The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


MEADOW GLENN, 13802-Thomas G. Hackshaw to Bryan G. Zhou and Chris P. Shao, $724,500.


BLACK STAR CIR., 8570-Anthony Nsiah to Farida and Salmann Hameed, $188,786.

BLUE DART PL. E., 6251-John P. Longchamps to John Joseph and Susan Elaine Cyrus, $170,000.

CARAVAN CT., 6831-Joanne Hovis to Susan Morales, $428,000.

COLUMBIA RD. NE, 5103-Gloria D. Mobery to Timothy J. Mace, $255,000.

DURHAM CT., 5013-Michael Blake Henke to Jeffrey and Stefanie C. Knab, $270,900.

ELIOTS OAK RD. NW, 5334-Elizabeth R. Mumpower to Usha Jain, $172,250.

FLIGHT FEATHER, 5378-Gloria A. Hensel to Rhonda Heckman, $209,900.

LIGHTSPUN LANE, 5655-Sharon Borshay to Michael D. and Irene Julian, $190,020.

LITTLE PATUXENT PKWY. W., 11540-Chad B. Woodburn to Michael H. and Susan P. Andrews, $109,100.

MAJORS LANE, 6065-Howard C. McAdory to Ernest D. and Benita Y. Robinson, $40,822.

MORNING TIME LANE, 6321-Stephen Craig Bass to Hanqiao Feng and Lin Ren, $316,000.

MORNING MIST LANE SE, 11729-Evan Grant Evans to Marshall N. and Elissa D. Davidson, $360,000.

NORWAY CT. SW, 5916-Babatunde Adegboyo to Olatunji L. and Mojisola Fapohunda, $390,000.

PEACE CHIMES CT., 7165-Muriel Roberta Levant to Stanley J. Jaworski, $160,000.

RIDGEVIEW DR., 9466-Gerard F. Clapper to Tuan Bui, $290,000.

ROCKSPARKLE ROW, 9623-William R. McCormack Jr. to Eric Nelson and Lisa Kehle, $185,000.

SETTING SUN WAY W., 7425-Thomas John Urban to David S. and Laura S. Schappelle, $197,000.

SILVER TREE PL., 11208-Ross H. Arnett III, trustee, to Charles P. and Christine C. Gilroy, $500,000.

SILVER TRUMPET DR. W., 8355-Paul E. Beatty to Amy Campbell and Joshua Stone, $160,000.

SLEEPY HORSE LANE S., 12237-Charmaine D.T.S. Jackson to Laura A. Grebe, $245,000.

SMOOTH MEADOW WAY, 5353-Donna A. Fields to Dale E. Styles Jr., $79,900.

SOUTHERN STAR TER. NW, 5020-Vickie Williams to Lisa Holston, $240,000.

STEVENS FOREST RD., 6220-Sidney P. Adams Jr. Living Trust to Marc A. and Kathleen M. Young, $210,000.

TWIN RIVERS RD., 10564-Angela M. Pierce to John Pavlos, $64,000.

VISTA RD., 10705-William E. Elzinga to Sang Dae Chon, $279,900.

WILBUR CT., 9206-Cheri C. Tolson to Joseph L. and Diane L. Gibson, $125,000.

WILLOW BOTTOM DR., 11135-Bruce E. Oneel to Brian W. Duvall and Jessamine A. Duvall, $290,000.

WIND DANCE WAY, 8503-Richard A. Shepherd to Alexander Johns and Leslie Sinclair, $280,000.

WINDSTREAM DR., 10001-Cassandra J. Cole to Symphony Homes Corp., $206,800.

WOODSTAFF WAY SW, 8510-Harry G. Davis to Dennis K. and Melinda B. Haggerty, $350,000.


CASEY CT. W., 8144-Lisa K. Miller to Jay H. and Esther H. Song, $179,500.

FROTHINGHAM CT., 6414-Jung Hi Hahn to Lori E. Willoughby, $238,000.

GREENFIELD RD. N., 6400-Robert Gillium to Tammy J. Kennedy, $91,000.

LOWES LANE, 6708-Lam Bihn Moc to Theresa A. Messinese and Ronald W. Vogt, $331,000.

MONTGOMERY RD., 6397-Ken A. Lewis to Ronald B. Wildman, $300,000.

OLD WASHINGTON BLVD., 6274-Stanley M. Eichelberger to Jay Ray and Hillary Huff, $200,000.

PARKVIEW CT., 6212-Christopher C. Prestel to Glenn and Jung H. Hahn, $399,900.

SANDPIPER CT., 6287-Tanisha Sarie Saunders to Gail S. Smith, $128,650.

