The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington metropolitan area, visit The Post's Internet site at


COLFAX AVE., 5830-Suzette M. and William T. Baisden to Robin Cleveland, $483,500.

EVERGLADES DR., 6313-Carmen Pineiro, trustee, to Irene Burnett, $329,000.

SHETLAND GREEN RD., 4576-Yolanda Kozak to Mohamad S. Hanon and Lavinia Limon Hanon, $450,000.

TAYACK PL., 6495, No. 302-Andrew T. Lee to Roger A. Torres, $239,000.


FORT HUNT RD., 7309-John and Mary T. Disciullo to Gregory T. and Gisele M. Gatjanis, $425,000.

ROANOKE DR., 2237-Santos I. and Maria H. Guzman to Ana G. Cienfuegos, Domingo Jasso and Felix J. Cienfuegos, $180,000.

ROANOKE DR., 2239-Mohammad A. and Safia S. Baig to Maria and Alberto Sanchez, $190,000.

SWEETBRIAR DR., 2229-Beatrice G. Williams to Craig and Carter Brown, $186,000.

TATUM DR., 1208-Bettie T. and John E. Cobb to Mary F. Sucher, $675,000.


APSLEY HOUSE CT., 5836-James E. and Loretta Harrell to Paul R. Scott, $291,900.

BIRCHLEIGH WAY, 6615-Stanley R. Horowski to Newington Corp., $250,000.

BUSH HILL DR., 5915-Carol F. and Edward S. Allen to Darren L. Vance and John C. Paul, $355,000.

COACHLEIGH WAY, 6521-Janet and Charles E. Freitag to Christina S. and Adam H. Phillips, $240,000.

CURTIER DR., 6021-Simone C. Bowers and William H. Bowers to Diana L. Altoft, $185,000.

FOUNDERS HILL DR., 5932, No. 203-Christy L. Oliver to Betty S. O'Toole, $225,000.

FOUNDERS HILL DR., 5940, No. 103-Geoffrey L. Crowe to Christopher L. Kocsis, $219,000.

GILLINGHAM ROW, 7427-Evan D. and Lauren J. Caulfield to Fred and Kelly Tolley, $305,000.

GRANGE LANE, 6532, No. 203-Roxanne R. Jaramillo to Aaron T. and Karin M. Dinardi, $229,950.

HAYNES POINT WAY, 7708, No. B-Colleen and George E. Bailey to Anthony E. Gentry, $215,000.

HAYSTACK RD., 6428-Constance C. and John H. Brown to Blanca Lazo, $249,320.

HICKMAN TER., 6589-Bertrand W. and Anne M. Bartram to Richard P. and Kelly L. Romeo, $382,000.

JAVINS DR., 3901-Julie A. and Jeffrey M. Ames to Paul Q. and Kornrawan Le, $296,000.

KESTNER CIR., 6024-Jerry D. and Marijola Farley to Joanne N. and Tommy A. Peralez, $299,900.

KINGS MANOR DR., 7073-Min U. Lee and Linh Hoang to Jalbuu Choinhor and Sanjmyatav Maijargal, $330,000.

NORHAM DR., 5816-Debra N. Phillips to Anne Katnik, $229,000.

OLD CARRIAGE DR., 6542-Jeffrey E. Maldonado to Rose M. Wellman, $201,000.

PARKRIDGE LANE, 5912-Douglas E. and Suzanne L.H. Stanton to Mohammad A. and Safia S. Baig and Raheel A. Baig, $366,450.

PATENT PARISH LANE, 6643-Danielle M. Poux and Alonzo L. Crittenden to Marcey J. and Samuel L. Brothers, $374,000.

ROSE HILL CT., 6286, No. B-Teruko S. Greene to William and Donald Gomes, $91,900.

ROYAL THOMAS WAY, 6763-Kirk A. and Antoinette N. Wilder to Burtukan Yilma and Tesfaye L. Debalke, $312,500.

