The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


BEL PRE RD., 4816-Athanassios and Dimas to Silvia R. Romero and Ricardo Prudencio, $310,000.

DANVERS CT., 12710-C.G.E. and J. Wijegunawardena to Lillie P. Alexander, $190,000.

DRAKE DR., 13705-Maurine R. Goldsmith, trustee, to Michael J. Grady, $357,000.

IVES ST., 4406-Brian E. Bridgeman to Edmond U. Castilla, $228,500.

SWEETBIRCH CT., 15500-Salvatore A. Jr. and C.D. Milgore to Dorothy J. and Dennis J. Sheil, $472,500.


ALLAN RD., 5017-G.F. and Craig H. Llewellyn to Owen D. Mitz, $655,000.

BRADGROVE CIR., 6807-Richard D. Klausner to Nikki P. and Sheldon S. Miller, $900,000.

CHASE AVE., 4606-R.T. and Roy S. Belden to Richard D. Apgood, $556,200.

CRESTBERRY LANE, 7411-Farid N. Ghadry to Amparo C. and Harry E. Wing, $505,000.

EDGEFIELD RD., 4717-Louis E. and K.D. Tebow to Nancy G. and Lawrence P. Klein, $381,300.

GREENTREE RD., 5819-M.F. and P.G. Gillespie to Elizabeth J. and William F. McMillen, $400,000.

KENHILL RD., 6621-M. and Aaron Gerber to Constance Rhind, $1.275 million.

LANGHORNE CT., 10105-Livio Pino to Mona Zarifa, $375,000.

MAC ARTHUR BLVD., 6415-Robert B. Colgin to Katharine M. Feehan and Richard R. Hoffman, $456,000.

MANNING DR., 5113-Nancy Roche to Roberto Beolchini, $580,000.

MONTROSE AVE., 10413-Srinivasan Padmanabhan to Jason Hillman, $189,900.

PARKWOOD DR., 9909-Dorothy E. Wynn to Maureen Flanagan, $253,800.

PEPPERELL CT., 29-Henry D. and D.S. Ritter to Parvin and Cyrus Baharmast, $670,000.

RIVER RD., 4908-C.C. and Edwin B. Cleverdon to Matthew T. Reinhard, $398,500.

SENTINEL DR., 4986-Anne R. Wood, trustee, to William L. Marsh, trustee, $435,000.

TAVESHIRE WAY, 7214-Iris J. Williams, trustee, to John A. Zangardi, $390,000.

THOREAU DR., 8110-Howard G. and B.K. Feldman to Laura B. and Bradford C. Wills, $625,000.

THORNBUSH CT., 5504-Stuart A. and D.L. Himelfarb to Joan M. Friedenberg and Jonathan D. Dalant, $634,000.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10601-Lee C. Lloyd to Rosmarie Hotz Anthon and Henry A. Anthon Sr., $235,000.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10607-Felix G. Meale to Debra A. Smith, $225,000.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10620-Susan E. Silver to Karen K. and James F. Hibey, $227,500.

WILSON LANE, 6102-Rita L. Albina to Hilary Chung and Steven Oh, $899,000.


FOOLISH PLEASURE RD., 14502-C.M. and Eric S. Jurin to Harold F. Baker, $310,000.


GOLD MINE RD., 2908-Alfred Jr. and F.M. Fallavollita to Helen G. and Jeffery D. Troutt, $349,900.


SWAN HOUSE CT., 3808-Michelle K. Lambert to Kimberly A. Dickerhoof, $227,000.

SWAN HOUSE CT., 3812-Jeffrey A. Lynch to Nita B. and Bhavesh S. Shah, $205,000.

WEXHALL TER., 14744, No. 25-267-M.E. and Juan J. Guirola to Henry L. Dickson, $171,500.


BANBURY PL., 13204-Kevin L. and L.A. Slack to Muriel F. and Richard M. Owens, $347,000.

BORGES AVE., 12416-D.D. and Terrance O. Davis to James Levitan, $425,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TER., 1609-DD-Ravita Maharaj to Stephen C. Broy, $70,000.

COLESVILLE MANOR DR., 401-Hossein Azani to Mary L. and Steven H. Solomon, $397,000.

