The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


HIDDEN VALLEY RD., 2740-Mark A. and Joyce M. Bowker to Charles and John L. Gibbons, $255,000.

LIVINGSTON RD., 16232-Nancy Pretto to Beulah E. Liddell, $186,900.

ROCKWOOD RD., 2410-Jay S. and Dorothy H. Odell to Ikuko S. and Steven C. Turner, $250,000.


CHARLESTON PL., 2226-Edward J. and Harriet H. Castagna to Rosa E. and Luis A. Turcios, $160,000.

COX AVE., 814-Argentina C. Caro to Zoila A. and Carlos A. Vides, $211,000.

LEBANON ST., 1933-Irving and Lucille Baker to Anna C. and Jose E. Zelaya, $165,000.

WOODED CT., 1905-Franklin E. Wood to Sicuong Phu, $280,000.

18TH AVE., 8002-Cora M. Jackson to Pedro C. Alvarado, $173,000.


BELTSVILLE DR., 12045-Stanley Der to Jonathan Marks and Gloria Moses, $155,000.

CHAPEL VIEW DR., 3119-Lloyd and Gladys Wilson, trustees, to Thu Aung and Sin Shwe, $229,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11230, No. T2-Sheldon G. and Doris B. Bennett to Susanne Callender , $86,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11330, No. 301-II-L-Darlene Perry to Noree V. Johnson, $70,000.

IVY DR., 13101-Collin E. King to Ana E.C. Torres, $243,000.

PINE ST., 11717-Enid W. and Daniel B. Johnson to Craig Porter, $300,000.

ULSTER RD., 4206-Norman L. and June W. Ulsaker, trustees, to Remi F. and Aboki M. Samu, $259,000.

YATES RD., 4512-Francis C. and Nancy B. Solomon to Ginett and Michael J. Steiner, $167,000.

35TH PL., 11622-Peter L. McGettrick to Zakia C. and Rinarda A. McDow, $249,900.


ANNAPOLIS RD., 10910-John L. Thomas to Javier M. Szuchma and Juan F. Campos, $68,500.

BELAIR DR., 2502-Jennifer E. Austin Knab to Lisa E. and Ronald C. Sessoms, $190,000.

BLUEJAY LANE, 2807-William R. Jr. and Maureen J. Norton to Vicki A. and James E. Dinch, $240,000.

CASWELL LANE, 12505-Benedict T. and Doris P. Decicco to Rithy Keo and Run Im, $223,000.

EBONY CT., 15716-Leonard M. Sjoberg to David Fagan and Tisa Williams, $137,000.

ECHOLS CT., 15303-Jerome L. Jr. and Denise M. McNair to Valerie A. and Jules W. Francis, $195,000.

ELDBRIDGE TER., 3707-Wilma L. Hunter to Keyonata L. and Michael L. Granberry, $165,000.

ELMCREST TER., 16507-La Juan A. Travers to Adaeze Nwokeji, $160,000.

EVERGLADE LANE, 15604-Michael T. Gaylor to Valerie Matthews Winston, $168,000.

GOLD CUP LANE, 8003-J. Eric and Jean M. Garber to Reginald G. and Taneia R. Fowler, $250,000.

HEATHERSTONE DR., 13920-Harold J. and Elisabeth S. Heritage to Jacqueline S. and John Tahsuda, $289,900.

HILLMEADE STATION DR., 12744-Shirley E. and Irving J. Williams Jr. to Oluseun O. Olabode, $215,000.

LONDON LANE, 14829-Stephen B. Suttles to Larry D. Huntley, $162,500.

MANSHIP LANE, 12322-Troy J.A. and Stephanie D. Haney to Amy K. Groover and Glenn M. Bock, $194,900.

NORWALK CT., 15409-Ellen F. Miller to Patricia A. Carpenter, $149,900.

PATRIOT LANE, 1107-Susan E. Edwards to Pandora Hardtman, $137,500.