THE PARKWAY, 6505-Fiza Ur and Shazi Rehman to Vernon D. Loving Jr., $239,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6915-Richard C. and Abigail L. Williams to Arlene Goelz, $169,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6918-Sharon L. Rath to William S. Parman, $179,900.

WESTRIDGE CT., 5930-O. Magruder and Patricia M. Jones to Duncan L. and Stacie M. Williams, $369,900.

WIGMORE LANE, 6107-James J. and Anett I. McPhee to Timothy A. Greten, $199,900.

WOODWAY DR., 5412-Bonnie D. and David R. Campbell to Olumuyiwa and Wuraola Olaseinde, $320,000.


ADAMS PARK CT., 7465-Chol H. Choi to Yonas A. Seyoum and Lulay A. Aster, $264,900.

AIRLIE WAY, 4542-Muhammad Bashir and Aziz Fatima to Wile W. and Celinda Sejas, $260,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4221-Hyeong K. and Gwi S. Kim to Seoung H. Lee, $125,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4343, No. 10-Bonnie D. Bailey to Carlos A. Romero, $116,900.

AUBURN ST., 7312-Stephen A. and Theresa A. Langhorne to Hiep N. Duong, $350,000.

ELIZABETH LANE, 4143-Judith J. and Michael A. Zerillo to Sang L. Yoon, $483,500.

LAFAYETTE FOREST DR., 7705, No. 33-Barbara E. Finnegan and Charles T. Waters to Albert S. Wong, $172,000.

MICHAEL CT., 3605-Margarita J. and Michael C. Noyes to Mario and Rossana G.M. Villalobos, $260,000.

REBEL DR., 7825-Sonia L. and Stanley A. Becker to Mukhtar Ahmad, $255,000.

SPRINGBROOK DR., 4740-N.P. Dodge Jr., trustee, and National Equity Inc. to Dung T. Dang, $354,900.

WINONA CT., 7805-Conchita B. Acupanda to Tatiana Guerrero, $190,000.

WOODLAND RD., 4101-Darell L. and Betty J. Crites to Min H. Park, $350,000.


BARCROFT MEWS DR., 6306-Lisa M. and Loretta T. Camera to Jayne L. Catullo and John H. Fitch Jr., $400,000.

LAKEWOOD DR., 6371-Maria E. Gutierrez to Grover Peredo, $300,000.

OAKWOOD DR., 6472-Shelley Alexander and David J. Toussaint to Martin M. Yapur, $329,500.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705-Wafaa Abarri to Fatiha Madihi, $128,000.

STEPPES CT., 3822, No. B-Linda L. Boyer to David C. and Suzanne S. Ledwith, $204,900.


BURKE TOWNE CT., 5741-Nazeefa O. Asadi and Mohammed F. Karim to Kirk D. and Katherine G. Smallwood, $240,000.

BURLEY CT., 5503-Janet L. Mills to Carl E. Swenson and Heidi E. Goldstein, $310,000.

CHERRY OAK CT., 9516-Laurie A. and Thomas J. Holmberg to Charles R. Purvis and Leigh Gross, $224,000.

COVE LANDING RD., 5932, No. 301-Brenda J. Barton to Phillip S. McConchie, $116,500.

GARRETSON ST., 6221-Hardeep S. and Jatinder K. Saini to Keum J. Yoon, $365,000.

HIGH WATER CT., 9750-Mario A. Solis to Remigio O. Arteaga, $247,000.

OAKSHORE CT., 5705-Young J. Kim to Paul D. and Patrick S. McDaniel, $249,000.

POND SPICE TER., 10355-Francois and Elisabeth L. Mallard to Leocadia and Joaquin Pari and Marco A. Pari, $236,000.

SPLIT OAK LANE, 10802-Garbis Z. and Surpuhi Muradian to Richard Zurita and Nancy S. Soto, $300,000.

TIBBITT LANE, 4921-Nelson N. and Mary Claros to Roberto C. Perez, $198,000.

