The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


PARKVALE RD., 14432, No. 1-Thomas R. Wachter to John L. Gillispie, $92,700.

SOUTHEND RD., 4001-Cynthia D. Arman to Barbetta J. and Kerry O. Jones, $235,000.

THISTLEBRIDGE DR., 15704-William S. and J.M. Harmon to Kathryn and Warren V. Wright, $682,500.

WESTBURY RD., 14909-George M. and Kaye F. Probeyahn to Delrene S. Alvis and Dwayne J. Boyd, $510,000.

WINTERWOODS CT., 16616-Timothy F. and L.A. Ruth to Gailt Zolkower and Bruce E. Kutz, $470,000.


BRADLEY BLVD., 5801-Paul E. D'Hedouville to Sonya F. Weakley and Patrick W. Mason, $659,000.

BROOK LANE N., 8315, No. 904-Leslie J. Day to Melanie K. Saracino, $185,000.

BROOK LANE N., 8315, No. 1004-Nathan S. Snelson to Mei Ying Li, $187,000.

CUSTER RD., 7900-Edward J. and K.L. Railey to Margo E. Herron and Kurt T. Rumsfield, $856,000.

DUDLEY CT., 39, No. 22-Linda W. Haas to Jenny A. Hughes, $240,000.

HERB FARM DR., 8008-William C. Jr. Rolle, trustee, to Carrie Y. and Thomas E. Maslen, $1.095 million.

MAPLE AVE., 4414-Margaret K. Magruder to Stacey L. and David S. Saltzman, $500,000.

MIDHILL ST., 5808-Kiyoto and Y. Kondo to Mei L. Chang and Siew C. Ting, $600,000.

NAMAKAGAN RD., 5702-John J. and N. Kiefer to Gretchen L. Zekiel and Victor M. Frye, $735,000.

NEVIS RD., 7004-Dolores K. Berman, trustee, to Emily and Bernard Kanstoroom, $600,000.

NEWBURN DR., 6302-M.E. and Kevin C. Cullinane to Myla T. Williams, $725,000.

ONTARIO CIR., 5606-Thomas C. and A.J. Briggs to Laveta E. and Kevin E. Duke, $875,000.

SINGLETON DR., 9510-Annette B. Wysocki to John Deegan and Adriana Bourgoin, $400,000.

WESTLAKE TER., 7420, No. 1201-George Hamaty Trust to Parvin Amina, $170,500.

WESTLAKE TER., 7664, No. 89-Rufino B. and F.B. Loberiza to Myrone L. Decastro, $345,000.

WILMETT RD., 5801-John D. Vincent Smith, trustee, to Delphine M. Clegg and J. Alberto Espinosa, $425,000.

WILSON LANE, 5413-Manuel and B. Morris to Karin M. and Eric P. Garner, $499,900.

WISSIOMING RD., 5123-E.L. and Jonathan Mantz to Judith A.I. Kahan, $435,000.


BROOKEPARK TER., 3517-J.E. and Brent J. Sheets to Prudential Relocation Inc., $286,000.

HIGH ST., 2-Tracy A. Browne to Andrea K. Barr, $325,000.


BALLINGER TER., 14227-Mark G. Oberfield to Sonal Joshi, $185,000.

CARTHAGE CIR., 13931-Vernell Y.P. Peele to Kimberly Rice, $202,000.

CROSSWOOD CT., 6-Aleta A. Chance to John C. and Sheree A. Morris, $158,000.

DUVALL RD., 2806-Christine P. and Bazawada S. Kumar to David J. Sites, $215,000.

GATEWAY TER., 3810, No. 43-Nicolas H. and M.H. Galdos to Amy and Cuong Nguyen, $146,500.

KINDERHOOK TER., 14606-Joy J. and S.P. Kannanaikkel to Tuyet T. Nguyen and Trong Q. Tran, $173,000.

REGALWOOD TER., 4361-Ann M. Stickle to Sonal and Chaitanya Mahajan, $189,500.

REGALWOOD TER., 4420-N. and Yolanda Knuckle to Preeya K. Dass, $141,500.


AINSLEY RD., 1510-L.A. and Douglas S.J. Durham to Hilary A. Kaplan, $294,500.