PENNINGTON LANE, 1405-Stephen J. Brodeur to Melissa A. and Andrew D. Brodeur, $169,200.

PRICE LANE, 1815-Sidney and Sari W. Levy to Liza Herschel and David Schiman, $144,000.

QUARTETTE LANE, 12001-Rasheed O. Dawodu to Judett R. Black, $237,900.

QUILL POINT DR., 8026-Mark L. Turner to Gavin B. Stokes, $234,900.

RIDGEVIEW LANE, 4900-Marion M.W. and John J. Ellis to Monique S. and Timothy T. Phelps, $216,150.

THOMPSON RD., 12501-Susan A. and Dominick W. Heyl to Curtis L. Field, $195,000.

WAINWRIGHT CT., 14110-David and Leni Rosen to Frances S. and John C. Grondalski, $280,000.

YORKTOWN DR., 13204-Robert W. and Anne M. Singleton to Denise L. and David A. Michaud, $195,000.

YOUNGWOOD TURN, 13518-Michael D. Jackson to Shaharra Usni and Robert Kaczanowski, $196,000.


CONVERSE CT., 9607-George C. and Beverly G. Ryan to Raymond L. and Minnie L. Outlaw, $180,000.


WEBSTER ST., 3918-Alma Bowie to Creimco Corp., $102,000.


CLOVIS AVE., 819-Fritz Outlaw to Teresa Y. Hardrick, $48,000.

COOLIDGE ST., 5603-Tracy F. Cole to Tanesha R. and Anthony Gibson, $105,000.

DRUMLEA RD., 7416-Sylvia and Henry L. Balloon to Isiah Marshall Jr., $134,000.

HIGHVIEW DR., 907-Douglas R. Hile to Leon Gibbs, $97,500.

PARD RD., 4720-Edwina D. Braddock to Emanolita Sanders, $158,000.

PRESCOT CT., 5607-Earline Harris to Bernita R. Howell, $139,000.

QUIRE AVE., 43-Marie A.W. Rawlings to Discell W. Charlton Jr., $120,000.

64TH AVE., 616-Drue Williams Jr. to Toluleke Fashina, $83,000.


MARLBORO WOODS DR., 10313-Scott E. and Jeanne W. Patnode to Karen and Renardo Edwards, $287,000.


ALLENDALE DR., 7603-Oddie L. and James L. White to Jody S. Gibson, $68,000.

COLUMBIA PL., 2301-Martha G. and Jose O. Arevalo to Shermel E. Bailey, $111,900.

CONTINENTAL PL., 9044-Carolyn G. and Ronald E. Stuckey to Jacqueline Williams, $105,000.

JUTEWOOD AVE., 1600-William L. Venable to Willis A. Vincent and Miguel Rascon, $130,000.

LAKE POINTE CT., 9804, No. 103-Ronald E. Brooks Jr. to Sherine Taylor, $117,000.

NORMANDY RD., 7714-Carlisa A. Kent to Willie L. Byrd, $78,000.

POST OAK CT., 225-Judy Robinson Birden to Charles E. Morris, $121,000.

RAY LEONARD RD., 1925-Gregory Barnes and Rodney Wooten to Lindon Davis, $90,000.

WILLOWOOD CT., 1626-Greater Suburban Properties to Adaora Nwigwe, $132,500.


BRANCHWOOD CIR., 8406-Linus C. and Donna A. Savage to Laquitta and Greg Moultrie, $207,000.

BUCKLER RD., 6109-Sue F. and Archibald F. Ward Jr. to Philip L. Broyles, $164,900.

CASTLE ROCK DR., 7411-Yvonne Bundy to Melanie and Alan W. Webb, $265,000.

COSCA PARK DR., 11631-Patricia A. Washington to Sarah V. Collins, $1.53 million.

FOX LAIR CT., 7915-Michael A. and Katrina A. Petty to Jeanette and Levi Thomas, $242,300.

FOX RUN DR., 9815-Daniel C. Miller to Ashlene B. Charles, $226,999.