WINDWARD DR., 6141-Jorge E. and Teresa Garces to Stephen B. Ramage and Dawn M. Grega, $279,900.

WOOD FLOWER CT., 5868-Joyce Kenny to Derek A. and Nihan A. Seeley, $237,500.


AUTUMN CIR., 14190-H. Iglesias and I.D. Morales to Bong S. and Yoon S. Oh, $212,500.

BEDDINGFIELD WAY, 14207-Joseph E. and Kerri L. Hays to Paymahn Amirgholi and Desiree E. Ruiz, $253,000.

BIG YANKEE LANE, 13933-Jolene M. Alexander to Hyun S. and Ok K. Im, $213,000.

CREEK RUN DR., 6586-Chester F. and Mary H. Stemler to Khek and Chanapa Chounramany and Amin U. Kargar, $321,000.

EDMAN CIR., 14818-Michael S. and Stephanie D. Porter to Elvira M. and Mario B. Reyes, $240,000.

FLOWER HILL DR., 14621-Radka and Sanjay Bajaj to Isabel Guandique, $260,000.

FLOWER HILL DR., 14731-Orion L. Birdsall Jr. to Narayanan D. Potti and Sreelekha Kunnasseri, $239,000.

FRANKLIN FOX DR., 14004, No. D-E.D. and S.D. Nunn to Kambiz Molkara, $192,900.

GABRIELLE WAY, 14143-Y.S. and K.S.H. Lee to Seung W. and Ggoch Saem S. Kim, $255,000.

GREYMONT DR., 15020-J. and L. Frederick to Thomas and John Pellerito, $406,000.

HARTWOOD CT., 14216-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Richard K. and Irene T. Murphy, $406,000.

HARTWOOD LANE, 6817-Bradley J. and Tammy B. Marchand to Monica and Steven A. Sepulveda, $585,000.

KENDRA WAY, 6145-Gregory and Leslie E. Tsimbidis to Rachit Mahajan, $210,000.

KERRYWOOD CIR., 6884-Eric D. and Marcela A. Terrell to In S. and Seung S. Park, $262,000.

NETHERTON ST., 6030-Edward D. Stern to Marie A. Kornutick, $140,000.

PALMERSTON SQ., 14824-J.A. and Janette Connelley to Leslie A. Neiss, $207,900.

PITTMAN CT., 14536-Rebecca A. and Steven H. Kronthal to Chan K. and Myung H. Yoon, $259,900.

RED RIVER DR., 14098-Jason P. and Kilikina R. Mazik to Nancy L. and William T. Buchanan, $245,000.

ROCK TER., 13808-Meng L. and Yeao S. Chiang to Felicidad and Juan Salazar and Edward Valenzuela, $248,000.

ROSY LANE, 14304, No. 32-Jorinda L. Garber to Erica and M. Graham Park, $140,500.

ROSY LANE, 14304, No. 35-Patricia L. Wortman to Paul C. Egan, $152,900.

RUSTLING LEAVES LANE, 14482-Julieto G. and Daisy Balboa to Janise M. and Florante B. Quimson, $120,000.

SELBY CT., 6420-Deborah A. Brill to Lillian I. Ewell, $215,000.

SORREL CHASE CT., 14114-Patricia S. and Robert A. Machulis to Richard M. and Naghmeh P. Serway, $435,000.

STONE RANGE DR., 14633-Troy W. Whitfield to Luis Montoya and Lina Flores, $205,000.

STONE RIDGE DR., 5830-Man K. and Mee Y. Lee to George A. and Carol M. Gary, $383,000.

THERA WAY, 14618-Jeffrey C. Engelbrecht to Helen Nguyen, $240,000.

WATERY MOUNTAIN CT., 14353-Robert J. and Sharon A. Buote to Aimee D. Petrognani, $197,000.

WILLOUGHBY DR. NE, 5636, No. 36-Cynthia K. Ogle to Hae K. and Myung Jung and Min J. Jung, $164,400.


