The following sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


BALLENGER CREEK PIKE, 2454-Melvin E. and Nancy A. Beachley to Charlene and William Poole, $310,000.


ORNDORFF DR. E., 29-Lisa L. Rachel to April R. Maust, $85,900.


ANDOVER CT., 109-Henry C. and Linda K. Wallace to Debra J. and Ted J. Stoy, $176,000.

ARBOR DR., 6996-Joseph W. Shepherd to Susanne M. and George D. Basford, $225,000.

BASSWOOD DR., 6998-E-Elizabeth Brown to Blanche and James Rippeon, $76,900.

BENTZ ST. N., 408-Francis E. and Ruth E. Abate to Gladden P. and Kevin J. O'Neill, $80,000.

BRIAR CT., 840-Bryan L. Elliott to Travis M. Driver, $187,400.

BRITTANY CT., 5571-David B. Nelson to Rebecca Ann Hilderbrand, $156,000. BROADVIEW DR., 8116-Jill L. and Thomas E. Wilson to David Erik Perlowski, $229,000. CLARIDGE DR. S., 6313-Paul John and Susan M. Mangiafico to Bridgette A. and Cary W. Benoit, $324,900.

CLIFTON RD. S., 6437-Loreen A. Hodgson to Lisa M. and William B. Jennings, $235,000. CLIPPER CT., 7994-Mary H. Grimes to Diana K. and David M. Toohey, $157,500.

CYPRESS CT., 7191-Michael D. and Joan M. Kaminski to Joyce S. and Ray G. Pratt, $92,000.

DAHLIA LANE, 1222-Jennifer J. and Thomas P. Cleary to Ricky Lee Hilderbrand Sr., $138,500. EVERLY DR., 2623, No. 9-1-Yasu and Richard D. Thompson to Patricia K. Plum, $115,000.

FIELDCREST DR., 6118-Pamela L. and John C. Hrivnak to Jeffrey Weeks, $339,900.

HEATHER LANE, 1736-Thelma L. Gillespie to Chin Ching Hsu, $102,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 650-C-Edward D. Thomas to Bonnie Markus, $69,500.

HILDEBRAND RD., 5806-Glen Edward Gibbons to John Bryant, $185,000.

HOLLYBERRY WAY, 598-Lorraine and John A. Rutherford to Jessica Davis, $100,000.

JAMES ST., 10-Janet M. Rondo to Rebecca C. Tribbey, $115,000.

JEFFERSON BLVD., 5911-Jean Pierre Robin to Julie D. and Seymour Ziegelman and T.R. Jackman II, $330,000.

KATSURA CT., 5785-Ruth L. and Albert F. Hammack to Shannon C. Berry, $104,287.

LANTANA CIR., 5802-Cheryl M. Nolan to William Crawford Sr., $68,000.

LONG ACRE CT., 111-Eleanore Louise Keegan, trustee, to C. Paige Deflavis, $174,900.

LONG ACRE CT., 120-Shokrollah and Guity Mohammadi to Jenifer E. Riedmuller, $167,500.

LYNDALE WAY, 5441-Joseph C. Baka to Krishnaveni Penumaka and Tarun Rawat, $207,900.

MARKEL CIR., 1204-Charity D. Farve to Shannon and Daniel Wagner, $180,000.

MARKET ST. N., 728-Nanci O'Brien to Melinda M. Moger and Robert E. Herr, $167,000.

MIDWAY DR., 712-Katri I. and John C. Lindholm to Anna Mae Lovell, $199,000.

MOUNT ZION RD., 4702-Angela Olga Ward to Ruben Sanchez and Leigh Carr, $192,000.

NEW HAVEN CT., 6320-Loretta L. Roberts to Phebean A. and Kenneth D. Kargbo Reffell, $144,900.

OBERLIN CIR., 7108-Geraldine and Bernard Pinckney to Nancy E. Burgess, $150,000.

OBERLIN CIR., 7113-Michael S. Matchett to Eric T. and Sherry A. Crandell, $165,000.

OLD RECEIVER RD., 7909-Thomas A. and Kerrie A. Benitez to Edith A. and Donald L. Druktenis, $259,900.

PEARL ST., 519-James Podio Guerrero to Megan E. Leroux, $130,000.

