The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and across the Washington area, visit The Post's Internet site at


BLACKWALNUT DR., 3228-Martin R. Cerza Jr. to Jefferson L. and Silvia Triplett, $280,000.

CHESTER AVE., 811-Lawrence J. Kosmas to Patricia Slaughter, $850,000.

CHRISLAND DR., 3234-Rosemarie R. Michel, trustee, to Judith W. Appleby, $505,000.

CHRISLAND DR., 3269-Robert P. Avedon to Jon A. and Shelley C. Hupp, $575,000.

CREEK DR., 923-Nina E. Beasley to Charles and Marie King, $450,000.

EDGEMERE DR., 301-Harold L. McCullough to Patricia E. Burns, $219,900.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 760, No. 760D-Michael S. Lancaster to Mara R. Duffy, $270,000.

GLADE CT., 1821-James P. Black to Kenneth C. and Grace C. Flynn, $285,000.

HULL RD., 65-Joseph S. Taylor III to Michael E. and Heather Walden, $699,900.

LITTLE HARBOR WAY, 4-Nancy Hassett to Jeffrey C. and Sandra C. Smith, $1,825,000.

RUNDELAC RD., 3066-Craven C. Engels, trustee, to Blake D. Rubin and Deborah F. McIlroy, $2,400,000.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 10, No. 4-Douglas W. Ramsay to Harriet P. and Martha L. Potter, $119,000.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 21, No. 3-Mervyn C. Sparks to Gerald P. and Lorraine K. Crouch, $125,000.

YACHTSMAN WAY, 940-Craig C. Walgran to Nancy R. Walter, $195,000.



BROADVIEW DR., 1064-Dennis O. McGee to Jason T. and Natasha G. Hitchcock, $230,000.

GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2020, No. 301-Matthew W. McKay to Robin E. Kane, $174,000.

HARBERTS CT., 631-William H. Wright to Kristy Schiano and Wayne Fowler Jr., $255,000.

LAKE CLAIRE DR., 1035-Stephen M. Wojtowicz to Ronald K. Maltz and Kari E. Hotchkiss, $319,900.

MERMAID DR., 1121-Ralph J. Fondren to David H. Bristow, $281,000.

MORRIS ST., 7-Brendan D. McMahon to Nash M. Borges, $220,000.

OLD GENERALS HWY., 1732-Sarah Reel to Matthew J. and Nikki A. Basile, $325,000.

RUNNING BROOK WAY, 960-William A. Handy to Gordon and Linda Smith, $314,900.

SHARPS POINT RD., 1474-Americorp Inc. to Timothy G.E. and Andrea P. Williams, $530,000.

SPRING PLACE WAY, 124-Robert J. Citrano to John K. and Judith L. Hutchinson, $335,000.

SUMMERVIEW WAY, 2700, No. 6201-Perry M. Lindstrom to Patricia A. Ellis and Whitney K. Lindstrom, $88,000.


BAY DALE CT., 530, No. 61-Virginia H. Wicker to Timothy L. Campbell, $232,000.

BRADFORD AVE., 814-Elizabeth B. Taylor to Doreen C. Crawford, $165,000.

BRIGHTLEAF CT., 1086-Robert A. Moore III to Kristina L. Krzyaniak, $104,000.

COLONIAL RIDGE LANE, 494, No. 105-David W. Stephens to Jane E. Brinson and Edward W. Evans Sr., $160,000.

COMANCHE RD., 1656-Joseph J. Tozzi to Igor Evseev, $465,000.

FALCON NEST CT., 1407, No. 33-David M. Drinks to Cindy S. Hughes, $235,000.

KEVINS DR., 565-Mary K. Myers to Thomas L. and Anne M. Bilderback, $245,000.

MYSTIC LANE, 508-George P. Carnes to Robert J. and Kerry M. Fairweather, $390,000.

QUAKER RIDGE CT., 588, No. 127-Dennis O. Medlock Jr. to Gregory V. Fisher and Joann E.L. Jones, $183,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 812-Lisa M. Knab to Stacia L. Cropper, $200,000.

