In the Feb. 13 edition of the Extra, the Home Sales column incorrectly listed the residence at 1228 Franklin St. NE, owned by C. Akia Quanderjordan and Janyce Q. Bryant, as being sold recently. It has not been sold. (Published 2/27/03)

The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes across the Washington area, visit The Post's Internet site at


A ST., 1616-Earnestine E. Andrews to Zara D. Roberts, $210,000.

C ST., 1361-Joann E. Scandola to Vida L. Shega, $215,000.

CLINTON ST., 3032-Ernestine H. Brown to Eric L. Wiggins, $200,000.

CONSTITUTION AVE., 633-Amos Shaw to James Egan, $428,100.

FLORIDA AVE., 1204-Julie G. Osikoya to Nermine and Emad Elias, $135,000.

FRANKLIN ST., 1228-Susan C. Kelly to Jamilla L. Jones, $85,900.

G ST., 1431-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Elizabeth Gephardt, $146,000.

G ST., 514-Kevin M. Davis to Sean R. Robinson, $365,000.

HUNT PL., 4317-Ernest D. Banks to Deborah J. Smith, $65,000.

INGRAHAM ST., 555-Margaret Collins White and Geralyn Ann Triss to Jeanette K. Stephens, $139,900.

L ST., 809-Stanley L. Kleski and Fisher May to A.D.M. Corp., $55,000.

NORTH CAROLINA AVE., 1530-Leahseneth O'Neal to Michelle and Christos Kalivas, $137,500.

QUEEN ST., 1226-Sam H. Paylor to James L. and Diane E. Harris, $165,000.

QUINCY PL., 104-Michael M. Martin to Stephen M. Albrecht, $255,000.

S ST., 218-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tanisha Stephens, $110,000.

SHERIFF RD., 5173-Allfirst Bank to Spinner Group Inc., $65,000.

TUCKERMAN ST., 122-Herbert V. Carroll to Tiffany and Eric Pratt, $240,000.

10TH ST., 12-Martin H. and David N. Speights to Lauren Marcus Labonty and Christopher W. Hellmich, $800,000.

11TH ST., 931-Summer Lewis and Vercy C. Davis to Edith R. Buffalow, $265,000.

12TH PL., 216-Erica L. Powell Norman and Arthur C. Powell to Luca Guerrieri and Jason Brown, $349,000.

14TH ST., 2211-Edward W. Reynolds to Pocahontas Jones, $105,000.

18TH ST., 426-Walter Sampson to Mona Hall McKenzie, $180,414.

18TH ST., 701-Mary A. Nicholson to Claudio A. Ferrario, $65,000.


BILTMORE ST., 1949-Petronila Victoria Perez and Fulgencio M. Marti and William A. Bland to Richard E. Ward, $700,000.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4201, No. 1103-Hashem and Babak Amirian to Elena Midori, $195,000.

CHEVY CHASE PKWY., 5228-James Gary Whitney and Anne Brackenridge Mosle to Megan R. and Justin P. Murphy, $475,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 3100, No. 121-Angelica H. Braestrup to Marcus and Doris B. Watkins, $80,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 4707, No. 101-Steven L. and Joanne J. Levin to Mary Elizabeth Donahue, $399,000.

FARRAGUT ST., 919-Merlyn P. Francis Dawkins and Andrew Anthony Francis and Herbert Dawkins to Memuna K. Kamara, $195,000.

FESSENDEN ST., 4111-Joel A. Skirble to Michelle M. and Kip J. Crecca, $432,500.

FLORAL ST., 1317-Etta M. Purcell to Jeffrey A. Young, $495,500.

GALLATIN ST., 637-Christopher Vanarsdale to Vera M. Miller, $180,000.

HARRISON ST., 4432-Elizabeth S. and Bruce D. Snider to Peter B. and Jennifer Kelly, $495,000.

ILLINOIS AVE., 3913-Madeline Williams and Louis Jerome Jackson and Louis Jerome Jackson Trust to Rodney F. Barnes, $235,000.

INGRAHAM ST., 1217-Diane D. Lee to Jose A. and Hericelda Rodriguez, $182,500.

IRVING ST., 715-Bernice J. Tillet and Josephine C. Baker to William F. Coates, $170,000.

MACARTHUR BLVD., 4451-Mary Ann and James P. Jarczynski to Andrew J. Chassaing, $400,000.

MACARTHUR BLVD., 5016-Michael Joseph and Ada Marie Sherier Philbin to McCullough Residential Corp., $1,600,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 1711, No. 121-Mark H. Kochan to Roberto H. Iglesias, $206,100.

MORRISON ST., 3322-Jonathan G. Katz and Lynn N. Hargis to Donald J. Simon and Holly A. Idelson, $1,115,000.

N ST., 2113, No. T1-Karen S. Hollweg to Kate Hutchins, $242,000.

N ST., 3113-KCC USA Development and Christos Economides to Maureen Lamour Agron, $1,300,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1330, No. 410-Leon and Judith E. Bernstein to Graciela A. Tejeda, $230,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1926, No. 4-Jeffrey R. Trudel to Francisco Roig and Claire Gicquel, $281,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 5221-Mayfield B. Reeves and Kimberly K. Edley to Northwest Investment Group Corp., $150,000.

