The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


CHATHAM CT., 2-Sandra S. Naille to John Gibson and Susan Kenny, $162,500.


ANDOVER LANE, 1588-Steven A. Revier to Maria I. Moya De Lopez, $175,000.

BALDRIDGE TER., 6120-Daniel J. and Susan C. Fagan to Cynthia J. and Lawrence R. Newsome, $160,000.

BARON CT., 6918-Eleanore Walker to Taitia L. and Peter R. Elliott, $318,000.

BELLHAVEN CT., 9550-Courtney and Ronald M. Chesney to Betty J. Hoevenaar, $193,000.

BENTZ ST. S., 13-Edward D. Thomas to Brian E. Spence, $67,500.

BLACK DUCK CT., 6739-Edward A. and Cynthia R. Propst to Tylus O. and Alan L. Do, $146,000.

BLUERIDGE CT., 98-Larry William Hood to David L. Page, $119,900.

BOULDER RD., 9406-Kelly Tugwell Norris to Maria Angel Pineda and Maria Rivera and Mauricio De Jesus Pineda, $133,500.

BOYSENBERRY LANE, 500-Sumiko A. Shaw to Robert W. and Cynthia L. Simon, $110,500.

CARRIAGE WAY, 1781-Robin M. Huckemeyer to Nilda Enid Dejesus and Louis Igmar Toores, $119,500.

COACHLIGHT CT., 7289-Robin M. Huckemeyer to Ingrid Stamberg, $86,000.

CODORUS ST., 1174-Robin L. and Robert W. Smith to Craig A. Felix, $171,000.

COLLINSWORTH PL., 7135-Daniel M. and Melissa Roberts to Sue A. and Peter A. Vigliotti, $169,900.

CRESCENT SPOT LANE, 1414-John L. Everett trust to Simone and Albert Brock, $249,900.

CRESCENT SPOT LANE, 1418-Christina F. and Mark I. Pettit to Kyu H. Ro, $250,000.

DAFFODIL DR., 1147-Tony L. and Brenda F. Erickson to Nasir and Sabeena Rangwala, $143,000.

EVERLY DR., 2657, No. 7-11-Donald E. Fink Jr. to Sandra E. Fleming, $134,900.

EVERLY DR. N., 2622, No. 5-2-Stephen B. and Lisa A. Bonan to Amanda S. Clabaugh and James J. Mirabile Jr., $135,900.

FARMBROOK CT., 6803-Kim R. Deppe to Erik G. Fabe, $104,000.

GRANT PL., 612-John and Sarah C. Tedesco to Vera J. and Jimmie C. Spiller, $240,000.

GRANVILLE CT., 6624-James J. and Amy E. Linn to Patricia and Carlos M. Arze, $184,000.

GROUSE CT., 1431-William E. and Martha E. Wade Jr. to Heather M. and Randy J. Wade, $192,500.

HAMPSHIRE DR., 1333-E-Terri J. Sandberg to Douglas H. Via, $142,730.

HAMPSHIRE DR., 1335-D-Joseph Garvin to Andrea Hrycenko and Thomas L. Jarels Jr., $133,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 501-B-Edward D. and Thomas to Julie A. Csordas and Paul William Morgan Jr., $69,500.

HILLCREST DR., 598-Donald L. and Edith A. Druktenis to Melissa Y. and Robert C. Stevens, $179,000.

HORSESHOE DR., 10982-Patricia McDermott Scott to Danita and Henry L. Puhl III, $220,000.

KNOLLWOOD DR., 6331-Willard L. Jr. and Catherine Donald to Dawn M. and Daniel C. Strayton, $335,000.

LADD CIR., 7101-Ironelis Y. and Andrew D. Rhodes to Justin Streufert, $172,900.

LIBERTY RD., 11523-Marilyn and David E. Steele to Michael C. Martin, $449,000.

LONG ACRE CT., 112-Joyce E. Covington to Christina C. Collett and Jeffrey M. Owens, $176,900.

MOTTER AVE., 807-Martha and Leon M. Fink to Ronald J. Johansen, $120,000.

MOUNTAINGATE DR., 26-Antonio Checchia to Elcy and Evelio Herrera, $125,000.

NEW CASTLE CT., 109-Christine Brazil to Michelle and Michael Coghill, $155,500.

NEWPORT TER., 6146-Robert Buchanan to Bonnie K. and James E. Bingham, $207,900.