SIERRA LANE, 43-W.F. Bilderback, trustee, to Edward Bilderback and Tanya Howe, $325,000.

WHITE CORAL CT., 1182, No. U108-Matthew A. Naylor to Kathryn M. Bullard, $159,900.

WILSON RD., 850-Stuart M. Spence to Sonia E. Hansen and Robert D. Price Jr., $249,900.


ARUNDEL RD. W., 231-Michael Judy to Brandi Creasy, $84,900.

MEADOW RD. W., 241-Albert L. Waudby to Robert J. Drexler, $78,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 5252-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Roy and Toni Kimmell, $51,000.


AIRY HILL CT., 1605, No. 12F-Glenn F. Moore to John P. Hosinski, $139,900.

BLOCKTON CT., 1492, No. 77XA-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Richard P. Gilbert Jr., $122,000.

CROFTON PKWY., 1535-E.H. Birch to Andrea P. Phillip and Benjamin Harris III, $275,000.

CROFTON PKWY., 1808-William Simms to Charles and Alicia Newman, $289,000.

GRANITE CT., 1717, No. 31-Tamara A. Flynn to Rita Raszewski, $149,900.

HOWARD CHAPEL CT., 1631, No. 1-Anh Q. Nguyen to Russell and Karen Kirkpatrick, $205,000.

KEMPER RD., 2423-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Rudine D. McCluan, $359,900.

KEMPER RD., 2443-Eric D. Johnson to Steven A. and Karen C. Rollings, $345,000.

MARA VISTA CT., 1454, No. 119-Gina G. Schroeder to Deborah L. Carta, $112,000.

MONTAUK DR., 2330-Richard A. Randazzo to Gregory P. Smith, $199,500.

NEUMANN WAY, 1851-George S. Shields Jr. to J. Brendan and Christi Gaeng, $370,000.

SEABURY DR., 2314-Robert L. Cook to Katherine A. Smithson, $270,000.

WENTWORTH DR., 2489, No. 17-Kerry E. Knepp to Debra L. Mitchell, $157,500.

WESTON CT., 2513-Chester A. Hancock Jr. to Hope E. Mortimore, $203,000.

WICKHAM WAY, 1645-Thomas W. Agar to Christopher W. and Mary B. Henderson, $385,000.

WINDY OAK CT., 2552-Michael L. Grotefend to Michael D. Shwedick, $229,900.


ANGLESEY DR., 1304-Matthew B. Thomasson to Howard F. Lewis, $725,000.


MELBOURNE AVE., 6002-William R. Sholly to Samuel A. and Jody A. Petro, $130,000.


FORESTVILLE RD., 1712-Joseph A. Perren to Carole O'Malley, $130,000.

MAYO AVE., 207-Julie M. Ramme to Jeffrey A. Weaver, $166,000.

NIGHT HAVEN CT., 228-Robert J. Fairweather to Yan and Emilya Braginsky, $203,500.

SHORE DR., 1818-Edgar T. Cole to Edward A. McCoy, $100,000.

SOUTH RIVER TER., 3524-Robert C. Pringle, trustee, to David C. and Rebecca A. Ritchie, $600,000.


APRIL DAWN WAY, 2632-Janice C. Holtzclaw to Mohammad Khalid and Lala Rukh Butt, $152,000.

PARKEY RD., 934-George D. Railey Jr. to Robert M. and Maritza T. Jones, $128,000.


BEND CIRCLE RD., 519, No. 115-Dyanna Haile to Ada Talbert, $102,900.

BOSLEY CT., 8043-Kenneth W. Hoffacker Jr. to Richard E. Jones Jr., $134,000.

FOXBAY LANE, 133-Melanie L. Rich to Rima Patel, $163,500.

HYDE PARK DR., 756-Thomas R. Stanton to P.A. Zielinski, $70,000.

PERSHING AVE., 313-Christopher L. Ridgely to Joseph Paschall Jr. and Brenda Lee Rites, $150,000.

