Prince William

The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office.


ASPIRE CT., 12925-Birchwood at Bridlewood Manor Corp. to Hunter K. and Bruce C. Cotterman, $339,200.

CAITHNESS CIR., 12151-Heiderose J. Wells and Barney Wells to Cheryll S. Kloak, $175,000.

COTTAGE LOOP, 9066-Linda S. and John B. Anderson Jr. to Shirley E. and James B. Cleland, $347,000.

COUNTRY MILL DR., 12024-Susan B. and James E. McNeil to Heather L. Martinsen and Gary C. Hill, $180,000.

CRAIGHILL DR., 9687-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to Margie N. Foster, $310,190.

DARNICK CT., 12901-NVR Inc. to Katherine M. and George T. Foster, $427,425.

DEAL CT., 8509-Washington Homes Inc. to Kelle M. and Bartley N. Reames, $320,680.

DUNBARTON DR., 12865-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to Jane N. Boling and Alan A. Meagher, $330,165.

GENTLE SHADE DR., 12800-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Karen W. and Mark M. Murphy, $366,075.

KYLE MOOR PL., 12973-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Nina F. and Jerome L. Boerste, $326,415.

LENNICE WAY, 9750-NVR Inc. to Cheryl L. and Thomas V. Farewell, $387,770.

MAITLAND LOOP, 9831-NVR Inc. to Tracy and Jeffrey B. Atwell, $208,910.

MAITLAND LOOP, 9838-NVR Inc. to Patricia Cardova Ardoin, $245,125.

MOXLEYS FORD LANE, 10058-Christopher S. Yager to Amanda and Gary Kidwell, $171,500.

NAUGHTON CT., 10076-Jennifer Rousos and John Newberry to Jennifer L. Woolard and William E. Jarvis, $365,000.

PENZANCE LANE, 12347-Betsy M. and Peter G. Hart to Frances L. Freeborn, $214,900.

SCOTTISH HUNT LANE, 13205-Donna L. and George F. McCollum to Theresa A. and Jerry L. Hall, $315,000.

SELKIRK CIR., 12420-Scheneithia J. and David J. Stickler to Annette Armitage, $187,000.

SELKIRK CIR., 12448-Erin M. Travis and Joseph E. Divello to Wendy L. and Brian P. White, $186,900.

STAINSBY CT., 11161-Kum Joo Kil to Alba L. and Moises Barrera, $417,000.

THORNBROOKE CT., 12000-Colette M. Brooks to Relocation Resources International Inc., $330,000.

VICTORY LAKES LOOP, 12809-Beazer Homes Corp. to Vickie and William Baitinger, $334,030.


JOHN MARSHALL HWY., 16011-Mary B. Coddington to Jeanne M. and Benedict V. Bautista, $225,000.


DUNIGAN CT., 3650-Carla G. and Theodore R. Coopwood III to Marian and Roshdi A. Hamamo, $500,000.


ANTRIM CIR., 3165-Carole Hall and William C. Viar to Danny Opon, $180,000.

ANTRIM CIR., 3207-Wanda E. Young to Yvonne A. Kendall, $189,900.

ANTRIM CIR., 3209-Marcus W. Washington to George Owusu Ansah, $189,900.

CRANBERRY CT., 15710-Douglas M. and Jasmine J. Cugini to Richard A. Graves, $287,000.

DEWEYS RUN LANE, 17552-Beazer Homes Corp. to Azima Azmal and Anwar Murtaza Mian, $345,375.

HENDERSON LANE, 16180-Kerri L. and Russell H. Farr to Elba R. and Juan L. Alvarado, $179,500.

IRIS LANE, 15320-Mae L. and Charles Clark Jr., trustees, to Patricia and Brian M. Kuykendall, $299,900.

ISLE ROYALE TER., 17484-Piccard Homes Corp. to Wendy P. and Peter T. Colon, $172,650.

JASPER LOOP, 4092-Charles S.V. Cochran to Kathleen J. McManus, $175,000.

KENTON CIR., 4206-Lisa D. Carter to Frida J. and Shawn R. Hardee, $172,000.