MILLS AVE., 13605-Theodore I. and I.J. Grossman to Monique A. and Louis M. August, $575,000.

NORTHWYN DR., 14200-Gregory W. and J.J. Ramsey to Kelly H. and Kevin S. Naughten, $380,000.

SHADY KNOLL DR., 13407, No. 211-Margaret M. Cristobal to Theodore R. Greene III, $118,000.


BALTIMORE AVE., 5305-Dario Santos to Barbara J. and Richard E. Kemper, $198,500.

BROOKVILLE RD., 7311-Kenneth P. and A. Kirk to Cecile Kremer and Gene S. Goldenberg, $1.425 million.

DORSET AVE., 5409-H.H. and Robert C. Barnard to Richard A. Ressa, $851,500.

LANGDRUM LANE, 4803-Robert W. and R.C. Hartman to Carolinee Mascarell and Lawrence F. Salmen, $660,000.

RIDGE MANOR DR., 26031-Antonio and D.M. Delgado to Barbara and Irvin Guterman, $207,000.

RIDGEWOOD AVE., 7209-Alexander and D. Fleming to Collette Brown Bruce and Anthony D. Bruce, $854,000.

THORNAPPLE ST., 3808-William L. and Agnes E. Cuddihy to Sena E. and Brian S. Murphy, $631,000.


PIEDMONT RD., 12413-John A. Straus to William G. Bragg Jr., $260,000.


BASINGSTOKE LANE, 14413-James A. Abeles to Milton L. Hancle and Maryline M. Jarvis, $349,000.

CALLOWAY CT., 400-S.M. and Dinell Morris to Juan A. Dixon, $725,000.

CARONA DR., 14621-Richard K. Meates to Toupazer L. and B. Delano Jordan, $411,000.

KAYWOOD LANE, 2320-G.W. and M.T. Wyman to J. B. and M.A. Evans, $400,000.


FARMVIEW CT., 9604-Dennis V. and B.J. Kosineski to Mary T. and Robert M. Brittian, $535,000.

PEAK VIEW CT., 10401-Harrietta A. Shrader to Theodore J. and Gwendolyn St. John, $320,000.

VALLEY PARK TER., 25709, No. C-5-Larry E. and G.S. Caffery to Tiersa L. and John C. Kieffer, $146,000.


MONONA CT., 18-Joel E. and V.S. Blockowicz to Judy R. and Lance A. Simon, $432,500.


ANSEL TER., 13618-Xiaoqing Yuan to Ryan J. Koo, $276,000.

BARLEYCORN WAY, 18003-Michael A. Shaffer to Ana Marissa and Thomas F. Corfmat, $400,000.

BAYRIDGE TER., 1016-Lisa M. Kristiansen to Jessica E. Smith, $223,900.

BOAT HOUSE CT., 6-Sally J. Bolger to Leena and Bimal B. Mishra, $435,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19425, No. 302-James A. Korch to Robert E. Acevedo, $103,000.

BROOKRIDGE CT., 9902-Dawn S. and G. Gerhart to Lynette and Sherez Mohammed, $125,000.

CAROUSEL CT., 454-Rafael E. and E. Velasquez to Mariana and Michael McCarthy, $195,000.

CENTERWAY RD., 8978-T.T. and Hsin Pang Wang to Geoffrey Ntali, $180,900.

CENTERWAY RD., 8982-Rebecca C. Foley to Marina A. Garcia and Tobias Garcia Fuentes, $160,000.

CHADBURN PL., 9221-John G. and Linda D. Markle to Andrew C. Schwartz, $135,000.

CHERRY LAUREL LANE, 18425-Himanshu R. and H.H. Parikh to Beena R. and Rakesh U. Patel, $215,500.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 411, No. 72-C. and Helmut Kurtz to Tin Lap Lee, $117,900.

CORAL REEF DR., 525-Yujin and Yinghua Wang to Kathleen Miller and Taras Bublyk, $200,000.

CORAL REEF DR., 653-Marc A. Solomon to Robert S. Cameron, $185,000.

CORIANDER DR., 7923, No. 302-Rudy L. Liwanag to Monica L. Williams, $100,000.

CROSS GREEN ST., 317-A-Jennifer L. Maarec to Judy Dunner, trustee, $250,000.

