The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


IRISHTOWN CT., 5-David R. and Tracey L. Matthews to C. Ronald and Gary Stouter, $140,000.


APPLETREE CT., 1327-Gwendolyn and James F. Grimes to David E. Brody, $164,900.

CASCADE WAY, 558-Karen Trasatti and Vincent Philip to Stephanie L. Shaw, $116,400.

CAULFIELD CT., 2602-Michael A. Roop to Douglas N. George, $184,000.

COACH HOUSE WAY, 2503, No. A2-Bonnie L. Meckl to Mary G. and Christopher S. Wilson, $128,000.

DAHLIA LANE, 1251-Jean L. and James M. Delong to Sandra L. Stephan, $135,000.

DANIELLE DR., 1222, No. B-Marcia Ann Kuhrmann to David E. Alfaro, $92,900.

DAVID LANE, 1350-Carolyn B. Wright to Julio Cesar Guillen and Jose Antonio Guillen Figueroa, $125,000.

DENTON CT., 5620-Karen E. and Michael G. Kline to Lance A. Righter, $149,900.

DERRS SQ. E, 1738-Michele and Clay H. Barndollar IV to Barbara J. Ponstein, $199,900.

DOUBLEBRAND CT., 6909-Jenny R. and Joshua A. Floyd to Connie M. and Howard T. Degrange III, $135,500.

HAMPSHIRE DR., 1301, No. 1F-Karen and John W. Bills to Terri W. Mason, $140,000.

HASTINGS CT., 6221-Juanita L. Tauraso to Meredith L. Weber, $150,000.

HEATHER LANE, 1701-William R. Emshoff to Maria Ines Caceres, $122,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 417-Elizabeth C. Borror to Suzanna and Arturo A. Diaz, $112,000.

HIMES AVE., 617, No. 103-Zachary B. Fleagle to Carrie H. Hamilton, $95,500.

HIMES AVE., 621, No. 107-Rafat and Mahnaz Rasti Izad to Kelly M. and Bradley S. Willard, $98,500.

HOLLOW REED CT., 8003-Elizabeth and James W. Cullen to Joanne M. Kirk, $170,000.

KATSURA CT., 5775-Audie B. Gamble to Jennifer D. and Michael S. Young, $136,500.

KATSURA CT., 5776-Kara L. Crum to Heather L. Hirzel, $144,000.

KEY PARKWAY E., 1403, No. 105-Earl I. and Barbara E. Adams to Jerrilynn and Charles L. Banks, $70,000.

MARKET ST. N., 1600-Richard W. and Helen C. Benet to Audra L. and Christopher C. Jacob, $239,900.

MEGAN CT., 409-Department of Veterans Affairs to Gerald Preston Smith Jr., $110,000.

MERCER CT., 104, No. 2B-Mary H. Newby to Doris C. and H. Thomas Summers, $215,000.

PINE CREST LANE, 6129-Terence A. and Heather E. McCubbin to Donna J. Riccobono and James A. Schiller, $210,000.

POOLE JONES RD., 7149-Richard L. and Anderson to Patricia and Lawrence H. Dwyer III, $277,950.

QUAIL KNOB LANE, 10085-Larry E. and Rebecca S. Jones to Jennifer and Christopher B. Hocutt, $199,900.

REGAL CT., 5244-Allison E. Kofoet to Randall C. Severy, $135,000.

ROBIN HILL TER., 1015-Melissa and John M. Sherwood to Laura Corbett, $136,000.

SEA GULL CT., 6682-Jennifer R. Groves to Deborah K. Brake, $149,900.

STRATFORD WAY, 800, No. A-Kimberly Toy Merson to Suzanne Atchison, $89,900.

STRATFORD WAY, 808, No. C-Tora Kelley and Daniel J. Huffman to Nancy Free Beach, $79,900.

STULL RD., 10550-Carolyn M. Aust to Catherine Hucket and Scott Wisneski, $250,000.

SUMNER DR., 2029-James A. Burrus to Wei Chien Hsia, $170,000.

