Use facts from the story to complete the following statements:

1. Kasara Thepprasit owns a:

a) travel business.

b) bakery in central Thailand.

c) Bangkok fish market.

2. The 39-year-old entrepreneur (businessperson) prepares:

a) cakes made with snakeheads.

b) odd-tasting foods.

c) cheese-flavored frozen desserts.

3. Kasara's specialty ice creams are made with:

a) 40 kinds of meat.

b) pieces of fish.

c) soy milk and olive oil.

4. Four herbs are added to the bizarre foods to:

a) bring out their coconut flavor.

b) add a meaty taste to the concoctions.

c) get rid of the fishy smell.

5. An Australian company offered to:

a) give Kasara's husband a job.

b) buy the secret dessert recipe.

c) pay $695,000 for 4,000 cakes.

6. Supot Prasongsuksan came up with the idea of adding fish to bakery items because he:

a) knew it was a good way to earn money.

b) liked to show off.

c) thought it would impress the bluebloods.

7. The original snakehead product was:

a) baked in a fish-shaped mold.

b) intended as a gift to Thailand's royal family.

c) both a) and b) are correct.

8. Thais were first able to purchase cakes baked out of fish:

a) at an annual Singburi Snakehead Festival.

b) only on weekends.

c) seventy years ago.

9. The royal family thinks that baking with snakeheads:

a) keeps the tourists out of the province.

b) will increase the price of cakes to $3.50 each.

c) is an interesting way to use local ingredients.

10. The popular Singburi bakery will soon be selling:

a) cookies for fish.

b) Chinese confections made with bones.

c) deep-fried snake.

Answer Key: 1. b, 2. a, 3. b, 4. c, 5. b, 6. c, 7. c, 8. a, 9. c, 10. b