FEDERAL CT., 56, No. 36-Reynaldo S. Reyes to Luis F. Lopez Perez, $129,900.

FLINTS GROVE LANE, 11401-Cynthia M. Cole to Connie J. and John A. Kramar, $540,000.

FLINTS GROVE LANE, 11533-Loretta J. Finnerty, trustee, to John S. Taylor, $500,000.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY CT., 12-P.A. and Richard A. Montella Jr. to Young Eun Lee, $207,000.

FROSTBURG WAY, 9227-Robert E. Jr. and L.B. Hammill to Greta C. and Jonathan M. Fitch, $186,750.

GENTLEWOOD ST., 940-James W. and Nancy Reed to Ann M. and Andrew R. Kopsidas, $595,000.

GIRARD ST., 408, No. 46-Hector M. Rivera to Nancy and Ruben D. Quiroz, $92,000.

GREEN WATCH WAY, 11208-Yair and J. Tene to Myong Hyon and Ki Woong Han, $450,000.

GUILDBERRY CT., 7800, No. 301-Pauline E.M. Smith to Robert M. Plackett II, $84,000.

HART RD., 326-R.L. and Helen A. Sundergill to Gary W. Frey, $425,000.

HART RD., 362-Richard M. and V.K. Dugan to Laura L. and William J. Bergfeld, $413,000.

LAKE SHORE DR., 9771-Donald A. Campbell to Felix Ocampo, $153,000.

LAKE SHORE DR., 9777-Elsie M. Brenkworth to Suzan and Sherwood L. Kolby, $180,000.

LARCHMONT TER., 17735-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jose Gilberto Mejia, $126,500.

LAYTONIA DR., 7627-Joel Rios to Transito E. Franco Aldana, $98,000.

LITTLE QUARRY RD., 406-Foued and D. Hassen Bouzouita to Andrea Kaplan Fedock and Michael John Fedock, $387,500.

LLOYDMINSTER DR., 12613-S.G. and Gobind N. Jagtiani to Sanjeev G. Jagtiani, $445,000.

MAPLE LEAF DR., 9821-Barbara V. Bauer to Carolyn E. Thompson, $170,000.

MEADOW POND PL., 20415-B.M. and Alan Bobowski to Ilya German, $198,000.

MIDSUMMER DR., 218-M.A. and John P. Rosa to Rafael Velasquez, $503,500.

MILLS CHOICE RD., 18911, No. 2-Renee M. Michaud to Alice L. Haughney, $87,500.

OAKMONT ST., 8601-George W. Jr. and S.P. Young to Heather and Kevin McCarthy, $285,000.

ORCHARD DR., 49-Carolyn D. Harris to Barrett J. Penan, $175,000.

ORCHARD DR., 61-Yang Yang to Ai Chiao Chang and Wen Jung Chen, $193,000.

PALMTREE DR., 530-Robert Embrey to Imtiaz Hussain, $168,000.

PURPLE MARTIN LANE, 18824-Gerald Sacks to Samona Benjamin, $133,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 746, No. P-1-Dorothea K. Drook to Susan Shao, $85,000.

SHARPSTEAD LANE, 148-C.C. and Chen S.H. Wang to Maribel Paredes, $212,000.

SKIDMORE BLVD., 521-Mark and G.R. Oven to Kalle Makalou and Abdoulaye Diarra, $415,000.

SLOOP CT., 131-Michael A. and J.C. Sesko to Stanisla V. and Ludmila Rakitin, $164,000.

SOUR CHERRY WAY, 12309-Janet L. Petri to Trinh T. and Dzung A. Pham, $284,000.

STEDWICK RD., 10022, No. 201-Helen A. Porter to Vladimir E. Sverdlov, $92,000.

STONEBRIDGE VIEW DR., 14313-Martha J. Shay to Rajgopal Vijaykumar, $584,000.

SUMMIT HALL RD., 559-Ana L. Biato to Gloria Rosario, $177,000.

TIMBERBROOK LANE, 121, No. 104-Lori R. Wampler to Lydia I. Rosas Marty, $179,000.

WALKER HOUSE RD., 9920, No. 3-Maria F. Lecuona to Yuwana Neogi, $95,000.

