He's been known to don a fake beard and mustache. Or slap on lipstick, a wig, a daisy-dotted scarf and an ankle-length dress.

Since 1995, the man of many disguises has had the same mission, the FBI said: bank robbery.

He has committed at least six bank robberies -- one in the District and five in Virginia -- sometimes posing as a woman, sometimes as a man, according to the FBI, which is circulating surveillance photographs in hopes of ending his criminal career.

"He's very theatrical, very dramatic," said FBI Special Agent James Burton. "He's very dramatic when he comes in, very loud."

The man's career as a bank robber in the area apparently started Aug. 29, 1995, when he strolled into a First Union bank at 600 Maryland Ave. in Southwest Washington wearing a dress, wig and gloves, the FBI said. The man, estimated to be 6 feet and 180 pounds, passed a demand note to a teller that claimed he had a bomb, the FBI said.

He struck again May 1, 1997, the FBI said. Once again posing as a woman, he robbed what then was known as NationsBank -- now Bank of America -- at 5707 Seminary Rd. in Baileys Crossroads, agents said.

Five years later, wearing a suit, fake beard and hat, he casually walked inside to rob the First Union bank at 6565 Little River Tpk. in the Alexandria section of the county, the FBI said. That episode took place May 2, the FBI said, the first of four robberies he is believed to have staged in Northern Virginia last year.

Wearing a dress and wig and carrying a purse, he returned to the bank on Seminary Road on May 21 and once again robbed it, agents said, this time after claiming to have a bomb. Wearing a fishing hat, he robbed a First Union branch at 6940 Braddock Rd. in Annandale on Aug. 2, the FBI said. The most recent robbery tied to the man took place Dec. 30 at a Virginia Commerce Bank branch at 5350 Lee Hwy. in Arlington. The robber never showed a gun, the FBI said.

The FBI is offering a reward leading to the man's arrest and prosecution. Agents urged anyone with knowledge of his identity or whereabouts to call the FBI at 202-278-2360.

Surveillance tape shows a man suspected of at least six bank robberies demanding money Aug. 2 at a First Union Bank branch at 6940 Braddock Rd. in Annandale.