TROY CT. SE, 6303-Clarence B. Sarkodee Adoo to Lynn T. and Kathleen L. Effinger, $222,354.


BALLARD WAY, 2341-Duane E. Zentgraf, trustee, to Nathan M. and Karen M. Smallwood, $216,876.

BRIGHTMEADOW CT., 7956-Scott S. Scicchitano to Vedire Srirange R. and Saritha Pasham, $214,500.

BRIGHTMEADOW CT., 7975-Michelle D. Masemore to Kristie L. Sochacki, $212,900.

CARA CT. NE, 3310-Paul D. Groff to Hsiang Lieh and Chu I. Chuang, $290,000.

CHATFIELD LANE, 7779-James E. Calkins to Pothuraju Nagabhyru and Rajyalakshmi Nimmagadda, $215,999.

COACHLIGHT LANE, 7617-Lori Ann Brooks to Lisa Jill Lazar, $151,000.

COACHLIGHT LANE, 7626-Mark John Brown Jr. to Ayesha Bajwa, $122,000.

CRAGSMOOR RD., 3641-John Wilder Southard to Christopher J. and Michelle G. Rosata, $402,500.

DORSEY HALL DR., 4920-Mara S. Rubin to Kenneth J. Guest, $144,000.

DORSEY HALL DR., 4970-Rosemarie Sansbury to Kevin L. West, $150,000.

FOX TAIL LANE S., 5521-Concetta J. Walker to Yimin Hu, $240,000.

FURROW AVE., 9330-Anne C. Landry to Greg W. and Lisa M. Wenzel, $307,500.

GAITHER FARM RD. W., 11013-Robert H. Shipman to Ralph E. and Denise H. Johns, $850,000.

GOLDFINCH CT. SE, 5766-Dina Michelle Moore to Eric Morse, $225,000.

HARVEST VIEW CT., 8525-George Philip to Mahmoud Kashfipour and Hassan Kafshi, $200,000.

ILCHESTER WOODS WAY SW, 5112-Toby C. Chai to Randall L. and Gina M. Hagen, $349,900.

LEYDEN WAY, 4754-David G. Shavatt to Qiang Lan and Zhan Mn, $185,000.

OLD FREDERICK RD., 8456-Patricia Hayes Broyles to Stephen F. and Barbara L. Forney, $325,000.

OLDFIELD LANE W., 7628-Gina Carr to Charles Zaccaria, $220,000.

ORANGE GROVE CT., 3420-Michael A. Woolverton to Esther Gooding, $175,000.

RAMS HORN ROW, 4702-Robert D. Culotta to Helene M. Fitzgerald, $199,900.

SMOKEY WREATH WAY, 4606-Andrew Driesman to Christophwer Rill and Heather Sobieralski, $317,000.


ASPENWOOD WAY, 8183-Richard C. Struble to Donald C. and Janice S. McCormick, $175,400.

CHESHIRE CT. S., 8713-Charles Joseph Higgins to Jenny E. Hammond and Jason Wagner, $215,000.

GRANVILLE RD., 8325-Riazul Hasan to Marion O. and Tracy L. Rochelle, $189,900.

LINCOLN DR., 8346-Maurine Young to Mohammad Siraj and Yasmeen Vohra, $197,000.

TWELVE SONS CT. SE, 8948-Thomas D. Parker to Niles Elon Brown, $180,000.

WILLOWWOOD WAY, 8810-Amanda E. Benedict to Keith A. and Sarah F. Lacey, $170,000.

WILLOWWOOD WAY, 8840-Guirguis A. Gobrail to Joe E. Ferraro and Elizabeth M. Carlson, $165,500.


ASHBERRY CT., 8801-Jeffrey Scot Fagan to Rebecca K. Brown, $183,500.

BREWINGTON LANE, 9222-Jeffrey B. Muchmore to Chrispher S. Miller and Martha W. Toronto, $207,100.

CRESTVIEW LANE, 10722-William F. Fairall to Michael O. and Renee M. Law, $247,500.

DONNAN CASTLE CT., 9605-Lori L. Windsor to Bratt P. Davis and James L. Morrissey, $190,000.

HARDING RD., 11004-Joseph W. Harris to Young L. Yoon and Soon W. Chung, $240,000.

HUNTERS WAY NW, 10603-Robert W. Dobry to Bruce D. and Holly L. Sartwell, $421,000.

NORTH LAUREL RD., 9015-Carnegie Vinette L. to Christopher B. Truman and Kathryn E. Rendall, $95,000.

WHISKEY RUN, 9757-Richard A. Zurvalek to Gail K. Masengale, $116,500.


ABINGDON WAY, 10507-Vernon J. Savoy Jr. to Stephanie Murtagh, $274,000.