WAXWING TER., 8808-Benjamin J. Barnhart to Thomas W. Lechleitner Jr., $280,000.

WINESAP TER., 12000-Shane M. and L.B. Jones to Dorothy P. and Mark C. Eyerly, $355,000.

WINTER WALK DR., 424-Matthew W. and M.E. Mills to Vahid Tabatabaee and Mojgan Ahmadzadeh, $412,000.


AFTERNOON LANE, 20548-Lorenzo Taylor II to Erna P. Widayati, $184,900.

BEACONFIELD TER., 20332, No. 104-Steven J. Huott to Joanna M. Mayo, $83,000.

BEDFORD CT., 11636-Bonnie L. Rhine to Victor F. Obando, $157,000.

BIRDSEYE DR., 18924-Bernard Drabkin to Sarah K. and Joshua J. Riley, $170,000.

BOGGY TRAIL WAY, 12940, No. 67-A.A. and J. Marshall Shepherd to P. Mukhija, $245,000.

BRIARCLIFF TER., 13114, No. 4-407-Mary A. Earl to Lynette Metzer, $145,000.

BRONCO PL., 13813, No. 226-Jose E. Cuevas to Ernest J. Fountas Jr., $171,000.

CHOCTAW CT., 20016-J.H. and Gerald P. Sewell to Romel Lazo, $170,000.

CHURCHILL RIDGE CIR., 12902, No. 2-7-Hyosug Lee to Faye L. Hooper, $134,000.

CLIMBING IVY DR., 12849-Dorothy A. and T.R. Golden to Maria L. and Urso Bello, $180,000.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13031-Leonard J. and V.L. Pastore to Susan and Patrick J. McNulty, $125,000.

CREOLA CT., 13724, No. 194-Rebekah Van Der Duim to Shawna M. and Jon D. Hill, $172,000.

DAIRYMAID DR., 13023-N.J. and Kevin E. Brumbaugh to Gregory Moyer, $190,000.

DOXDAM CT., 14-Kenneth D. Woodruff to Beverly Y. and Austin P. Leedom, $280,000.

FOXWOOD TER., 20417-Jeffrey R. and M.B. Swigert to Lei and Yuanchao Zhang, $436,000.

GALLOP DR., 19023-Zelda E. Irby to Bruce H. Thompson, $247,000.

GATESHEAD CIR., 20003, No. 92-David R. Haarberg to Susan M. Michel, $145,000.

GROTTO LANE, 18951-Paul C. and T.A. Wright to Jillain R. and Chad Graves, $182,000.

GUNNERFIELD LANE, 19112-Michael L. and S.W. Armbruster to Philip W.H. and Pamela P. Wong, $342,500.

GUNNERS BRANCH RD., 19601, No. 1-0123-W.A. and Kerri A. Young to David Fairweather, $62,800.

HIGHSTREAM DR., 19154, No. 1020-Andrew K. Sharer to Aimee Boose, $151,750.

JAMIESON DR., 19040-Kenneth R. and C.A. Warren to Ayenadis T. Kassa and Fasil E. Temesgen, $250,000.

LARK SONG TER., 18909-Janice M. Cruz to Denise M. Lewis, $180,000.

LAUREL GROVE PL., 12507-Earline R. Kyles to Paco S. Freire, $130,000.

LOCUSTDALE DR., 20121, No. 314-Kevin M. and Raquel L. Roman to Jennie W. Cheng, $150,000.

LONG CHANNEL CIR., 14440-J.A. and Fred M. Bagley to Nathan B. Whitfield Jr., $249,000.

LONG CHANNEL DR., 14343-Marc K. Walton to Jeanette J. and David E. Crooks, $250,000.

MARTINS LANDING DR., 18706-Eileen R. Bluestein to Jerome W. Brown, $209,000.

MILESTONE MANOR LANE, 12408-Shaun F. and C.D. O'Connor to Amy D. and Thomas D. Shope, $140,000.

NEERWINDER ST., 20629-Celena Ortega to Monica and Juan C. Molina, $225,000.

PICKERING DR., 12949-Adrain L. Golden to Ruba F. and Rizek G. Hassan, $179,000.

