The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


CENTRAL AVE., 635-Bobby and Arlene Alger to Pierre H. and Vivian L. Zimmerman, $178,000.

ORNDORFF DR., 3-Sheryl A. and Richard G. Thume Jr. to Damien Teal, $84,990.


MAIN ST. W., 500-Sandra and Robert A. Seidel Jr. to Janice E. Albany, $180,000.


AERIEL PL., 5514-Herbert T. Leist to Harveena and Peria V. Regupathy, $213,006.

ANGELWING LANE, 716-Theodore Modrzejewski to Deborah A. and Luis A. Luyo, $274,900.

APACHE CT., 804-Derek L. Herndon to Mark A. Mortellaro, $234,900.

ARCHET LANE, 2178-David Lee and Bonnie Rose Staley to Traci L. and Robert L. Humphreys, $235,000.

BARN HILL CT., 6078-Michael Eugene Kinn to Christina M. Sinchak, $169,000.

BEAR DEN RD., 2465-Lynn Gebrowsky to Phyllis A. and Edward J. Sickels, $199,900.

BENTZ ST. N., 404-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Christine R. and Robin M. Reeder, $85,000.

BERRY ROSE CT., 1602, No. 2-Cheryl Lynn Lowe to Felicia Hobbs, $112,000.

BLUE HERON DR., 8204, No. 1A-Philip L. Schell to Suzanne E. and Frank R. Gianinni, $110,000.

DERRS SQ. E., 1708-Marilyn A. and Joseph J. Wiggins to Ann V. Sheehan, $199,000.

DERRS SQ. E., 1710-Elizabeth A. and French to Kelly M. and David G. Allen, $214,000.

FIVE SHILLINGS RD., 2459-Sabine P. Flannery to Mary E. and Carl V. Demarco, $200,000.

FIVE SHILLINGS RD., 2483-James A. and Carol F. Caywood to Susan E. and Michael J. Millione, $326,000.

FLAGSTONE CT., 6066-Carol J. and Monte W. Cross to Jun Yang, $147,700.

GERONIMO DR., 811-Karen N. and Paul N. Mekkelson to Golden A. Baltimore, $259,900.

HOLLYBERRY WAY, 552-Laura R. and Beverly J. Lowe to Robert R. and Aaron James Marsh, $116,650.

INQUIRY CT., 8745-Barbara A. and Peter P. Smith to Marie N. Thompson, $108,150.

JEFFERSON ST. S., 110-Jean Marie Casanave to Channarin Sun Sreng, $85,000.

LAKESIDE DR., 2404-James P. and Kristen J. Larose to Monica J. and Eric A. Hall, $194,506.

LEE PL., 603-Mildred M. and John J. West to Lynn C. Thomason, $175,000.

NEW HAVEN CT., 6316-Daniel E. Marton to Arguelio Gonzalez Negron, $160,000.

OBERLIN CIR., 7135-Johnny L. McLemore to Amanda and John Centano, $175,000.

PARTNERS CT., 5379-Michael N. Stillwell to Priscilla and Archibald Nicco Annan, $191,000.

PEEKSKILL DR., 7206-Donald R. and Rosa L. Shopland to Alisa A. and William J. Giles, $200,000.

PINE CREST LANE, 6115-Sophianna Dobransky to Jennifer U. and Raymund W. Wall III, $170,000.

PINECLIFF DR., 8628-Alvin T. and Mary E. Bissett to Edith H. and Paul L. Clark, $200,000.

PINTAIL CT., 4975-Kevin and Christie Etter to Yee C. Tam and Samuel H. Chao, $137,500.

PRINCE WILLIAM CT., 5492-Lori L. and Matthew S. Barrick to Mary Lou Baker, $155,000.

REGAL CT., 5360-Raymond M. Printz to A. Timothy Collins, $121,125.

RUNNY CT., 7002-Paul W. and Patricia A. Brennan to Jennifer J. and Anthony S. Kokoskie, $305,000.

SPRING FOREST RD., 6421-Gerald T. Gentile to Christine B. and Daniel M. Larkin, $384,000.

SPRUCE RUN RD., 12934-David E. Hirt to Robert John Bitler Sr., $120,000.

STONEHAVEN LANE, 1767-Phillip Thomas Jr. to Kerry D. Sergent, $164,900.

TANEY AVE., 602-Peter R. and Taitia L. Elliott to Heather and Jason Kokoszka, $239,900.

WATERSIDE DR., 2500, No. 113-Keith R. Brown to Eloise Gilmore, $188,000.

WILSON PL., 1200-Raymond Brady Jackson Jr. to Thomas E. Callanan, $137,000.


BROADMOOR CROSSING, 9802-Prudential Residential Services to Susan and Douglas Belair, $455,000.

PEBBLE BEACH TER., 10010-Cendant Corp. to Colleen A. and Russell J. Arrighi, $440,000.


MANDA DR., 108-Ronald L. and Elaine J. George to Eva R. and Gregory P. Lucht, $319,900.

PETE WILES RD., 8653-Charles E. and Barbara J. Porter to Tamara L. and David H. Weltman, $396,000.


LYNN BURKE RD., 4332-Department of Veterans Affairs to Shelley D. and Randy A. Stine, $201,000.

WELLER RD., 12101-Andrea K. and James B. Lay Jr. to Donald H. Baumer Jr., $149,900.


BALMORAL RIDGE CT., 6778-Stephen M. and Sarah P. Sykes to Susan E. and Robert W. Taylor, $227,500.

BOYERS MILL RD., 6419-John T. Robinson to Lessie Patrice and Mark L. Oroian, $188,000.

ROLLING KNOLLS CT., 4215-Stephen G. and Laura J. Hyde to Joseph R. Paris, $264,500.

ROUGHTON DR., 12802-Eric A. and Monica Hall to Patricia and Brian E. Leatherman Sr., $287,900.

WHITE PELICAN WAY, 10215, No. 105-B-Stanley E. Struble to Gwendolyn E. and Roger W. Williams, $115,000.

WHITE PELICAN WAY, 10237, No. 104D-Ralph J. Rosendale to Todd J. Brown, $88,150.


FLINTRIDGE CT., 2702-Donna L. Bowman to Jean F. and Gregg A. Salsi, $277,900.


MOSER CIR., 110-Sharen L. and Louis M. Berlich to Susan R. and Richard W. Jordan Jr., $144,900.

PROSPECT DR., 7193-Louis M. and Sharon L. Berlich to Kimberly and Frederick IV Roberts, $209,100.

VISTA AVE., 101-Scott David Rippeon to Sharon A. Morgan, $188,000.


ADAMS CT., 120-Charles F. and Dolores R. Fogle to Shanda R. Barnhouse, $144,500.

DUBLIN RD., 9529-Kay M. and Wade T. Myers to Robert W. Stuckey Jr., $225,900.

EDINBURGH CT., 105-Gregory M. and Crystal G. Keller to Theresa A. and Paul Green, $136,000.

ERIN AVE., 9404-George D. and Susanne M. Basford to Anita C. and William D. Danner, $275,000.

MAPLEWOOD CT., 272-Philip M. Palmer to Stacey and Thomas Miller, $265,000.

REVELATION AVE., 8333-Cheryl J. Simpson to Vicki J. and Gary W. Gladhill, $76,000.

TREASURE AVE., 8757-Richard H. and Betty L. Glass to Tiffany A. and Bryan L. Tressler, $100,000.

WINSTON RD., 10194-Michael A. Hammond to Christina M. Cavallaro, $135,000.