The following home sales were recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


DOUBS RD., 5108-Charles C. and Ruby Brashears to Karen Jordan Lucas and Wade Hamilton Lucas, $141,000.

HOPE VALLEY CT., 7917-Soterios G. and Mary Lou Nicholson to Stuart W. King and Carol L. Kanaskie, $259,900.

MOUNT EPHRAIM RD., 1819-Thomas J. and April Pampalone to Diana and Richard J. Clement, $349,900.


BRUNSWICK ST., 608-T. Fry and J. Russell McMurry to Mary Ellen Von Perbandt, $145,000.

E ST. E., 820-Deborah A. Powell to Jason G. Payne, $120,000.


ALEX CT., 6914-Margaret C. Hogsett to Monika H. and Joseph A. Monard, $107,300.

ALLINGTON MANOR CIR. E., 7017-Anthony J. McCook to Wendy and Kurt Hankey, $319,000.

APACHE CT., 807-Edward A. Leonarczyk to Cynthia G. Mason and Michael B. Leiter, $247,000.

BANNISTER DR., 6363-N. Barrie McLeod II to Lore G. and Michael C. Neubeiser, $400,000.

BLUE LEAF CT., 900, No. 9-3D-Stuart James Grimm to Michelle L. Ballenger and Daniel Wendell, $115,500.

BOYSENBERRY LANE, 597-Tana M. and Timothy R. Lewis to Jeffrey P. Hyde, $115,900.

CANFIELD TER., 242-James P. Moreland to Liberty Investment Properties, $110,000.

CARROLLTON DR., 525, No. 27-Bank of New York, trustee, to Kimberly M. Miles, $79,900.

CASCADE WAY, 591-Rory D. Duncan to Shirley and Jared Miller, $121,900.

CASTLE ROCK RD., 1757-William R. Grubb Jr. to Wendy L. and Edward Koo, $344,900.

CENTER ST., 416-Shelley Lynn Abrecht to Dianne M. Sears, $120,000.

CHASE CT., 5711-Donna Winpigler to Sandra J. and Paul L. Turner, $139,900.

CORNWALL TER., 6125-Janis and Duane Lafont to Kevin L. Zimmerman, $309,900.

DAGERWING PL., 1411-Michael K. O'Byrne to Elizabeth and Richard T. Kreuzburg, $253,900.

DANBERRY DR., 1313-William G. Linthicum III to Rene and William E. Beaupain, $181,900.

DEARBOUGHT DR., 1744-Fannor O. Butler Sr. to Lorie D. and Brian S. Barnett, $282,000.

DENTON CT., 5628-Robert A. Read II to Sandra Apperson and Frankie McIntyre, $159,900.

DERR'S CT., 1800-Cendant Mobility Services Corp. to Lynne R. and Reiner V. Gotz, $335,000.

ELFIN CT., 1403-Christopher W. and Bonnie L. Rollins to Tara C. and John P. Southerland, $255,000.

HAMBURG RD., 9008-Aurora Loan Services Inc. to Judith C. and Blaise J. Apshago, $144,000.

HANNOVER DR., 5800-Steven E. and Shannon W. Thompson to Margaret L. Cole and Robert L. Blubaugh Jr., $167,500.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 1001-K-William C. Smith to Zhus Corp., $64,900.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 751, No. 18-Michael S. Sobkowicz to Kyong Buford, $72,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 997-B-Madeline R. Knill to Sara M. and Mark D. Holsinger, $70,000.

HESSONG BRIDGE RD., 11402-William J. Jr. and Joann R. Adkins to Rose and Scott David Rippeon, $185,000.

HILLMEADE SQ., 1796-Bonnie S. and Ronald A. Lennox to Emma L. Ambush and Charles F. Whims, $113,000.

KEY PKWY., 162-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Sergey Kleyman and Tamara Rabinovich, $110,520.

KEY PKWY., 210-Dennis L. Patrick to Christopher J. Francisco, $95,000.

