The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


GALWAY DR., 6408-Kevin P. Adams to Keng Yu Shih and Li Hsi Yao, $502,000.


APRIL JOURNEY W., 5676-Annie S. Gibson to Fary Sami, $225,000.

BETTER HOURS CT., 7318-Joyce Brauner to Bradley G. Reed, $157,500.

BILLOW ROW, 9031-Kenneth D. Klipple to Andrew and Allyson Stanton, $335,000.

BRIGHT PLUME, 6384-John M. Hagan to Alan D. and Mary Ellen Dudderar, $249,900.

DURHAM RD., 5120-Virginia A. Puglisi to William T. Spencer, $325,000.

FOOTED RIDGE, 8905-Jawahar K. Shah to Jose and Rebecca Umali, $126,000.

GOLD SUNSET WAY SW, 8410-Marisabel H. Navarro to Michael Kebede and Seblewongle Shiferaw, $210,000.

GRATEFUL HEART GATE, 6393-Forrest Shafer to Jae Sung and Kyung Ok Ahn, $435,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 10850-James P. Kelly Jr. to J.P. Henn and Marissa L. Henn, $52,700.

HAPPY HEART LANE, 6854-William H. Hemelt III to Jennifer M. Pierce, $220,000.

HAYSHED LANE, 8729-Alan H. Skelton to Aminata Kamara, $81,900.

HINGSTON DOWNS, 9650-Jiyu Zhan to Sean R. and Leonor M. Davis, $146,000.

KITELINE CT. N., 6310-Charles W. Ridgeway to James R. Mackin and Amita M. Mackin, $275,000.

LASTING LIGHT WAY, 7256-Wendy Clarice Spriggs to Usha and Deepak Jain, $175,400.

LITTLE PATUXENT PKWY. E., 11531-Steven W. Sachs to Clare A. and Gail J. Fouts, $187,000.

LONE TREE CT., 11766-Edward L. Baldwin Jr. to Shannon Forte, $181,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6009-Mark Gray to Samuel Edward Bradford, $91,500.

MAJORS LANE, 6065-Kathleen C. Conway to Dianne S. Fitchett, trustee, $56,500.

MAY WIND CT., 10374-Suellen S. Weisberg to Brett I. and Emily Greenberger, $159,000.

MOVING WATER LANE, 9019-Stephen A. Kellogg to Sharon M. Neafsey, $210,500.

NORTH SLOPE PATH, 8113-Daniel H. Overman to Wendy C. Messick Spriggs, $359,000.

PYRAMID WAY N., 6742-Janie Delbene Seibert to Martin T. Schlichting, $189,500.

QUARRY BRIDGE CT. NE, 9556-Jimmy E. Demeulenaere to Vito A. Casarella II, $124,000.

ROAN STALLION LANE, 6327-Richard D. Anderson to David and Monica Basena, $315,000.

SADDLE DR., 6353-Christopher E. Brecht to Rapheal D. and Marcy L. Jacobs, $335,000.

SMOOTH MEADOW WAY, 5362-Carmen A. Conrey to Marc Leiderman, $85,000.

STAG HORN PATH, 7167-Quang D. Luu to Kin Tai and Lai Chun Chan, $150,000.

SUMMER LEAVE LANE, 7502-Dennis Williams to Thomas E. Garey Jr., $367,900.

WEATHER WORN WAY NE, 7505-Laura J. Ekblad to Leslie and Elaine Lawrence, $129,000.

WILD LILAC, 5479-Robert P. Glaze to Patricia L. Keene, $159,000.

WILD SWAN WAY SE, 6272-Randy P. Phillips to Joshua M. Budich and Victoria M. Leftwich, $174,900.

WOODED WAY, 5455-Keng Yu Shih to Rita G. Simmons and Linda K. Hatler, $380,000.


ARBOR WAY, 6321-Bernardino Dipasquale IV to Leonard M. Sirasky and Shannon Miller, $231,000.

GREENMOUNT DR. E., 6545-Gino J. Valentin Saravia to Andrew D. Miller and Diana Mucci, $273,000.

HAMPTON PL., 6314-Paul James Gurdak Jr. to Matthew J. Lee and Christine Letitia, $240,000.

HUNT HILL DR., 5851-James L. McCabe to Travis Root, $149,500.

WOODLAND FOREST DR. S., 6364-Ryan P. Berry to Kurian and Esther George, $217,000.