ASPEN HOLLOW WAY, 9710-Philip G. and Susan S. Thacker to Edith J. Adam, $349,000.

BAILEY LANE, 9239-Christopher A. and Susan L. Peters to Juan C. and Rebecca W. Andino, $315,000.

ERICA HILL LANE, 12458-Sylvanus M. Bonane to Ji H. Jung, $395,000.

FAIR STONE DR., 4417, No. 103-Timothy I. Ware, trustee, to Janet G. Carling, $179,000.

FAIRLEE DR., 2931-Frederick Siebold to CRC Acquisitons Fairlee Corp., $511,610.

FAIRLEE DR., 2934-Esther H. and Sam Molinas to CRC Acquisitions Fairlee Corp., $511,600.

FAIRLEE DR., 3007-Harry D. and Linda A.F. Jones to CRC Acquisitions Fairlee Corp., $556,185.

FIELD LARK LANE, 12304-Diana L. and James R. Graham to Roland H.E. Bradley, $251,900.

GAINSBOROUGH DR., 5412-Janette and Ronald Miller to Lisa A. and Robert D. Frace, $351,100.

GOLF RIDGE CT., 12008-Benjamin R. and Catherine M. Battle to Gloria Casas, $175,000.

GOLF RIDGE CT., 12016, No. 202-Steven P. Stanzel to Melanie and Mark A. Shacknies, $174,000.

GOLF TEE CT., 3905, No. 202-Ann M. Vaffis to Jay S. Tiwar and Laksmi I. Sandjaja, $170,000.

GRAYS POINTE RD., 12932-Hyung J. Hwang to Jill Duncombe, $134,000.

GREAT HERON CIR., 4711-Darrell and Karen Axelson to Ryan A. Anghelone, $352,000.

GREEN RIDGE CT., 3807, No. 304-Gary L. Henry to Jennifer Mikhail, $204,900.

HEADLY CT., 10410-Bettye S. and William J. Wallace to Daniel Clark, $350,000.

HEATHERSTONE CT., 4063-Peter W. and G.D. Wright to Fatemeh Kalishami, $355,000.

HELMSFORD LANE, 4404, No. 203-Lorri B. Marrone to Jennifer L. Peacock, $185,000.

HILL CUMORAH DR., 10801-Joanna M. and Kenneth D. Weaver to Maria and Ian Rodriguez, $422,000.

HUNTER RD., 2851-Wendy L. Rome to Anthony J. and Kim A. Pimenta, $410,000.

JOHN AYRES DR., 10706-Eddie R. and Elena R. Gagne to Steven L. and Robin K. Michals, $399,000.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9712, No. 705-James A. and Chom S. Colihan to Jennifer Y. Lee, $115,000.

LINDENBROOK ST., 9673-Patricia F. Brodersen to Ray and Jackie C. Gu, $225,000.

LINDSAY ST., 5317-Kay F. and Stan W. Woollen to Kathleen A. McGuire and Scott W. Bushbacher, $455,000.

MAEPINE CT., 13009-Dennis E. and Kathryn J. Panther to Timothy J. and Jennifer Brunner, $290,000.

MILLBANK CT., 3705-Irmengard G. and Jack A. Beckett to Teddy K. Gong and Mohkeed Wong, $570,000.

MINTON DR., 4145-Ronald G. and Lorraine T. Hoopes to Margaret A. and Michael M. Uyehara, $415,000.

MORRISONS WAY, 4150-Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia Inc. to Wagih H. Hassan and Nadifa M. Mohamed, $265,000.

MORRISONS WAY, 4158-Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia Inc. to Hashim H. and Sofia G. Ibrahim, $259,000.

POET CT., 13225-Elizabeth H. and Joel D. Henceroth to Betty J. Harpe, $294,000.

ROCKAWAY LANE, 11754, No. 74-Danny R. Swiger to Thomas W. and Emily S. Allen, $249,200.

ROCKAWAY LANE, 11807, No. 14-Jason W. and Rachelle R. Aiken to Ann M. Malone, $240,000.

