Charles County

The following home sales were recently recorded in Charles County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


CREEKSIDE DR., 17231-James M. and Karen S. Marsten to Gertraud F. and Alfred M. Breitkopf, $283,500.


STRAWBERRY DR., 7074-Deborah L. and Larry E. Leukhardt to Michael J. Beall, $138,500.

WOLSEY CT., 5863-Frances B. Harley to Inez N. Graden, $144,000.


OAKSIDE LANE, 8-Audrey E. Cupples to Bernard O. Walker, $116,500.

RAYMOND AVE., 42-Kenneth K. and Danielle N. Poole Kash to Alison A. and Mark E. Vliet, $117,400.


ETHAN CT., 11395-Michael J. and Christina S. Good to Charlotte A. and Thomas W. Weirich, $319,000.

HONEYSUCKLE WAY, 14535-Bette C. and Robert L. Troike, trustees, to Patriot Builders, $32,900.

IVANHOE CT., 14845-Old Branch Builders to Nicola P. and Karen L. Marchese, $185,000.


CHARLES ST., 12536-Lee E. and Peggy L. Sasscer to Deborah A. and Herbert T. Coffman, $332,000.

LELIA CT., 117-Haynes Enterprises to Dirlene C. Cannon, $253,900.

LINDEN LANE, 402-Virginia C. and Daniel P. Knode to Nancy E. and Robert A. Jackson, $169,900.

LINDEN LANE, 408-Patricia B. and Thomas H. Colona Jr. to Beverly A. Copsey, $175,000.

WEATHERLY PL., 7704-William E. and Sharon L. Patton to Amy McBride and William Cogar, $425,000.

WICOMICO ST., 602-Charlotte A. Houchens to Lisa D. Chapman, $168,000.


GARNER AVE., 90-Brian Wanda and Adela Barbu to Shirley A. Harrison, $139,900.

GUILFORD DR., 3258-C. Brinkley and Spencer Stevenson to Troy Cutchember, $170,000.

REDBUD CT., 3677-David E. and Lois A. McGowan to Melinda and Jimmie L. Cannon Jr., $182,000.


ASHFORD CIR., 10643-R&R Development to Albert G. Hanks, $316,800.

ASHFORD LANE, 2321-Eugene E. and Donna M. Bowen to Michelle L. and Alexander A. Martinez, $284,900.

BASS CT., 5029-Brian C. and Alexia A. McIntyre to Mike E. and Richard S. Davis, $193,000.

BIGEYE CT., 5049-Susan Michele Hockensmith to Carol L. Clark and Timothy R. Tameris, $180,000.

BLUEHEAD CT., 5101-Anthony M. Washington to Marlin and Troy E. Musser, $173,400.

COTUIT CIR., 4408-John T. and Lucy T. Smyth to Janice A. and John S. Klimchak, $165,500.

DEERWOOD CT., 6322-Diane E. and Theodore F. Rall to Kelly Jones, $130,000.

DORAL CT., 11671-Joyce A. Drake to Booker W. and Pauline J. Taylor Sr., $245,000.

DORCHESTER CIR., 5150-Darryl B. and Monica R. Moore to Lorraine and Lynwood Townsend, $219,500.

EAGLE CT., 4348-Amanda Joy Anderson to Kathy J. and Irving B. Owens, $101,250.

GOLDEN EAGEL PL., 11302-Gary E. and Terry A. Deal to Evelin C. and Drew C. Skinner, $165,000.

GROUSE PL., 4537-Danielle and Wayne Wilmoth Francis to Holly and Steven Lowman, $117,000.

GUILFORD DR., 3224-Donna S. and Terry M. Matschek to Free Robinson, $174,900.

KIPLING DR., 11658-Michelle L. and Kenneth Messick Wood to Bridget A. and Charles P. Barnes, $190,000.

LION CT., 6554-James W. Wills III to Deanna M. and Timothy S. Elsbury, $214,900.

MANTA CT., 5006-Suzanne M. and Thomas J. Weber to James A. Moore, $207,200.

MOFFIT PL., 9878-John Canoles to James Gwiazda, $179,900.

MOONCOIN CIR., 5-Amelia S. Long to William R. Rawlings Jr., $158,000.

MOORHEN CT., 2808-Norma S. and Wilson E. Phelps to Reginald Washington, $309,000.

NICHOLAS RD., 5003-Leland W.R. and Fredericka E. Lambert to Celena T. and Abraham P. Nuquay, $189,500.

PIN OAK DR., 1640-Samuel T. Robertson III, trustee, to Donald E. and Tammy K. Braun, $99,000.

SPRINGFISH PL., 5794-Candice A. Allen to Charles M. Heflin, $131,900.

TAYLOR CT., 4602-Teddy P. and Margaret H. Thomas to Christine and Shayne W. Moore, $160,000.

WALKER PL., 12345-Wesley J. Adams to Derrick Martin, $259,900.

WHISTLERS PL., 6303-Kimberly Scheetz to Leta M. Comer, $135,000.


TARRINGTON PL., 3806-Vincent M. and Drusilla A. Disandro to Deidra W. and Page B. Christley, $229,000.

WEST POINT PL., 10942-Southwinds Co. to Janet Ratcliff, $176,700.