BRUTON PARISH WAY, 3521, No. 21-Milton A. Stewart to Vafolay M. Tulay, $169,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TER., 1641, No. F-Harrison K. Bamfo to Aprele L. Smith, $97,500.

CHILTON DR., 1423-Pamela C. Boyer to Jill Jordano, $325,000.

CORDOBA ST., 3101-Jack R. and G.S. Higdon to Maryan Gouloubandi and Homayoun Kazemipour, $260,000.

CRICKET LANE, 14101-Cynthia A. and Y.S. Song to Heather L. and J. Marc Pedulla, $367,500.

HOLLYWOOD AVE., 617-John H. and B. Kessler to Sophie and Langston Lim, $245,000.

MARLOW RD., 3002-David B. Redman to Won P. Kim, $286,000.

STALEY MANOR DR., 1823-Allan Kwon to Lisa M. and James H. Kim, $275,000.

STRAVINSKY DR., 13225-Deanna L. Baxam to Cendant Corp., $274,900.

TANLEY RD., 1008-Hyoung Soo and D.H. Kim to Gloria and Jose Garcia, $320,000.


BALTIMORE AVE., 5323-James B. and K.A. Clapp Jr. to Christine Cromarty and Graeme Kennelly, $576,000.

CHEVY CHASE DR., 4877, No. 158-Barbara F. Polansky to Darryl V. Creel, $344,900.

KERRY CT., 8224-Scott R. and C.B. Brewer to Linda J. Bryant and Paul Gaston, $850,000.


ELM GROVE CIR., 1421-A.Y. and Dong C. Hahm to Jean St. Fort, $168,000.

FARMCREST WAY, 1458-L.A. and Robert W. Gordon to Lucila Quinn, $145,200.

RAINBOW DR., 1613-Donald and S.J. Fidlow to Joseph E. and Shirley A. Bartell, $315,000.


DAMASCUS RD., 8819-Joseph R. Ferro to William D. and Cynthia J. Ladd, $266,000.

DURANGO DR., 10024-Mark N. and B.G. Valesey to Jean and Peter Andersen, $255,000.

SANTA ANITA TER., 10601-L.L. and Douglas E. Brenneman to Relocation Dynamics Inc., $312,500.

SPARKLING WATER DR., 18808, No. 16-Jennifer S. Jones to Wi Han Ho, $160,900.

WOODFIELD RD., 25718-Maura J. Rehling to Anthony R. and Janet M. Baker, $155,000.


AZALEA DR., 18620-Adrian L. and J. Dewitt to Nicholas J. Delucia and Ginnette B. Delucia, $340,000.

BRIARDALE RD., 17095-Regina M. Grattan to Tara R. Kaesebier and Jeff L. Zuerlein, $450,000.

EPSILON DR., 7834-Jose D. Galdamez to Antoinette Aryee, $175,000.

FAIRBORN CT., 7809-F. and Zafer Nizam to Philip Pui Hong Wong, $230,000.

KILLDEER DR., 16624-Robert J. and J.D. Collins Jr. to Lisa and David Glines, $370,000.

MISTIC VIEW CT., 7820-D.R. and John N. Tift to Sara W. Ostrom, $278,000.

OSKALOOSA DR., 7416-Nanc Smith to Anu and Niraj K. Gupta, $400,000.


APPLE SEED LANE, 19-Sharon S. Stromberg to Camilla R. and Stephen A. Morton III, $210,000.

BARNSFIELD CT., 128, No. 213-Michael S. and J.D. Anthony to Son K. Min and Yeon B. Chung, $160,500.

BELL TOWER DR., 8716-Kristie A. Jones to Stephanie and John Dominic, $189,900.

BRANDON WAY RD., 13101-James F. and K.J. Wagner to Jonathan and Michelle Zirkle, $540,000.

BRASSIE WAY, 9679-K.A. and Mohammad I. Sharar to Trung C. Vu, $136,500.

BRASSIE WAY, 9847-Trina Flager to Trung C. Quan, $117,000.

BRENISH DR., 7332-Raymond R. and S.S. Atherley to Florida and Jose M. Reyes, $215,000.

BRENISH DR., 7402-Thanh Truc Huynh to Neidy P. and Jose M. Juarez, $199,900.