ROYAL DOULTON LANE, 8814-Robert M. and Tiffany L. Walls to May L. and Ronald S. King, $393,000.

SANDALWOOD CT., 3809-Jerry A. and Joseph A. Gargiulo to Hee Y. and Hyoung M. Hwang, $662,000.

SAXON FLOWERS DR., 2954-Loi T. Nguyen to Duc T. Nguyen, $390,000.

SHADOWBROOK LANE, 13114-Hui N. Cai and Yi G. Zhao to Jenny V. Tran, $245,000.

TALKING ROCK DR., 3028-Patricia A. and William R. Wellington to Thomas E. and Maria A. Fleetwood, $243,500.

THOMPSON FARM CT., 3000-Aaron T. and Erin R. Heaton to Edward J. and Satomi Naidich, $544,500.

VOSGER CT., 9107-Virginia J. and George S. Elias to Jonathan and Taya Borrowman, $257,990.

WEST OX RD., 3654-Farbia Chabok and Hadi A. Rad to Seyed H. Hosseini, $315,000.

WESTBROOK MILL LANE, 11322, No. 203-Ashley H. and Adam E. Birch to Jill A. Furick, $219,000.

WINDSOR HILLS DR., 5322-Donna S. and James C. Moulton to Curtis L. and Elizabeth S. Michel, $425,000.

WINFORD CT., 5505-Hye J. and Tae H. Han to Joon K. Lee and Jung R. Suh, $236,000.


BRIMSTONE LANE, 6914-Yasuko Kamenosono to Bruce R. and Laura W. Smith, $400,000.

SPOUT LANE, 6800-Susan J. Giguere to Robert J. Cates, $710,000.


CROSSLEY PL., 8413-Judy O'Day to Vernon R. Mills, $347,000.

GREENWAY RD., 1124-Terry W. Turner to Guinevere Meyer, $150,000.

LEE AVE., 7825-Helen W. Shedd to BPM Corp., $295,000.

LONDONDERRY RD., 2403-Margaret A. Ryan and Robert T. Ferguson to Simon D. and Betsy J. Perry, $375,000.

MIDWOOD ST., 8300-Brian A. and Amy P. Solo to Deborah H. and Richard E. Watts, $360,000.


ELMWOOD DR., 3503-Carr L. Nalls Jr. to Jose R. Hernandez, $209,000.

FARRINGTON AVE., 2222-Tariq R. Khan to Emma M. and Omar Martinez, $178,000.

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2605, No. 66-Kathleen A. Moore to Alija Dedajic, $75,000.

RIXEY DR., 6016-Maria A. Morales and Sinforosod Cabrera to Gustavo A. Cruz, $250,000.

WILLIAMSBURG RD., 5950-Eva B. Legge to Thomas G. Rickert, $150,000.


BEDROCK RD., 7004-Tanya and George Tanner to Marvin Gutierrez, $306,500.

BOSWELL AVE., 2801-Pe Saing to Sergio Rojo, $246,000.

CEDAR LANDING CT., 8239-Dawn M. and Therese M. Fela to Gregory T. and Dawn C. Jones, $295,000.

COOL BROOKE WAY, 4018-Robert E. and Sharon B. Johnson to Stephen G. McGeown and Condit R. Conrad, $390,000.

DEER RUN DR., 6848-Thomas J. Naughton Jr. to Kent A. Hurton, $190,000.

FAIRVIEW DR., 2600-Jobeth and Kenneth R. Bunning to Jose A. Iraheta, $310,000.

LA FAYE CT., 8216-M. Patricia Giegerich to Paul J. Haase and Michelle A. Powers, $292,500.

MANORHAVEN CT., 2729-Karl K. Zagorin to Arif Iqbal, $219,500.

RICHMOND HWY., 6433, No. 203-Dorothy Christopher to Pricilla M. and Perry Card, $89,900.

SNOWPEA CT., 7508, No. 217-Jorge Hernandez and Grady G. Gardner to Verda L. Sullivan, $159,900.