KILKENNY WAY, 2984-Kimberly A. and Dennis D. Marshall to Michelle M. Ewan, $195,950.

LOUNSBERY DR., 17875-S.A. MacLean and Eugene A. Hall Jr. to Nazia Kanwal and Mian M. Shad, $134,900.

PACIFIC RIM TER., 17322-Jill Odana and Daniel T. Young to Ana Maria and Mercedes Rocabado, $215,000.

RINCON PL., 4589-Cynthia and Ian M. Valentine to B. Juliet and James F. Arrighi, $295,000.

SEDGEWICK PL., 2556-Bonnie L. Ennis to Sean R. Floyd, $95,000.

SIGEL CT., 3001-Syed S. Ali to Maria F. and Francisco Martinez, $107,900.

SPRING BRANCH BLVD., 5121-Lucinda T. Hillman to Joseph A. Mickiewicz, $177,000.

SUNNY KNOLL DR., 16206-Mira Emilie Leckner to Sania and Sanwal Qureshi, $190,000.

TOMS RIVER LOOP, 16928-Keiju Curtis to Donna F. Williamson, $165,900.

TUCKAHOE CT., 3433-Curtis L. Hartless to Ola Afifi and Ehab Ibrahimi, $171,000.

WHITE HAVEN DR., 4047-Thelma W. Mountjoy to Rebecca A. and John R. Coughlin, $65,000.


ALPINE BAY LOOP, 14954-Rose M. and Arthur C. Culp to Susan D. Wyatt and Robert B. Fake, $498,500.

DANE VALLEY CT., 13005-Winchester Homes Inc. to Dorsey M. and Ronald L. Ewing, $572,300.

EMMANUEL CT., 6703-Richmond American Homes to Datha R. Ritenour and Brian P. Davidson, $234,565.

EMMANUEL CT., 6707-Richmond American Homes to Kevin D. Baldassari, $214,415.

EMMANUEL CT., 6715-Richmond American Homes to Said Aga Garibzada, $214,490.

EMMANUEL CT., 6717-Richmond American Homes to Jonathan D. Yakel, $195,940.

FILLY CT., 13595-Brenda J. Savin to Kwasi K. Sanny, $216,900.

FRAMINGHAM CT., 7641-Richmond American Homes to Mary R. and James E. Carter, $385,643.

HERITAGE FARMS DR., 13573-NVR Inc. to Lynn and Roy B. Frazel III, $402,758.

JANGLE CT., 13655-Patriot Homes of Virginia Inc. to Kristin and Craig Feight, $419,871.

KAMEHAMEHA PL., 8026-Tracy M. Bednash to Bernard B. Fink, $376,000.

LANDFALL CT., 8127-Roxana S. and Gregory W. Vandermark to Sandra E. Stulen and Joyce A. Mosher, $300,000.

LYNN FOREST DR., 4460-Kate S. and Larry A. Gunter to Tonya D. Moore and Scott A. Lawrenson, $535,000.

NEWBERN LOOP, 14339-Melissa R. Young and Timothy S. Turner to Jorene G. and Roy D. Williams Jr., $204,800.

OLD CAROLINA RD., 7818-Joyce A. and Ivan J. Sisk to Raymond W., Mary G. and Brenda J. Monahan, $345,000.

RODERICK LOOP, 6633-Richmond American Homes to Melissa K. and Howard E. Young Jr., $226,640.

RODERICK LOOP, 6639-Richmond American Homes to Kim R. and Albert Mizell Jr., $223,565.

RODERICK LOOP, 6668-Richmond American Homes to Christopher W. Lawrence, $194,190.

SAUVAGE LANE, 7053-Valerie A. and Brett P. Thompson to Myung Woo and Sang Jin Lee, $225,000.

SETTLERS TRAIL PL., 6237-U S Home Corp. to Ann L. and John E. O'Brien, $371,402.

SILVER MOON LANE, 13894-John L. Howard to Catherine D. and Curtis M. Wann III, $275,000.