OBERLIN CIR., 7115-Joyce R. Aldinger to Robin S. and Matthew W. Murphy, $160,000.

PINE RIDGE TER., 6110-Shannon L. and William K. Sheeler to Catherine E. Lally, $187,000.

ST. MAWES CT., 5311-Charles E. and Rita S. Carter to Tamara M. and Michael B. Carpel, $304,000.

SHADYBROOK DR., 9014-Peter J. and Robilee J. Marquez to Christine S. and Roger C. Clark Jr., $378,000.

SOUTH ST. W., 474-Kenneth E. Myers to Mark Langworthy, $56,000.

STRATFORD DR., 805-F-Jack L. and Barbara Thompson to Brian and Veronica McGowan, $70,000.

SUNSET VIEW LANE, 5761-Reginald G. Mock to Donna Jean Betteridge, $111,700.

SWEETSHADE AVE., 598-Shyama H. and Rajeshwar Sharma to Stephen C. Kuhn, $249,900.

TURNBERRY CT., 6903-Julie E. and Ira L. Brown to Ramzy A. Nassar, $137,900.

UPSHUR SQ., 5518-Teresa M. and Daniel S. Bateman to James Blagaich, $212,000.

VICTORIA SQ., 46-Phyllis J. and Brett D. Michaels to Jessica L. Poduska and Joel M. Bowers, $160,000.

WAINWRIGHT CT., 2133, No. 2A-Constance Woodard to Michael T. Weaver, $95,000.

WARREN WAY, 2622, No. 3-6-Teresa Graham and Robert E. Jacobs to Tina M. Ensor, $138,000.

SEVENTH ST. W., 1108-Isaac Wilkes Jr. to Joanne Stacho and Gary D. Markle, $165,000.


BYRON CIR., 3609-Matthew J. Jr. and Maureen A. Mannix to Kiran and Kumar V. Penmesta, $390,000.

GREENHILL CT., 2916-William Lee Minnick to Christine and Russell W. Rachel Jr., $350,000.


MANHEIM PL., 3902-Richard E. Stein to Janice A. and John Washko, $176,500.


BOILEAU CT., 15-Mark H. and Carol A. Sheffler to Kathleen M. and Todd Glesner, $151,500.

BROOKRIDGE DR. E., 8009-C. Eric and Janice L. Winzer to Kathi L. and George P. Oppel, $374,900.

LIMESTONE LANE, 7110-Lisa Mae Smith to Christine Z. and Stephen W. Banovic, $184,900.


CATOCTIN RIDGE DR., 5633-Mary A. and Thomas S. Doolittle to William J. Leckliter, $151,000.

CONTOUR RD., 106-Eric Thomas Huber to Alvie Unglesbee and Jennifer Baugher, $169,921.

HIGH BEACH CT., 10598-Denise M. and Roger W. Duvall to Marilynn Claire McLaughlin, $195,000.

MASTERS RD., 7168-Department of Veterans Affairs to Mary C. and Scott L. Rolle, $175,000.

SANDERLING CT., 6850-Richard H. and Melissa L. Jadick to Susan E. Heltzel and James Bowman, $287,000.

STEAMBOAT WAY N., 6244-Michael J. O'Connor to John and Roberta J. McNamara, $165,000.

WHITE HORSE CIR., 10303-Edna L. Abend Keach to Dale Hitchcock, $199,900.


MEADOWRIDGE CT., 2706-Warren R. Jr. and Donna F. Burke to Judy A. and Keith P. Boone, $246,500.

RUM SPRING RD., 10555-Ira O. and Gretchen A. White Daar to Christine and Richard Komonchak, $259,900.



ROY CT., 5515-Ann Marie and Robert L. Fisher II to Teresa Lynn Atchison, $199,000.

TALBOT CT., 5551-Ginger E. Stewart to Kelly R. Kemp and Sean C. Jester, $134,000.



LEGORE RD., 12222-Nancy and Clifford Flohr to Mary Suzanne Folk, $169,900.


DOGWOOD AVE., 206-David L. Stottlemyer to Paul F. Stottlemyer, $214,900.

HAMMAKER ST., 142-Rosina Bojko to Irene M. and Urban W. Moore, $150,000.


CHAPEL PL., 3-Aaron R. and Marchel A. Janner to Barbara C. and William S. McCay, $235,000.

REVELATION AVE., 8360-Lori Kay Kittel to Regina Howell, $82,000.