STRAWN CT., 7121-Frances M. and Gordon R. Dayton to Nelly I. Chiarella, $192,000.

VANTAGE DR., 7124-Henry J. and Sue A. Rusk to Melissa Bennett, $282,000.


ARDGLASS DR., 7354-John F. Donoghue to Scott Warner, $265,000.

CALVERT CLIFF CT., 8712-Maria Souini and Abdellatif M. Errazzouki to Fabio A. and Ana Y. Perla, $200,000.

CARDINAL FORE LANE, 9276-Dominic J. and Jane V. Ferrara to James A. Carter Jr. and Temeka S. Woods, $156,000.

CARDINAL FORE LANE, 9300-Antonis and Maria L. Kazaklis to Donald Myers,


EATON WOODS PL., 9664-Diane and Nathaniel W. Dames to Rashid Salah and Sofia A. Kamal, $255,000.

FALLSWOOD WAY, 7668-Dilawar Hussain to Nathan W. Ha, $269,000.

HOLLYMEADE DR., 8941-Karin S. and Paul B. Dean to Paul L. and Nancy C. Ewing, $580,000.

LINDEN OAKS CT., 8324-Mala M. Lucero to Roy B. Osborn, $249,000.

MOCKNGBIRD WOOD CT., 6724-Arlene J. and Steven L. Goelz to Mark T. Raeder, $251,000.

SUSQUEHANNA ST., 8737-Sherry L. Spanhel to Mohammad Hakimzada, $164,000.

WOUNDED KNEE RD., 7467-Shafiullah Akrami to Cheryl Pepper, $192,500.


ALLWOOD DR., 9308-Nancy C. and William P. Behning to Steven A. and Susan D. Vinisky, $450,000.

BEDFORD TER., 5377, No. C-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Central Virginia Housing Coalition, $82,000.

BROCKHAM DR., 8384-Neeta D. Pawar and Akshay D. Tewari to Brenda E. Farrare, $103,000.

CHERRY VALLEY LANE, 8317-Brian J. and Kathleen K. Gallant to Thomas M. and Toshie Dowd, $357,500.

HAVENWOOD PL., 3860-Geraldine L. and L.M. Craig to Jeffrey Shell, $90,000.

MANZANITA PL., 3903-Claudia A. Price to Jeannette Puryear, $85,000.

SAN LEANDRO PL., 7922-Bruce C. Fry to Carlos A. Aranzana, $103,000.

UNION FARM RD., 9001-Daphne M. McMurrer to Steve and Blair M. Kelly, $240,000.

VENOY CT., 8662-Jacques L. and Tammy K. Rosario to Vilavath and Tasneem R. Daraseng, $191,000.

VILLAGE SQ., 8712-Debra A. Sherman to Johnny C. Esgrina and Elsa Gozon,


WALUTES CIR., 8612-Patricia Naomi House to Isidore E. Mulamba, $96,000.

WOODHUE PL., 3937, No. 17-Douglas A. Woltz to Jason R. Bellinger, $102,500.


HOGARTH ST., 7318-John F. and Susan W. Owens to Hoa T. To, $354,000.

LYLES RD., 6526-Betty J. and Claude A. Wheeler to Ahmad and Talat Bakhshi, $270,000.


BLENHEIM DR., 11015-Barry W. and Olive T. Kelly to Robert C. and Vicki L. Burgess, $475,000.

FOX MILL RD., 3213-William R. Tate and Rosalie Sinko Tate to Mi S. and Myung K. Kim, $415,000.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10039-James A. McGinley IV to Mary L. Hall,


OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10058-Deborah A. Winfree to Justin Palcic and Lori Stoneman, $146,900.

RIDERS LANE, 11922, No. 912-Elsa A. and Gregory J. Nygard to Jennifer Nygard, $480,000.


MANCHESTER ST. S., 3100, No. 1131-Khalil Haninou to Juan Coronado, $137,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3033, No. 202-F.H. and R.E. Delcid to Porfirio Argueta, $108,000.