STEPNEY DR., 4179-Amy L. and Jon R. Ludwigson to Eloise O. Hatfield and Steven M. Crutchfield, $449,000.

TACKHOUSE LOOP, 8418-Sandra and J. Scott Pippin to Ginger and Eugene Baltimore Jr., $198,000.

THOROUGHFARE RD., 15615-Lidia A. and Thomas McPhail to Waters Inc., $105,000.

TRYON WAY, 16005-Airston at Lake Manassas Corp. to Trudy Wayne and A. Preston Howland, $555,600.

VICTORY GALLOP WAY, 13492-U S Home Corp. to Camilla S.A. Powell, $340,884.

VILLAGE STREAM PL., 6928-Carter L. Loar to Shawn Barr, $176,950.

YEWING WAY, 5741-Oak Valley Corp. to Shannon and Brian Henley, $618,630.


ASHBY GROVE LOOP, 6508-Beazer Homes Corp. to Haeng J. and Kyung C. Kim, $319,230.

CARIBBEAN CT., 5744-Richmond American Homes to Patricia E., Mary C. and George T. Jones, $429,465.

CELESTE CT., 14639-Beazer Homes Corp. to Nancy and Scott Patchan, $287,560.

CHEYENNE WAY, 14976-Beatrice Vasvary and Paul Gaujot to Patricia G. and William G. Lowe, $155,000.

DANUBE WAY, 15000-Pulte Home Corp. to Linhthao L. and Trung V. Nguyen, $262,265.

DANUBE WAY, 15020-Pulte Home Corp. to Hyon C. Pyo and Young You, $264,509.

GUILFORD RIDGE RD., 14504-Beazer Homes Corp. to Amanda and David Palluch, $267,930.

GUILFORD RIDGE RD., 14507-Beazer Homes Corp. to Jennifer F. and Brian T. Moores, $268,250.

JUPITER HILLS LANE, 15088-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Jane and Larry Powers, $530,117.

MOUNTAIN RD., 3854-Ilona R. and Kenneth F. Packie to Richard Hammer, $300,000.

MYRADALE WAY, 6153-Beazer Homes Corp. to Carla Coffey, $228,285.

PIEDMONT VISTA DR., 13833-M-I Schottenstein Homes Inc. to Linda K. and James A. Duvall, $449,401.

TOLEDO PL., 6223-Beazer Homes Corp. to Brendan Campbell, $263,515.

TOURNAMENT DR., 5594-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Nancy L. Burgess, $535,361.

TUCSON CT., 5574-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Kellene H. and Barry F. Mountain, $443,786.

TUMBLE CREEK CT., 5947-Pulte Home Corp. to Shirley C. and David M. Plummer, $426,350.

WALKING STICK WAY, 15019-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Sharmin and Sharif Ahmed, $568,369.

WALKING STICK WAY, 15033-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Barbara G. and Richard L. Kessinger, $706,053.

WANDERING RUN CT., 5901-Claudia N. and David S. Goldberg, trustees, to Elizabeth and Timothy Bumbrey, $437,950.

WANDERING RUN CT., 5920-Pulte Home Corp. to Eric K. Abdullah, $391,800.


ANNE MARIE LANE, 6627-Nancy E. and Jan C. Nilsen to Mary M. and James H. Denny, $218,250.

ASHEVILLE ST., 10176-Jennifer E. and David P. Ballon to Lillian A. Hicks, $132,000.

BOUNDBROOK TER., 8604-U S Home Corp. to Nayda M. and Allan Allridge, $258,802.

BRIGHTON WAY, 7918-Brian D. Loving to Maria E. Chavarria and Aristeo D. Aquino, $122,000.

BROOKVIEW CT., 7837-Karla Campos and Stephen Hunt to Felicia B. Edwards, $179,900.

CANNON BALL CT., 10162-Simon N. Owusu to Vilma M. and Jose M. Medrano, $129,950.

COMMUNITY DR., 7863-Ronald C. Leonard to Theresa and Richard Bond, $110,000.