ROSE AVE., 411-Thomas A. Groh to James E. and Deborah A. Flynn, $140,000.

WHALER CT., 7516, No. 729-Kathleen M. Stepien to Sarah K. and Annalisa K. Weller, $133,000.


BUSKIN LANE, 6604-P. Andrew Mack to Monica O. Taylor, $175,000.

CROWN RD., 7225-Anna B. Holloway to Michael W. and Shannon L. Shacklock, $159,900.

GATEWATER CT., 357, No. H-Frederick W. Lee to Wilmer H. and Thelma C. Brown, $90,000.

JUNIPER CT., 101-Michael D. Nicholson to Frederick M. Burns and Jacqueline Silvius Burns, $175,000.

NEW JERSEY AVE. NE, 627-Keith Barron to Abel Majalca, $105,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6702, No. 102-Susan G. Reiter to Jessica B. Grosche, $92,900.

SHANNON FOREST CT., 311-Harouna R. Lamin to William and Kearhra Underdue, $175,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 105, No. 303-Daniel G. Noonan to William K. Whitecotton, $94,900.

WHITE WATER WAY, 6803, No. 302-Jaynee M. Arth to Corey Shriner and Jessica Wieczorek, $99,900.


BEAR CLAW CT., 1503-Teresa M. Ogden to Kristofer M. and Ruth A. Webb, $329,900.

FAIRBANKS DR., 1424-Theodore K. Callen to Shelli E. and Calvin E. Saltzman, $190,000.

HILLCREST RD., 919-Roger L. Rohn to Daniel S. and Tina M. Todd, $260,000.


BEAVER CREEK RD., 3044-Kevin Barone to Billy J. and Cynthia A. Horn, $210,000.

ELKTON SOUTH, 248-Household Finance Corp. to Raymond E. and Tammy Jo Hess, $140,000.

FINCHLEIGH ST., 8362-Richard S. Anthony to Valeriani and Jeanette M. Bead, $215,000.

LINDENWOOD DR., 3447-Timothy J. Sheeler to Dee W. and Cynthia M. Jensen, $158,000.

RIPPLING WAY, 3519-Walter Kanyer to Douglas A. and Nana Yaa Boateng, $375,000.

RIPPLING WAY, 3520-Moses L. Alade to Geraldine and Prince Ejindu, $370,000.

RIVER BEND CT., 3111, No. C202-Fang T. Lin to Laura E. Dause, $137,000.

SPADDERDOCK WAY, 8317-Theresa Marshall to Brenda A. Washington, $157,500.


DOGWOOD RD., 515-Kay K. Smith to Kelley K. Sauls, $182,000.

KINGWOOD RD., 425-Kevin C. Konopik to William L. Cornelius, $169,000.

MANSION RD., 40-Joseph Sating to Mark L. Natius, $191,000.


COG CT., 650, No. 18-C.J. MacKechnie to Lisa Roskin, $135,000.

FAWN HAVEN CT., 402-Scott M. Turner to Garrett R. and Kristi L. Zborai, $394,000.

HELMWOOD CT., 797-Arthur J. Buchler to Ronald and Janet Leidner, $373,000.

SINCLAIR LANE, 1612-Paul L. Staten to Michael Parsons, $150,000.

WATERMILL CT., 310-Thomas Saunders Jr. to Ronald A. and Cynthia D. Howe, $268,000.


BLUE SPRING CT., 2440, No. 204-Philip A. Morris to Jenny Y. Suh, $128,000.

CHAPELGATE DR., 743-Eric R. Meier to Jessica L. Rossman, $105,000.

CHAPELVIEW DR., 1337-Jennifer E. Tate to Charles S. and Gail L. Brown, $118,000.

COMMISSARY CIR., 2180, No. 219-Lynn M. Palmer to Joshua and Barbara Park, $155,000.

FLAG CT., 2260-Thomas Wisseman to Notley P. and Tammy Reavis, $185,000.