PIKEVIEW DR., 18710-Robert Latos to Elizabeth Peake, $107,500.

PRAIRIE VIEW PL., 13000-L.A. and Thomas E. Scott to Jesus A. Gamez, $260,000.

SPRING MEADOWS DR., 15400-Esmail T. Tehrani to Sharon F. and Sean M. Cassidy, $690,000.

STEEPLE PL., 19045-Stephen F. and Maureen M. Sargent to Jannette D. Castaneda, $245,000.

SUN GARDEN CT., 21500-Glenn E. and A.H. Winkler to Narges and Iqbal R. Hossain, $355,000.

TEWKESBURY TER., 20941-Reginald T. Adams Sr. to Imogene Nation, $268,000.

VILLAGE GREEN CIR., 21305-Paul W. and K.C. Layer to Betty L. and Stephen B. Kasasa, $345,000.

WALNUT COVE CIR., 12428-Matthew S. Case to Denise R. and Zachary R. Merrill, $209,500.

WALNUT CREEK CT., 12212-D.E. and James A. Hubbell to Kurt Olsson, $303,000.

WALNUT VIEW CT., 12914, No. 14-8-Marilyn M. Smith to Yovana Torres and Arturo Mediavilla, $133,000.

WILLOW SPRING CIR., 12513-Susan N. Deppa to Mary G. and Edgardo David, $153,000.

WILLOW SPRING CIR., 12523-M.D. and Mark Wallis to Luis Tejerina, $176,500.

WOODCUTTER CIR., 13027, No. 140-James J. Carl to John M. Dalkiewicz Jr., $259,944.


QUEBEC ST., 1112-Helen Gurewitz trust to Noe S. Rivera, $175,000.

11TH AVE., 8649-Catherine G. Walter to Maria S. and Jose F. Benitez, $155,000.


ASTORIA RD., 3704-Hilda D. Rodriguez to Long T. and Rosine T. Vu, $340,000.

CEDAR LANE, 10002-H.B. and Milton R. Mullican to Michael Veronis, $345,000.

PULLER DR., 4404-Rosemary Thompson to Rosemary O. and James A. Labarge, $390,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3333, No. 1006-M. and Bernard Cohen to Jose Bautista, $135,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3355, No. 202-Peter Afanasenko to Adam D. Perry, $140,000.

WARNER ST., 3919-Anita C. Vose to Samuel Boyd III, $350,000.

WARNER ST., 4302-Jennie E. Gosche, trustee, to Dana and Matthew J. Iandoli, $306,000.

WILDWOOD RD., 10103-Gary A. and P.L. Schwartz to Kimberly J. Pulse Stokes and Robb K. Stokes, $420,000.


WATKINS RD., 10100-Mozayan Aladj to Ann H. and Gene S. Aldous, $467,500.


APPLE RIDGE PL., 19912-J.S. and Wesley W. Wisner to Jeffrey R. Scott, $164,300.

BILLINGS CT., 19838-Sonary Chey to Laura E. Thatcher, $145,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19427, No. 302-Wera M. Schmerer to Rachel E. and Jeffery D. Barnes, $100,000.

CLUB HOUSE RD., 19321, No. 202-Kathleen Brennan to Bruce A. Peeling Jr., $93,000.

DOCKSIDE TER., 9805-Margaret A. Tribble to Patricia F. Rigby, $175,000.

HERITAGE FARM DR., 7814-Michael D. and V.A. Eastham to Valori and Kenneth Maresco, $395,000.

HIGHLAND HALL DR., 20634-James R. Clark Jr. to Anne S. and Neil G. Reay, $265,000.

OTTER COVE CT., 7927-Charles A. Pierre Canel to Jamal P. Le Blanc and Margaret A.Y. Blanc, $166,350.

SENECA SPRING WAY, 10701-Florence D. Dougherty to Mark Dougherty, $250,000.

TAMBAY CT., 9929-Ronald J. Zabriskie to Idowu and Johnson Aiyegbusi, $179,700.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18602, No. 5-Mary P. Prebil to Michelle M. and Timothy E. Clarke, $739,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8648-Jill Prewitt to Jeffrey Chad Mallick, $105,500.