CUB RUN CT., 10244-Silas Brown Jr. to Nael Ramos Florian, $124,900.

EMERYWOOD CT., 6170-VMK Associates Joint Venture to Georgia C. and Joseph V. Michalowicz, $562,325.

FANCY FARM CT., 15564-Eva and Joseph Wilson to April L. and Leonard D. Brown Jr., $400,000.

FOLKSIE CT., 11020, No. 63-Christina L. Thull to Betty Jean Cadle, $137,900.

HELMSDALE PL., 7563-Lisa M. and Anthony Diggs to T.M. and Darren M. Kidd, $210,700.

HUMPHREY LANE, 8258-Christine L. Pawloski to F. Rita Thomas, $215,250.

IMPALLA DR., 8422-Allen M. Mills Jr. to Paula B. and Terence B. Byrne, $251,000.

KOMAN CIR., 11014-Elizabeth Roux to Randy Dull, $134,000.

LOMOND DR., 9502-Ana C. and Jose A. Gudiel to Elmer Navarro and Oscar Santos, $220,000.

LYCEUM LANE, 5999-Washington Homes Inc. to Michelle M. and Thomas R. Esbenshade, $470,753.

MACBETH ST., 8216-Virginia L. and Robert F. Perenic to Elizabeth S. Murphy and Devin R. Franzello, $235,000.

MICHALA BARRETT CT., 7101-K. Hovnanian at Brenbrooke Corp. to Katherine A. and John A. Stehlin, $543,567.

NAPA DR., 13876-PMG Corp. to Sherry S. and Yin W. Li, $505,038.

PAMPLIN PIPE CT., 15517-Rebecca M. and Donald J. McKenzie to Marie M. and Gaston Pierre, $360,000.

PERSINGER HOUSE CT., 6033-Washington Homes Inc. to Gillian and Kofi Sapong, $481,237.

POPE ST., 10961-Evangeline and W.H. Willis Jr. to Julia Rojas, $220,000.

QUAIL RUN LANE, 7608-Yvette D. Penn to Barbara L. Muller, $146,900.

RAMSEUR PL., 8237-Stephanie C. and James J. Shumpert to Effat Haque, $223,000.

RAYBORN CREEK DR., 11913-U S Home Corp. to Linda and Donald Lippiatte, $300,585.

REMINGTON RD., 7572-Gary W. Lake to Carla G. and Theodore R. Coopwood, $279,900.

SENTRY RIDGE RD., 11053, No. 96-Chris H. Lee to Mahsoma and Sayed Hashimy, $140,100.

STATESBORO CT., 10154-Francis M. Palermo to Vivianne L. Graves, $140,000.

STATESBORO CT., 10160-Donald Nelson to Carla L. and S.V. Horner, $125,000.

STATESBORO CT., 10178-Joan A. Anderson to Kevin B., Tasha A. and Beatrice E. Jackson, $135,000.

STAUNTON CIR., 7687-Jean Self and Robert J. Trail to Jessica and Janice Evans, $180,000.

TOWER PL., 10977-Kristine M. and Thomas C. Swanson to Lazaro Chavez and Ana Arriaga, $168,000.

WARM SPRINGS LANE, 15311-Washington Homes Inc. to Cynthia P. and Kenneth R. Taylor, $507,692.

WEBSTER TAVERN WAY, 8637-U S Home Corp. to Katherine and Chad Strong, $296,215.

WYCLIFFE CT., 8241-Christopher S. Bove to David Dean, $143,900.


ALBEMARLE DR., 7407-Melissa R. and Brett C. Ames to Jose Lemus, $210,000.

CHARNWOOD CT., 8490-Rani and Sanjeev Kumar to Dario Perez, $195,000.

LAKE JACKSON DR., 10806-Patricia and Pearson Bennett to James F. Munley Jr., $475,000.

LOWERY CT., 10418-Classic Homes Corp. to Sarla J. and Jayanti K. Patel, $486,778.

SHELLEY LANE, 7608-Lisa Diane Nokes to Justina Boone, $131,000.