CARTWRIGHT WAY, 14329-Daniel T. and G.T. Shih to Wyunsun and Ming Kim, $599,500.

CHERRY LAUREL LANE, 18542-Ba K. Trinh to Marcy Neyrinck, $236,000.

CHICKADEE LANE, 18605-Yuri M. Rios Sr. to Mirian and Yuri M. Rios, $115,400.

CHISHOLM LANDING WAY, 14707-Rosalyn Rubin to Cuiping Zhao and Wei Tan, $253,500.

CLUB HOUSE RD., 19315-D.J. and Mark S. Pense to Eric Rojas, $99,900.

CORIANDER DR., 7909, No. 204-Steven M. Fangmann to Mary P. Dirolf, $79,900.

CREEPER LANE, 18800-Jorge De Vera to Joergen and Cheryl Noveras, $180,000.

CROSS COUNTRY LANE, 18657-R.S. and Toran D.M. Felder to Godofredo T. Fayffer, $160,000.

CROSSBOW LANE, 167, No. 264-Eric J. Bragger to Farnaz Ghadaki, $175,000.

DUVALL LANE, 110, No. 69-Paula Hoachlander to Laura and Ryan Summer, $69,000.

DUVALL LANE, 124, No. 145-Virginia C. Ingold to Jose Bautista, $45,000.

DUVALL LANE, 128, No. 171T-D.C. and Evelio Romero to Maria C. Paredes, $69,900.

FENCE LINE DR., 26-Fernando E. and S.A. Alvarado to Ann R. and John D. Eberly, $195,000.

GLACIER CT., 15818-Cendant Corp. to Tzong Hao Chen, $317,750.

GOLD KETTLE DR., 114-M.A. and Melvin L. Bunnell to Jeffrey A. Miller, $257,000.

GROUSE LANE, 18503-Charity Ameridream to Margarita Granados, $153,000.

GUILDBERRY CT., 7802, No. 204-Hope E. Sobers to Steven M. Kraut, $93,900.

GUILDBERRY DR., 18411, No. 204-Maureen K. Dwyer to Sharon M. and James M. Moores, $121,600.

HART RD., 118-Brett Cosor to Puck Key Corp., $685,000.

HIGHLAND HALL DR., 20309-R.E. and B.J.M. Duval Arnould to Edward H. and Tania M. Schwarz, $389,000.

HUMMINGBIRD TER., 9201-Ecaterina G. Rauta to Vincent C. Ionita, $171,000.

JONES LANE, 15233-L. Ronald and C.M. Levis to Maria and Diamante Disandro, $437,500.

KESTREL CT., 113-Farrokh Hashemi to Claudia Narrow, $213,000.

LAZY HOLLOW DR., 143-L.C. and Benjamin R. Fisher to Ethan Assal, $255,250.

MEADOW GREEN WAY, 8402-Julie A. Lekstrom to Liv and Gregg Taliaferro, $224,900.

OTTER COVE CT., 7916-Ying Jian Tang to Rukshinda and Iltiaz I. Nagaria, $160,000.

OUTPOST DR., 10714-Cendant Corp. to David E. and Marni E. Goldberg, $480,000.

PARSIPPANY TER., 11608-Alan L. and R.A. Fienberg to Vedula S. Sastry and Padma Maruvada, $450,000.

PEBBLE HILL LANE, 14430-Yang Zhao to Huazhen Chen and Xuefeng Liu, $262,000.

PONTIAC WAY, 111-Mohammed Shoghalizadh to Amickam Brin, $245,000.

PURPLE MARTIN LANE, 18718-Frank E. and P.H. Peppel to Jessica J. and Kenneth M. O'Hara, $169,500.

RAVENSDALE CT., 20204-Ronald S. Gilbert to Gianna M. Rudolph, $175,990.

RIDGELINE DR., 10025-Esther N. Ndidi to Osemwengie P. Ogbewe, $135,000.

RUSSELL AVE., 8, No. 4028-M.C. and Reynaldo V. Cortes to Joanne C. Stevens, $120,000.

SEABROOK CT., 2-Enid O. Cole to Jennifer H. and Michael J. Popek, $399,900.

SEVERN RD., 18810-Joaquin E. Leyva to Mindy Tran, $390,000.