IMPERIAL SQ., 506, No. 4-Karl T. Kim to Soon Y. Kim, $145,000.

MILES RIVER CT., 201-Paul J. McCourt to Ryan Hendricks, $179,500.

TENBROOK RD., 1342-Horace E. Story to Gregory B. and Sally Kaczorowski, $135,000.

TIMBERBROOK CT., 302-Kristen A. Clavell to Chun Y. and Tomomi Tsang, $207,000.

WENTWORTH DR., 2478, No. 30C-Donna M. Vass to Lynne Ferrante, $138,900.


BAYSIDE DR., 8163-Robert J. Chaisson Jr. to Alfred M. and Tommie J. Tounjian, $568,000.

CAPE SPLITT HARBOUR, 1007-Bank One to Jason H. Brand and Stuart K. Connelly, $109,000.

COOL BREEZE CT., 303-Frederick Queen to Allen J. Turek Jr., $143,000.

DAVENPORT CT., 3500, No. C-Brooke A. Palumbo to Betty C. Miller, $82,500.

DEERING RD., 731, No. 6F-Kenneth J. Cesky to Elaine R. Hohman, $103,000.

DIVISION RD., 1817-Jeanette M. Pirzchalski to Lisa Lane, $171,000.

ESCALON AVE., 8045-Christopher L. Dulawan to Zenia A. and Raymond C. Smith, $160,000.

GLADNOR RD., 2910-T.G. Miller to Beth S. McGee, $175,100.

GLEN CT., 252-Curtis W. Drury to Matthew F. and Diane K. Boydte, $132,000.

KINGSLEY CT., 3500, No. G-Patricia M. Boyd to Donald H. and Stephanie K. Patterson, $75,000.

KURTZ AVE., 2028-Paul A. Hoskins to William and Sarjeet Block, $407,000.

MONTROSE RD., 19-Grace Hurd to Edward and Carol Burroughs, $129,900.

POPLAR RIDGE RD., 1759-Monroe D. Sellers to Matthew and Terri L. Malaska, $351,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 380-Stephen L. Harr to Robert E. Peters, $305,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 562-Robert P. Rhoads to Amy Jo Laird, $205,000.

ROYAL MINT PL., 7937-Karen R. Smith to Janet Carper, $194,000.


BEACH PLUM LANE, 7934, No. 18-Roberta A. Brown to Basil E. and Marcia A. Davis, $198,549.

DICUS MILL RD., 1306-Raymond M. Jerman Jr. to Anne Arundel County, $550,000.

DISNEY ESTATES CIR., 1836-Henry P. Legras to James P. and Estera Contreras, $340,000.

HUGUENOT PL., 1925-Christopher Forand to Jeffrey J. and Mi J. Davis, $229,000.

PULLMAN DR., 1514-Lanxton L. Davis to Vernon and Deborah Caudle, $201,500.

SWEET CHERRY CT., 1409-Steven T. Cleary to Jodi and Bruce Kliewer, $330,000.

TRAFALGAR DR., 1902-Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to Thomas and Stacey Yanss, $170,000.


ALFRETON CT., 444-Scott C. Truver to Mary D. and Francisco G. Vasto, $345,000.

ARUNDEL BEACH RD., 221-Dock Brooks to Keith M. and Kim M. Parks, $250,000.

KENMORE RD., 509-Patrick S. Lynch to Christopher S. Groer, $200,000.

MCCANN RD., 716-Annapolis Specialty Houses Inc. to Jane E. Tyson, $229,900.

METISPA DR., 104-John H. Sweeney Jr. to Christopher Broseker and Melba Wright, $269,900.

SUNSET DR., 2-Jeffrey D. Weeks to Angela R. Janas, $353,000.

WOODLOCH LANE, 205-EMC Mortgage Corp. to Jeannette B. Wellschlager, $187,000.


GROVE AVE., 1171-Michael B. Marks to Walter R. and Jennifer M. Rushing, $167,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 1725-Vernon D. Hardesty to Kenneth R. Lacovey, $150,000.