WHETSTONE CIR., 18952-William J. and E.R. Hulihan to Laura W. and Jeffrey M. Hovenier, $349,500.


CRISFIELD RD., 12904-John B. and W.D. Jones to Maria C. and Fernando E. Lopes, $270,000.

DUNVEGAN CT., 14900-Melanie R. Daub to Gerald J. Kepes, $215,000.

DUNVEGAN CT., 14918-D.M. and Gary R. Gilbert to Duyen X. Nguyen, $242,500.

EAST GATE DR., 2421-Norman E. and C.S. Holly to Naomi and Matthew T. Manzella, $387,000.

HOLDRIDGE RD., 12723-S.H. and George H. Wyatt to Danilo J. Meza, $194,000.

HOLDRIDGE RD., 13210-F.M. and John A. Hyman to John Lannon, $211,000.

MC KISSON CT., 14902, No. 8BA-M. and Alfredo Henriquez to Robert H. Johnson, $125,000.

NORMANDY SQUARE PL., 2401, No. 12-Yong H. Cha to Juhee Lee, $136,000.

PINE ORCHARD DR., 15316, No. 82-3D-Beatrice C. Hensley, trustee, to Lucille K. and Irving M. Baker, $138,000.

TARKINGTON LANE, 3527, No. 63-A-T. Robert Romero to Jean How and Mon Suey Lee, $331,000.


PRINCESS ANNE DR., 17609-Roger D. Kaul to Maureen D. and Mark Feinroth, $389,500.


WOOTTON AVE., 19505-Ruth W. Grubb to M. Gene Bennett, $125,000.


BECKET ST., 11800-Chen P. and H.Y. Ku to Jocelyn B. Cresswell and Christopher J. Cresswell, $600,000.

BECKET ST., 11820-Mirene S. Boerner to Alireza and Nages Z. Zavar, $600,000.

CHURCHVIEW PL., 1110-Thomas P. and M. Liebschutz to Kimberly and Timothy J. O'Connor, $541,000.

DEMOCRACY BLVD., 10513-Sanjay and D. Prasad to Margerit and Amir Amirjazil, $770,000.

FALLS RD., 8618-In J. and O.H. Bang to Pi Yun W. and Hsueh T. Hung, $550,000.

GAINSBOROUGH RD., 11203-Slimane Fathi Ben, trustee, to Wendy Ruo Hui and Xue Ming Yu, $430,000.

GATEWATER TER., 9200-Joseph P. and I.L.H. Bornstein to Patricia Greene and Max Kantzer, $469,900.

KENDALE RD., 9821-Charles E. and G.W. Ruch to Norma J. and Jeffrey B. Young, $1.175 million.

MAC ARTHUR BLVD., 10633-Edward F. and K.M. Murphy to Barbara W. and Richard Hillman, $1 million.

ORCHARD BROOK DR., 9324-Harvey I. and E. Abelson to Carol A. Gersten and Alan W. Strasser, $577,000.

ORCHARD WAY N., 59-Howard N. and S.S. Friedman to Laurence Fabre Welmond and Michel J. Welmond, $500,000.

SANDALFOOT DR., 7900-Harold Crane to Elizabeth A. and Michael F. Horn, $875,000.

SPUR WHEEL LANE, 11401-Edward H. and L.A. Carlson to Gabriella R. Schwedhelm and W. Alejandro Schwedhelm, $975,000.

UNITY LANE, 10514-Susan M. and James M. Mitchell to Bhavneet Bajaj, $1.01 million.


BARBADOS PL., 5901, No. 228-H. Jason Schiller to Catherine C. and Michael P. Dechant, $300,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12204, No. 241-Edwin Molina to Jaime Alarcon, $115,000.

COPPERSTONE CT., 1058-Patricia A. Biegalski to Galla Steinbach, $240,000.

CROFTON HILL CT., 4-Mark E. Cooke to Qian Ni, $520,000.

DIAMOND COVE TER., 15306, No. 2-K-Oscar Villalta to Wilfredo Guillen, $150,000.

GLENMORE TER., 2412-Samarendra N. and C. Dutta to Gaston Rojas and Matilde Maddaleno, $375,000.

LAKESTONE CT., 4-Cary G. and M.C. Prokos to Su Jen Kau and Ching Su Yuan, $755,000.