SHADY SPRING DR., 8105-Demetre and Helen Ventouris to Ahmed S. Pirzada, $233,500.

SILVERFIELD DR., 19925-Aric L. and M. Caplan to Rebecca Gold and Steven M. Rizer, $387,000.

SMITHY CT., 10501-L.J. and Premchand Budhram to Grace Nkubana, $165,000.

SNOW VALLEY CT., 8709-Frank C. and D.M. Coleman to Lawrence N. and Chinita M. Sinkler Jr., $295,000.

SPUR HILL DR., 20014-Jeani Madret to Syed S. Hussain, $180,000.

STILL MEADOWS CT., 18808-Edgar and P.C. Zambrano to Lynne and Daniel Cole, $356,000.

SWAN STREAM DR., 18226-Paul E. Mochmer to Hilda B. and Martin P. Garcia, $260,000.

TIMBERBROOK LANE, 103, No. 203-Eleni Z. Antoniou to Nadia and Raafat Guirguis, $185,250.

TOWNE CREST CT., 8407-Khadim A. Malick to Simeon Villatoro Flores, $123,000.

TRAVIS VIEW CT., 1340-Joseph M. Plumer to Nana Shrestha and Padma R. Bajracharya, $222,500.

TSCHIFFELY SQUARE RD., 434-C.H. and Charles M. Beck to Stephanie C. Read, $295,000.


ALPINE DR., 13108, No. 2505-F.A. and Wayne D. Reed to David B. Darnell, $242,500.

AMBER RIDGE CIR., 12008, No. A201-Lisa M. Battista to James P. Saunders, $145,000.

AMBER RIDGE CIR., 12157-Christopher P. Mantzuranis to Jeffrey M. McAndrew, $240,000.

ANSEL TER., 13400, No. 6B-Erin Ewens to Alison M. Kraus, $149,840.

APPLEDOWRE WAY, 11308, No. 585-B. and Angel A. Rodriguez to Matthew H. Graham, $158,000.

BAILIWICK TER., 13843-Daniel A. Jaehn to Carina Hed Edington and John Edington, $295,000.

BAYBERRY DR., 13324, No. 22-Dennis L. Zepp to Charles A. Pierre Canel, $122,000.

BIDDEFORD CT., 13421-Gilbert H. and J.R. Waldman to Marie T. Abou Zolof and Krzysztof Staniucha, $260,800.

CLIMBING IVY DR., 12853-Department of Veterans Affairs to William Ferguson, $178,000.

CLUB HILL DR., 20189-Catherine S. Thomas to Blanca Morales Pacheco and Ricardo Rodriguez, $167,000.

COPPERFIELD LANE, 15600-Bogdan and L.A. Dziurzynski to Sally E. and David B. Iannarone, $595,000.

COTTAGE FIELD CT., 38-P. and Catherine N. Sanchez to John R.D. Thomas, $250,000.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13323-Monique R. Daniels to Helena Asiedu and Benjamin Agyakwa, $195,500.

CREOLA CT., 13706, No. 177-F.S. and Freydun F. Goudaznia to Saeed Khamenian, $177,625.

CRUSADER CT., 16-Miriam S. Roth to Anthony D. Sanchez, $230,000.

CRYSTAL ROCK TER., 12505-Ever E. Lozano to Kwame O. Adu, $174,900.

DUCK POND DR., 12830, No. 401-Catherine A. Lyons to Traci L. and Karl W. Fischer, $243,900.

FLAG HARBOR DR., 12154-Samuel L. Ho to Alan Simpson, $206,000.

HICKORY TREE WAY, 12415, No. 311-Cindy L. Clarke to Robert J. Longo, $72,000.

HIGHSTREAM DR., 19111-Gary R. and A. Griess to Rebecca H. and Matthew J. Salzman, $244,900.

LARENTIA DR., 19802-Carol Kelly to Celsa M. Jimenez and Jose L. Moreno, $145,000.

LARK SONG DR., 13772-Rahim Babazadeh to Christine T. and Jaeson S. Abraham, $182,500.

LAUREL HILL WAY, 20223-Jong H. Jun to Shane H. Savannah, $174,000.

LONG CHANNEL CIR., 14402-U. and John R. Heberlein to Theodore C. Towne, $255,000.

