These are the announced births for Civista Medical Center from Jan. 24 to Feb. 15.

Jan. 24

A daughter, Meagan Justine, was born to Wendy and Benjamin Martin of Indian Head.

Jan. 28

A son, Jackson Isaiah, was born to Jodi and Richard Thomas of Crisfield.

A daughter, Abigail Bennet, was born to Donna and Paul Dolinar of Mechanicsville.

A son, Colby James, was born t Rebecca and Joel McCollum of Chesapeake Beach.

Jan. 29

A daughter, Kya Shanee, was born to Tanya and Gonkawon Strother of Waldorf.

Jan. 31

A daughter, Bella Renee, was born to Wendy and Michael Payne of White Plains.

Feb. 2

A daughter, Angelina Christine, was born to Samantha and Michael Porter of White Plains.

A son, Owen Riley Monaco, was born to Jennifer Shryock and Marcus Monaco of Charlotte Hall.

A son, Sydney William, was born t Staci and George W. Robertson III of La Plata.

Feb. 4

A son, Bradley Alan, was born to Kristen and Mark Robb of Mechanicsville.

A daughter, Abigail Theresda, was born to Christine and Steven McDanal of Mechanicsville.

Feb. 5

A son, Colt Tanner Sexton, was born to Cynthia Dunkle and Rickey Sexton of Nanjemoy.

Feb. 7

A son, Evan Michael, was born to Jessica and Benito D'Angelo of Waldorf.

Feb. 9

A son, Bradley Wayne Johnson Jr., was born to Tiffany Buffaloe and Bradley W. Johnson Sr. of Waldrof.

Feb. 10

A son, Bryce Conner, was born to Barbara and Terrence Manuel of Mechanicsville.

Feb. 11

A son, Oliver Isidore, was born to Chona and Oscar Torralba of Waldorf.

A daughter, Santaysia Cheridan Greene, was born to Cherina Myles and Daniel Greene of Waldorf.

A son, Sean Robert, was born to Gretchen and John Toliver of La Plata.

Feb. 12

A daughter, Kasey Lynn, was born to Samantha and Herbert Proksch of Waldorf.

Feb. 13

A daughter, Destiny Marie Kerns, was born to Rachel Kershaw and Patrick Kerns of La Plata.

Feb. 15

A daughter, Brynna Lynn, was born to Alison and David Bode of Nanjemoy.

These are the announced births for St. Mary's Hospital from Dec. 29 to Feb. 16.

Dec. 29

A daughter, Cylee Lyn, was born to Crystal and Rick Raley of Hollywood.

Jan. 22

A daughter, Cora Shar Triantos, was born to Christa Atkins and Paul Triantos of Lusby.

A son, Nikolas Edward, was born to Rebecca and Murray H. Fiske II of Lusby.

Jan. 23

A daughter, Anna Joy, was born to Tammy and Patrick Hallihan of Great Mills.

A daughter, Jade Alexandra Russell, was born to Jessie Hobbs and Kenneth Russell of Bushwood.

Jan. 24

A son, Liam Alexander, was born to Erika and Pall Arnason of California.

A son, Chase Edward, was born to Sabrina and Brian Garner of Lusby.

Jan. 25

A son, Cameron Michael Hoffert, was born to DeAnna Mills and Shawn Hoffert of Callaway.

A son, Jordan Styles Guensch, was born to Heather Swann and Jeremy Guensch of Lusby.

A son, Ryan Scott, was born to Kelly and Scott Shafer of Mechanicsville.

Jan. 26

A daughter, Keora Lillian, was born to Alicia and Derrick Whitaker of Lexington Park.

A son, Jonah Jeremey, was born to Deneka and Rodney Booth of California.

Jan. 27

A son, Tyler James Darnell, was born to Denise Darnell and Clinton Tudder of Hollywood.

A son, Dylan Michael, was born to Heidi and Rick Blair of Leonardtown.

Jan. 28

A son, Nash Dalton, was born to Debra and Robert Hutchinson III of Mechanicsville.

A daughter, Kyleigh Alexis Elmore, was born to Katie Knott and Joey Elmore of Lexington Park.

A daughter, Tiffany Marie, was born to Elizabeth and Michael Wheeler of Hollywood.

Jan. 30

A daughter, Michaela Amber Blake Oliver, was born to Cristie Wieck and Shawn Oliver of Mechanicsville.

A daughter, Alicia Danielle, was born to Linda and Jonathan Linn of Hollywood.