LAMBERTINA PL., 13711-Richard S. and Safeer to Yun Chi Ko Chang and Yen Ming Chang, $398,000.

MONROE ST., 4, No. 1010-S.B. and Jagdish C. Khetarpal to Jennifer A. Arnold, $131,000.

NEW MARK ESPLANADE, 507-Pauline G. Gordon to Taryn L. Waros, $395,000.

PARKLAWN DR., 11909, No. 303-Dorothy D. Sopcisak, trustee, to Elmoetaz A. Aslan, $98,000.

PINTO LANE, 14613-Richard A. Shaw to Jae K. Suh and Young Hee Yoon, $407,500.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 11801, No. 306-Mi Sook Kim to Rashmi and Atul Bhola, $150,000.

SCHUYLKILL RD., 11306-Chotima Harris to Richard A. Subaran, $228,000.

UPTON ST., 203-Helen S. Pan to Soma Ghosh and Adam C. Coggins, $287,990.


CARSON ST., 1108-Steven A. and Macuk to Amy E. and Mark E. Johnson, $230,000.

CLASSICAL LANE, 11325-Tan D. to Carla M. Dancy Smith and Calvin L. Smith Sr., $425,000.

CRESTMOOR CIR., 215-S.E. and Andrew Heidinger to Jacob F. Christine, $325,000.

FINALE TER., 153-Carol Krafka to Don K. Bostick, $229,000.

FOREST GLEN RD., 1900-E. and Leonard L. Deitz to Randall J. Neeley, $300,000.

FORSYTHE AVE., 2909-Garrett H. and Jolanta M. Rothman to Stacy S. and Scott L. Prince, $325,000.

GRUBB RD., 8201, No. G-104-Ronald W. Gamble to Mark Goldberg, $187,750.

GRUBB RD., 8207, No. G-203-Sabrina Evans Laurence to Christina L. Kichula, $189,900.

LANARK WAY, 311-Elizabeth A. Thompson to Michael J. Demott, $297,200.

LOMBARDY CT., 803-Faye Zemel Bidle to Susan P. Golden, $225,000.

MISSISSIPPI AVE., 506-Anne M. Andrews to Dana Shields, $350,222.

MISSISSIPPI AVE., 631-Waldemar Berenguer to Jeff D. O'Neill, $260,000.

PROVIDENCE AVE., 9116-C.Y. and Walter E. Lattimore to Allen J. Seeber, $215,000.

READING RD., 8715-Charles G. Stangor to Peter Muldoon, $220,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2234, No. W-302-Joseph C. Jr. and M.P. Woytash to Sue A. and William M. Heyman, $171,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2242, No. W-101A-B.D. and Robert L. Lupica to Mark Goldberg, $169,000.

WIRE AVE., 9114-Josephine M. Claery to Keri K. Benell, $327,500.

WOODLAND DR., 9706-M.W. and Samuel Thomas to Dean E. Falzone, $300,000.

SECOND AVE., 8707-B. and Cathy Bridwell to Richard R. Leverrier, $269,900.


FLOWER AVE., 7222-Bernard and G. Rothman to Rebecca A. Davis and Stephen Mercer, $326,000.


VANDEGRIFT AVE., 5818-Keith T. Coleman to Jacob Azhdam, $145,000.


BROMLEY ST., 609-George and Z. Luckyj to Gilah C. and Daniel Danino, $265,000.

CASTLEHEDGE TER., 10330-A.H. and Kevin J. O'Donnell to Ronald N. Krifcher, $248,000.

DUBLIN DR., 1619-Ronald A. and J.L. Moser to Tulika and Ambar Narayan, $270,000.

EVEREST ST., 1802-Sharyn A. Childs to Courtney E.D. Gray and Jonathan W. Haupt, $293,500.

GANNON RD., 3907-Majida Chelbi to Rohan S. Mudannayake, $215,000.

HUNTLEY AVE., 10417-Desiree A. Beck to Ernest Erskine, $265,000.

JULEP AVE., 10414-Mark E. Vilas to Dorothy Heymann, $132,000.

PENDLETON DR., 3417-Letty C. Phillips to Ravita Maharaj, $310,000.