JASON CT., 8606-Gloria J. and Jerry C. Gilbert to Kristy J. Nolan Reed, $146,000.

QUIET BROOK LANE, 9821-Furman R. Poindexter to Jon W. Mays, $170,500.

RAINTREE WAY, 9921-Stacey D. and Kenneth M. Johnson to Sheronda Ervin, $170,500.

WINTERSET CT., 9211-Nathan Fortlage to Robert and Kimberly J.C. Lawrence, $264,900.

WOODYARD RD., 7605-David Q. Wark to Dale C. and Lawrence Tepper, $174,950.


BERWYN RD., 5011-Judith O. Ronningen to Laurie and Jonathan King, $152,000.

GETTYSBURG LANE, 9009-George E. Jr. and Nancy V. Hild to Shirlene L. and Hugh K. Campbell, $265,000.

RADCLIFFE DR., 7301-Maria and Frank M.W. Browning to Larry W. Leckonby, $350,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 9535-Nancy H. Smith to Brian Peters, $193,500.

SWEETBRIAR DR., 7403-Pauline V. and John W. Quackenbush to Scott S. Sinno, $210,300.

49TH PL., 9504-Gloria Freeman Hickson to Sajithkumar Chandrahasan, $144,000.

50TH PL., 9300-Dawn R. and David R. Duggin to Deborah Kendall, $145,000.


AZTEC DR., 2503-First Horizon Home Loan Corporatio to Sylvia M. Davis, $135,000.

FOREST RUN DR., 3224-Shirley M. and Tracy O. McAbee to Evelyn D. Williams, $144,000.

HALLECK ST., 7101-Victor J. and Lataiga E. Byrd Proctor to Emma M. and Andre D. Harrison, $152,900.

MALDEN LANE, 7313-Tauhidah M. Omar to Patrice Diaz, $115,000.

NEWKIRK AVE., 3109-Mary E.Q. Baker to Betsy J. Alvarado, $80,000.

REGENCY PKWY., 3509-Feregent Abate and Yared Tilahun to Patrick T. Lewis, $139,950.

STONEY MEADOW DR., 5332-Kisha L. Anglin and Michael T. Lee to Adrienne Coles, $142,000.

SWEETWATER CT., 2703-Karen I. Tillman and Andre R. Freeman to Trenna M. Carter, $131,000.


BELLEFIELD CT., 2500-Phyllis A. and William R. Mickens to James L. Reese, $215,000.

BURGESS LANE, 7512-Joan B. and Charles F. King Jr. to Adlene M. Stover, $137,500.

CEDARWOOD LANE, 10503-Maurice and Linda R. Smith to Lakeisha N. Maj and Everett L. Gibbons, $167,900.

FOUNDERS WOODS WAY, 8337-Arthelia L. Wyatt to Atiya Herring, $122,500.

GILRAIN CT., 6109-Quincy D. Benbow to Amber M. Hamilton, $115,000.

L'ENFANT DR., 13219-Deborah D. Robinson to Paula L. Watts, $188,000.

LORELEI DR., 1606-Maxine L. and Harry W. Palmore to Kimberly M. Harris, $239,900.

MANTEO CT., 9705-Paulette M. Gayles to Louis Dellinger, $237,600.

RUSLAND CT., 8861-Noemi J. Rebanal to John E. Kennedy, $115,000.

SPRING VALLEY CT., 1015-Dariel M. Terry to Latisha N. Thomas, $99,500.

SPRING VALLEY CT., 1058-Ronald B. Tiggle to Servais and Kristen Bracmort, $108,000.

ST. IGNATIUS DR., 6300, No. 202-Delores P. Gaines to Ernestine M. Elliott, $117,000.

WHITWELL CT., 6430-Cynthia D. Brown to Patricia Bennett, $128,000.


CHIVALRY CT., 5903-Vernon and Bernice Gordon to Dexter R. and Keisha L. Brooks, $294,000.