MCFARLIN DR., 18848-Anthony W. and C.C. Clark to Tiki U. and Curtis R. Edwards, $191,000.

MCFARLIN DR., 18856-Charlene D. Costner to Auguste and Nathalie S. Biyo, $186,000.

MILL HOUSE CT., 13006-Jason L. and K.D. Seders to Marynell D. and James A. Wallace, $170,000.

MOUNTAIN LAKE WAY, 13004, No. 803-John E. and C.Y. Spofford to Su Phin Teh and Alvin K. Liau, $255,000.

NEERWINDER CT., 13-Kelly M. and Patrick T. McNulty to Arti C. Patel, $252,000.

PINEY POINT PL., 18913-James W.B. Jew to Eliseo Marroquin, $200,000.

SAGE TER., 12875-Sharon Fox to Gregory T. Trainor, $126,900.

STAGS LEAP TER., 18179-Y.O. and Young T. Kwon to Debra R. Kulik, $272,000.

STALEYBRIDGE RD., 19136-Kurt C. Lathrop to Sylvia C. and Ernest A. Hoffstetter, $207,000.

WALNUTWOOD LANE, 13521-Mary B. Green to Georgia N. Niedzielko, $275,000.

WATERS ROW TER., 20240-L.M. and Earl J. Wood Jr. to Edwin P. Niemandt, $230,000.

WATERS ROW TER., 20273-Chinnappa D. and C.C. Kodira to Holly A. and David A. Crossett, $226,000.


COTTRELL TER., 9603-Jesus B. Amparo to Janeet Amaya and Manuel D. Villatoro, $250,000.


BANGOR DR., 5318-Mary S. Danehy to Russell B. Lacey, $310,000.

COLCHESTER DR., 4401-Terry F. Grace to Caroline and Nathan S. Snelson, $390,000.

KINCAID TER., 3914-Erin E. Gorman to Bruce and Lori M. Robieson, $175,000.

PLYERS MILL RD., 3417-Helen M. Seelye, trustee, to Martin A. and Jonette C. Vaughan, $175,000.


ROSEMEADOW CT., 20321-Satish K. and K. Handa to Filza S. and Sadiq Qureshi, $400,000.

WOODFIELD RD., 23812-A.J. and James E. Walker to Jeffrey B. Divers, $195,000.


BRASSIE PL., 19417, No. 19417-101-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Robert E. Acevedo, $87,596.

CLUB LAKE RD., 19638-M.M. and Ramon Argueta to Hung Viet Nguyen, $170,000.

DIVOT PL., 19503-Elsa Vasquez to Paula I. Amaya, $130,000.

HELLINGLY PL., 9852, No. 127-Helene L. Anderson to Valorie E. Carris, $77,000.

NATHANS PL., 18757-Charles R. Koval to Carlos Hernandez, $114,900.

SPARR SPRING RD., 19605-I. and Harold Goshin to Alberta Mills, $200,000.

STURBRIDGE PL., 8804-Beny S. Christakis to Erica West, $180,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8828-Barbara L. Cantilena to Anna and Juan F. Berrios, $135,000.


ADDERLEY CT., 3152, No. 242-Sylvia Schecter to Carol A. Jones, $122,000.

ADDERLEY CT., 3167, No. 249-Wilson and L. Canter to Anne M. and Thomas J. English, $170,000.

BEAVERWOOD LANE, 2940-Lee P. and L.C. Ostrow to Renee L. and Keith R. Yockelson, $300,750.

BEL PRE RD., 3754, No. 9-Khammouane and V. Chanthboun to Marcy J. and Andrew R. Schechter, $81,000.

BETHNAL WAY, 3702, No. 35B-Fehrn F. Hall, trustee, to Elizabeth A. and David L. Waldron, $257,000.

CANDOVER CT., 15027, No. 279C-Joan T. Ryall to Jane E. and Edward T. Gosnell, $140,000.

COPPER MOUNTAIN TER., 2456-R.C. and Rohit K. Katial to Ebla A. Ibrahim, $292,000.

DEWEY RD., 11405-James L. Baird Sr. to Lisa P. and David A. Hubble, $225,000.

DEWEY RD., 12420-12420 Dewey Road Partnership to Sonia Del Carmen Martinez and Rene Gamez, $205,000.

