The following were among home sales were recently recorded in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office.


ATHERTON ST., 43309-Van Metre Homes to Lisa R.B. and Jeffrey P. Furgal, $351,010.

BRAE TER., 45061, No. 101-Robert L. Miller to Paula and Alice Odin and Dexter Odin, $181,300.

CENTER POINT CIR., 21549-Van Metre Homes to Judith M.K. and Donald W. Bullach, $352,381.

CHESTERTON ST., 42973-BCH Partners to Alicia B. and Colin P. Donohue, $299,483.

CLAYBROOKE CIR., 43344-Van Metre Homes to Sharon E. and Harvey Glenn Yee, $336,094.

DUNHILL CUP SQ., 43631-Erin and Brandon Boyd to Emma and James T. Bolles, $338,500.

EDGECLIFF TER., 43418-Timothy J. David to Aimee Allenback, $205,000.

FERNCLIFF TER., 44033-Melinda A. and Rodney D. Weaver to Mark Polansky, $202,000.

FLATTOP CT., 20553-Susan M. and Bradford C. Tousley to Laura S. and David A. Claire, $340,000.

FOOTHILL TER., 20214-Ralph Leon Ellis Jr. to Lisa M. Berretta, $190,000.

FOREST EDGE SQ., 43103-Engle Homes to Sarajane and Christopher R. Forbes, $268,535.

GREENWICH SQ., 43502-Paul C. Robinson to Julie Tyo and Christopher Maguire, $237,900.

HIGHCREST CIR., 22744-Brambleton Corp. to Virginia S. and Peter G. Brennan, $465,995.

HUMBOLT SQ., 21436-Washington Homes to Carole E. and Jack L. Ottenheimer, $317,402.

HUNTERS GREEN SQ., 43072-Miller and Smith Homes to Amy S. and Joseph J. Riggio Jr., $254,180.

INMAN PARK PL., 21536-Van Metre Homes to Aimee Alvarez and Brandon Vincent, $347,645.

IREDELL TER., 21562-Claudia Centeno and Adrian Flores to Shannon D. and Jeffrey R. Abel, $254,990.

LEIER PL., 20315-Christina J. and Mohammed Z. Hasan to Gregory Moore, $305,000.

MENGES MILL CT., 20919-Suzanne M. and John C. Quinlan to Toma D. and Larry L. Councilman, $355,000.

NATALIE TER., 44082, No. 301-Eunice Earle and Diane Johnston to Fatema and Mahmoud Rankoussi, $188,000.

OVERLAND PARK DR., 21443-Washington Homes Inc. to Gregory A. and Debbie H.N. Hufford, $317,602.

POSTRAIL SQ., 43446-Robin K. Brindley to Debra A. Smith, $233,500.

POTTER TER., 44465-NVR Inc. to Phuoc and Ai Thuy, $202,715.

RUSH RUN TER., 43287-Kumha Esther and Eun Kwang Kim to Margaret A. and Edward J. Kopp, $283,900.

SARATOGA SPRINGS PL., 19650-Belmont Land Partnership to Ki Nan and Wonji Kim and Sei Jin Kim, $640,414.

SHEHAWKEN TER., 44224-Serena N. and Brian J. Welsh to Lisa M. and George G. Gonzales, $299,900.

TARA CT., 42978-Ann Marie and Charles S. Thompson to Paul F. Sharifzadeh Moghaddam, $260,000.

TATTINGER TER., 43849-Pulte Home Corp. to T. Kirchner Jr. and Maria Lobianco, $234,741.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 21014, No. 304-Cheryl M. and Fred W. Mitchell to Nancy Reidinger, $153,500.

VANTAGE POINTE PL., 22087-Richmond American Homes to Lara E. and Darrell J. Grant, $552,465.

VOSBURG TER., 20992-Heather Goren and Adam Levithan to Karen Charles, $276,000.


CHARLES TOWN PIKE, 40319-Ann W. and Albert J. Fortin to Carol Ann and Frederick Wilson, $188,000.

HUGHES ST. S., 170-Christina and Michael S. Jeffries to Sharon Ruggieri, $240,000.


ARTILLERY TER., 1515-Brookfield Edwards Landing to Brigitte Lorin, $290,515.

