Postmaster Eva C. Hall and others at the Loveville post office have been up to their elbows in red ink for the last week or so. It's not a fiscal crisis, but rather their annual Valentine's Day labor of love -- literally.

By the end of work today, as many as 30,000 love notes, cards and letters will have been hand stamped with the Cupid cancellation that Hall and the Loveville staff have offered mailers from all over who want the object of their affection to receive a special valentine.

The mailings have become a tradition here, as well as in other appropriately named towns around the nation: Valentine, Va.; Loveland, Colo.; Loving, Tex.; and Valentine, Neb., to name just a few.

Since 1987, the Loveville post office has bowed to romance by affixing its once-a-year Cupid postmark to mail from throughout the area in the two-week period leading to Valentine's Day.Eva C. Hall, the Loveville postmaster, places the Cupid postmark on every card, letter and bill that passes through her post office from Feb. 1 through Feb. 14. At right, Helen, Md., Postmaster Karen Guy helps customers at the Loveville post office on Tuesday. As many as 30,000 pieces of mail will bear Cupid's arrow.