The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and across the Washington area, visit The Post's Internet site at


AMBERSTONE CT., 60-Manomani D. Summers to Philip A. Morris, $146,000.

GENTRY CT., 52-Scott L. Woodward to Maureen Ronan, $148,000.

HARBOUR VILLAGE CT., 7046, No. 7046-202-Paul D. Emens to Nuri H. Ugur, $332,000.

JANWALL ST., 80-Jos Norfolk to Gwin W. Hunt, $160,000.

LANGDON CT., 911-Charles R. Locascio to John H. Barcroft, $295,000.

RIDGE DR., 607-Bruce F. Brignull to Jose Luis and Andrea C. Sagripanti, $275,000.

RIDING RIDGE RD., 328-Eric P. Holmes to Tobin B. and Erica A. Leach, $349,900.

SAM'S WAY, 2014, No. 8A-Richard P. Leven, trustee, to David L. and Veronica H. Atha, $389,900.

WASHINGTON DR., 1224-Anthony R. Maggio to Anne S. MacLeod, $610,000.



ANNA MARIE CT., 1408, No. 5-Anthony J. Defilippis to Pamela A. Welch, $222,900.

BON HAVEN LANE, 2753-John A. Strothman to Craig C. Chioino and Joan D. Koss Chioino, $412,000.

BURTONS COVE WAY, 655, No. 14-William Y. Dumayas to Richard E. Butts and Marjorie M. Wilson, $172,500.

CREST COVE, 2670, No. 108-Phyllis B. Lamiman, trustee, to Eleanor A. Sadler, $235,000.

FORBES ST., 300-Sherahl A. Thompson to Patricia A. Murphy, $130,000.

FOREST DR., 2074-Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Melissa Gough, $129,000.

HARBOUR HEIGHTS DR., 15, No. 15-Joel T. Thomas to Noel K. Tucker and Barbara J. Ho, $195,000.

HILLTOP DR., 1224-Howard F. Levis to Benjamin and Gail V. Griffin, $299,900.

KATHERYNE VILLAGE SQ., 1610, No. 65-Kenneth McMullen to Robert D. Ward, $224,900.

LINDEN TREE DR., 1099-Robert P. Stephey to Kevin E. and Jennifer M. Jackson, $221,500.

MAGOTHY PARK LANE, 1012-Julie A. Jones to Bruce and Laura J.M. Kellman, $192,000.

MARCONI CIR., 1928-Gertrude J. Stoup to Linda D. Gonyeau, $180,000.

MARTINS COVE RD., 337-Phyllis B. Sgambat to James J. Shaughnessy and Christine L. Copper, $525,000.

MOCKINGBIRD CT., 2819, No. 74-Gretchen M. Herdt to Nancy M. Hanna, $278,000.

PERRY LANDING CT., 926-Joseph E. Richards to William B. and Doris L. Overstreet, $296,000.

RITCHIE LANE, 1551-Timothy Vogel to Yan Petchatnikov and Victoria Gurtenboim, $229,000.

RIVER BAY RD., 1253-Chalmers A. Lovejoy to Karen R. Boyle, $290,000.

RIVERSEDGE CIR., 996-Janet Munro to Effie Lewis, $145,000.

SCOTT DR., 227-Gerald K. Anders to Robert F. and Jane C. Larson, $1,550,000.

SEABRIGHT DR., 1262-Ralph E. Wavle to Patricia B. Petti, $265,500.

SHARPS POINT RD., 1474-Patrick M. Connolly to Americorp Inc., $530,000.

STAR PINE DR., 1556-Nancy H. Crawford to Earl W. Snodderly, $147,900.

WARNERS TERRACE N., 2001, No. 1O4-Sally C. Roberts, trustee, to Patricia A. Christie, $162,000.

WATER ST., 45-Douglas A. Powers to Mary S. McLaughlin, $335,000.

WILSON RD., 537-Charlotte F. King to Curtis L. and Heather Bates, $228,000.

