT., 2939-Sudqi and Dina Amad to Jignesh Shah and Aarti Nawani, $295,000.

WICKENS RD., 10532-Janice A. Roden to Rainer and Sydney Altmann, $1,355,000.


LUDLOW LANE, 7900-Ernest A. and Linda J. Gallo to Michael B. Butchko and Yovanka Lobo, $512,500.

YVONNES WAY, 2306-Harrison H. and Shiva A. Akhavan to John M. and Nancy M. Bernier, $541,000.


CENTER RD., 8684-Lamont H. and Traci M. Hoffman to Dawn L. Hammond and David Berkley, $485,000.

GREELEY BLVD., 6127-Duane A. and Frances I. Hoge and Philip R. Hoge to Kenneth and Hazel Harrigan, $285,000.

GREENVIEW LANE, 6708-Daoud and Maliha Kandahari and Sohilla Kandahari and Mari Saddat to Patmarie S. and Andrew J. Nedelka, $300,000.

HOLLOW KNOLL CT., 6054-Amir and Atif S. Raja to Alazar Tsehaye and Bezawit Ashagre, $230,000.

OLDE LANTERN WAY, 7290-Karen T. and Keith B. Kregg to Agneris Nieves, $256,000.

SURVEYORS PL., 8856-Dawn L. Hammond to Jeffrey W. and Kimberly J. Cooper, $235,000.