The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


AUDUBON DR., 6273-Robert E. Compher to James K. Freiert, $289,600.

BARCHINK PL., 6485-Keith Bryon Shannon to Henry R. Felix, $214,900.

CALM SUNSET, 7260-Brent T. Okamura to Magda S. Elsayed, $245,000.

CASTILE CT., 9592-Wayne B. Ericksen to Robert Bruce and Cara Cheskin Nirenberg, $200,000.

CEDAR WOOD DR., 6032-Kevin J. Junghans to Deborah Nelson, $142,000.

CLOCKTOWER LANE, 9525-Daniel C. Davis to Noreen A. Piterski, $180,000.

CORN TASSLE CT., 9658-Steven L. Siegel to Robert Albertson and Debora Gilbert Albertson, $268,000.

CRIMSON TREE CT., 10307-George S. Eliopoulos to Jeffrey G. and Veronica Joy, $199,900.

DEVON DR. SE, 6201-Ralph E. Duvall to Swati Saraiya, $415,000.

FLYWHEEL CT. N., 6027-Jane F. Hanson to Dina Marshall, $270,500.

FRUITGIFT PL., 6555-Barbara Vespucci to Vincente Perez, $138,500.

GOLD NEEDLE WAY, 11905-Emma L. Campbell to John L. Moore, $395,000.

GRANITE HILL RD. N., 9420-Grafton Burley to Claudia L. and Rosa E. Jimenez, $146,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 10850-Chesley F. Simpson to Robert S. Grace, $62,000.

HARPERS FARM RD., 5139-William J. Cavendish to Marc B. and Sarah D. Anderson, $433,800.

HARPERS FARM RD., 5661-Catherine Lynn Amspacher to Barbara L. Forbes, $112,500.

HAYSHED LANE, 8729-Mubashara Yasmeen Ilyas to Gapuz Marcelino, $81,300.

LAMBETH CT., 9622-Sherri D. Edmonds to Laura M. Taylor, $141,000.

LOCHRIDGE RD., 6412-Bonita Hartin to Susan E. Davies, $360,000.

MAERA CT., 9471-Roberto Hodgson to Sebastian A. Cianciolo, $258,000.

NETTLEBED CT., 5563-Ronald John Longhurst to Scott A. and Amy C. Robinson, $270,000.

PINE BARK CT., 5254-Michael R. Hughes to Sumita and Partha Sen, $359,900.

RAIN FLOWER WAY NW, 7532-Debra S. Seibert to Afsar Ahmed Khan and Shaheen Akhter Afsar, $165,500.

ROUND TOWER PL., 5025-Patricia A. Goodson to Vincent Dicamillo, $255,000.

SENECA FARM RD., 6640-Mabel E. Mulloy to Peter and Theoni Hiotis, $250,000.

SETTING SUN WAY N., 7443-Thomas K. Blaik to Amy L. Simpson, $205,000.

SINGLE BIRD LANE, 9462-Donald C. Lundgren to Saverio and Anna Ferraro, $270,000.

SLENDER SKY, 6214-George D. Anzalone to Christopher E. and Rukmini Devi Classon, $250,000.

SOUTH WIND CIR. SE, 6448-Todd Meyer to Curtis and Deborah A. Lurie, $510,500.

STONEBROOK LANE, 8813-Susan C. Mayfield to Eboni D. Evans and Fotang Chiafie J. and Fotang Chiafie J., $195,000.

STONEBROOK LANE, 8895-Thomas A. Cohan to Cynthia M. Obermaier, $187,500.

SWANSFIELD RD., 10986-Edward L. Smith Jr. to Thomas A. Reshke, $295,000.

SWEET HOURS WAY, 7520-Konstance Hill Wolfinger to Edward L. Gray III, $128,600.

TAMAR DR., 8756-Carlos J. Canedo to Kenneth B. Riley, $94,300.

TOPBRANCH LANE, 10802-Michael Edward Small to Joan M. Misencik and Sharon Guzejko, $258,000.

WATCH CHAIN WAY, 5940-Kyung Lim Ryo to Stephen S. Taylor, $91,250.

WAYOVER WAY, 10292-Gholanreza Bagli Gholami to Jack Wengrosky Jr. and Deborah Cullember, $229,300.

WHITE MARBLE CT., 6118-Brian W. Duvall to Ning Ma and Li Huiping Ning Ma, $281,000.

WILBUR CT. W., 9209-Wayne A. Liberati to Antoinette M. Colbert, $135,000.

