The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes across the Washington area, visit The Post's Internet site at


D ST., 1533-Della P. Melvin to Eric C. Peterson, $220,000.

EAST CAPITOL ST., 612-Edward Eberhart to Fanny and W. Lee Howell, $252,500.

F ST., 1217-Mary Lee Smith to Danielle M. Carbonneau and Joshua P. Roberts, $297,000.

F ST., 1436-Corey Richard Buffo to Henry Todd Atkinson, $275,000.

HOLBROOK TER., 1102-Mary A. Hunter to Crystal D. Thomas, $140,000.

I ST., 1914-1910 Eye Street Corp. to Louis B. and Michelle F. Jones, $139,500.

KEARNEY ST., 1238-Andrew Sheridan and Lynne Regina Galbreath to Jolyon M. Bowman and Danielle L. Green, $299,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 1349-Mary A. Malone to Genet Ketsela, $473,000.

NASH ST., 4267-Venus B. Peterson to Jerlys and Rudolph Stewart, $231,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 690-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tanya Slade, $150,200.

OTIS ST., 2819-Gladys M. McKenzie and Odessa M. Shannon to Gloria Turner, $264,900.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 209-Rodney Patterson and Kia Redd to Sandra Benefield, $152,000.

SHERIFF RD., 5173-Spinner Inc. to Terry K. Dawkins, $110,000.

FOURTH ST., 311-Brenna L. Maloney to Elizabeth Field and Christopher Singer, $340,000.

EIGHTH ST., 15-Grania Feddis Anderson to Angela H. and James McArdle, $595,000.

11TH ST., 721-Anton C. Bizzell to Thomas T. Cook and Michelle R. Shide Cook, $265,000.

16TH ST., 1142-Yemi S. Adefehinti to Henry D. Pridgen, $105,000.

16TH ST., 17-Katrina Robertson and Aaron Tyler to Lonneli R. Perry, $71,000.

18TH PL., 4112-Alvin E. Friedman and Allyson M. Jernigan and James J. Loftus to Joann Hood, $197,000.


ADAMS ST., 53-Augustus A. Melton to Auria O. Styles, $340,000.

ALLISON ST., 1708-Tamas Gyorik De Salanky and Jeanne Umstead to Ira N. Forman and Caryn G. Pass, $600,000.

BELLEVUE TER., 2900-John A. and Katherine Israelson to L. David Taylor, $600,000.

BIRCH ST., 3109-Durga and Rajashekar R. Ravilla to Brenda G. Howell, $525,000.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1807, No. 105-Karen S. and Paul S. Rappoport to Martha Knisley, $305,000.

CALVERT ST., 2501, No. 610-Andrew R. Ammerman to Mercerburg Academy, $310,000.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4201, No. 611W-Regina M. Ovenden and Mark E. Stevens to Susan F. Feinberg, $130,000.

COLUMBIA RD., 1954, No. 512-Harry C. Muller to Sabine C. Haas, $172,500.

DAVIS PL., 3819, No. 4-Guillermo and Laligue S. Garcia to Jennifer Lipnick, $185,400.

EUCLID ST., 1722-Dinah K. McLeod and Kirpal Nanpra to Inez G. and Laurence M. Kerr, $710,000.

HAMILTON ST., 741-Marcia C. Sanders to Roxana Castro, $166,000.

LEEGATE RD., 1320-Stephanie Y. Bradley and Doris A. Clarke to Denita A. Davis, $420,000.

MADISON ST., 112-Geraldine Cross Bennett and Cornelius T. Martin and Ruth L. Martin to Wanda Ng, $225,000.

MADISON ST., 902-Ruby C. Harris to Maria S. Sura and Jose H. Sura Florez and Elmer A. Vasquez, $178,000.

MANSION DR., 4026-James E. Lawrence and Therese M. Lawrence to Jeffrey M. Cohen, $1.075 million.

MERIDIAN PL., 1436, No. 5-Concetta Court Ltd. to John Fitzgerald, $39,000.

NEBRASKA AVE., 5342-Gary Johnson and Georgie M. King to Christian B.H.M. and Karen E. Dirx, $449,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1330, No. 211-Jeffrey D. Porro to Thomas P. Heminger, $163,600.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 4507-Joseph Henderson to Oona F. and Timothy R. Waxenfelter, $230,000.

NEW MEXICO AVE., 3112-Margaret Finch to Andrew and Athena McAllister, $650,000.

O ST., 1003-Marilyn J. Bruno and to Christopher T. Handman, $589,000.

OTIS PL., 728-Jurell Patrick Town to Lulit Semunegus, $142,000.

PARK PL., 3114-Mosunmola K. Fatusin to Yvette Butler, $210,000.

PARK RD., 1212-Lanae Holbrook and Prince Haldane to Jacob Mann and Sozit Ture, $326,000.