DUNSINANE TER., 14516, No. 51-Mozelle Barnes to Salome Chumba, $239,000.

EPPING RD., 12606-Romero R. and S.E. Vanbochove to Maria H. and Melquis J. Arias, $190,000.

GOULD RD., 12715-Aurelia L. Ronquillo to Michele C. Glidden, $200,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2101, No. 202-Doretha C. McCallum to Susan S. Mundy, $70,000.

HARRELL ST., 3522-Fabia H. Mahoney to Toni P. Oland and Frederick D. Oland 2nd, $222,200.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15100, No. 4-Fay N. Zachary to Verlys J. Houser, $184,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15100, No. 302-Erich A. and M. Kador to Leslie N. Chepin and Richard L. Roen, $130,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3330, No. 5-Helen K. Shooman to Ruth H. and James R. Henkel Jr., $190,000.

LITTLETON ST., 12714-W.J. and E. Copen Jr. to Naruemon Boonsom and Satter Promsumphan, $275,000.

MASSANUTTEN DR., 2315-Holly J. Anderson to Patricia B. Schindhelm, $250,000.

NORDIC HILL CIR., 1710-Viviane A. Bloodworth to Surasit C. Chonwatanakul, $335,000.

PENNFIELD CIR., 14809, No. 102-James J. Naccarato to Elizabeth R. and Robert M. Hudlow, $240,000.

PINE ORCHARD DR., 15311, No. 87-Mary I. McCully to Nancy and Lawrence Stearman, $104,990.

SELFRIDGE RD., 12127-P.A. and Larry A. Tyler to Juan Orellana, $230,000.

TABIONA CT., 26-David A. Patterson to Sharon R. Light, $209,900.

WELLER RD., 3603-F.L. and Melbourne P. Hartman to Jose Aguilera, $270,000.


BOASTFIELD LANE, 4524-G.P. and George F. Dunn to BNB Corp., $190,000.

BOASTFIELD LANE, 4545-Paul J. and S.M. McNeil Jr. to Megan and Matthew Wessel, $202,500.

BUEHLER RD., 17816, No. 2D-Rebecca J. Granados to Patricia E. and Luis G. Alomar, $110,000.

OXFORDSHIRE TER., 18510-Mario and G. Fiorino to Alice U. and Daniel I. Dobrin, $330,000.


SOPER ST., 17612-A.M. and Dean A. Greer to Denise E. Collier, $240,000.


BEECHGROVE LANE, 11500-Emory J. 2nd and M.M. Linder to Guiti and Muhammad H. Kehnemouyi, $530,000.

BELLS RIDGE DR., 10910-Mademba and K. Cisse to Stacy R. Mensh and David J. Schlactus, $850,000.

CONGRESSIONAL PKWY., 9001-Bruce S. and H. Hendricks to Jean M. and Raul J. Fernandez, $3.6 million.

GATEWATER DR., 12034-Alejandro Camp to Vickie A. and Timothy G. Alexander, $433,000.

GATEWATER DR., 12101-Michael and P.T. Miraftab to Min M. Zhong and William W. Xue, $525,000.

LAUREL LEAF DR., 7733-Michael R. and E.L. Chardack to Shana W. and Brian M. Rosen, $925,000.

SMOKETREE RD., 12002-Giora and M. Hadar to Rose I.R. Debenedetti and Claudio G. Debenedetti, $525,000.

WHITERIM DR., 10805-Tia F. Sim to Abha and Anil D. Chaturvedi, $410,000.

WINDSOR VIEW DR., 10225-R.L. and Paul L. Wexler, trustees, to Yves B. and Maria Fulci De Rosee, $425,000.


ACADEMY WAY, 12201, No. 161-Ronald P. Schenk to Dianne L. Reynolds, $155,000.

ADAMS ST. S., 104-Robert J. Geoghan to John T. Bell, $167,125.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12201, No. 2-Viet Trinh to Richard Adanusa, $95,000.

BREWER HOUSE CIR., 5713, No. 202-Roberta Levy to Julia Su, $327,600.

CREEK SHORE DR., 4615-Ahmed Boualem to Alexandra M. and Demetrio J. Callao, $265,000.