KILLDEER CT., 6715-Christina P. Galiardi to Bryan Petersen, $143,000.

LANTANA CIR., 5802-W.K.W. Partnership to Robert M. Rucshner, $73,000.

MARKET ST. N., 823-Thane S. and Toni Wein Pittman to Merly and Raymond Cullom, $285,500.

MARKET ST. N., 914-Susan J. Passfield to Patricia A. and Paul W. Brennan, $230,000.

MARKET ST. S., 321-Mary Elizabeth Storm to Lyle Kleinhans, $80,000.

MERGANSER CT., 5058-Richard P. and Donna M. Sestrich to Margaret E. and Benjamin R. Fetting, $145,500.

OAK LEAF CT., 7811-Prudential Residential to Patrick D. and Vickie L. Gregory, $358,500.

PRENTICE CT., 2417-Megan F. and Bradford S. Powell to Kerry A. Adamik, $169,900.

PROSPECT BLVD., 380-James N. and Linda R. Ford to Kellie A. and Dwight R. Carpen, $176,000.

STAGHORN AVE., 1034-Patricia J. and Richard A. Goodrich to Larry C. Wyatt, $111,000.

STRATFORD DR., 806-L-Daniel J. Danies to Sarah K. Shriver, $88,000.

TOWNCREST CT., 6318-Mark A. and Jennifer E. Pickens to Erin E. and Chad E. Brand, $165,000.

TRAIL AVE., 602-James T. and Ann E. McGovern to Jamie J. and Troy L. Fine, $130,000.

WATERFORD DR., 810-Donald E. Hall to Lavondia Gibson, $152,000.

WETHERBURNE WAY, 2211-Valerie Dejarld to Elizabeth A. and Anthony Defilippis, $179,900.

WHITE HALL RD., 2110, No. 1A-Angela C. Shuck to C.O. Michaelson and Department of Housing and Urban Development, $78,000.

NINTH ST. W., 3-Martha E. Hamel to Jennifer L. Wagner, $149,900.


MOCKINGBIRD CT., 3405-Mary G. and Christopher S. Wilson to Jennifer B. Huber, $259,900.

MOUNTAIN VIEW LANE, 11102-William T. III and Shirley M. Kemp to Rebekah D. and Daniel C. Miller, $271,000.

WINDSOR CT., 11295-Curtis P. Magura to Sharyl A. Donnadieu and Richard Joel Williams, $280,000.


MANHEIM CT., 4028-William H. and Angela G. Bolingbroke to Angela K. and Douglas E. Murphy, $314,900.

WALLINGFORD CT., 4215-John Komorowski to Judith A. Monroe and Johnny M. Kersey, $375,000.


BALMORAL OVERLOOK, 6704-Ronald Leslie and Dolores Perry to Kristen and Duane Watkins, $240,000.

BEACH DR., 6636-Philip W. Hartmark to Donald W. and Christie L. Burdette, $170,000.

CORPORAL JONES CT., 5808-Harry A. and Margaret R. Gray to Michelle L. and Wayne E. Johnson, $245,000.

DEBORAH CT., 4270-John M. Jr. and Barbara L. Elliott to Lisa and Christopher Forand, $364,900.

DOUGLAS AVE., 6030-Department of Veterans Affairs to John and Michael J. Carey, $230,750.


HARP PL., 1-Katharine S. Currey to Carol Ann Reed, $233,000.

PLEASANT WALK RD., 11306-Jean E. Jackson to Justin Haines, $75,000.



QUEEN ANNE CT., 5631-Dawn M. and Douglas G. Young to Rebecca J. Ammenheuser, $157,900.

QUEEN ANNE CT., 5605-Jeanine M. and Tyler T. Murr to Kevin P. Sandleitner, $147,900.


ADAMS WAY, 103-Sherley P. and Lenwood C. Moss to Marchel A. Janner, $139,300.