POWHATAN PL., 607-Camellia L. Walker to Alison Merriman, $210,000.

Q ST., 1725, No. 101-Raymond Cunningham and Edward M. Pacchetti to Michael A. Weber, $150,250.

RANDOLPH ST., 622-Richard Johnson to Bernice Mills, $162,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 1418-Carlos L. Alexander to James T. Delorenzo, $550,000.

SCOTT PL., 3202-Anne E. and George E. Tener to Lynda Zengerle, $1.65 million.

SPRINGLAND LANE, 3517-Charles T. Dent and Elliott J. Dent to Keith N. Cole and Deborah L. Lowham, $998,000.

TENNYSON ST., 2918-Stephen S. Anderson and Fiona W. Huang to David W. Wagner and Anne E. Willoughby, $560,000.

U ST., 528-Jamison Berwager and Katherine Suski to Gregory M. Junge, $305,000.

V ST., 1614-Alexis Maria and Christoper J. Paul to Lloyd W. Weems, $489,900.

VAN NESS ST., 2939, No. 1208-Patricia J. Gallagher to Maria Panina, $215,500.

VERMONT AVE., 1331-Edward R. Reed to Marion H. and William B. Garber, $246,500.

WARREN ST., 5028-Gahl H. and Richard R. Burt to Jonathan and Rica Orszag, $1.28 million.

WESTOVER PL., 4461-Kathleen C. and Thomas L. Milne to Charles T. and Wanda Privot, $700,000.

WOODWAY LANE, 4720-Jeffrey D. and Mary M. Zients to Michael E. Heisley, $2 million.

NINTH ST., 7514-Ruby Cofer Johnson and Brenda Rita Williams to Jo Jo Amegashie, $202,000.

15TH ST., 1414, No. 3-Doreen O. and Robert E. McColaugh to Bradley Harrison, $290,100.

16TH ST., 2001, No. 301-Joanna E. Slaney to Liza L. Veto, $307,000.

16TH ST., 3106-Daniel C. Dutcher to Rajat Vajpeyi and Chy H. Yang, $480,000.

17TH ST., 1916, No. 102-Steve Gross to Peter J. Luger, $167,943.

18TH ST., 1545, No. 104-Thomas W. Stauss to Norman A. Pugh Newby, $185,000.

20TH ST., 1301, No. 716-Claude M. and Genevieve Delfosse to Roger B. Berg, $130,000.

20TH ST., 2227-Mary S. Snider to Kambiz Ghorban and Ghorban Family, $349,000.

21ST ST., 1260, No. 904-Teresa C. Salazar to Siti Abdul Rahman, $195,000.

24TH ST., 922, No. 303-Edward J. Sheehi to Antoine Doumit, $133,000.

25TH ST., 1010, No. 608-Norman Bensley to Jacob Geesing, $110,000.

28TH ST., 1519-A. Michael and Caroline Van Vleck to Denise and Michael J. Bloomfield, $1.3 million.

41ST ST., 2400, No. 407-Lynne J. Carrithers to Joan Gunawan, $183,500.

41ST ST., 4824-Peter G. and Rebecca H. Umhofer to Kanta Kumari, $450,000.


A ST., 721-Patricia Gail Van Diepen to Natalia V. Blinkova and Mark G. Davis, $799,000.

BASS PL., 5512-Cosmopolitan Investment Corp. to Anthony Adenikinju, $131,000.

DEXTER TER., 1302-Washington Dellamar to Kerwin W. Davis, $78,000.

DUBOIS PL., 4378-Eleanor P. Lewis and Pearl W. Qualls to Michael Minor, $115,000.

HALLEY TER., 4332-John L. Shropshire to Obianuju I. Ogbuokiri, $90,000.

HILLTOP TER., 4606-Doris M. Pitts to Latanya Johnson and Lionel Keith Walker, $179,900.

KENTUCKY AVE., 422-Billie Gay Larson to Alberta Savonuzzi, $334,500.

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. AVE., 3343-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Andrew Cho, $95,500.

SUITLAND TER., 2107, No. 302-Shirley A. Whetstone to Andre Boykins, $40,000.

U ST., 1514-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Joanne Correira, $120,688.

SECOND ST., 413-Robert Raben to Eric Green and Erica M. Jacobs, $587,500.

FOURTH ST., 425-Sarah Dachos to Sarah Lynn Rosenthal, $318,000.

FIFTH ST., 224-Carol E. and Frederick E. Howell to Nathalie and Stephan D'Alessandro, $580,000.


H ST., 600-Carolyn Annette Hightower and Joseph Lopez to Peter D. and Stephanie N. Eicher, $490,000.

THIRD ST., 719, No. 416-Allan J. Dix to Jennifer L. Budoff and Thomas E. Heinemann, $300,000.

FOURTH ST., 1237, No. 9-Lewis Bashoor and Susan E. Luhrs to Alice G. Mohr, $319,000.