SHELLEY LANE, 7610-Susan B. Hebner and Chad E. Hebner to Elmer W.V. Chicas and Juan Carlos Hernandez, $128,950.

SOMERSET LANE, 7631-Darrell A. Clark to Rudy B. Ventura Alvarez, $117,500.

VERMONT PL., 8261-Eric G. Beachley to Dana W. Nouri, $180,000.


FITZWATER DR., 13619-Velma K. and James R. Slusher to Bobby H. Waddle Jr., $190,000.

KEYSER RD., 9162-Aziza Jackie and Matthew A. Brooks to Frances and Dwight Story, $335,000.


POPLAR LANE, 115-Reginald C. Vaughan to Debra A. Casale, $550,000.


CANDICE DR., 18323-Sung Ja and Won Shik Chu to Denia Hernandez and Prudencio Maldonado, $215,000.

OLD TRIANGLE RD., 18619-Janice E. and Samuel J. Medore Jr. to Yasmin Moser and Michael G. Williams, $204,000.

TRIANGLE ST., 18500-Mary Jo Karczewski to Murray L. Smith, $167,000.

VANETTA CT., 3400-Rosalie E. Young to Emily L. Haywood and Laura S. Triplett, $135,000.


ABBEY GLEN CT., 12164-Isabelle and Ossa Chum to Mary and Bobby Clayton, $229,000.

ADMIRAL DR., 1405-Cynthia M. and Scott A. Meyer to Ana M. Cardenas and Pedro R. Morales, $179,900.

ALDRIN ST., 13208-Carol A. and Charles R. Becker to Rosa E. Chavez and Jose Merino, $192,000.

ALDRIN ST., 13223-Therese Ann Schurtz to David Pearce McCreary, $134,000.

ALISON ST., 13213-Mabel J. and Erie E. Greene to Arturo Guevara, $115,000.

ANDERSON ST., 14612-John S. Bayley to Eulogio Merino and Eloy Heredia, $194,750.

ANDOVER HEIGHTS DR., 15581-Denise M. and Michael A. Gauthier to Joyce L. and Tyrone A. Conard, $279,000.

ANNS BROOK CT., 17053-Beazer Homes Corp. to Janet L. and Richard A. Smart, $330,670.

ANTIETAM RD., 12301-Kaushik and Urmila T. Vashee to Jennifer A. Baltazar, $185,000.

ANTIETAM RD., 12305-Van B. and Priscilla B. Cunningham to Kevin Sorem, $165,000.

ARMADA PL., 12543-Silvia and Jose Alvarez to Julio Hernandez, $142,000.

BARKSDALE ST., 14770-Sharon and Ivan V. Scott to Ingrid Y. Flores and Carlos M. Reyes, $130,000.

BARNABAS TRAIL, 15249-Ridgedale Inc. to Elizabeth J. Clancy and Benjamin S. Abruzzo, $199,380.

BARNABAS TRAIL, 15267-Ridgedale Inc. to Jarrod and Anita Gladney, $183,505.

BEALE CT., 3468-Jacelyn Patrice Hailstalk to Munazzah Mehdi, $125,000.

BEAU RIDGE DR., 15823-Kumsuk and Jimmy M. Hendrix to Sheree and Robert R. Scott, $239,000.

BOWES LANE, 2881-Matthew J. Petrus to Rosa Hernandez Khalilallah, $131,000.

BOWLINE LOOP, 2000-Kevin V. Hayes to Rosa and Roberto Torres, $192,000.

BROOKWAY CT., 11605-Sharon F. and Ronald N. Hale to Tammy M. and David P. Beshlin, $265,000.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 2812-Mary Ritzberg to Hasna Banu and Kakoli Biswas, $152,000.

CARDAMOM DR., 12176-Kerstin Duncan to Martha Galue, $123,900.

CARLSBAD RD., 15012-Elaine D. and Doyce D. Thornton to Viengkham and Sayasithphone Prasasouk, $203,000.

CASTLE HILL DR., 3453-Dorella E. and Joseph L. Blount to Maria L. and Wilber F. Vega, $145,000.

