Calvert County

The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


BIGLANE CT., 2020-James P. and Linda T. Joyce to Sandra I. and Steven W. Hersh, $309,900.

HUNTING CREEK RD., 3640-Norman L. and Sharon L. Wells to Lianne Robinson and Douglas R. Mettam, $169,900.


BIG BEAR LANE, 11619-Myron J. Turner to Jennifer S. Chaundy, $110,000.

BIG BEAR LANE, 11789-Martha P. and Terry Gale Hunt to Allen Bolduc, $109,900.

COVE LAKE RD., 11320-Nell Woodall and Eugene Eager Wood to Barry A. and Nancy L. Walrath, $300,000.

CROSS RD., 116-Daniel L. Catlett Jr. to Stacey M. Catlett and Nicholas J. Fowler, $115,000.

CUSTER CT., 331-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Shylah Gibson, $128,000.

DEER DR., 155-Thomas W. and June M. Jones to Elizabeth A. Montanio and William C. Raup, $399,000.

EL DORADO LANE, 12480-Charles E. and Jean S. Summerville to Margaret F. and Joel S. Speer, $322,950.

LONG BOW CT., 11452-Viola R. and Alvin M. Garfinkle to Barbara C. and Glenn A. Woods, $173,000.

MESQUITE LANE, 11340-Lynn M. and Charles R. Blackston to Lyla K. Warner, $179,000.

OVERLOOK DR., 280-Gayle N. and Steven L. Gambill to Jayne C. Armiger, $145,000.

RED ROCK TRAIL, 645-Virginia A. Simmons to Dianne K. and Harold K. Koerper, $195,000.

RIVERVIEW DR., 13162-Russell S. Leitch Jr. to Jane E. and Edward C. Luczak, $430,000.


CEDAR BEACH DR., 230-Charles A. and Deborah L. Norwood Sr. to Michael D. Lockerman and Sandra D. Gorman, $249,000.

WALTERS LANE, 1530-Jacqueline M. and Wayne C. Fraser to Debra M. Bartlett, $73,000.


LORE PINES LANE, 13429-James F. and Carol M. Stone, trustees to Catherine K. and Daniel T. Friedel, $349,900.


DIAMOND CT., 2735-Paul E. Monger to Diana C. and George F. Jackson Jr., $226,600.

DOGWOOD RD., 1527-Christopher A. Bare to Linda J. Bushell, $145,000.

HARBOR DR. N., 1753-Freda A. and George L. Franklin to William C. Hulcher, $13,000.