The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


LILAC BUSH LANE SW, 6221-Allan W. Davis to Robert J. Chew and Ronna S. Corman Chew, $399,500.

MARYVALE CT., 12731-Henry Miller to Michael and Pamela D. Carnock, $900,000.


APRIL JOURNEY, 5511-Susan Joanne Jessen to Samuel Sheng E. Yang, $255,450.

BALMY DEW WAY E., 7102-Darrin R. Levitt to Michael J. Navarre, $203,500.

BALMY DEW WAY E., 7104-Kenton W. Davis to Margaret Clifford, $170,660.

BASKET RING RD., 9708-Cadoux Development Corp. to Barbara C. Tindall, $160,500.

BEECH CREEK DR. SW, 10916-William C. Wall III to Sarshar Khan and Syed Hussain, $216,000.

BLACK STAR CIR., 8572-Melanie K. Pontell to Joseph J. Mally III, $176,000.

BRUSH RUN, 9251-Lee E. Paul to Saad and Rana Sammani, $199,900.

CEDAR LANE W., 5490-Jon Reed Peret to Lisa K. Hilton, $80,400.

CEDAR WOOD DR. N., 6012-Joseph Christopher Ward to Desai and Jyothi Siddabathula, $184,900.

COLLEGE SQ. SE, 10358-College Square Corp. to Charles D. Rhodehamel and Janet W. Morrison, $167,900.

COLUMBIA RD., 5269-Horace Lee Wallace to Louann Magi, $220,000.

DAWN DAY DR., 6240-Mohammad M. Sizar to Maria C. Cianciolo, $245,000.

DAWN WHISTLE LANE E., 6409-Donald R. Furr Jr. to Randall D. Specht, $339,000.

DEEP EARTH LANE S., 6236-Mohammed M. Khan to Manoj and Mallika Prasad, $200,000.

DEEP RIVER CANYON E., 6250-Robin Barnes to Yuen Yee Chui, $213,000.

EARLY RED CT., 6340-Richard A. Roberts to Randy and Tonya Williams, $183,500.

ENBEREND TER. SE, 5465-Karlton L. Kim to Thomas F. and Lou Ann B. Gilmer, $146,000.

ENDICOTT LANE, 5479-Lawrence J. Butler to Robert C. Derr, $126,000.

FLAGFLOWER PL., 5750-Merritt W. Pharo III to Luis E. Neyra and Maria Yong, $145,950.

HARMEL DR., 10849-Coretta D. Montgomery to Ho Rak and Eun Kyung Park, $355,000.

HAYSHED LANE, 8727-Christopher Canterbury to Richard N. Gambrill, $67,500.

HURSTBORNE RD., 9649-William J. Gardiner to Laura A. Hines, $190,000.

INDIAN CAMP RD., 9369-Richard P. Pilcher to Emmett E. Thomas Jr., $126,000.

KATHLEEN CT. NW, 10904-James W. Roberts to Basheer Abdalla, $285,000.

LAMBSKIN LANE, 9007-Steven T. McGlynn to Claudette F. Jefferson, $133,500.

LITTLE PATUXENT PKWY., 11440-David W. Lane to Louis P. Willemin, $95,000.

LITTLE PATUXENT PKWY., 11540-John L. Murphy III to Ivy G. Roth, $92,000.

LOG CHAIN RD., 9202-Daniel Eskinazi to Joyce E. Agness, $175,000.

MOONRIDER LANE, 9560-Leonard J. Poirier to Scott D. Hoots, $314,900.

PHELPS LUCK DR. W., 5518-Choma Agwbuzo to Paula Seabright, $250,000.

RED APPLE LANE, 9570-Peter J. Brophy to Huung Joon Kim, $304,900.

ROCKSPARKLE ROW, 9620-P. William Herndon Jr. to James and Beth R. Bremner, $175,900.

SADDLE DR., 6416-Jason C. Walbert to Jacqueline A. Hobson, $312,550.

SINGLE WHEEL PATH NW, 7237-Gary W. Dieringer to John N. and Kristine E. Woodson, $305,000.

SMOOTH PATH, 7114-Robert Alan Geiger to Brian P. and Susan S. Coughlan, $255,000.

SUNNY SPRING, 6058-Timothy J. Vander Vossen to Andriy R. Koropeckyj and Tamar A. Donovan, 255,000.

THUNDER HILL RD., 5860-Garret C. Brown to Kristen M. Perry, $47,000.

WATCHLIGHT CT., 9032-Tony Davenport to Renee Monique Taylor, $107,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY, 7539-Manuja A. Ranasinghe to Patrick Devine, $113,000.

WINDSTREAM DR. E., 10001-Donald C. Klein to Helaine G. Schwartz, $275,000.


RUTHERFORD WAY SE, 4543-Scott Lucas Porter to Karla and Randall Pinato, $520,000.


BAYBERRY CT., 6310-George A. Heitz Jr. to Robert D. Corley, $117,900.

BUTTERFIELD DR., 7813-Eric B. Southan to Leslie Raymond, $145,250.