ARTILLERY TER., 1521-Brookfield Edwards Landing to Jennifer F. and Peter A. Carrigan, $296,540.

BALLS BLUFF RD., 750-Elizabeth W. Bradley to Carmela Arevalo and Barbara Peck, $184,900.

BOLD VENTURE DR., 16889-Renaissance Homes to Jennifer S. and Darran R. Anthony, $1.2 million.

CATOCTIN CIR., 913-Danielle S. and Steven M. Geist to N. Barone and Benjamin Phillips, $297,600.

CONNERY TER., 210-H. McClenney and Matthew B. Sutton to Diane C. Davis, $214,900.

CRESTWOOD ST., 578-Jessica Martinez and Roberto Aleman to Mima D. and Joseph M. Watson, $140,000.

CURRANT TER., 523-A. Fabian Sr. and Anthony Fabian Jr. to Amy Wynn and John E. Chamberlain, $195,000.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 318-Blue Ridge Corp. to Annette Culler Penney, $270,300.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 609-Eleanor G. McAnulty to Muriel A. Jacks, $167,500.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 916-Blue Ridge Corp. to Ilse and Michael A. Diamond, $246,715.

DAVIS AVE., 211-Lee N. Holland to Roxana and Bernardo O. Bustamante, $198,000.

FORT EVANS RD., 125-F-Michele A. Jenkins to Nancy Boucher and David J. Kelley, $127,000.

GOLDSWORTH TER., 112-Daniel and Madeleine S. Muscarella to William Smith, $224,000.

HETZEL TER., 708-Frank B. Udy to Kyle Jessop and Walter P. Jessop, $150,000.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1104, No. 301-Janice E. Gibson to Steven L. Henderson, $120,000.

JANNEY ST., 1123-Risol K. and Douglas Lordan to Susan and Henry Kumpf, $314,500.

LONGFELLOW DR., 706-Tammy L. and Lloyd M. Thacker to Kelly Ann and Wayne E. Nord, $315,000.

LOUDOUN ST., 204-Linda C. and Charles T. Shotton Jr. to Derek F. Hutchinson, $400,000.

MCLEARY SQ., 633-Arcadia Corp. to Rumsey S. Light Jr., $247,478.

MCLEARY SQ., 645-Arcadia Corp. to Azadeh Vaziri and Farzaneh Vaziri, $229,682.

MILL HOUSE SQ., 18194-Brookfield Washington Inc. to Arleen Erkan, $299,840.

MILL SPRING CT., 18233-Darrin S. and Kasie L. Snyder to Hope M. and Trung D. Luong, $405,000.

RADFORD TER., 611-Norman C. Miller Jr. to Waldermar Barreto, $190,900.

RHONDA PL., 913-Washington Homes to Keo O. and Michael P. Panza, $441,979.

SENTINEL DR., 703-Susan Conner and Douglas Coombs to Prudential Relocation Inc., $434,000.

SHADOW TER., 43142-Engle Homes Kelly M. and Christopher P. Moskal, $266,595.

SHERBROOKE TER., 43102-Brita and Mike Frost to Luiz E. Barbosa, $247,000.

SHIRLEY SQ., 102-Robert D. Jones to Allison J. Tinney, $233,000.

STREAM CROSSING CT., 19143-Van Metre Homes to Melissa A. and Gary P. Comi, $608,757.

WILLIAM ST., 408-Cornelius Driscoll III to Karen L. Simmons, $299,000.


LOUDOUN ST. S., 34-Lowell H. and Susan P. Boothe to Jo Ann D. and James C. Athey, $300,000.

LUTHERAN CHURCH RD., 13073-Charline S. Whitman to Bobby Joe Wheeler, $584,185.

MILLTOWN RD., 13888-Mary V. and John K. Ortman to Adam S. Paul and Sandra L. Miller, $400,000.


ELLIOT DR., 648-Patowmack Inc. to Sarah E. and Jeffery A. Sturtz, $335,910.

LOCUST GROVE DR., 365-Washington Homes to Lisa and Guy M. Merritt, $355,191.

MAIN ST. E., 330-Suzanne Webster and Drew D. Franyo to Stacey L. Gerard, $539,900.

