Permits Requested

1. Office building, 1400 K St. NW. Interior renovation of ground floor and lobby. Cost: $1,327,000.

2. Phillips Collection, 1612 and 1618 21st St. NW . Renovation, modernization and expansion of the art museum. Cost: $10,000,000.

3. R Street Storage Associates, 175 R St. NE. Interior renovation of existing warehouse and construction of a manager's office and caretaker's apartment. Cost: $1,400,000.

4. Old School Lofts, 1315 Independence Ave. SE. Abandoned Bryan School to be converted into 22 lofts, condominiums. Cost: $1,150,000.

5. Office building, 1325 G St. NW. Renewal of permit for facade and lobby renovation and installation of new canopy. Cost: $1,604,710.

6. Studio Theatre Apartments project, 1401 Church St. NW. Cost: $1,000,000.

7. InterAmerican Bank, 1300-1350 New York Ave. NW. Addition to the bank's office space to be constructed between existing buildings. Cost: $14,000,000

8. Tivoli Theatre, 3303 14th St. NW. Permits sought for reconstruction of the historic theater, abandoned since 1976. Eventual project is to include a restored theater as well as shops, offices, a new Giant Food supermarket and 40 duplex condominiums. Cost for first two permits: $8,314,000.

9. Office renovation, 1155 21st St. NW. Cost: $1,858,000.

10. Business, 1111 Eighth St. NW. Cost: $945,223.

11. Apartments on the site of former Bolling View Apartments, 2942-46; 2950-54; 2958-62; 2966 Second St. SE and 221, 223, 225, 401, 403 and 405 Orange St. SE. Cost from $87,000 to $126,000 each.

12. Stuart Hall, George Washington University, 2013 G St. NW. Cost: $1,308,000.

13. Prospect Learning Center, 920 F St. NE. The Army Corps of Engineers is seeking a permit to remove and replace pre-cast panels and replace windows in this D.C. public school. Cost: $1,200,000.

Permits Approved

14. Vestry of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 100 Rock Creek Church Rd. Renovation of existing parish hall and addition of office/administration wing. Cost: $3,738,000.

15. D.C. Department of Corrections, 1901 D St. SE. Renovation of kitchen and replacement of kitchen flooring and wall finishes at the D.C. Jail. Cost: $1,500,000.

16. Raze building, 7237 Georgia Ave. NW. Raze two-story wood-frame single-family dwelling. Shepherd Park Community Center. No cost given.

17. Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th St. SW. Interior construction of auctions suite on part of courtyard level. Cost: $1,020,000.

18. Emery Recreation Center, 5801 Georgia Ave. NW. D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation is building a retaining wall at recreation center. Cost not listed.

19. Embassy of the Republic of Yemen, 2319 Wyoming Ave. NW. Interior renovation. Cost: $35,712.

20. Thomson Elementary School, 1200 L Street NW. Total renovation of the D.C. public school, which was built in 1926, plus 10,000-square-foot addition, including rooftop play area and "play balconies." Cost: $13.65 million.

21. Anna Johenning Baptist Church, 700 Southern Ave. SE. Site work and grading for a church. No cost listed.

22. New Idea Public Charter School, 1027 45th St. NE. Renovations to building, first-floor bathrooms and vestibule. Cost: $600,000.

23. Congressional Quarterly, 1255 22nd St. NW. Interior office alterations. Cost: $761,7111.

24. Third Street Church of God, 1202 and 1204 Third St. NW. Church building annex with stairs, handicapped entrance and landscaping. Cost: $ 970,000 .

25. American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, 1150 17th St. NW. Renovation to office space on the 11th floor. Cost: $190,000.

26. Center for Arms Control, 322 Fourth St. NE. Alteration to existing building. Cost: $258,000.

27. Residential and Retail project, 912 F St. NW. Residential and retail project incorporating three historic buildings. Cost: $15,000,000.

28. Father Flanagan's Girls and Boys Town, 4801 Sargent Rd. NE. Four youth residential-care homes, two stories each with cellar and parking lot. Cost: $2,585,000.

29. Office building, 20 Massachusetts Ave. NW. Renovation for new office space on the third, fourth, and part of the fifth floors. Cost: $2,397, 441.

30. Downtown apartments, 450 Massachusetts Ave. NW. Revise elevation of 14-story 462-unit apartment building. Cost: $40,000,000.