NORTH CAPITOL ST., 2414-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Olga Williams and Morris Ervin Cunningham, $106,000.

ORDWAY ST., 2711, No. 200-Ruben G. Echeverria to Cecilia C. Corvalan Dobry, $250,000.

P ST., 2709-Michael A. and Cera F. Defeo to Sky Building Corp., $1,049,000.

PORTER ST., 3832, No. 385-Andrew J. Gaidurgis to Henry J. Flynn, $350,000.

R ST., 3400-Selwa S. Roosevelt to Diane L. Elson and James P. Bankoff, $1,450,000.

RESERVOIR RD., 3242-David W. Ferguson to Robert J. Schooling, $1,000,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 138-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Roseline F. Odusanya, $254,850.

RIVER RD., 4312-Monika D. and James R. Loving to Anne M. Novak, $439,000.

S ST., 2107, No. M-Robert J. Schooling to Marni B. Karlin, $376,000.

S ST., 913-William M. Richardson to Merca Home Improvement Corp., $180,000.

SWANN ST., 1441-Marjolaine Souquet and Damon Moglen to Susan Fulton, $550,000.

VERMONT AVE., 1340, No. 3-Patricia A. Reed to James F. Kauffman, $237,000.

VERNON ST., 1812, No. 24-Sarah B. Fitzgerald to Kevin W. Petersen and Charles Simmon Lough, $272,000.

WARDER ST., 3133-Stephen Ayoola to Bolaji Bamisaiye, $170,000.

WILLARD ST., 1748-John W. Carr to Jennifer Gable and Hamid Adeli, $599,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 2320-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Aaron Nestor, $190,000.

WYOMING AVE., 1848, No. 202-Elizabeth R. Chapin to Sonya A. Rao, $276,400.

YUMA ST., 5118-Peter N. and J.S. Stathis to Michael R.E. and Caroline M. Carter, $1,105,000.

FIRST ST., 1621-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Olivia Featherson, $275,000.

SIXTH ST., 1543-Brian Logan and Linda Heller Kamm and 1543 Sixth Street Revocable Trust to Council of Latino Agencies, $250,000.

EIGHTH ST., 6001-La'Monica Harrison to Brenda F. Dawson, $219,999.

12TH PL., 2248-Gregory P. Gallishaw to Andrew J. Dubill, $330,000.

15TH ST., 2032, No. 3-John G. Faulkner to Nasser Zahedi and Fatemeh Behnam, $62,500.

17TH ST., 1726, No. 401-John C. Tucker to Robert S. Ratchford, $145,000.

20TH ST., 1301, No. 1013-Kathleen M. Smith and John F. Haley to Rachel Miller and John W. Adamovich, $214,300.

24TH ST., 922, No. 608-Babak Movahedi to Joseph J. Wolski, $128,000.

30TH PL., 5528-Metro J. Truly to Lorenzo and Cynthia Lazo Bertolini, $442,900.

30TH ST., 1077, No. 307-Matt E. Egger to Alison M. Siskin, $418,000.

31ST ST., 6411-Elizabeth S. Ramadass to Raymur Waltor and Philip S. Rachels, $511,000.

35TH ST., 1428-Pamela Heyne and Carl E. Widell to Eileen Brennan Ferrell, $655,000.

39TH PL., 2215-Gerald L. and Deirdre O. Kloski to Jonathan J. Cowan, $460,000.

39TH ST., 3740, No. 152-Robert J. Antonelli to Mark E. Lilian, $225,000.

46TH ST., 4934-Samuel H. Lievano to Sandra S. Barker, $525,000.


C ST., 314-Larry W. Minor to Lara Levinson, $366,100.

CHESAPEAKE ST., 508-Carolos Johns to Andrew Spriggs, $130,000.

DUDDINGTON PL., 153-Robert A. Rothman to Jackson T. and Annabelle Dunn, $399,500.

FORT DAVIS PL., 1503-Madeline C. Brown to Daryl O. Clark, $122,000.

FORT DAVIS ST., 1637-Oliver and Lorraine Moore to Robyn D. Ball, $135,000.

INDEPENDENCE AVE., 1713-Catherine Brown Thomas to One Piney Grove Investment Corp., $150,000.

PARK PL., 2518-Julius C. Wilks to Cylinda Thomas, $175,000.

S ST., 1418-American General Finance Inc. to Wanda Jean and Robert Lewis Behm, $135,000.

SUITLAND TER., 2107, No. 301-Taro Gangaram Gehani to Joan M. and Herman E. Thomas, $39,000.

NINTH ST., 325-Eveline B. Shum and Paul O. Gagnier to David L. Stephenson and Jo Ann E. Scandola, $461,000.

12TH ST., 405-Vanessa G. Tanaka and James H. Davis to Michelle D. and Jonathan S. Van Lare, $348,000.


DARRINGTON ST., 180-Liddie W. Baker to Marcie D. Muse, $99,000.