PICKWICK DR., 17181-R. Reincke Jr. and Brent Dagostino to Debra J. and Arnold O. Tanner, $342,000.

SAGLE RD., 13295-Edith Virginia Payne to Kurt A. Schwarz, $190,000.


ARROWOOD PL., 17278-Sue Ann M. and Richard L. Garis to Deanna V. and Daniel M. Quinlan, $332,500.

MAGIC MOUNTAIN DR., 17164-Round Hill Corp. to Brita G. and Michael W. Frost, $293,865.

MAIN ST., 30-Kimberly Shawn Kelley to Teresa M. and Kenneth E. Holtzman, $315,000.


CARBERRY DR., 25455-Leigh Ann and Anthony M. Cole Jr. to Cherilyn R. and Jeffrey M. McGee, $265,000.

EUSTIS ST., 43057-Lisa M. and Stephen P. Osbon to Sandra J. Grimes, $389,990.

GAZELLE CT., 25060-Brookfield Washington Inc. to Sarada and Sudhir Mylavarapu, $584,065.

HARRIS ST., 42606-South Riding Partnership to Carin and Christopher S. Campbell, $357,765.

HUSSAR TER., 25550-Nita D. Diaz to Bonnie J. Bailey, $254,000.

INTERVAL ST., 43493-Joan Tolliver and Tyrone Walker to Asra Zaman and Fasee Uzzaman, $259,900.

JUBILEE ST., 43458-Courtney L. and Scott F. Ritter to Caroline M. Birog, $262,500.

LANDS END DR., 26129-Haidee A. and David Magalit to Manju Katyal, $260,000.

MCINTYRE SQ., 25314-South Riding Partnership to Melanie D. Judd, $334,112.

MCINTYRE SQ., 25318-South Riding Partnership to Hoa and Tri Tran, $328,411.


ALDER AVE. N., 506-Bertha and Ricardo Delcastillo to M. Alfaro and Jose R. Martinez, $265,000.

BLACKBIRD CT., 12-Susan M. Davis to Alicia and Tim B. Robison, $282,000.

CALAMARY CIR., 21729-Sheryl H. and Gregory W. Johnson to Gerardo Ruben Garcia, $149,900.

CANFIELD TER., 21785-Becky E. and Kevin P. Marroquin to A.R. Serrano and Danielle Everson, $236,900.

CEDARHURST DR., 46515-Susan D. Wyatt to William Eifert, $309,000.

FLATWOOD PL., 21340-Xuan Lan Tran and Hung Nguyen to Renu Thakral, $368,000.

GANNON WAY, 38-P.J. Flynn and Brenda L. Mulligan to M. Sanchez and Jimy Sanchez, $179,900.

GOLDSTONE TER., 21834-Monika and Robert F. McLaughlin to Cohan Ngo, $216,500.

HAWTHORNE CT., 21063-Laura H. and Jon B. Norsworthy to Tanya and Ethan Stein, $304,900.

HEATHER GLEN RD., 176-Judith W. Porter to Tanya L. and Ronald J. Daly, $334,900.

JEFFERSON RD. E., 1309-Debra D. and Arnold O. Tanner to Freddy Antezana and Elena Maldonado, $267,000.

MONOCACY SQ., 46384-John J. Riggs to Joseph A. Delaney, $178,500.

MOSS RD., 14-Ann E. and Thomas T. Griffin to Thomas W. Fife, $384,999.

REDWOOD RD. W., 913-Cleide B. and Edward K. Burton to Holmes Lee Spears, $230,000.

RIVERBANK FOREST PL., 47415-Toll Brothers Homes to Mary E. and Ramiz Adil Mansoor, $528,778.

SHARPSKIN ISLAND SQ., 47536-Susan E. Turnbull to Elizabeth A. and Brian J. Zemcik, $276,000.

STANMOOR TER., 20923-Nicole and Damon Burnette to Karina Funes and Hung Thanh Van Hang, $249,900.

TEASDALE CT., 16-Marc Bachman, trustee, to Nancy C. Cavin, $418,750.

TIMBER TRAIL SQ., 45438-Shirley P. Reid to Bashwar Satwik and Sarika Satwik, $245,000.

TOTTENHAM CT., 1020-Lois L. Dennis to J. Amgalan and Dambadorj Bayar, $176,000.