RIDGE RD., 7240-Louise R. Crevey to Barbara Crum and Thomas R. Woodruff, $330,000.

SHANNONBROOK LANE, 225-Elizabeth and Derek Root to Joel Peters, $215,000.

STONEGATE DR., 123-Karen L. and Robert L. Vence to Rebecca A. and Alfio T. Macri, $114,500.

SUMNER DR., 2049-Sara C. and Barney L. Willis Sr. to Paula A. Baron, $152,000.

SUNDAYS LANE, 6812-Paul J. Offutt to Teresa Gail Burger, $249,900.

TERRY CT., 425-Department of Veterans Affairs to Katrina J. and Kristen W. Anderson, $60,000.

THURSTON RD., 2802-Mary B. and Carl L. Kruhm Jr. to FLF Corp., $265,000.

TOLLHOUSE CT., 101-Department of Veterans Affairs to Crevante Mason, $168,000.

WAINWRIGHT CT., 2136, No. 1B-Hilda T. Forney to James D. Ferrell Jr., $85,000.

WATERFORD DR., 834-Rosalyne Bea Reynolds to Felicia Marie Hampton, $148,500.

YOUNG PL., 811-Eying Chen and Heng Guang Jiang to Joann R. Adkins, $229,500.

FIFTH ST. E., 113-Guy E. and Hilda I. Snook to Erica R. and Brent F. Christ, $40,000.


GIBRALTAR LANE, 9612-Maynard E. and Louise M. Long to Julie S. and Scott R. Salsi, $400,000.

ST. GEORGES PL., 7702-John L. and Cynthia G. Chrosniak to Rosalind A. and David L. Peters, $459,000.

WARBLER LANE, 11505-John David Lyle Jr. to Kate F. Welter, $262,500.


SHADYWOOD DR., 3851, No. 1D-Evelyn V. Murray to Jennifer J. and Arthur T. Shook, $85,000.


AGATE CT., 4397-Shirley A. and Thomas Derr to Eleanor and Kenneth F. Warrenfeltz, $169,900.

LINDEN AVE., 3-Pauline S. Keller to Robyn L. Shafer, $230,000.


BLUEBERRY DR., 3727-David R. and Thelma A. Halliburton to Jessica L. and Steven P. Nonkes, $225,101.


COMMODORE CT., 6614-Dennis John Rudden to Stephanie J. Kelley, $174,000.

EAST RD., 114-Wayne E. Johnson to Kathleen H. and Peter M. Fisher, $180,900.

HEMLOCK POINT RD., 6583-Peter Michael Mulfrew to Elizabeth Reese, $145,000.

MEADOWGREEN DR., 1106-Roger D. and Marianne S. Blair to Anne and Michael Butt, $300,000.

OAK CLIFF CT. S., 103-Jonathan R. and Stephanie Fleming to Diana M. Wolfe and Michael T. Sargeant, $137,000.

STEAMBOAT WAY N., 6282-Kenneth Eugene Lamb to Barbra J. Woolery, $145,000.

WEST OAK CT., 13503-Prudential Residential Services to Tammy L. and James A. Israel, $575,000.

WHITE PELICAN WAY, 10224, No. 107F-John Richard Quickel to Jennifer Carucci, $87,900.


TARR DR., 9017-Harry and Verna Schylaske to Kimberly and Charles Appleby Jr., $174,000.


GIBBONS CT., 1603-David D. and Franziska M. Shilling to Lauren A. and Gary L. McGill Jr., $250,000.


EMMITSBURG RD., 131-Charles N. and Bertha M. Biddison to Kimberly D. and James S. Hagan, $178,000.


ADAMS WAY, 109-Mildred Elizabeth Slagle to Leslie S. Dougherty, $137,500.

DISCOVERY BLVD., 8379-Kathy D. Toms to Deborah R. and Donald C. Barnes, $83,500.

HIGHLANDER BLVD., 9411-Wanda L. and L. Harvey Kirk III to Henrik Olsen, $258,000.

REVELATION AVE., 8369-Jerry L. Cleaver Jr. to Regina M. and Stephen L. Howell, $81,000.

SMITHFIELD DR., 106-Jaquelyn C. Thomas to Mark William Binder, $133,900.