BRACKEN DR., 10151-Robert J. Murphy to Paul R. and Dawn H. Lucas, $490,000.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7912-Angela M. Bankins to Christina D. and Nicholas J. Sfakianos, $213,000.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7955-Scott F. Wilkerson to Michael G. Omara and Pamela E. Glick, $227,500.

BRIGHTMEADOW CT., 7973-Frank B. Martenis to Elizabeth J. Palmer, $190,000.

CHAPEL VIEW DR., 8506-James N. Vaughan to David and Christine Rabine, $271,200.

DORSEY HALL DR., 4920-Deborah A. Davis to Aaron Hicks, $133,000.

FAWNHAVEN CT., 12225-Richard A. Froehlinger to Robert A. and Jennifer F. McCormick, $374,900.

FOLLY QUARTER RD., 12673-Kenneth Loje to Jonathan H. and Dawn S. Hyde, $545,000.

FOX DEN RD., 10025-Beverly E. Godman to James Michael and Mary Ellen Koontz, $220,000.

GOLDFINCH CT., 5745-Chung Gil Nam to Jennifer Lowe, $227,500.

HIGH RIDGE RD., 8533-George D. Duff to James L. Giles and Maya I.W. Lysloff Giles, $289,900.

ILCHESTER WOODS WAY, 5120-Brian D. Shea to Keith B. and Debra L. Shannon, $362,625.

KINGSCUP CT., 4582-William Edouard Trumbull to Kenneth and Kathleen Rebeck, $244,900.

LOMBARDI DR., 10373-Robert Allen Kadish to Ihn Suk and Kim H. Ock, $370,000.

McKENZIE RD., 2517-Isabelle A. Schroder to Edward J. and Bonnie J. Benesch, $240,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD., 8381-Susan R. Macks to Jessica Lynn Deal, $94,000.

RAMBLEWOOD RD., 2905-Viola S. Barth, trustee, to Luis M. and Monica Diaz, $288,000.

ROSEMAR DR., 2894-Cecil L. Keseling to Stephen K. and Lara Brown, $275,000.

TUSCANY RD., 10220-Michael G. Barrett to Rashid and Samina Chotani, $399,900.


GLENWOOD SPRINGS DR., 2818-Paul R. Shea to Peter J. and Susan D. Brophy, $555,000.

ROXBURY RD., 15452-James M. Logan to Laural J.S. Clark, $260,000.


RYAN AVE., 6427-Scott A. Johnson to Gregory T. Meeks, $249,000.


DEER VALLEY RD., 7122-John Cowles Peirce to Eliana Cardenas, $579,000.


ASPENWOOD WAY, 8111-Hennie Scott Brown III to Daniel Traver and Janice K. Myhand, $179,900.


MARRIOTTSVILLE RD. W., 1650-Mark James Amrhein to Scott D. and Linda S. Wilson, $500,000.


ALADDIN DR., 8006-Francis Keith Merson to Thomas M. Selvey and Victoria M. Young, $292,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9080-Theresa A. Pitts to Margaret A. Bell, $135,000.

GLEN HANNAH DR., 10667-Tammy Martin to Heather Anne Berry and Tara Ruocco, $165,000.

KINGS GRANT RD., 9519-Marcos E. Maldonado to Matthew D. and Angela P. McGhie, $240,000.

MANORWOOD RD., 9087-James A. Factor to Alfonso and Amanda Orellana, $287,370.

MANORWOOD RD., 9091-Alan C. Powers Jr. to Donna M. Hall, $224,900.

MOONSHINE HOLLOW, 9070-Jeffrey V. Crookes to Tonya L. Williams, $114,000.

PARK AVE., 9628-Jolin Rippl to David and Kathy J. Albaugh, $240,000.

REDBRIDGE CT., 9238-Calvin R. Wylie to Patricia A. Murphy, $134,000.

SOMBERSBY CT., 9332-Andrew H. Smith to James F. Facchiano, $215,000.


CATTAIL MEADOWS DR., 1764-Gerald Scott Riekers to Michael E. and Mary E. Small, $489,500.

JENNINGS CHAPEL RD., 2680-John E. Jackson to Teddy K. Norman, $200,000.


FOLKESTONE WAY, 10734-Brian J. Stocker to Kristina M. Crossan, $280,000.