WOOD TREE CIR., 1704-Daniel H. Fink to Christopher R. Moser, $151,900.


ELMWOOD CT., 404-Mark A. Gable to Michael R. and Pamela S. Kobett, $245,000.

GREENBLADES CT., 501, No. 161-Ronald M. Lenzner to Brian D. and Crystal J. Hannon, $131,500.

PALMWOOD CT., 1188, No. U83-Matthew C. Mauk to Kathy A. Hill, $144,250.

RIVER RD., 413-James D. Maloney Jr. to Russell P. and Lorraine Wesdyk, $345,000.

SOUTHERN HILLS DR., 730, No. 6F-Larry D. Balch to Jeannette and H.W. Osborne, $110,000.


BON AIR RD., 9-Joseph Czajkowski to Dennis A. and Robbin N. Emge, $120,000.

FAIRFAX AVE., 408-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jack and Lois Childress, $90,000.

HOLY CROSS RD., 422-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tammie M. Demastus, $130,000.

TOWNSEND AVE., 414-John W. Lowe Sr. to Rosemary Lagrew, $95,000.

FOURTH ST., 5207-Guisto P. Cesenaro to Jason A. Walker and Karen L. Smitley, $79,500.


DARTMOUTH ST., 5634-Hensley Home Improvement Inc. to James and Margaret Reese, $267,000.


BANCROFT LANE W., 1716, No. 223-Ryan T. O'Neill to Marie H. Erickson, $132,500.

CROFTON PKWY., 1802-Barbara A. Moore to Thomas J. Griffin, $299,500.

DANEWOOD CT., 1513, No. 151319-Renee J. Richard to Bradley Peters, $151,500.

DOG LEG DR., 2509-Nicole J. Bookout to Frank D. and Edith M. Pandolfino, $180,000.

HOWARD CHAPEL TURN, 2020-Michael A. O'Neil to Christohper B. and Jan J. Ritchie, $186,000.

KNIGHTSBRIDGE TURN, 1409-Thomas K. Oyler to James L. Higgins, $222,800.

LINKWOOD LANE, 1718-Steven L. Nielsen to Rochelle Y. and Bryan M. Woolcock, $271,000.

NUTWOOD CT., 1442, No. 14421-James R. Netherton to L. Corrine Hughes, $124,000.

SIMSBURY CT., 1173, No. 44B-Jessica Dewey to Maria R. Vita, $148,250.

TROYS CT., 1602-Daniel J. O'Neill to Elizabeth A. Brennan and David C. Bell, $359,000.

WALLEYE DR., 1725, No. 248-Deborah J. Scalise to Edmond W. and Barbara F. Murphy, $150,000.

WENTWORTH DR., 2491, No. 16-Dana V. O'Hara to Dawn L. Corcoran, $151,900.

WHITES FERRY PL., 1814, No. 1-Yancey T. Stern to Udaya B. Chundury, $235,000.


CHAPARRALL CT., 1917-William B. Davidson to R. Allen Sears and Gayle P. Colner, $490,000.

GENERALS HWY., 1010-Julia A. Rice to Phillip R. Canaday, $164,091.


STONEY BEACH WAY, 1518, No. 97-Scott A. Shepherd to Erik M. Hershan and Kristin M. Giles, $172,000.

WATERWAY CT., 1310, No. 179-Samuel G. Helwig to Leslie R. Marfani, $192,000.


CHEVAL DR., 2543-Kenneth D. Miller to Eric J. and Dana M. Liedholm, $455,000.

ELSIE BARBER CT., 900-Richard K. Redding to Walter W. Tingle, $595,000.


BAY DR., 967-Norman W. Wehland Jr. to John P. Curran Jr., $120,000.


CHESAPEAKE DR., 1704-Marie E. Dillinger to David E. and Nancy C. Shack, $94,000.

FAIRHILL DR., 1736-Barbara C. Muller to Deborah Maynard, $182,500.

GLEBE MEADOW WAY, 3707, No. 4-Michael Shawyer to Elizabeth O'Shaughnessy, $241,000.