GREENBELT RD., 8405, No. 102-Zohreh Gharagozlou to Joanne C. Oscasio, $83,000.

GREENBROOK DR., 7820-Stephanie M. and Lawrence A. Rorie to Salim Khan, $185,000.

WINTERWOOD PL., 7907-Linda M. and Chul Y. Kim to Alan Beitler, $208,000.


CHESAPEAKE RD., 5321-Vivian C. Smith to Jore A.S. Mejia, $135,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 6926, No. 101-Arland D. Hill to Antonio T. Warnick, $62,500.

HANOVER PKWY., 6928, No. 403-Mary E.I. and Beverly C. Read to Ramad B. Marke, $67,000.

KENNEDY ST., 4218-Fred Cizek, trustee, to Jose R.G. Cheves, $130,000.

QUEENS CHAPEL, 6413-Russell J. Rockefeller to Zeyneb R. and Ahmet H. Aydilek, $323,000.


NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 9203, No. 207-Freddy Canales to Carlos Sanchez, $62,500.


BARKER PL., 5403-Melissa A. and James W. Cloud Jr. to Lance H.S. Kim, $175,000.

MAIN ST., 6121-Eric S. and Josephine P. Williams to Ela R. and Nelson Contreras, $175,000.

MCHENRY LANE, 9128-Phat and Mykim Ngo Tran to Esther and Amos Adetobi Folawiyo, $185,000.

RED WING LANE, 8406-Jane F. Jansen to Elizabeth Kallon, $214,900.

WOODSTREAM TER., 7014-Wilbert L. Pender Jr. to Tarloh B. Sayeh, $169,900.

75TH AVE., 5507-Marie A. and Paul L. Schwartz to Humberto Ulloa Castro, $158,000.

99TH AVE., 6814-Charles V. Ross to David C. Ross, $130,000.


BALDPATE CT., 1307-Derrick and Latonya M. Richardson to Kellie K. and Avery B. Goss, $310,000.


BRADFORD DR., 15602-Dawud K. Rashid to Lonnie M. Hoover, $225,000.

CHAPEL COVE DR., 7918-Elaine L. and Ralph W. Shipman II to Aimee Gregory, $149,900.

DORSET RD., 15605, No. T2-Mary A.G. and Patrick J. Lesiak to Michael S. Kundin, $55,000.

DORSET RD., 15605, No. 37-Charles D. Zepko to Donald G. Marlow, $65,000.

FENWICK CT., 8108-Elizabeth L. and B.E. Bruffey to Caryl M. Barron, $162,500.

JERA PL., 15704-Nan E. and Henry R. Hainsey to M.P.C.B.R. Partnership, $250,000.

MONTGOMERY ST., 322-Harriet R. Fisher to Aaron M. Futch, $210,000.

MONTGOMERY ST., 503-Helen M. and Dennis Schraf to Edimae Whyte, $155,000.

OXFORD DR., 14211-Julia B. and E. Gilbert Taylor to Felicite T. Stanley, $195,000.

WAGGAMAN AVE., 13902-Mitchell A. Moseley to Deni A. Mazingo, $169,950.


ASPENWOOD LANE, 12001-Lois S. and Kenneth Ingram Jr. to Samuel Bracley, $274,900.

ELMSHORN WAY, 11410-Richard E. Stegeman to Ina C. Taylor, $200,000.

GOLDEN OAK DR., 13003-Eleanor S. and William P. Marr Jr. to Saul Zuniga, $230,000.

LANNER PL., 12003-Eugene J.O. Neil to Elesa M. and John G. Labanz, $242,000.

LAURELWALK DR., 11450-Bolanle O. Banjo to Ibironke M. Ogunlesi, $90,000.

PLAYER DR., 9316-Tammy L. Long to Mirian L. Torain, $147,000.

TUSCANY DR., 11736-Donna K. Smith to Craig S. and Summer D.S. Bryant, $210,000.


