The Prince George's County police officer who shot and wounded an unarmed Glenarden man Tuesday was identified yesterday as Cpl. James Bridgeman, a 13-year member of the department who has been involved in at least one other on-duty shooting.

Police also identified the man who was shot Tuesday as Richard Cedric Taylor, 30, who lives at the Glenarden Apartments in the 8400 block of Hamlin Street. One bullet struck him in the abdomen and another grazed his head, authorities said. He remained hospitalized in fair condition.

Bridgeman, who was placed on paid administrative leave after the 9:40 a.m. shooting, fired several shots at Taylor, who was standing in a closet holding a cordless phone, authorities said. They said Bridgeman was responding to a 911 call about an assault and that Taylor, who was a suspect, disregarded several commands to surrender.

A woman who reported that Taylor had assaulted her told police that Taylor may have had a gun, though no gun was recovered, authorities said.

Police Chief Gerald M. Wilson yesterday promised a thorough investigation, saying, "I can assure you the facts will be revealed."

Taylor was in police custody at Prince George's Hospital Center because of an old arrest warrant charging him with assault. He has not been charged with a crime in connection with the events that led to the shooting.

Also yesterday, police released a recording of the 911 call that brought Bridgeman and at least one other officer to the apartment complex. The woman told a call-taker that the father of her child had hit her and was possibly armed. She pleaded with police to hurry and when they arrived, she pointed them to another apartment, telling them Taylor was hiding there.

The woman, whom police did not identify, told the 911 operator she was not certain whether Taylor had a weapon.

"Did you see the gun?" the operator asked the caller.

"Yes, I did," she said. "I mean, a friend of mine [said she saw] the gun in his pocket when he was going out."

Police said the woman did not have any visible injuries.

According to court records, Bridgeman was one of several officers involved in a shootout with three suspects outside a Chapel Oaks firehouse in March 1992. One man, identified as Juan Bowie, 27, was wounded.