POTOMAC RD., 1919-Michael R. Kobett to Anthony P. and Alice M. Squerrini, $175,000.

WALLACE MANOR RD., 59-Ethlynn E. Crow to Dudley W. Purdy Jr., $150,000.


HUNTCLIFF DR., 2020-William B. Raimond to William D. and Ann L. Adams, $679,000.

SCHOOL LANE, 961-Louis W. Smith to John A. and Amy J. Buxton, $164,000.

ST. EVA LANE, 900-Craig Berube to Steven R. Gough and Deborah A. Wooten, $635,000.


BURTON RD., 507-John F. Ringelman to Marjorie R. Hoffmaster, $175,000.

FOXTREE DR., 159-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Bonifacio L. and Melanie C. Haza, $143,000.

HOME WATER CT., 6502, No. 302-Jeffrey N. Zepp to Huu Nhi and Mau A. Ngo Voong, $128,000.

WEST CT., 522, No. 23D-Joseph H. West to Courtnee L. Tate, $88,000.

WILSON BLVD, 219-Louis Gaspredes to Frances M. Hays, $168,500.


BALTIMORE-ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 7782-C.L. Turner to B.P. Taylor Construction Co., $35,000.

BLUE WATER CT., 300, No. 301-Tissa Boteju to Angela Choate, $106,000.

CARROLL RD., 134-Department of Housing and Urban Development to William L. Allen Jr., $116,000.

EIDERDOWN CT., 6604-Jaime Chavarry to Deshon E. McClain, $178,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN CT., 208, No. 201-Sharon R. Conway to Ramon J. and Monica S. Gutierrez, $94,000.


HILL BORN CT., 1377-Christopher M. Karper to Robert F. and Jennifer S. Morris, $292,000.

MELLOW CT., 7724-Carl J. Stanat to Barbara J. Novak, $229,900.


FINCHLEIGH ST., 8208-Michael A. Amato to Joseph D. and Charity L. Scott, $237,500.

INDIAN SPRINGS RD., 8622, No. 18-Glenn D. Burton to Alex and Quan Nguyen, $220,000.

LONDONLEAF LANE, 3441-Russell S. Staley to Matthew M. Buitron, $163,900.

LYNDHURST ST., 8210-George C. Ho to Sheikh Amer Riazuddin, $265,200.

MARCEY CREEK RD., 3507-Gina L. Orgas to Natasha R. Welch, $229,900.

OLD LINE AVE., 447-Gene E. Brinkman to Lee Linkoff, $135,000.


LINTHICUM LANE, 5929-Presley C. Hynson to Stephen and Kataleeya Bowman, $273,500.

MEDORA RD., 6218-David Wan to Emmanuel M. and Christine A. Digman, $299,999.

SYCAMORE RD., 303-Stanley J. Clark to Parizad Arbabi, $179,900.


COG CT., 678, No. 4-Gerald M. Dudley to Michael D. Felson, $120,000.

WHEAT MILL CT. E., 614-Robert W. Sutton to Stephen T. Qualey and Vicki L. Queley, $184,000.


ARCADIA SHORES CIR., 268-Susan E. Scott to Dan J. Shinohara, $182,000.

BRAGG BLVD., 110-Frankie C. Colvin to David C. and Leann R. Emmart, $270,000.

COLONY RIDGE RD., 1094-Harry M. Carpenter Jr. to Patricia Story and Bethene Ervin, $233,000.

DAYSPRING DR., 701-Wade C. Browne Jr. to Eileen M. Armentrout, $212,500.

GREEN CLOVER CT., 8711-John A. Baker Jr. to Srinivasan Balaji, $182,000.

HERRING CREEK CT., 821-Shannon C. Davis to Barbara C. Muller, $187,900.

MILITIA PL., 134, No. 125-Thomas A. Hobbs to Jennifer Pollitt Hill and Delaine M. Hill, $170,000.