CROSSFIELD CT., 5202, No. 117-Edwin P. and E.W. Villacis to Yardena Zilberstein and Binyamin Zilberstein, $121,000.

HAWTHORN CT., 3-Frank E. and B.R. Hagan Jr. to David D. Doyle and Debra A. Moses, $447,000.

HOLLOWSTONE DR., 11430-Jonathan D. Salant to William R. Mapes, $520,000.

LAMBERTINA PL., 13842-I. and Boris Skopets to David A. Wexler, $400,000.

MONROE ST., 4, No. 709-L.M. and Charles F. Raedy to Paul C. Wright, $125,000.

MONROE ST., 4, No. 803-James J. and K.H. Merlene to Usha S. and Kizbakoot S. Iyer, $136,500.

OLD STAGE RD., 6604-James C. and S. Reynolds to Adriana J. and Steven Z. Pavletic, $425,000.

PRINCETON PL., 1205-John M. D'Albora, trustee, to Ann V. and Thomas H. Staal, $401,600.

PROCERA DR., 10303-Harvey D. and S. Van Veldhuizen to Jong Sup Baek, $346,000.

RED FOX RD., 4716-Mildred B. Close to Christina M. and Kevin Byrne, $192,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10208, No. 302-Nancy Bailey to Tom Ryan, $185,000.

SPRINGVIEW PL., 6402-Lange M. Johnson to William Pidone, $519,000.

STERLING CT., 22-Jeffrey E. Austin to Michael B. Valenti, $360,000.

STERLING TER., 10001-Howard F. Zuckerman to Susan L. Littleton, $381,500.

VALLEY DR., 13732-Zhihao Wang to Irina and Boris Skipets, $875,000.


EAST WEST HWY., 1804, No. 1804-Deborah A. Ahern to Nia L. Robinson, $137,000.

GARWOOD ST., 9516-M.F. and Richard M. Owens to Andrew J. Krafts, $410,150.

HARDING DR., 604-T.A. and James P. Kerins Jr. to Michael I. Karen, $220,000.

OAK LEAF DR., 11423-Ayziro Mardukhayev to Adriana M. and Luis R. Munoz, $240,000.

PERSHING DR., 401-Bonnie E. Birker to Stephen J. Morris, $350,000.

QUINBY ST., 10017-Eloise M. Gilmore to Catherine S. Cash, $270,000.

REVERE PL., 116-John G. and S.K. Shaffer to Stephanie M. and Donald M. Beard, $365,000.

SUNNYSIDE RD., 8-Earl M. and E.M. Ealy to Kristen and Catherine Sarri, $323,000.

WOODLEY AVE., 9519-Robert S. Harrison to Maria E. and Barry L. Ackerman, $300,000.


COLUMBIA AVE., 8-James A. Shrybman to Elizabeth T. and Kenneth Shields, $585,000.

WALNUT AVE., 60-Elizabeth A. Hone to Christophe Tant and Laura J. Glassman, $339,000.


CLAGETT DR., 1101-Herman Krum, trustee, to John M. Dustin, $220,000.


BLUHILL RD., 12123-Dorothy M. Martin to Silva S. and John G. Foster, $130,000.

BRIGHTLEAF CT., 1909-Binh Dang to Mullugeta H. Gebreyes, $255,000.

CODY DR., 1806-E. and Christopher Connelly to Robert W. Trott, $365,000.

CREST RD., 1512-Helen Bechtoldt to Karen E. Cooke, $218,300.

DALEWOOD DR., 11916-Rene Quintanilla to Jose A. Romero, $196,000.

DOUGLAS AVE., 10836-Barbara J. Russo to Gloria Snowdon, $253,500.

ECCLESTON ST., 2603-William C. Keppler III to Ana L. and Jose C. Benitez, $278,000.

GRANDVIEW AVE., 11707-Z. and Maximo Gabin to Carola Valdez, $279,900.

HENDERSON AVE., 3205-Dilani Amarasingha to Elias N. Vasquez, $200,000.

HIGHVIEW AVE., 11717-James C. and Maria K. Webb to Sunny Saini and Mariluz Cabana, $224,900.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1111, No. 31A-Maureen A. Dunn to Nicholas S. Chant, $130,000.

WEISMAN RD., 2506-Ethel F. May to Amy Nguyen, $146,000.