A decision should be coming soon about how many snow days Prince George's students will have to make up.

The Maryland State Board of Education on Tuesday voted to grant State Superintendent Nancy S. Grasmick the authority to waive two required makeup days for Feb. 18 and Feb. 19, when much of the region was buried under two feet of snow.

The state board also decided to let school districts make up any remaining days on state-designated holidays such as Memorial Day.

Prince George's had four so-called snow days built into its school calendar.

Students have now exceeded that by four days. School officials plan to request a waiver for the two days, leaving them with two to make up. They have not yet decided how to do that.

'A Wonderful Opportunity'

Iris T. Metts, who has announced that she will step down as Prince George's County schools chief when her contract expires in June, has agreed to become chief education officer of Mosaica Education, a for-profit national charter school management organization based in New York.

Mosaica operates charter schools in the District, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York and other states. Students in Mosaica charter schools attend full-day kindergarten, have about one more hour of instruction each day than typical public school students and learn a foreign language starting in kindergarten.

Metts said she will ensure that Mosaica's schools comply with the year-old federal No Child Left Behind Act and focus on improving math, language arts and science instruction. "What a wonderful opportunity," Metts said this week. "I think charter schools are the cutting edge of innovation."

Metts, 60, said she will continue to live in Bowie, where she has resided since arriving from Delaware in 1999 to take over the Prince George's school system.