RAINIER AVE., 4214-Stuart K. and Katherine C. McGeady to Joann R. and Jesse W. James, $126,300.

36TH ST., 3720-Manufacturers and Traders Co., trustee, to Spinner Group Inc., $112,000.


GLENRIDGE DR., 7220-Arzella H. and Johnnie E. White to Eric L. Suggs Jr., $93,000.

STANTON RD., 6728-Paul D. Watson to Sandra Y. and Manuel J. Gutierrez, $158,000.

TOPTON ST., 7707-Michael A. and Gail T.S. Smith to Zeyneb M. Oumer and Ahmed Hussen, $185,000.

68TH PL., 4603-Lorraine M. Bridgett to Lena B. Hare and Sherlena Lee, $127,000.

85TH AVE., 5454, No. 102-Jerome S. Murray Maryland Land Trust to George H. Thompson, $44,640.

85TH AVE., 5460, No. 101-Mahmoud M. Gimie to George H. Thompson, $47,000.


DUMFRIES ST., 1104-Breenda and James E. Swann Jr. to Derrick Jones, $144,148.

WINTERBERRY LANE, 4611-Kelvin T. Randall to William H. Abrams, $127,500.

WINTHROP ST., 4903-Diane Hudnell to Kahlil Ali, $70,000.


TUCKERMAN ST., 5004-Sandra K. and Lawrence E. Loftus to Ana Ramirez, $142,000.

57TH AVE., 6313-Beltway Properties to Elizabeth Chewlin, $158,000.

62ND AVE., 5604-Larry Jackson Sr. to Billie Davis, $108,000.


GAYLORD DR., 2212-Leslie R. Prather to Taco M. Barnes, $99,000.


ALDERNEY PL., 5204-Anthony T. and Ivanka B. Jackson to Vickie and Thomas M. Banks, $140,000.

BEECHWOOD DR., 6535-Raymond E. and Phyllis A. Fowler to Pamela F. and Erik A. Reynolds, $111,000.

BEECHWOOD DR., 6556-Eve R. Makle to Timothy A. Wood, $105,000.

CARRIAGE DR., 4111-Marion H. and Thomas W. Anthony to Mason D. Waid II, $178,000.

JAMESON ST., 2107-Diane M. and Lionel E. Merchant to Geraldine Gaither, $150,300.

JOAN LANE, 5608-Shirley M. and Arthur B. Picard to Angel Miles Andrews, $104,000.

LARWIN DR., 6301-Lisa R. and Richard M. Williams to Chris A. Doby, $195,000.

NORCROSS ST., 4013-Ruth E. and Anthony J. Betterelli to Kim Y. Floyd, $122,000.

OLSON ST., 2301, No. 102-A-Cheryl M. and Randolph C. Gresham to Renelda C. Gresham, $65,000.

TAFT RD., 5002-Don H. Davis to Princechell Johnson, $144,700.


EAST WEST HWY., 4312-Joan R. Fisher to Edis C. and Arnulfo Bonilla, $210,000.

KENNEDY ST., 3704-Heather L. Milton to James W. Core, $132,500.

TOLEDO TER., 3450, No. 215-Simon and Arpi Simonian to Sarawork K. Tesem and Getnet Belay, $68,000.

36TH AVE., 5831-Jerman V. and Juana Santacru Salguero to Juana and Miguel Interiano, $135,000.

36TH AVE., 6003-Doris M. and William J. Clancy to Jose A. Turcios, $161,500.

37TH AVE., 5027-Lawrence Williams to Luis D.J. Mejia, $125,000.


ACTIUM DR., 9811-Nathanael and Catherine Greene to Greg K. Copeland and Violette N. Bynum, $120,000.

AUGUSTA HOOE RD., 13623-William L. Sellers to Shyam Pappu, $465,000.

BERRYBROOK TER., 12004-John L. and Elva S. Yates to April and Macio Singleton, $210,000.

