The following home sales were recently recorded in Stafford County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue.

AQUIA DR., 3437-Nicolas R. and Mary H. Vay to Michelle K. and Thomas J. Jessup, $249,500.

AQUIA CREEK RD., 179-Paul K. Beresh to Karen and Christopher S. Ribble, $179,000.

AUSTIN DR., 214-Anita M. Layman to Susan M. and David J. Fullerton, $135,300.

BLACKBEARD DR., 1114-Charles and Linda Eileen Phillips Cox to Stephanie B. and Wyatt D. Sharp III, $235,000.

CHOPTANK RD., 179-Kendra Hall Rhoten to Christina and Curtis L. Hartless, $205,000.

CLARK LANE, 40-Kenneth Maurice White to Amesia L. and Edward C. Porter, $248,000.

COLONIAL AVE., 305-Janet L. and John Michael Fray to John Wayne Hutchinson, $126,000.

DUNDEE PL., 200-Cindy L. Mathys to Bradford Tempchin, $170,000.

EASTERN VIEW DR., 923-Betty S. Green Nash, trustee, to Cynthia and Gregory P. Ward, $145,000.

FRANCIS CT., 23-Edward D. and Yvonne Y. Hayes to Rosalie K. and Martin L. White, $300,000.

FRESH WATER DR., 18-Rena D. Monroe to Robert Emmett McCarthy III, $219,900.

HARPOON DR., 2139-Irene K. Jackson to Mark J. Robbins, $135,000.

HARPOON DR., 2224-Timothy A. and Diana W. Gilpin to Pamela and Curtis W. Harris III, $211,000.

HIDDEN LAKE DR., 91-Roger K. and Nicole L. McDonald Rose Jr. to Cynthia M. and Jeffrey E. Hardy, $140,000.

HONEY LANE, 25-Steven D. and Patricia D. Johnson to Soon Ja and Suk Chae Chung, $170,000.

JOSH PL., 4-Scott and Theresa D. Westervelt to Walter R. and Megan M. Hutchins, $225,000.

JOSHUA RD., 391-Billy J. Wireman to Waqar Bhatti, $80,000.

KNOLLWOOD CT., 211-Mark A. Archer to Maria Virginia and Parish W. Blair, $143,000.

LEAMINGTON RD., 5-Steven A. and Caroline T. Laperle to Amy M. and Ross D. Carmack, $257,000.

MAPLE DR., 29-Ron L. Coultas to Richard Blecher, $75,000.

MELCHERS DR., 607-Alicia M. and Carl R. Smith to Anne M. Humbach, $165,000.

NORTHVIEW DR., 228-Guillermo S. and Tracy L. Baltazar to Tracey Pennington and Jason Curtis, $114,900.

PARK COVE DR., 114-Thomas and Tracey Wilshaw to Tonda and Juan Hernandez, $165,000.

PENNSBURY CT., 5-Ronald W. and Karen N. Smith to Elizabeth A. and Michael Y. Lee, $258,000.

PERRY DR., 712-Salomon Brothers Realty Corp. to Blanca N. and Juan I. Fernandez, $149,900.

PLUME CT., 24-John W. and Linda M. Sanborn to Wendy A. and Eric D. Rocholl, $425,000.

POTOMAC HILLS DR., 300-Teresa K. Ciccone to Yong H. and James A. Mickle, $155,000.

POWHATAN CT., 513-Julie L. Brazil and Jon J. Hutchins to Maureen A. Kennedy, $84,000.

PURITAN PL., 33-Richard James and Carol A. Cleary to Shelley D. and Geoffrey H. Hills, $269,900.

RIDGEWOOD DR., 2-David K. and Rheba W. Robertson to Donna L. and Cornell W. Gilmore, $214,900.

ROCK HILL CHURCH RD., 39-Eden and Michael W. Vickrey to John H. Simpson, $139,900.

SEDGWICK CT., 708-Keith R. Young to Kelly E. Carter, $137,200.

SHELTON SHOP RD., 139-Charles R. Higgins to Albino T. Villanueva, $120,000.

SILVER CIR., 6-Albert Fraser to Terrence K. May, $200,000.

SILVERTHORN CT., 19-Jeffery A. Clevinger to Toni A. and Paul A. Herring, $285,000.

SNOW MEADOW LANE, 8-Kurt F. and Jean M. Ubbelohde to Susan and Christopher Sweet, $255,000.

SOUTH POINTE LANE, 18-Maxine and Andrew J. Kapcar Jr. to William Mann, $189,000.

ST. PETERS CT., 20-John M. and Alice S. Cole Jr. to Tammy K. and Ricky Esslinger, $260,000.

STAFFORD GLEN CT., 206-Rosita D. and Alberto R. George to Grover F. Conner, $159,900.

STONERIDGE CT., 22-Regina L. and Jeffrey R. Huber to Robert D. Eberhart, $289,900.

SUNNY HILL CT., 206-Francine M. McInerney to Edward W. Lyle, $160,000.

TANTERRA DR., 9-Earnest M. Whistler to Heather M. and Shemuel A. Rivera, $227,000.

WASHINGTON DR., 1201-Saleta and Gerald R. Stough to John B. Simmons, $235,000.

WATEREDGE LANE, 128-David D. and Beverly A. Shahan to Olivia K. and Mark I. Dow, $429,000.

WESTBROOK LANE, 9-Regina and Francis Watson to Bernard Badami, $292,000.

WESTMINSTER LANE, 306-Timothy R. and Linda McCoy to Sabrina L. and Chad E. Remaly, $107,500.

WIND RIDGE DR., 800-Diana Lee to Stephanie and Rick Baltzelle, $122,000.