CHADWICK CT., 2544-Frederick Clancy McQuigg, trustee, to Nurul Amin, $159,950.

CHESWALD CT., 4750-NVR Inc. to Simone and Joseph F. McCloskey Jr., $426,090.

CHESWALD CT., 4766-NVR Inc. to Stella D. Knott and Anthony L. Shanholtz, $442,265.

CHRISTY LANE, 3546-Steven E. and Leonard J. Martin to Ursula and Bruce K. Sneed, $177,500.

CLOVERDALE RD., 14813-Diane E. and Frank Behrens Ecker Jr. to Turialai Fahima Zekria, $249,990.

CLOVERDALE RD., 15113-Denise A. and John A. Stafford to Lucia M. Escobar, $185,000.

CONDOR LANE, 3462-Otto Paul Thamasett to Tracy C. Harris, $180,050.

COPPERSMITH TER., 1920-Lisa A. and David Armand Lourenzo to Richard W. Barbee, $120,000.

CORDELL AVE., 15001-Sherri A. and Steve Valsamis to Jeanne and Jose Palomo, $163,290.

CREEK MOOR CT., 2616-Oak Ridge Inc. to Louis E. Metcalf III, $227,973.

DARBYDALE AVE., 14782-Sandra L. and Daniel J. Wallace to Asghar Sayed, $230,000.

DERRIFORD CT., 12198-Eric Tucker to Kathy I. Sommer, $220,000.

DEVONWOOD WAY, 4221-Jennifer N. and Shawn D. Carver to Kimberly J. and David L. Gordon, $192,900.

DIAMONDBACK RD., 15141-K. Hovnanian at Lake Terrapin Corp. to Rhonda L. and Jim Anderson Jr., $367,163.

EARLHAM CT., 14644-Rodney Linn Wilkins to Roxana and Boanerges Chavez, $129,000.

EDGEMOOR CT., 11289-Cristina K. and Peter J. Labarbera to Rebecca Frye, $162,000.

EILEEN CT., 4314-Iris V. and Lawrence F. Corbin to Linda Lockhart, $100,460.

ESQUARRE CT., 3301-T.A. Blumenstein and Richard W. Yoder to Jessica D. and Ronald A. Turner, $180,000.

EVANSDALE RD., 4389-Lori C. and Charles Dean Payne to Singthong Luangxay, $185,000.

FALLBROOK LANE, 14087-Harry Edwin Stoutamyer to Saturnino Rodriguez, $155,000.

FLEET ST., 13752-John D. Gentille to Loretta F. Cooper and Richard J. Zarlengo, $350,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 1603-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Ventura Blanca, $172,500.

FORESTDALE AVE., 3928-Katherine L. and Peter M. Hampel to Kelly M. Sauer and John M. Clarke, $169,000.

FOX GLOVE CT., 14687-Mohinder S. and Balwant S. Chima to Sunil K. Bhardwaj, $151,000.

GRANADA WAY, 12297-Stefan R. South to Dorothea L. Johnson, $125,000.

GREENWOOD DR., 13715-Jeffrey Scott Matthews to Phillip J. and Dawn C. Webber Weaver, $110,000.

HARRISON ST., 1422-Marian L. and Laban R. Johnson to Ronil and Israel Rosa, $120,000.

HERCULES LANE, 4685-Donald Delevure Dobbs to Belainesh H. Aron, $124,900.

HILL CT., 13204-Maryann and Scott A. Neer to Pedro A. Martinez and Mario A. and Henry A. Rivas, $200,000.

HOFFMAN DR., 4210-C.C. Houston and Jennifer M. Gillette to Mid-Atlantic Funding Corp., $146,000.

HONEY LOCUST CT., 14929-Heather S. and Michael S. Brown to Prudential Residential Services, $376,500.

HONEY LOCUST CT., 14933-Pulte Home Corp. to Dezrick Smith, $345,890.

HORNER RD., 1719-Virginia B. and William F. Rowland to Maria T. and John Medina, $210,000.