WOODED WAY, 5464-Kelvin Hao to Harrison D. and Regina L. Sexton, $452,000.

WYNDHAM CIR., 5814-Anna A. Richardson to Darwin R. Perry and Susan J. Jessen, $203,000.


FOREST HILL RD., 5830-Denise Anna Grant to Craig Ronald Pool and Lauren Suzanne Shellenberger, $170,000.

GREEN FIELD RD. N., 6355-Charla Ann Jamke to Donald W. Werre Jr., $102,000.

GROUSE RD. S., 6617-David V. Haas to Kathy L. Heffner Grinley, $217,000.

MEADOW RIDGE RD., 6402-Sadie B. Anderson to Scott Shearer, $154,900.

MEADOW ROSE, 5940-Carmela V. Lombardo to Jeffrey Thompson, $230,000.

SETTER DR., 5954-Dorothy E. Kulis to Bret and Carol Robertson, $152,000.


BONNIE BRANCH RD. NW, 5136-Edward John Kreis to Eileen and Richard Nadolski, $193,000.

BRIGHTMEADOW CT., 7902-Paula Ann Fasick to Vivekanandan Kand Sethunatesan and Ashvani Vivekanandan, $219,900.

BRIGHTRIDGE CT., 8100-Brian S. Katsef to Judith L. McClure, $215,000.

COACHLIGHT LANE, 7615-Nicholas Mescia to Karen Tittle, $128,000.

DUNTEACHIN DR., 5336-David L. Veasey to David S. and Amy R. Miller, $475,000.

ETCHISON RD., 12255-Dennis F. Biennas to Jeffrey L. and Susan E. Hull, $450,000.

FLAGSTONE CT. NW, 7800-Ambrose I. Lane Sr. to Paul J. Schmitt and Linda K. Krupinsky, $360,000.

KINGSCUP CT. W., 4574-Mary Ellen Koontz to Naveen Kapoor and Geri Anderson, $230,000.

LOWER MILL CT., 3537-Richard Lee Reeb Jr. to David K. and Tara C. Pinkler, $287,000.

PEBBLE BEACH DR., 3018-Kenneth J. Rebeck to Wendy Mei Yee and Partha Seshaiah, $410,000.

PLUM TREE DR., 3490-Wendy K. Yi to Chang Y. and Joon H. Hyun, $169,000.

ST. JOHNS LANE, 2787-James F. Turner Jr. to Elaine C. Northrop and Frederic L. Menz, $195,100.

SPRING THAW CT., 10104-Prudential Residential Services to Brian D. Shea and M. Elizabeth Tewey, $470,000.

STONY CREEK LANE, 7611-Armand Dacanay to Bonnie Cornelius, $145,000.

THE OAKS RD., 3113-Mary C. Scranton to Kenneth F. and Louise W. Loje, $382,500.

WINDING WAY, 9213-Paul Stephen Clarkson Jr. to James B. and Diana Kessler, $225,000.


DORSEY MILL RD., 14448-Donald O. Crosen to Michael F. and Naomi C. Crosen, $140,000.

ROLLING HILLS DR., 15013-Goodier Builders to Richard S. and Camille Rees, $750,000.


ASPENWOOD WAY, 8179-Christopher J. Serio to Jacqueline R. Barnes, $184,000.

MANY FLOWER LANE, 9311-Gregory A. Turner to James N. and Jann D. Gartside, $285,000.


LONG CORNER RD., 1201-Stephen W. Miller to Patrick and Noreen Stevens, $260,000.


DONNAN CASTLE CT., 9513-Terry J. Stockman to Terry J. and Desiree M. Stockman, $150,000.

MARY LEE LANE, 8344-George Vandaniker to Newton Davis III and Matthew Garner, $132,000.

MARY LEE LANE SE, 8243-Jenny Hammond to Kance W. Scott, $145,000.

QUEENS POST CT. NE, 9306-Thomas A. McGinty to William S. and Bernarda Bridger, $229,000.

ROBINSON BLVD., 9820-Nancy T. Mayes, trustee, to Elaine C. Moore, $190,000.

WHISKEY RUN, 9707-David A. Albaugh to Joseph O. Tonkin III, $116,900.

WOODSONG CT., 9378-Herman S. Kuminkoski Jr. to Moses P. Yomi, $320,000.


AUSTEN WAY, 2201-Janice V. Powell to William G. and Sandra J. Lewis, $340,000.