DUCKETTS LANE, 6508-Peter Alan Schumacher to Kenneth G. and Mary Kathryn Bell, $141,000.

OLD HIGHGATE DR., 6449-Roland W. Coates III to Roland W. and Cynthia B. Coates, $167,500.

ROWANBERRY DR., 5701-Sharon J. Kidd to Tracy C. Fittro, $89,000.


BONNIE BRANCH RD., 5105-Jon Joseph Brogdale to Bradley M. Andrus and Christy A. Russo, $250,000.

BRIGHTWIND CT., 7906-Jason Ferrante to Robert T. and Theresa L. Bowden, $205,000.

BRIGHTWOOD CT. SE, 8057-Kenneth E. Robertson to John D. Paparazzo, $207,500.

CENTENNIAL LANE, 3597-C. Knudsen Development Corp. to Mark A. Kusiak and Rita Y. Sato Kusiak, $190,000.

CHATFIELD LANE NW, 7704-Scott Petersen to Keith and Katherine Sherman, $178,500.

CHATSWORTH WAY S., 4631-Buhl L. Chenoweth to William and Judith H. Swaim, $383,900.

DIVERSIFIED LANE, 9791-George A. Hamilton to William C. Herzing and Cynthia A. Covington, $411,000.

EDGEWOOD RD., 3137-Concetta M. Handscomb to Jarrod C. Jetter, $425,000.

FALLING LEAVES CT., 7827-Jon M. Floyd to Jeffrey M. and Bethany A. Rudy, $187,500.

HARDWOOD CT., 10416-Bruce R. Dolinka to Kenneth G. and Susan A. Smith, $480,000.

HIBISCUS CT. SW, 3308-Hernando Pava to William H. Randall Jr. and Sandra L. Scullen, $236,000.

IVY DR., 8409-Elvis M. Partee to Devin and Lillian Zucconi, $266,500.

KATASHLEY CT., 3584-Carl H. Lindblom to Jeffrey R. and Lisa M. Taylor, $299,900.

KINGSCUP CT. S., 4548-Maureen Kelly Ardisone to Nancy E. Millhouser, $238,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD., 8349-Patricia McGovern to Sue A. Baden, $123,000.

PEMBERTON CT., 4110-Carol A. Lepeau to Antonie Van Zegbroeck and Martine De Schryver, $390,000.

RAMBLEWOOD RD., 3233-Susan S. Bothe to Elizabeth Ann Tubbs, $275,000.

SPENCER CT., 3875-George H. Kullgen to Daniel D. and Andrea R. Harvey, $340,000.

SPRING HARVEST CT. NW, 8511-Patrick N. Mills to Brian M. and Michelle A. Cutick, $330,000.

SUMMER HILL DR., 2916-Glenn D. Christensen to Steven J. and Deborah J. Grossman, $1.25 million.

SUSIES WAY, 9653-Yong Sun Chang to Qian Qian and Li Jinong, $324,900.

THORNBROOK RD., 2905-Tammy Klapp to Neil D. and Amy S. Roseman, $430,000.

WALT ANN DR., 3806-Jonathan A. Lebreton to Joseph G. Cummings, $240,500.

WOODCREST DR., 6333-Rachel Gordon Drohat to Bernard A. Boit, $287,500.


GLENWOOD SPRINGS DR., 2830-Mark D. McFall to Steven and Ronda L. Schrenk, $539,000.

ROLLING HILLS DR. SW, 15009-Williamsburg Group to Robert S. and Deidre A. Nichols, $750,000.


CLARKSVILLE PIKE, 14215-Anthony R. Macy to Ryan D. Roth, $475,000.


FAIRHAVEN PL. S., 8705-William C. Merklinger IV to Montas Louis, $202,000.


WOODBINE RD., 1815-L.L. Smith Family Corp. to Trinity Quality Homes Inc., $1.07 million.


CANTERBURY RIDING, 9290-Richard E. Blankenship to Andrew J. and Patrick T. Komiske, $101,500.

DELFIELD CT., 10636-Candis L. Ostwalt to Euyheon and Joomi Hwang, $164,000.

EVERMORE CT., 8801-Diane C. Ferguson to Dinorah Cely, $215,000.

GLEN RIDGE DR., 9545-Thu Phuong Nguyen to Matthew R. and Scarlett Davis, $283,000.

HITCHING POST LANE, 9180-Clare Fouts to James Wiedman, $81,000.

LEISHEAR RD. NW, 8262-Ralph L. Styers Sr. to Richard W. Spicer and Kerry Lynn Mulhall, $285,000.

NORFOLK AVE., 9632-Robert L. Myers to Mark E. and Donna E. Fenicle, $292,000.

TUMBLEWEED RUN, 9110-Karen Paige Turner to Mary T. Heard, $113,000.


ED WARFIELD RD., 16170-Lawrence T. Smedley to Nelson and Kristina Petulante, $605,000.

ST. MICHAELS RD., 1720-Ronnie Leakins to Southern Kraft Builders , $184,000.