HYANNIS LANE, 12913-Jacquelyn L. Johnson to Haig A. Kondayan, $174,000.

HYATT PL., 14918-Jasmine P. Singh and Brian J. Gaverth to Gail Breland and Ryan P. Carlson, $169,900.

IDAHO ST., 1412-Peggy A. and Frederick W. Struber Jr. to Jose I. Guandique, $200,000.

IRONWOOD ST., 1368-Jacqueline E. and Jeffrey W. Bowles Sr. to Claudia and Edgar Villarroel, $122,000.

JED FOREST LANE, 16860-Sandra J. and James L. Johnson to Allan M. Lawrence, $195,000.

KETCH CT., 5029-Beazer Homes Corp. to Melissa Ann Hannah and Derek M. Degeare, $286,170.

KINGS MOUNTAIN RD., 16041-Michelle L. Randol and Larry Kirk Randol to Ruth C. and Ralph T. Nelson, $340,000.

KIRKDALE DR., 4754-Kathleen M. Mauck to Jose Galaves, $192,000.

KNOLL DR., 4530-Cassandra R. and Willie Dexter Dean to German H. and Lorenzo Isleno, $185,000.

KOESTER DR., 4713-Michael Joseph Smith to Bushra S. and Akhtar Ahsan, $182,000.

LAUREL ST., 1104-Patricia A. and John G. Griffin Jr. to Janet and George Semonick Jr., $153,690.

LINSEY CT., 4960-Carolyn E. and John S. Towns to Dorella E. and Joseph L. Blount Sr., $192,950.

LOCKLEVEN LANE, 12711-Joyce W. Reffell to Barbara B. and K. Reeder Franklin, $183,000.

LOCKWOOD LANE, 4812-Sylvelin and Paul D. Witmer II to Ann M. and Robert O. Modarelli, $239,950.

LODGE TER., 15300-Vilma Estela and Oscar A. Hercules to Silvia L. and Jose R. Carballo, $145,500.

LOMAX WAY, 5406-Laura L. and David M. Nelson, trustees, to Nereida and Juan Piniella, $305,000.

MACEDONIA DR., 16034-Mildred and Pat O. Carter to John R. Pietri, $242,000.

MANCHESTER WAY, 12305-Pamela S. and Thomas Hughes Morrison to Thomas M. and Heather A. Stawski, $190,000.

MARSALA CT., 2942-Shelley D. and David W. Vincent to Charles Henderson, $158,900.

MARSH OVERLOOK DR., 15455-NVR Inc. to Dung T. Nguyen, $416,660.

MATHEWS DR., 14103-Harry L. Stapleton to Carol A. and David W. Hall, $166,000.

MAYFLOWER DR., 1992-Pamela Jean Milam to Ruma and Pankaj K. Guha, $157,000.

MEADOWBROOK RD., 13829-Deborah Faye Bright to Judy L. McGuire and Vincent P. Cioffi, $184,950.

MEADOWBROOK RD., 13856-David A. and Regina S. Yuhas to Iftikhar H. Tariq, $297,500.

MICHIGAN RD., 15213-Jeanne and William Bass to Alex Hejazi, $148,750.

MIDNIGHT CT., 3584-N.P. Investment Co. to Claudia and Hector Bracamonte, $269,000.

MONUMENT AVE., 775-Miller and Smith at Belmont Bay Corp. to Regina and Matthew Harless, $349,110.

MOONBEAM DR., 5945-Pulte Home Corp. to Indian D. Galang and Froilan Berceles, $480,000.

NASSAU DR., 13309-M. Lorraine and Harold L. Reney Jr. to Lisa Marie and Dennis J. Furey Jr., $274,000.

NATIONVILLE LANE, 13393-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Vernon E. and Pat Bishop, $240,000.

NEDDLETON AVE., 5578-Deborah M. and Ralph R. Robinson to Arja S. Mulbah, $225,000.

NEXUS CT., 3520-Bun Ae and Paul C. Jun to Vivan and Giao Pham, $198,000.

NOLAND RD., 5704-Mary M. and David J. White to Amanda L. and Justin M. Cuomo, $225,000.