A daughter, McLeigha Shona Davis, was born to Shontella Somerville and Michael Davis of Leonardtown.

Jan. 31

A daughter, Aimee Elisabeth, was born to Denise and Arthur Pentermann of Lexington Park.

A daughter, Maria Catherine, was born to Catherine and Rich Schwartz of Lexington Park.

Feb. 1

A daughter, Shelby Young, was born to Jessica Thompson and Carlton Young of Avenue.

Feb. 2

A son, Christopher S. Butler, was born to Tanika Gross and Leonard Butler of Lexington Park.

A son, Jason Tyler, was born to Carla and Jason Noriega of Great Mills.

Feb. 3

A son, Matthew John, was born to Rene and Kelly Bussell of Great Mills.

A son, Kyle Shane, was born to Denise and Carl Butler of Callaway.

A son, Anthony Hayden, was born to Renata Crane of Hollywood.

Feb. 4

A son, Gage Connor, was born to Melissa and Thomas Walt of Patuxent River.

A daughter, Hannah Marie, was born to Holly and Daniel Zastoupil of Lexington Park.

A daughter, Terkea Lashaya Queen, was born to Ikea Height and Terrence Queen of Lusby.

Feb. 6

A daughter, Kristen Renee, was born to Kari and Jeff Schoerner of Mechanicsville.

A son, Blaise Benjamin, was born to Brandy and Brandt Zornman of Lexington Park.

Feb. 8

A daughter, Tyra Monique Proctor, was born to Deloris Proctor and Terence Johnson of Lexington Park.

Feb. 12

A daughter, Abby Marie Norris, was born to Jennifer Staley of California.

A daughter, Paige Caroline, was born to Jeppa and Greg Thornburg of Mechanicsville.

Feb. 13

A son, John Bevins IV, was born to Nancy and John B. Morris III of Ridge.

Feb. 14

A son, Kyle James Reed, was born to Rachel Jenkins and Joshua Reed of Leonardtown.

A daughter, Makenzie Rae Gaskill, was born to Bobby O'Connor and Ray Gaskill of Valley Lee.

A son, Xavier Jacob, was born to Nhan and John Olon of Hollywood.

A son, Dayeveon Arter, was born to Martha Thompson of Lexington Park.

Feb. 15

A son, Carson O'Neil Jones III, was born to Kandi Gilliam and Carson O. Jones Jr. of Great Mills.

Feb. 16

A son, Joseph Tyler, was born to Bernice and Jeffrey Nunes of Lexington Park.

These are the announced births from Southern Maryland Hospital Center from Jan. 16 to Feb. 10.

Jan. 16

A daughter, Kamryn Renee Buckler, was born to Alysia Rison and Ronnie Buckler of Mechanicsville.

A daughter, Brooklyn Danielle, was born to Michelle and Mark Colona of Waldorf.

Jan. 20

A daughter, Victoria Rose, was born to Dana and Neil McAnney of Huntingtown.

Jan. 22

A son, Darren David, was born to Jessica and Damon Harris of La Plata.

A son, Drake Cristian Hughes, was born to Dawn Blanchard and Dustin Hughes of Port Tobacco.

Jan. 24

A son, Anthony William Ray Glascoe, was born to Janice Atchison and Bobby Glascoe of Hughesville.

A son, Christopher Allen, was born to Chrystal and Grant Jameson of Waldorf.

Jan. 27

A daughter, Key'Naeya Lakeema Dent, was born to Terrica Wilson and Kevin Dent of Waldorf.

A daughter, Kendall Alexis Rooney, was born to Sandy and Rick Rooney of Mechanicsville.

Jan. 29

A daughter, Makinley Marie Embrey-Cox, was born to Amanda Embrey and Charles Cox III of Mechanicsville.

Feb. 3

A daughter, Trinity Nahzae, was born to Christina and Donte Taylor of White Plains.

Feb. 5

A son, Dylan Scott, was born to Carrie and Brion Buchanan of White Plains.

A daughter, Dorianna Monet, was born to Daletha and Eric Johnson of Waldorf.

Feb. 6

A daughter, Taylor Nicole, was born to Kathleen and Braden Dodson of Waldorf.

Feb. 10

A son, Adam Lee, was born to Brenda and Timothy Anderson of Waldorf.

A daughter, Julie Michelle, was born to Sarah and Neil Brown of Waldorf.

A son, Romann Antonio Vibar, was born to Miranda Vibar and Carlton Gray of Waldorf.

-- Compiled by Timothy Wilson