ASH DR., 5808-Edwin G. Granado and Karina Viezaga to Anthony and Yanira Andrade, $276,000.

BATH ST., 7324-Steven M. Rizer to Manichanh Phimphachanh and Phairoth Vongvirath, $274,900.

DEER RIDGE TRAIL, 6161-Channy C. and Michael V. Hiep to Ali Ghaderi, $502,000.

DONEGAL LANE, 8083-Robert A. and Brooksie T. Bates to Kevon and Kendra Chisolm, $210,000.

FARGO ST., 6619-Louis Popowski to Brian C. Lepak, $190,000.

FLANDERS ST., 5909-Sallie B. Carpenter to Lon Prang and Agnes Fagan, $289,900.

PALOMA LANE, 9207-Eugene W. and Marilyn G. Cole to Bernie I. and Christina M. Trompeta, $360,000.

RED TULIP CT., 7803-James K. and Marie Koroma to Kadijatu Reddick and Ismael Conteh, $230,368.

SCARBOROUGH ST., 7312-Thomas W. and Judith L. Russell to William A. and Leslie L. Forsyth, $410,000.

SILVER SAGE CT., 7725-Belinda B. and Frederick J. Gemme to Donald and Jennifer Lee, $379,900.

SLEEPY VIEW LANE, 8040-Alexandra L. and Drew A. Swank to Patrick A. and Angela M. Weber, $240,000.

SPROUSE CT., 6908-Annette S. and Charles I. Kratz and Charles I. Kratz III to Mark M. Mandragona, $300,000.

WHITE STAR CT., 8315-Catherine M. and Royce A. Gregory to Chad C. Adams and Amy J. Scaravilli Adams, $294,500.


BELLFOREST CT., 2711, No. 407-Caridad Berdut to William and Linda M. Rundell, $333,000.

COTTAGE ST. S, 922-Karin M. and Marc H. Sasseville to Beth A. Basinger, $342,000.

GLENGYLE DR., 2588, No. 135-Lynne S., Marianne and Carol E. Francis to Nazia Changeze, $165,000.

LOCUST ST. SE, 216-Abdel K. and Eliane Brahimi to Susan K. Petersen, $154,900.

MURNANE ST., 10013-Chester S. and Kathryn W. Smerdzinski to Mark E. and Regina M. Smith, $420,000.

TAPAWINGO RD., 104-Mary P. Hancock to Alex Hejazi, $275,000.


ALEXIS LANE, 6512-Maria A. and Carlos J. Camarena to Francisco Roque, $246,000.

BLUECURL CIR., 6828-Jose M. and Patricia C. Bergara to Judith L. Morgan, $370,000.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 5811, No. D-John W. Griffin to Dylan S. Nickle, $143,000.

FORRESTER BLVD., 8514, No. 871-Esmaeil H. and Torpikia Fashandi to Ysmael Deleon, $200,000.

KENWOOD AVE., 8336-Anthony J. Orlando to Paul J. O'Rourke and Stacy L. Conklin O'Rourke, $439,900.

KERKAM CT., 6105-Teresa L. Darrow and Robert T. Marsh to Ann M. and Eric J. Brown, $275,000.

KERRYDALE CT., 9013-Jeffery Hines to James H. and Heijin C. Potts, $235,000.

LAVELL CT., 6213-Howard E. and Patsy C. Whitehead to Steven C. and Martha G. Mackie, $390,000.

POWDER HORN RD., 8604-Irving V. and B.C. Bloom to Eric G. and Sonia E. McCullough, $364,000.

SOLOMON SEAL CT., 7086-Julia and Raul Urteaga to Michael J. and Cynthia Sinisi, $289,900.

SWEET SPICE CT., 9116-Nicole K. Trudel to Frank M. Hale II and Samantha H. Bohlinger, $248,000.

TIFFANY PARK CT., 9097-John C. Schupp to Carol L. Rose, $233,000.