OSPREY CT., 6454-Gina A. and Guy S. Robinson to John J. Newman, $299,900.

PALERMO TER., 15710-D.R. Horton Inc. to Emory Sue Ratliff, $220,210.

PHEASANT LANE, 2929-Portia D. and Jesse T. Ellis to Dale D. and Jerome A. Lindsay, $80,000.

POHICK CREEK CT., 1908-Jessica L. Bird to Julio A. Guzman, $166,000.

PONHILL DR., 6061-Frances H. Knight to Blanca N. Guandique and Freddy I. Hernandez, $249,900.

POSTILLION TER., 15315-Katherine P. and C. Edward Grayson to Vilma Salamanca and Antonio Garcia, $135,000.

PRINCEDALE DR., 14262-Toni Lee and Glade A. Sexton to Philip J. Lindenmuth, $222,900.

PRINCESS ANNE LANE, 2226-M.C. Hidalgo and Jeffrey S. Strickland to Marta and Antonio Perdomo, $222,000.

QUANN LANE, 13156-Raymond J. Seroski to Jennifer M. Ferenschak, $143,000.

QUAY CT., 13023-Ridgedale Inc. to Teresa A. and Gregory A. Yancoskie, $352,778.

QUAY CT., 13028-Ridgedale Inc. to Steven T. Anderson, $312,056.

QUEBEC PL., 5261-Marvin A. and Geraldine V. Yates to Kimberly M. and Kent W. Butler, $300,000.

QUEENSDALE DR., 13109-Ridgedale Inc. to Ann H. and Warner A. Emdee, $343,365.

RADFORD DR., 2008-David L. Hills to Robert E. Hagstrom, $150,000.

RAINER CT., 13814-Millennium Associates Corp. to Mildred and Eduardo J. Lopez, $262,400.

RANDALL DR., 14226-Nancy and Harris Claiborn Carr to Daniel and Jose Alvarez, $173,000.

REGENT CT., 14205-Maria and Eric J. Potoma to Patricia K. and Ronald S. Wilkins II, $259,900.

RIGHT CT., 13812-Ridgedale Inc. to Janet M. and Paul R. Boots, $394,905.

ROLLINGWOOD DR., 3339-Angelina Adgyei to Juana and Jose Centeno, $260,000.

SHAMUS CT., 5383-Christa E. and Ronald B. Hodge to Philip E. Rosenthal, $169,500.

SLIPPERY ELM CT., 14968-Amanda Ki and Joseph S. Shepherd to John A. Albarado and Juanita G. Sabet, $279,990.

SPANGLER LANE, 5541-Ginette A. and Albert L. Rogenski to Martha L. and Jose M. Manzano, $249,900.

SPRINGWOODS DR., 12116-Leonard A. and Sarita A. Leassear to Luis E. Aragon and Kathy M. Webster, $143,600.

STILL PL., 4703-Perry Putnam and Randy R. Cussins to Laurette Miech and Sesna Sam, $144,900.

TAFFY CT., 6152-Dixie L. Goodell to Rosa Delao, $260,000.

TANGO LANE, 12132-Heather C. and David J. Syracuse to Mark A. and Mary E. Atkins, $259,000.

TAPESTRY DR., 5961-Ridgedale Inc. to Ann F. and Steven M. Sacchetti Jr., $279,884.

TAPESTRY DR., 5985-Ridgedale Inc. to Sandra and Corey Mason, $281,390.

TILLETSON PL., 1820-Richard E. Hitlan to Brian R. Cram, $139,550.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12838-Sandra E. and Steven A. McCain to Nancy B. and John C. Carrano, $364,000.

WHITAKER PL., 4635-Cheryl D. Parkhurst to Chamali and Russell Gomes, $121,000.

WOODHAVEN CT., 3625-Nancy B. and Robert F. Pavlik to Maria Guittierrez and Luis Serrano, $150,000.

WREN CT., 2908-Iris V. and Lawrence F. Corbin to Oscar L. Montiel and Milagro Osorio, $120,000.