The following were among animal cases received recently by the Washington Humane Society (202-723-5730) and the D.C. Animal Control Division (202-576-6664). For more information or assistance, 24 hours a day, call either number.

15 Dogs, 87 Birds Impounded

Pennsylvania Ave. SE, 3900 block, Feb. 25. Fifteen Airedales and Welsh terriers and 87 parakeets and canaries were impounded after humane society officers executed a search warrant at a residence. The warrant was issued following a report alleging that a man was shooting a BB gun at dogs when they barked.

Several days before the search, the man had allegedly refused to allow society officers to see the animals. During the search, officers found that the dogs were dirty and being kept in crates throughout the house, according to the society. The birds, some of which were injured, were reportedly living in overcrowded, filthy cages. The owners were breeding the animals but lacked permits to have so many on the premises, according to the society.

Police arrested the man after marijuana plants, four loaded handguns and a BB gun were allegedly found in the home.

Sick, Thin Hen Found on Street

16th and Kennedy streets NW, Feb. 15. A woman called animal control after finding a sick, thin hen on a street. An animal control officer took the hen to the D.C. shelter, where it was determined to be too sick to survive. The bird was euthanized.

Woman Aids Wounded Cardinal

16th St. NW, 7900 block, Feb. 18. A woman found a cardinal with an injured wing in the snow. She cared for the bird for three days during a snowstorm, then arranged to have animal control transfer it to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Snow-Covered Gull Warms Up

Anacostia Naval Station, Feb. 16. A communications employee found a ring-billed gull covered with snow and ice and unable to fly. The man took the bird to his office and called animal control. An officer took the gull to the D.C. shelter, where it warmed up overnight. It was released in the wild the next day.

Puppy Surrendered to Officer

Brandywine St. SE, 700 block, Feb. 17. A woman called animal control saying the 3-month-old shepherd mix that she had kept in her house for the past four days was destructive. She allegedly threatened to put it outside "so he would freeze" unless an officer picked it up immediately. An officer took the 10-pound shepherd mix to the D.C. shelter, where it was made available for adoption.

Opossum, Cat Share Shelter

24th Pl. SE, 3000 block, Feb. 19. An animal control officer found a stray cat and an opossum sharing a crawl space under a house to escape the snow. The officer was unable to catch the opossum but caught the female cat and took it to the D.C. shelter, where it was made available for adoption.

-- Sarah Lane