UPSHUR SQ., 5542-Dorothy A. and Sean D. Olson to Jennifer J. and Richard R. Phelps, $214,900.

VICTORIA SQ., 16-Kevin L. Zimmerman to Linda and Christopher Glass, $147,000.

WATERSIDE CT., 8284-Joseph B. and Carol Lee Powell Jr. to Jessica Ratosky and Ryan C. Robine, $181,500.

WHITEHALL RD., 2106, No. 2A-Barbara E. Smith to Emily L. Blount, $97,444.

WISNER ST. N., 5-Ronald Smith to Deborah C. Kelley, $72,000.

WISNER ST. N., 22-Edna V. Etzler to Kristi L. Mullen, $89,000.

SEVENTH ST. E., 113-Lisa D. Lohr to Amy L. and William T. Raymond, $198,000.


FOXVILLE RD., 23943-Richard W. Storey to April M. Handy, $117,229.


LOWELL LANE, 3313-Robert A. and Lea E. Holt to Christy T. and Wesley M. Wilson, $295,000.

MUIRFIELD DR., 5219-Vincent P. and Janet E. Scire to Susan J. and Patrick J. McConnell, $599,000.

OAK DR., 2312-Jeanette L. Long to Beth A. and Warren J. Schwab, $250,000.


SHADYWOOD CT., 3900-Robin R. and Michael A. Mullineaux to Elizabeth W. Dunham, $195,000.

STOCKTON CT., 4826-James and Barbara J. Herrmann to Lora P. and Shane R. McQuitty, $295,000.


JEFFERSON ST. S., 322-Robyn L. Shafer to Katherine L. Nelson and Jodi A. George, $197,900.

LOMBARDY CT., 202-Laura J. Delauder to Roslyn L. and John P. Morrissey, $295,000.

MANDA CT., 1-Patricia D. Addington to Anita Dawn Colombo Palmer and Philip M. Palmer, $287,500.

ONYX CT., 4400-Carl D. and Donna P. Lowery Sr. to Teresa Y. and Ryan K. Rutter, $220,000.


CAIRO CT., 10655-Mark J. Brown Jr. to M. Michelle and Paul E. Lane, $271,000.

EDGEWOOD RD., 6569-Eric R. and Sherri L. Crowe to Erika A. and Scott A. Rape, $159,000.

HIGH BEACH CT., 6625-Jonathan D. Sharp to Jennifer N. Knutson, $115,000.

ILLINOIS CT. N., 6214-Myles L. Burgess to Phyllis M. and Stephen A. Burke, $154,000.

MASTERS RD., 7168-Scott L. and Mary C. Rolle to Mary Beth and Eric J. Eller, $225,000.

OAK VIEW DR., 1224-Stacy and O'Neill to B. Diane and Charles C. Stover, $160,000.

POND FOUNTAIN CT., 11123-Michelle A. Gemalsky to Joseph J. Molnar III, $279,900.

SYCAMORE RD., 205-Donald Ivosevich Jr. to Domingo D. Delcid, $162,900.

WHITE PELICAN WAY, 10283, No. 101C-Kelley L. Harris to Stephanie Parreco, $92,900.


MAIN ST. W., 143-Clarence E. and Karen Haines Jr. to Jane and William M. Castle, $182,500.

TALBOT CIR., 5560-Linda F. Lin to Summerlea A. and Henry W. Klinar, $164,000.

TESSIE CT., 5631-Tina A. Crawford to George W. Statler III, $170,000.


EMMITSBURG RD., 10-John V. and Laura Nell Birkland to Teresa R. and John B. Bean Jr., $275,000.

OLD OAK PLACE., 8-Mark B. and Olivia Dick Toms to Cynthia E. Strivens and George Pilhorn, $112,500.

ROUZER CT., 12-Howard T. Degrange III to Kay L. Shook, $108,500.


BOXWOOD LANE, 12823-Robert A. and Margaret A. Martin to Kimary E. and Dana L. Hubble, $210,000.


ADVENTURE AVE., 8819-Sally and Robert R. Knibb to Adolfo Moran, $160,000.