BISCAYNE CT., 8546-Jamie L. Mille and Robert J. Baggstrom to David P. Essex, $171,900.

CASHILL CT., 4713-Vicki N. Collins to Francine I. Fagbemi, $267,000.

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3163-C-Gino L. Auteri to Angela Evans, $85,000.

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3229-C-Michelle R. Moten to Rochelle T. Branch, $85,000.

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3277-B-Timothy F. Geppert to Tasha M. Lawrence, $85,500.

COLONEL ADDISON CT., 14303-John Fragale Jr. to Toni D. Jones, $220,000.

COLONEL CONTEE PL., 4909-Shellie A. and David W. Talbott to Dianne Bolden, $239,000.

FAIRHAVEN AVE., 8813-Amy C. Baker and Jermaine E. Smith to Tondenica Tutt, $128,500.

GOVERNOR LEE PL., 14221-Everett D. Kelly to Natasha D. Bush, $167,500.

GOVERNORS GROVE RD., 14455-Jodi Allison to Andrea L. Keiser and Ephrai E. Carson, $165,000.

GRANDHAVEN AVE., 10401-Fred E. and Judith C. Snowden to Kim and Bernard Boley III, $256,500.

JOYCETON WAY, 57-Marguerite L. and Claude B. Jefferson to Anthony Ehizele, $160,000.

KING GEORGE WAY, 13932, No. 121-Rodney L. Scales to Kimberly J. Moylan, $135,000.

KINGFIELD CT., 12005-Janet M. and Deno G. Gelmini to Gacquette R. Jennings, $213,000.

LORD STERLING PL., 13512-Maureen L. and James R. Duckworth to Ronald E. Ingram II, $96,000.

MARLTON AVE. N., 11805-Allen E. and Rose M. Ewell to Zorida and Edward Jackson, $242,500.

MCCONNELL DR., 16023-Allen R. and Yvonne J. Williams to Patricia L. and Theodore A. Jones, $237,000.

OLD COLONY DR., 12455-Linda A. Moore to Dieter M. Montgomery, $158,000.

PRINCE PL., 10226, No. 13-207-Kelly D. Locker to Julian A. Hamilton, $58,400.

PRINCE PL., 10247, No. 30-204-Janice S. Brown to Curvia T. Ware, $57,000.

SCOTCH HILL DR., 10143-Gaby and Robert Johnson Jr. to Bennie J. Oliver, $95,500.

STURDEE DR., 12501-Scott Davis to Tyrone B. Gaither, $139,000.

SWINDON TER., 4435-Sharon and Ronald Whisonant to Ronald T. Whisonant, $149,435.

SYBARIS DR., 7102-Teddy F. and Frances A. Smith to Jody L. and Timothy H. Hanson, $175,000.

TIMBERLINE DR., 10616-Elizabeth M. and Richard S. Bendel to Carolyn J. and Matthew C. Woods, $193,900.

TRUMBULL DR., 12901-Kristine E. and Jerry A. Wood to Paul D. Horne Jr., $149,900.

TRUMBULL DR., 13019-J. David Thayer to Katrice and Reginal L. Pasteur, $134,900.


BALSAM POPLAR PL., 10210-Joyce L. Thompson to Adeley E. and Linus E. Ngide, $235,000.

BEACON RIDGE DR., 10412, No. 9-203-Ingrid F. Reynolds to Andrea S. Jennings, $100,000.

BEACON RIDGE DR., 10439-Marlies Mulckhuyse to Kimberly M. Middleton, $102,999.

FALLCREST CT., 1019-Roslynne Blake to Vyvyanne J. Lee, $117,000.

FARAWAY CT., 718-Debra D. Brown to Adesua J. Aguele, $188,000.

JOPPA PL., 15100-Claude and Amber T. Walker to Charlotte Griffi and Kenneth Contee, $320,000.

SPYGLASS HILL DR., 11008-John K. and Trina E. Jenkins to Renee C. and William S. Berkeley Jr., $185,000.