PINE DRIFT DR., 748-R. Bethene Ervin to Larry R. and Jane B. Strong, $172,000.

SALINAS CT., 8704-Craig E. Charpiat to Doughlas M. Shaner, $176,000.

SANDY WALK WAY, 2343-Donald M. Gore to David S. and Leni I. Rosen, $229,500.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 203, No. 82-Gina J. Lewis to Maria P. Strickland, $180,000.

SUMMER HILL DR., 1011-Capstead Mortgage Corp. to Frederick C. Kuhblank Jr. and Michelle R. Greenwalt, $215,000.

WILLOW LEAF LANE, 8629-Barbara S. Sparrow to Deborah L. Nelson, $158,500.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 696, No. 202-Aaron Adams to Michael A. Montante, $134,000.


BEDFORD RD., 8414-James W. MacFetrich to Bryan M. Ross, $125,000.

BRIDGE DR., 766-Joseph S. Bindus Jr. to Daniel L. and Jennifer S. Hill, $219,900.

BUSH AVE., 7679-Frank C. Jarboe to Robert Philip and Lisa L. Rhoads, $349,900.

COOL BREEZE CT., 320-Paul D. Grossman to Neil J. Murrmann, $139,000.

CRIMSON CT., 8128-Farmington Village Partnership to John A. and Lisa M. Russo, $474,240.

KENWOOD RD., 261-Department of Veterans Affairs to Michael and Lori Moore, $163,800.

MEADOW VIEW RD., 1205-Martin L. Koehnlein to James and Donna E. MacFetrich, $190,000.

SCORTON HARBOUR, 8682-David M. Brown to Karen C. Warner, $140,500.

SUTHERLAND CT., 7909-Robert G. Reath to Natosha L. James, $135,000.

ULLMAN RD., 242-Bruce E. Robey to John and Linda Beall, $195,000.

219TH ST., 728-Kenneth S. Pugh to William G. Collins, $160,791.

229TH ST., 2208-Elmer T. Neisser to Ari M. Krakauer, $194,900.


BRECKENRIDGE CIR., 1326-Michael Hissa to Sheila R. Leone, $279,000.

RIVERVIEW RD., 3069-Robert W. Saltzman to Thomas P. Roberts and Lucia H. Fullerton, $499,000.


CARRIAGE LAMP CT., 1724-Kevin J. Walton to Michelle R. Jenkins, $190,000.

GABRIEL GARTH CT., 7795-Mark J. Bonaviso to Gregory and Michelle H. Chappell, $249,900.

HEATHER MIST DR., 7946, No. 74-Sean F. Thomas to Gary Johnson and Cynthia L. West, $159,000.

REDHAVEN CT., 1608-Lin M. Laronde to Aaron Hall, $289,900.


BARRENSDALE DR., 50-Carey C. Borkoski to Stephen J. Marsella, $160,000.

CARLYN DR., 324-Joseph J. Jedrowicz Jr. to Ed D. and Francesca Kirkham, $475,000.

OLD COUNTY RD., 1110-Catherine E. Bosely to Herman E. and Cindy A. Shreve, $615,000.

PAWTUCKET CT., 233-Victor K. Kapusta to Frances R. Kraus, $419,900.

ST. ANDREWS CROSSOVER, 17-Richard E. Rayford to Shelly Muffley, $305,000.

WEMBLY WAY, 317-Kenneth F. Smith to William J. and Marguerite L. Moore, $365,000.

WILDERNESS RD., 281-James G. Cibulka to Scott and Annmarie Truver, $835,000.


AL JONES DR., 5253-Robert E. Straughn to Gonzalo J. and Beatriz R. Guisbert, $245,500.

CEDARHURST RD., 1459-Dana Dobbs to Adam S. Frankel, $350,000.

HAWTHORNE ST., 1214-Susan C. Murray to Angela L. Mattera, $158,000.

POPLAR AVE., 1237-Kevin L. Geiman to Jill E. Hall and Joseph A. Sharp, $154,900.